Godly Model Creator Chapter 466 6-Star Card!

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Chapter 466    6-Star Card!

Translator: Yorasu Editor:  Fireclaws

“Why did you help me breakthrough?” Bai Feng’s question had silenced the crowd.

What was the situation here? The Spiritual Battle which he was clueless about had ended!

Bai Feng’s breakthrough the moment he left the chains of the spiritual world made it seem like he was the final victor. It should be the time to declare the end of the battle. However, Bai Feng’s words confused everyone. What did he mean that his breakthrough earlier was due to Su Hao’s aid?

Everyone looked over Su Hao.

At this moment, Su Hao was completely stunned. Due to the establishment of the Mirror Image World due to the complete progress of Illusion Reality, a super card finally appeared and rise above the others.


Card Name: Mirror Image Simulation

Card Rating: 6 stars

Description: Clone a model of the opponent within opponent’s mind and establish relevant ability talent and origin techniques into the model while equipped with an AI’s logical computing ability!


“Six stars!”

Su Hao was dumbfounded!

Just when he completed a 5-star card, this breakthrough had led him to a new 6-star card!

In fact, Illusion Reality itself was a five-star card. Su Hao had to consume a large amount of energy to reach 99.99% before halting there. If not for Bai Feng’s ability talent, it would have been difficult for him to advance past the bottleneck.

And now, he had broken through! It was a smooth breakthrough!

He naturally felt Bai Feng’s breakthrough too. It would be better to say that both Bai Feng and Illusion Reality were at a bottleneck.

To break through the final wall, he had borrowed Bai Feng’s understanding. The resulting overwhelming aura, Bai Feng could advance as well. It was just a coincidence that they both advanced together. Of course, that was needless to be mentioned.

“Why did you help me breakthrough?” Hearing Bai Feng’s question, Su Hao opened his eyes.

“Because this battle is over.” Su Hao smiled indifferently and remained calm.

“What you meant by that?” Bai Feng narrowed his eyes, “You think that just because you helped me, I will give you the victory?”

“Nope.” Su Hao shook his head for a bit, “It’s because you are no longer my opponent.”

“Ridiculous.” Bai Feng looked at Su Hao coldly, “If I’m still at level one, I’m naturally not your opponent; however, I am now level 2! Although I’m not sure why you helped me advance, I will still win!”


Bai Feng’s aura as a level two professional esper erupted. Compared to before, it was much denser. He did not just breakthrough; it seemed that his energy had been refilled.

One could say that Bai Feng was definitely in his strongest state.

“I owe you a favor!” Bai Feng stared at Su Hao coldly, “But this battle will belong to me!”


Bai Feng charged at Su Hao.

He owed Su Hao a favor for helping him advance, but he was currently representing Bai Wu City and not himself. Thus, he must win at all cost!

“I have already said that this battle is over.” Su Hao said indifferently.

Looking at Bai Feng’s incoming figure, he casually pointed.

“Crack!” Bai Feng’s figure came to a pause.

The world changed as a strong force surrounded Bai Feng. Everything around him seemed to vanish.

“What?!” Before Bai Feng understood what was happening, a figure suddenly appeared.

It was his own self! A total copy!

“Who’re you?” Bai Feng grabbed his Spirit Sword, and the other Bai Feng simultaneously charged at him! What surprised him was this clone’s ability talent, origin techniques, and strength were the same as his! In fact, the fake was slightly stronger than him!

“Phantom?” Bai Feng was angered and rushed forward without hesitation.



Bai Feng was almost instantly overwhelmed.

He couldn’t match the fake! How did he fail to match the fake? Bai Feng felt really confused!

“How can this be?” Bai Feng could hardly hide his shock. Was this a phantom based on him? However, how could a fake be this powerful?

Right, Su Hao! Bai Feng’s eyes lit up.

Su Hao must be controlling this phantom! Bai Feng finally understood.

In other words, his opponent was actually Su Hao. Only the fake in front of him had his ability.

Is that the case here? If so, he just needs to beat the fake and he would win!


Bai Feng rushed forward again.



Bai Feng once again failed his assault. He was familiar with the fake, but so was the fake. What was even more frightening was the fake had a better grasp of the timing and pace of the battle which eventually shifted the advantage to the fake!

Almost a moment later, Bai Feng was being suppressed again!

“Darn!” Bai Feng gritted his teeth.

With Su Hao’s help, he had advanced to level 2. He had even ignored everything just to end this fight quickly and be the final victor!

However, he was still being suppressed? Even with the same ability talent and origin techniques, he still couldn’t win? Bai Feng became depressed.


A stream of blood could be seen. Bai Feng was smeared with blood and the intense pain woke him up because he suddenly realized something.


The spiritual force condensed in an unprecedented manner as Bai Feng stared deathly at the fake.



Bai Feng’s wound on his body began to open up, and it disrupted his concentration from time to time.

But he didn’t care about it right now because he suddenly realized the feeling given by this fake.

NPC! His clone gave off the feeling of the AI in a virtual world!

Although the attacks were perfect and seemed invincible, the actions were too rigid!

Bai Feng felt that his eyes were now clear. No wonder he couldn’t win. There was a computer working behind as support. 

Computer? Calculation? A clash between a mind and a computer’s processing power!


The fake attacked again!

Bai Feng firmly blocked the attack and looked at the figure in front. There was a hint of coldness in his eyes, “Master mentioned that spiritual strength is the greatest. You are just a bunch of data! What made humans dominate this world is wisdom!”


Bai Feng’s spirit suddenly spiked up!

In the middle of this crisis, his strength had once again improved.

The fake had messed up the calculation and caused his action to be awkward. After all, the sudden increase in strength was not part of the calculation.


There was a flaw with the fake.

“Now!” Bai Feng’s eyes lit up and quickly grabbed this chance. “Spirit Storm!”



The powerful storm instantly surrounded and blasted away the fake. When the storm vanished, the illusion had been destroyed into tiny bits of light.

“I won!”

“Hahaha!” Bai Feng was feeling good.

The surrounding scene vanished, and the stage appeared once again. Before Bai Feng had the chance to rejoice, he felt a sharp pain from his chest followed by his body floating in mid-air.

“This...” When he opened his eyes, he saw himself being kicked by Su Hao.


Bai Feng was slammed to the ground.

This time, there wasn’t any suspense.

Bai Feng lost!

The audience was shocked. What happened to the Spirit Battle?

Forget about Bai Feng’s increment in strength, how did Su Hao’s strength climb up too? Just by pointing one finger, Bai Feng lost!

“I lost?” Bai Feng looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

He never thought that when he had just defeated the illusion, he was kicked off the stage. How could this happen? Wasn’t Su Hao controlling the illusion? How could he have the time to… wait!

Bai Feng realized something and revealed a bitter smile.

At the final moment, he was able to notice that the illusion was just artificially controlled by a bunch of data. Since it was data, it meant that Su Hao was not the one controlling it!

If this was the case, was Su Hao not completely free?

How long he took to defeat the illusion? 5 seconds! A total of 5 seconds!

That was more than enough for Su Hao to beat the hell out of him.

The fact was in the eyes of the audience, what they saw was completely different from Bai Feng. Su Hao pointed at Bai Feng and Bai Feng stood immobilized. From time to time injuries would appear out of nowhere, and his expression looked bad. Su Hao then leisurely walked next to Bai Feng and then sent a kick to his chest!

That was such a cool act! An evenly matched battle had turned into such a scene after they both broke through!

“I lost...” Bai Feng finally accepted reality.

When Su Hao used his final origin technique, everything had been decided.

Su Hao still looked indifferent. Inexplicably, there was a hint of awe born from Bai Feng’s heart. This… is what the Federal Guardians said about being special?

He wanted to prove to himself by defeating Su Hao.

However, he clearly knew that Su Hao had not made advanced into a professional esper! When he was still not one, he had already defeated Bai Feng. Once Su Hao stepped into the next realm, what kind of strength would he have?

He was after all still a respectable graduate from Zhanzheng College. However, he was defeated by a student who had not entered university yet. It was not because he was weak, but the opponent was too strong!

Silently turning around, Bai Feng disappeared into the audience.

He knew that at this moment, all the glory belonged to Su Hao!

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Godly Model Creator Chapter 466 6-Star Card!

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