Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

Chapter 60: He Surprisingly Wasn’t Angry

All around was an atmosphere of silence, not a single person let out a single sound.

Indeed, just as Yu Ming Ye had said, everyone present had all lost, everyone was busy with this and that, yet in the end, they all came away empty handed. The victory fruit was seized by Little Fifth, that lone girl——

Everyone became quiet, taciturn, silent……

Yu Ming Ye glared at Feng Xun. Feng Xun glared at Yu Ming Ye, the two of them were mutually hostile, ready to fight at any time.

Finally, it’s still Feng Xun who stood down first.

He glared at Yu Ming Ye. “If I wasn’t anxious to find Little Fifth, I’d no doubt insist on fighting you today!”

Yu Ming Ye harrumphed coldly. “Come then, come then, come fight then.”

Feng Xun impatiently waved his

hand. “No time!”

Soon after, Feng Xun then turned towards Jun Lin Yuan and made a fist seriously and gravely. “Boss Jun, I must find Little Fifth Feng! I must find her!”

Feng Xun just wanted to personally ask her one thing, did she have a conscience? !

Jun Lin Yuan’s expression was profoundly mysterious. With his usual ice-coldness, he uttered an ‘mm hm’. “Go.”

Finished speaking, he took the lead and left.

Feng Xun shot a ferocious glare at Yu Ming Ye, and also quickly left.

Xuan Yi blocked Fairy Mu Yao, whose face was wounded, his expression ice-cold. Follow closely behind me.

Looking at their quickly departing figures, Yu Ming Ye made a fist panting with rage. “This Little Fifth, wait until I catch her, I must ruthlessly give her a spanking for sure! She surprisingly dared to play tricks on

on this master!”

“Young Master……don’t tell me that you don’t want to kill her?” The head elder was somewhat puzzled.

This wasn’t like his young master’s usual style. Their young master’s character, in fact, was the vicious and merciless type who smiled demonically charmingly and enchantingly while the point of his knife entered the enemy’s heart. Presently, he’s been tricked in this way by that girl, yet surprisingly only harrumphed menacingly twice?

It’s unlikely that he’d been angered dumb by that girl, right? Thinking of this, the head elder couldn’t help but take another glance at Yu Ming Ye.

“Stop loitering!” Yu Ming Ye glared at the head elder. “Let’s go already! Why don’t you guys psych yourselves up for me, and don’t let Jun Lin Yuan’s people find that ugly girl first! Even if it’s to kill her, I’ll be

I’ll be the one to personally kill her!”

Seeing their young master roaring fiercely while his heart was soft, the head elder silently ridiculed him. “Young Master shouldn’t be reluctant to allow Young Master Feng Xun to reach that ugly girl……right?”

“Shut up!” Yu Ming Ye flew into a rage out of humiliation and glared at the head elder, very angrily!

“Woah……” The head elder took a step back.

As Yu Ming Ye panted with rage while following along the river and searching its lower reaches, he stroked his chin ponderingly, sinking into a profound silence.

It’s rare to see such an expression from their young master, thus, the meddlesome head elder, who cared greatly for his young master, couldn’t help but stretch his neck out again and ask fearlessly. “Is the Young Master thinking of something again? How about you say it you say it out loud and allow us lend you a helping hand?”

The eighth and ninth elders standing by the side simultaneously nodded.

“That’s strange.” A baffled Yu Ming Ye rubbed his chin, a face full of suspicions. “I’ve been feeling that there’s something odd about Jun Lin Yuan……but I can’t figure it out, what in the world’s odd about him……”

The head elder quietly said. “Crown Prince Jun’s used to being calm and self possessed, an iceberg face even after ten thousand years, profoundly mysterious. Even his fury won’t show, what can be odd about him? Young Master’s overthinking it, right?”

“Even fury his won’t show……fury won’t show……ah! I’ve figured it out!” Yu Ming Ye snapped his fingers and shouted excitedly. “I’ve figured out what’s odd about Jun Lin Yuan! He wasn’t angry! He surprisingly wasn’t angry!”

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 60

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