Godly Model Creator Chapter 588

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Chapter 588 - Wretched Fatty

"Promoting origin techniques!"

"Come have a look! The latest cultivation techniques, 5-star rating. As long as you have 1 million star dollars, yes you didn't hear incorrectly; with just 1 million star dollars, you can take it home!"

"Recent Nitai artifact's fragments, come take a look!"

"A recorded super piano piece by a great master, huge discount!"

Su Hao stood stupefied at the door of the illusion department.

He looked at the busy crowd in a daze.

In front of him, small hawkers were like mushrooms growing all over the place. If Su Hao didn't guess incorrectly, they are all students here. The strange scene in front of Su Hao gave him the feeling that he had gone back to old times.

The headquarters in Zhanzheng College was too deserted that it frightened Su Hao.

Thus, Su Hao did feel the need to change to a new environment subconsciously, but the current scene in front of him is something out of his expectations.

Is this really the illusion department?

Su Hao raised his head up.

Well… it's not a mistake!


Perhaps what's in front of him is an illusion?

Is this a test?

Su Hao used his model a.n.a.lysis to investigate. However, he could only bitterly smile. What illusion? The scene in front of him is real!

This is really unbelievable.

After standing like a r.e.t.a.r.d for quite some time, those were the first words that came to mind.

"Huh, we have a new student." A fatty saw Su Hao walk in and his eyes suddenly shone, "Hahaha, level one professional esper? Not bad, not bad. Being able to become a level one professional esper before graduating proves that you're quite talented, and considered a genius just like your father here. Haha, how is it? You feel strange right?"

"En." Su Hao nodded.

"To feel strange is the right thing." The fatty continued, "Did you know that the illusion department is one of the top three departments in the school? Without caring what kind of talent you have, everyone wishes to learn illusions. Here, even if you can't train illusions..."

"Illusion can still aid any cultivation."

Having said until here, the fatty licked his lips, "Hey, you don't have a girlfriend right? I have a girlfriend here. As long as you have 1 million star dollars, I will send you one."

"Girlfriend?" Su Hao was stunned.


This place actually sells humans too?

"No, no, no, no." The fatty looked at Su Hao's expression and suddenly shook his head, uttering in a despised tone, "You think a fatty like me will be such a vulgar man? The girlfriend here is this..."

"Come, I will let you have a look." The fatty looked around with a wretched expression before taking out a ball, "Young one, put your hand on it."

"En." Su Hao put his palm on top of the ball.


The surrounding scene changed.

That scene of crowds vanished, and those voices from the businesses could no longer be heard. What appeared is a blue sky with a seaside scenery.

A breeze blew gently.

From a distance, a girl quietly walked towards Su Hao and softly said, "h.e.l.lo, Master. Is there anything I can do to serve you?"

"F*ck." Su Hao was astonished.

This world is huge. Sure enough, it's full of all sorts of bizarre things!

Although he didn't know much about illusions, Su Hao could still notice that this girl is at the calamity level. She felt at least 99% like a real human!

If one is to see this girl on the streets, who would have thought she's just an illusion?

Su Hao suddenly understood what the girlfriend mentioned by the fatty was about. What is the difference between this compared to those NPCs in the virtual reality?

To be able to reach this step via illusions, this fatty is a genius!

"F*ck?" The girl tilted her head and didn't seem to understand.

She is very cute.

After interpreting this word for a while, she revealed a smile. Looking at Su Hao, she said, "What you mean is insertion right? Yes, Master. I can satisfy any request from Master..."

Several black lines suddenly appeared on Su Hao's forehead.

This fatty, what kind of program has he designed?

What was even more shocking is that before the girl finished her words, she actually took the initiative to touch Su Hao's body. The feeling of skin touching each other was actually simulated too!

"This is too realistic!" Su Hao was stunned.

With an energy fluctuation, he directly separated his consciousness from the illusion!

"Huh? You're out already?"

The fatty looked at Su Hao with a hint of surprise, "Buddy, aren't you a bit too fast? Was it premature e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n? Well, I have some drugs for it which will allow you to be as strong as a tiger in the illusion. I only want 998..."

Su Hao: "..."

This is talent!

Everyone kept saying that Zhanzheng College is full of geniuses. He had never given it much thought before this, but he truly believed it now!

Even for this topic, it had been researched to such a stage.

Noticing that Su Hao's face was getting uglier by the second, he acted like he understood something, "I know. You must not have liked the girl earlier, right? Hehe, I knew it long ago. You must be a genius. Thus, you never experienced a shortage of girls. Plus, your requirement must be high. If so..."

The fatty tried to find something from his backpack for a moment.

"Why not have a look at this?" The fatty continued in a mysterious tone, "It's a completely different type. This is specially customized. Keep this a secret. If her boyfriend knows this, he will come and kill you."

Su Hao's face turned dark.

F*ck you!

This animal!

Even a girl who already has a boyfriend isn't spared?


Specially customized?

These are customized based on Zhanzheng College's students?

Doesn't this mean...

Su Hao walked closer to the fatty, whispering, "Brother Fatty, the grade you have here is too low. I think I will have better options at other places, right?"

"What kind of joke are you saying?!" The fatty raged, scaring the h.e.l.l out of Su Hao.

Noticing that everyone around them looked over, he instantly lowered his voice and whispered, "Brother, you can ridicule my look, personality, and dignity, but you must never mock my art! We're just offering different services to different customers."

"If you want high-grade girls, of course we have them!"

"I will be frank here. Hehe, I am the only one in the entire Zhanzheng College who can do this, creating these customized products!"

"Oh?" Su Hao raised his brows and looked at the fatty with some subtle changes in his eyes, "If so… can I order another girl?"

"Haha." The fatty laughed out loud, "I knew it that you wouldn't have the girls I prepared in your eyes. You must have someone that you like. However, to produce a customized one isn't easy. For each one, you can't imagine how much you have to spend. I can get about a dozen men to help me, but it will still take a full month to complete."

"However, if you spend more it won't be an issue."

"Great." Su Hao smiled. What he wanted was that sentence.

After listening to the fatty finis.h.i.+ng his words, Su Hao whispered, "This, have you heard of a girl named Chen Yiran?"

"Chen Yiran?" The fatty's eyes s.h.i.+ned, "Of course! This buddy has such great eyes! Chen Yiran is after all one of the top ten beauties among the freshmen. Umm… her ranking is definitely in the top three. These few months, there are already more than one hundred students searching for me. Although creating a custom-made one is expensive, when one hundred students are added up..."

"Hehe..." The fatty smiled pervertedly.

"Oh? More than one hundred?" Su Hao's eyes leaked a trace of killing intent, "Then, is there any available stock?"

"Nope." The fatty's face looked bitter, "I haven't made it. Chen Yiran just entered the school not long ago. However, even if I produce it, I'm afraid there won't be any sales."

"Why?" Su Hao's eyebrows twitched.

"Because of that d.a.m.n Su Hao!" The fatty uttered in hatred, "At first, I thought of targeting Chen Yiran because she's beautiful, has a great figure, and the most important thing is that she has n.o.body supporting her! Out of the top ten girls, she's the only one touchable!"

"But Su Hao created a lot of problems, and he even dared to kill teachers! If he knows of this, I'm afraid I won't be able to see anything for the rest of my life!"

"To be frank, even if one is daring enough to order one of Chen Yiran, I won't have the guts to sell it."

"d.a.m.n that Su Hao, if I knew he's that strong, how would I dare touch Chen Yiran. Now, I have to lose everything I invested!"

"Oh, so that's it." Su Hao nodded with a sinister smile.

Great! Even though it's just an illusion, if those goods are really sold, Su Hao wouldn't mind killing every single person who has them.

"Oh, then what do you plan to do now?" Su Hao asked as if nothing happened.

"This..." The fatty was in a bit of a hard spot, "I will send other girls over as a reimburs.e.m.e.nt. I am about to finish my research on Chen Yiran too. It will be a waste if I don't sell it, but I feel that I will be in great trouble if I do. This is especially true when Su Hao is in the limelight recently."

"Why not you change to another girl?" The fatty cautiously proposed.

"That Su Hao, he's really that powerful?" Su Hao asked.

"Of course." The fatty vented his anger, "Don't think that he's just a freshman. Let me tell you, that guy is one of the top ten most violent men in the school!"

"Top ten most violent men?"

Su Hao didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Those brats...

Sure enough, they're enjoying life in the school.

The so-called top ten beauties, top ten most violent men...

"Yes, Su Hao is also an existence who has the possibility to enroll in Tian Long Court. Although the rumors say that he won't be able to enter into the world realm, that doesn't have any relation to us. Forget about the world realm; he would be able to smash us to bits as long as he gets into the domain realm. So, forget about it."

The fatty still didn't forget his business. "Buddy, why not change to a different girl?"

Su Hao shook his head and smiled.

This brat...

"Hey, buddy. I am saying this for your own good. Su Hao even dared to kill in the headquarters. What else isn't he afraid of doing? I don't believe that he doesn't have a background! If Su Hao knows this, even I won't be able to escape." The fatty bitterly said.

"Do believe me. I will let you have a look..." The fatty opened his virtual screen and quickly transferred related information to Su Hao.

Godly Model Creator Chapter 588

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