Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Title Below

“My, my injuries……” Yu Ming Ye stared rigidly at Jun Lin Yuan as his mouth opened and closed……swallowing his saliva with difficulty, straining his neck, his eyes viciously glared at Jun Lin Yuan. “What do you care about how my eyes are wounded? Look, what’s this!”

Yu Ming Ye smugly raised the white porcelain bottle in his hand.

Previously, when that ugly girl was nearly captured by him, in order to escape, she took the bottle of Immortal Spirit Fruit and smashed it towards him. At once, it was caught in Yu Ming Ye’s hand.

Yu Ming Ye was immensely proud of himself as he spoke. “Jun Lin Yuan, hey, Jun Lin Yuan, don’t you usually consider yourself to be omnipotent, with unequalled strength? Ha haha, the result is that you’ve been tricked by an ugly girl, not merely

tricked, you’ve even been kissed ha haha——”

Yu Ming Ye laughed and laughed. Abruptly, he couldn’t laugh anymore, because he suddenly realized that the ugly girl kissed Jun Lin Yuan, she-kissed- Jun- Lin-Yuan!

And at this moment, Feng Xun’s entire body was as if it’s been struck by lightning, expressionless, staring blankly on the spot.

Little Fifth……Little Fifth was unexpectedly……at the time, she, she was deliberate? She purposely knocked over Boss Jun, kissed him, caught him off guard in order to steal the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice?

Feng Xun’s entire body was stupefied!

He thought about how he treated Little Fifth with concern throughout this entire journey, thought about how he defended her, thought about how he justified her in all sorts of ways……

“Didn’t I say it! Little Fifth was a spy, Little Fifth was a spy, Little Fifth was a spy!” This important point

point was stated three times. Fairy Mu Yao was finally able to blow of steam as she glared at Feng Xun panting with rage. “How many times did I say it? During this entire journey I’d repeated it, Little Fifth is a spy! Yet you guys, each and everyone of you believed her and didn’t believe me! Is the outcome clear now? You’ve been tricked by her, right? !”

Fairy Mu Yao accusingly glared at Feng Xun. “Especially you, you defended her so much throughout this whole journey, yet how did she treat you? She betrayed us. Was she even kindhearted in the slightest? Feng Xun, it turns out that there’s also a time when you’re this stupid!”

Feng Xun already blamed himself inwardly. Add to that the rebuke and condemnation from Fairy Mu Yao, and he was suddenly his anger exploded!

“Arrgghh! !


“Arrgghh! ! !” Feng Xun was so angry his clenched fist punched at the tree beside him that was so large three people together couldn’t wrap their arms around it!


The ancient tree cried out as it fell.

Yu Ming Ye watched Feng Xun’s unbearable anger, and became increasingly satisfied. “Haha ha, Feng Xun, hey, Feng Xun, so what if you’re angry now? Little Fifth is actually my person, but in the end, you surprisingly said that I caused her death? Ha haha how stupid can you be?”

Feng Xun’s pair of scarlet eyes fiercely glared at Yu Ming Ye. “When I came previously, what I saw was that you chased after her to kill her in the river, I was absolutely not mistaken!”

Yu Ming Ye was naturally talking big, Little Fifth was instigated into rebelling by him, he couldn’t just slap himself now. Even himself now. Even if it was a needle, he currently still had to swallow it.

Consequently, Yu Ming Ye, who’s sensitive to how others regarded him, coldly laughed. “Those eyes of yours saw that I was chasing to kill her in the river? Indeed, I knew that you guys were arriving, therefore, I let her escape first! Feng Xun, you’re really dumb!”

“It’s fake.” Jun Lin Yuan suddenly opened his mouth.

Yu Ming Ye glared at Jun Lin Yuan and spoke panting with rage. “Hehe, you think that I’m lying? Jun Lin Yuan, I’m telling you! Every single one of my statements are true, Little Fifth is indeed mine……”

Without waiting for Yu Ming Ye to finish, Jun Lin Yuan pointed at the white porcelain bottle in Yu Ming Ye’s hand, and calmly said. “It’s fake.”

Yu Ming Ye’s expression stiffened in a flash and became extremely unsightly!

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 58

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