Godly Model Creator Chapter 590

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Chapter 590 - Strange Seal!

The burning sensation dazed Su Hao.

When he awoke, everything around him changed. A pinkish illusionary s.p.a.ce, similar to the one from the Dark Moon Dream Destroyer except filled with a dense pink mist. As Su Hao glanced around, he suddenly recalled this place.

This is the sea of awareness! Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's spiritual world!

Did he enter unconsciously?

What exactly is happening here?

Su Hao's pupil shrunk.

Recalling the earlier burning sensation, could this be Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's subconscious act to bring him here? But why now?

Su Hao's heart was full of doubts.

In the spiritual world, Su Hao marched forward one step at a time. Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's ability talent is illusions which is why being here gives one an illusionary feeling, like a hallucinatory dream.

If one accidentally gets lost here, their death would be unimaginable.

"Little brat, are you trying to inform me to wake you up?" Su Hao said in a low voice as if he wanted these words to be heard by Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly. However, he didn't receive any response from her.

The pinkish bubbles drifted around in mid-air, and Su Hao subconsciously avoided them. Su Hao also avoided sunken places to ensure that he wouldn't step on a pitfall. Thus, Su Hao kept his vigilance up all this time.

Surprisingly, his journey has been smooth.

Perhaps it was because of Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's unconditional trust towards Su Hao that Su Hao didn't suffer from any mishaps, let alone a counterattack from the sea of consciousness.

It was an uneventful journey.

The route ahead was getting narrower and narrower as he progressed. When it came to an end, Su Hao was stunned.

In front of him appeared a flower bud full of budding flowers. The radius was no less than ten meters. This grand size is shocking and, it is surrounded by a black aura. The flowers were about to bloom within the rich black light but were also full of murderous intent.

What surprised Su Hao the most was the one within the flower bud.

Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly curled herself up while being naked at the center of a flower like a lotus petal.

Fragments of the Falcon Emperor pearl were floating around surrounding Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly. A strong force would destroy any force approaching her.

This state has been continuing all this time as if some sort of equilibrium had formed.

However, Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly could only slowly cultivate while maintaining this stalemate. Surprisingly, the flower bud is faintly growing while it confronts the fragments! This speed is much faster than her cultivation speed!

Something is wrong here!

Su Hao's heart became alert. Falcon Emperor once said that as long as the pearl exerted its effects, Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly would be saved. In fact, not long ago, he could still ident.i.ty Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's aura.

However, from that moment onwards, there had not been any news.

He had thought that Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly was hibernating, but this scene in front of him stunned him.

This is hibernation?


Definitely not!

Without even having to a.n.a.lyze it, Su Hao could clearly see that if that d.a.m.n flower bud keeps growing, Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly will never wake up!

This is a problem!

Could it be related to the pearl?


Su Hao raised his head and saw that the pearl was working fine.

Its function is to wake up Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly and will keep doing so until she regains consciousness. The last time when she awoke clearly proved that the pearl did its role correctly. In other words, the pearl isn't the problem.

Then where does the problem come from?

Su Hao looked at that strange flower bed which kept emitting the threatening aura.

This aura shouldn't be here!

This is the source of the problem!

The strange black aura is the true culprit! In this world filled with pinkiness, this thing should never be here!

"Black aura… Is it from that Tiger Emperor?" Su Hao began to ponder.

Although they were both black, Su Hao was able to sense the subtle difference. Although the Tiger Emperor's aura is also black, its aura is filled with more murderous intent, completely different from this aura which kept moving in mid-air.

If it's not from the Tiger Emperor, then whose is it?

Su Hao pondered.

What he is confident that Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly has always been with him.

Before this, there weren't any problems. The only enemy, the only problem was during the beast tide where she sacrificed herself to save him.

Two variables.

Falcon Emperor, excluded.

Tiger Emperor, excluded.

Then, the problem wasn't from that time?

Su Hao was slightly shocked by his own thoughts. He knew that if the problem wasn't from that event, perhaps the previous event was just an opportunity. This indicated that in Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's body, this strange aura actually existed before that!

Countless data flashed within Su Hao's mind. With thousands of computers operating at once, the data flew downward like a waterfall as all factors matching the current state were identified.

Within the process, an answer with the highest possibility popped out.

Su Hao was deeply shocked.

This is a seal?!

Looking at the end result of this a.n.a.lysis, Su Hao could no longer think of another possibility. Based on the result from the data of the experts in spiritual domains, there is an 82.3% chance that this is a seal belonging to the spiritual realm based on the similarities.

How could there be a seal in Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's body?

Su Hao could not comprehend it.

Could it be there is a problem when fusing a human soul with a beast's?

Or is it something else?


Since when was it placed on her body?

If it were recent, then Falcon Emperor would have definitely detected it. If not, then it must be from after the beast tide. This is something that happened after Falcon Emperor met its end. Of course there is also another possibility which is the strength of the one responsible for planting this seal is even stronger than the Falcon Emperor!

What kind of strength did Falcon Emperor possess?

Su Hao wasn't sure.

However, he knew that at that time, when Falcon Emperor appeared during the beast tide, it was strong enough to kill Tiger Emperor!

How about its peak?

And someone who is stronger than that, how strong is he exactly?

Su Hao silently noted this question down.

If it were during normal times, he would definitely avoid it when encountering such a thing. However, he took the initiative to get involved because it's about Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly!

The little brat who died for him!

"I don't care what it is!" Su Hao's eyes flashed in coldness, "I will definitely drag you out sooner or later!"

The flower bud was waving surrounded by the strange black aura.

In a radius of 100 meters, everywhere was covered by this black aura. The s.p.a.ce available for Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly to cultivate was getting smaller and smaller. The strength of the pearl's effect was getting weaker too. If this is to continue Su Hao is afraid that it is only a matter of time before she is engulfed!

At that moment, Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly would only have death awaiting her!

"I will do it by force!" Su Hao's killing intent skyrocketed as he took a step forward.


A clear sound made Su Hao's heart beat rapidly.

With a flash, Su Hao vanished from the spot.


A stream of black aura shot up under the place where Su Hao originally stood like a fountain suddenly emerging from the ground!

"Darn!" Su Hao cursed in his heart.

So strong!

If not for his extremely sensitive senses, he would have died!

Quietly hiding behind a random pinkish plant, Su Hao noticed that that flower bud only gave a random blow and no longer paid attention to him.


Su Hao stared at it blankly.

It actually didn't notice him?


To be able to produce such an attack, its strength must be strong. Even if he was hiding far away, it should still be able to find him right?

Could it be that it's only strong from its appearance?

This isn't right!

Su Hao soon reacted.

It isn't because it is weak but the spiritual world because is protecting him!

After all, this is Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly's spiritual world.

The world in front of him is a forest surrounded by pinkish plants. Only that flower bud is emitting the strange aura!

After the flower bud attacked, Su Hao's aura vanished because the spiritual world is protecting Su Hao. Even if Su Hao hides under a random tree when he's very close to this death zone...

"This thing..." Su Hao's eyes shone, "Seems that it has its own territory."

That death zone should be its territory!

It can attack willingly within its territory, but once he left the territory, the consumption would increase if it tried to attack.

Thus, Su Hao could escape earlier.

"I really can't get past that territory?" Su Hao licked his dry lips.

At this moment, he no longer expected to kill it. Just a random blow nearly killed him This thing's strength...

Domain realm!

A true domain realm!

The death zone was like its domain!

However, what made Su Hao worry more is if this seal is already at the domain realm, then what about the strength of the sealer?

This matter seemed to be getting more and more complex.

"I don't care anymore!" Su Hao shook his head.

That matter isn't something he should consider right now.

The only thing he should consider right now is how to eradicate this thing! He must weaken its strength so that Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly could resurrect!


The seal's strength was at the domain realm!

Oh, incorrect. To be precise, it should be at the semi-domain realm because it couldn't move. To weaken it, he must force it to consume more energy.

And if he wanted it to consume energy, a forceful confrontation is always the most effective method!

If one is to talk about strength, Su Hao didn't know the difference between him and other domain espers, but after the increment from countless cultivation techniques, Su Hao's current energy is too abundant that he can't imagine it!

Compared to his previous capacity, it is at least a dozen times larger!

This is the source of Su Hao's confidence!

Godly Model Creator Chapter 590

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