Godly Model Creator Chapter 583

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Chapter 583 - Su Hao's Goal!


Thousands of hovering cars pa.s.sed through.

In mid-air, beautiful arcs were formed from all sort of directions which headed towards the school district. From time to time, a flash of light would appear out of nowhere, detonating a hovering car on the spot.

That was the energy particle light beam!

Every three second, it would appear!


Seizing power?

They no longer considered these anymore.

Those from the joint force would have never thought that Zhanzheng College would dare to do such a thing that would kill one thousand enemies while sacrificing eight hundred men in order to exterminate them!

This is a battle of time!

As long as they destroyed the weapon research room, they would win this war!

The distance between the political district and the school district is pretty far. Under the crazy speed, in just two minutes, many reached their destination. Those who were on security duty instantly noticed the attackers; soon, a chaotic fight broke out!

Many woke up in the middle of the night and joined the battle.

Joint forces versus Zhanzheng College!

It finally happened!

However, the resistance by Zhanzheng College was a bit rushed after all. Their current efforts definitely aren't sufficient facing a sneak attack from the joint forces and a mad a.s.sault.

After half an hour later, Zhanzheng College's defense line was broken, and the joint forces finally broke into the weapon research inst.i.tute. However, what surprised them was when they arrived, they didn't see anyone and the entire room was empty like an abandoned house.

"What happened?"


A soft notification sound rang in their ears.

A virtual screen appeared, and a 3D projection popped out in front of everyone. When they saw the projection, everyone was stunned.

They were too familiar with this person!

This figure, they have seen him countless time on the virtual screen.

Unexpectedly, he actually appeared here.

"Everyone must be quite familiar with me."

"Su Hao?!"

"It's actually you!"

"What are you scheming?"

Su Hao's insane laughter responded to the few angry voices, "This feeling, it must be fun, right? Controlling people through a monitor. With a single word, many would die. The lives of others are just like a shadow on a screen."

"In fact, it's just a mere chess piece, right?"


"This time, everyone will be a p.a.w.n."

Su Hao finally ended with a smile, "Perhaps, from the moment when you began treating someone's life as a chess piece, you should have thought of being in this situation in the future. Today, you are all just some shadows on my virtual screen. To be more precise, you are all  just a bunch of small characters who are about to die!"



Two impact sounds echoed.

The front and rear doors of the room were blocked, and it caused a panic. "Su Hao, what exactly are you trying to do?"

"I don't plan to do anything." Su Hao smiled sinisterly, "I just want to send you all off."

"Goodbye." After finis.h.i.+ng his words, the corner of Su Hao's mouth curved up.

Everything was clearly shown through the 3D projection.

However, everyone in the room had no time to admire it because they realized that they're now in a deep hot frying pan. To trap them here, could it be...


A horrifying heat wave swept across the entire room.

"Bad news!"

"Quickly defend!"

Everyone screamed in panic.

All the weapons which are still under development were covered in this heat wave. The unique defensive cover instantly melted. All the high-tech weapons got themselves dissolved under the heat wave.

It was like an ice cube under the scorching sun.

It slowly melted.

Finally, it exploded.


A much more terrifying force exploded!

One wave followed by another!

Even when the energy supply stopped, just a slight reaction from these pure chemicals produced a force which n.o.body could imagine. The entire room was covered in seemingly endless consecutive attacks! Inside the room, those who escaped the previous heat wave discovered that dealing with these blasts from the weapons are worse!

The strong impact made everyone vomit blood.

Even without the energy supply, they still weren't allowed to leave unscathed.

However, when the chain blasts gradually stopped, in the middle of the room, a vacuum-preserved weapon swayed and dropped to the floor which made their face instantly change!


That is a nuclear weapon!


Everyone's face turned white, losing all color!

In the school district.

Numerous teachers and department heads were urgently requested to come here.

The attack from the joint forces obviously stunned Zhanzheng College. This time, their target turned out to be the weapon research room which shocked many people.

It will be a disaster if those weapons fall into their hands!

"Quick, quick, quick! Those things must never fall into the enemy's hands!"

"By hook or by crook, we must stop them!"

Countless figures flashed as they rushed towards the weapon research room.

However, before they got close, a dazzling white light suddenly erupted.


The world became so bright that everyone was momentarily blinded!

A shockwave instantly bombarded those who approached the room. Like falling bricks, they were thrown into the distance.

Many higher-ups had a huge change on their face.

"Such power..."

"It's a nuclear weapon!"

"F*ck! Could it be those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have destroyed it?"

"Quick, stop it!"

Everyone's face changed!

The defensive measures set up so that even a light beam couldn't penetrate it actually got destroyed completely in less than a second!

The horrifying energy shook the school!

Several peak domain espers immediately joined forces. Multiple layers of a ring-shaped energy defense were formed to suppress and control the outbreak from the nuclear weapon.

A radius of one thousand kilometers!

Once this range is exceeded, this energy would spread even further!



Dozens of domain espers were scattered around to subdue the waves which kept coming one after another.

In the eyes of other people, what they saw was a white pillar rising all the way to the sky.


Strong energy fluctuation spread toward the surroundings like a ripple!

Being immersed by the white light, the dense cloud covering Zhanzheng College every day was instantly destroyed, forming an un.o.bstructed night view.

That night, those who still hadn't slept were stunned by this occurrence. A huge scale attack covered the entire Zhanzheng College, how magnificent was that?

The explosion was short-lived.

What came fast would end quickly too.

Just a mere three seconds.

When the attack finally ended, all the peak domain espers who were suppressing the shock wave spurt out blood and weakly landed on the ground. In order to last until the final moment, everyone used their forbidden techniques!

In this explosion, all nine peak domain espers were all seriously injured.

At the same time, other domain espers who contributed were also greatly affected, creating countless victims!

Zhanzheng College lost a lot during this night attack!

"d.a.m.n those joint forces!"

A deputy dean raged and declared that he would exterminate the joint forces completely!

However, for the students in Zhanzheng College, that night was like a splendid firework performance. Not even a hint of panic could be seen. As for the official explanation, Zhanzheng College said that it was coming from an esper specialized in weather control. In order to clear away the abnormally thick cloud, he used his origin technique.

n.o.body would have realized that countless small and medium forces disappeared overnight in Zhanzheng College.

In the dormitory, Su Hao silently observed this through his virtual screen.

As the leader of this operation, Su Hao experienced an inexplicable sense of control as if he was controlling the world.

"Seems that s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was right." Su Hao smiled slightly.

It seemed simple, but could all these be coincidences?

Those several leaders in the joint forces, after s.h.i.+ Mingxuan's description, Su Hao had a thorough understanding of each character extremely well. Coupled with his understanding of those old freaks in the school, Su Hao completed this beautiful feast after undergoing a.n.a.lysis n-times.

"The game is over. Time to collect the harvest." Su Hao muttered to himself.


A piece of clothing was put on his body.

It was white with a silk-like material.

It was the magical clothes which Su Hao used to earn a nickname, Man in White. It was also the same cloak worn by the man who sent him a gift when he just entered Zhanzheng College.

If Su Hao isn't mistaken, this cloak must be for every member of the Tian Xing Martial Army.

This is why Su Tiancheng had one and the one who gave him the gift had the same cloak too.


Su Hao put on the white cloak and quietly disappeared from the dormitory. His destination was the hideout of the joint forces. Everything he did up to now was for this moment.

This was the temporary establishment of the joint force. The so-called heads had their meetings here all the time. When they all rushed to the school district, not many stayed here.

Only those who didn't qualify to partic.i.p.ate stayed here. The strongest among them is only in the specialized realm!

Their numbers aren't small, but too bad they didn't even qualify to be placed in Su Hao's eyes when they are in front of him.


As an afterimage flashed, and a trail of blood was left behind.

Su Hao only glanced at them for a second before entering. No matter what, since they were involved in plotting his a.s.sa.s.sination, they should be prepared to die.

Five minutes later.

The entire joint force was completely killed off!

From top to bottom, Su Hao killed each and every one of them!

Some who had unique ability talents tried to use their skills to hide from Su Hao. Too bad, under the 2D map scanning, every life is clearly visible.

Only after all the red dots vanished did Su Hao stop.


Su Hao destroyed the entire joint force!

The current scene was in total ruins with dead bodies scattered everywhere.

Su Hao's eyes were calm all this time.

Wiping off the blood on his hands, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to somewhere in the distance. As for what he was waiting for, that direction was surprisingly the school district.

"It's about to come!"

Godly Model Creator Chapter 583

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