Godly Student Chapter 109

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"Tianyuan Gra.s.s? What's that? This is obviously just a ginseng. It's just a bit malnourished," Yao Na looked at the medical herb in Cheng Yu's hands and still believed that it was a ginseng.

"Try smelling it," Cheng Yu moved the Tianyuan Gra.s.s under Yao Na's nose.

"En. It does not have the smell of ginseng. Then the Tianyuan Gra.s.s you just said, is it very expensive?" Yao Na wrinkled her nose and gave it a sniff.

"To people here, it is worthless. I inquired about it, and no one in the market had heard of this gra.s.s before. However, it's actually a very precious medical herb to me. Nana, I need to apply for leave tomorrow. I need you to follow me back to your hometown," All this time, Cheng Yu had been worrying that there was no one that would be able to protect Lan Ya after he left. Unexpectedly, he was able to grab hold of Tianyuan Gra.s.s. This time, he could finally refine the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill.

However, what Cheng Yu thought was that since the Tianyuan Gra.s.s originated from Yao Na's hometown, then there would definitely be more than just one stalk. With just a stalk, at most he would only be able to refine three Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pills. This was too little, as there would be hardly any effect. He had to at least find another two stalks.

"What! There are only 10 days left before the national exam and you want to apply for leave? No way! Even if this herb is so important, I will not permit it."

"Nana, do you not have faith in me? There is nothing left for me to learn. It's no longer a problem for me to get admitted to Yunhai University. But what you have no idea about is that to me, Tianyuan Gra.s.s is even more important than the national exam," Cheng Yu spoke seriously.

"Alright then," Yao Na wished to reject him. But when she remembered Cheng Yu's mysterious power, she suddenly felt that Cheng Yu was actually very far away from her and that she did not know much about him at all. Perhaps, it's just like what he said, the national exam was not important to him at all. Besides, he did possess the ability to do very well on the national exam with his current abilities.

"Alright. Don't cook tonight. Let's go out and have a meal together. Besides, we have not went on a date before!" After obtaining a stem of Tianyuan Gra.s.s, Cheng Yu's mood brightened up as he said cheerfully.

"Nope. If someone saw us, it would not be good."

"What's there to be worried about? So what if a student has a meal with his teacher? Besides, after 10 days, I will no longer be your student," Cheng Yu did not care about Yao Na's opinion before he pulled her along.

When they reached the ground floor, Yao Na quickly swung Cheng Yu's hands away as she looked around. After she saw that no one was around did she finally feel relieved. She glared at Cheng Yu before walking towards the school gate.

It was around six pm. The sunset s.h.i.+ned on the pathway of the school and s.h.i.+ned on Yao Na's face. It caused the originally beautiful Yao Na to look even more sacred.

Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na's sacred face and said, "Teacher Yao, if you had a chance to become an immortal, would you be willing?" When they went out of the school, Cheng Yu become a bit more honest and would address Yao Na as "Teacher Yao." Even though Cheng Yu didn't mind, he still had to give Yao Na some face.

"Immortality? How can there be immortality in this world?" Yao Na laughed.

"I said if. It's just an a.n.a.logy."

"If my parents were also able to become immortal, I would be willing. If I was the only one to become an immortal, what meaning would there be?" Yao Na replied skillfully.

"En. There will be a day."

"What do you mean?" Yao Na said confusedly.

"I will help you achieve this dream," Cheng Yu ended with this sentence and no longer spoke about theories.

"Crazy," Even though Cheng Yu's medical skills were very powerful, Yao Na never believed that there was anyone in this world that would be able to live forever.

The two of them went to a restaurant and ate happily. Cheng Yu would occasionally pick a few dishes and placed them on Yao Na's plate, causing Yao Na to feel that she was the one who was younger between them. However, she liked this kind of feeling.

While they were eating happily, they didn't realize that in the corner of the restaurant, there was a bald man sitting. He was holding a camera and taking photos of them being intimate.

After the meal, he reminded Yao Na to follow him back to her hometown. Cheng Yu then went home.

When Cheng Yu reached home, he rushed into the pill room. He intend to refine the Tianyuan Gra.s.s into the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill.

When Cheng Yu bought the villa, he had already come to an agreement with his aunt, Cheng Meiyan, as she agreed to let him live alone outside. Originally, Keke wanted to follow Cheng Yu to the villa as well, but because there was no one there to take care of her and Cheng Meiyan had enrolled Keke into a school, it was even more impossible for her to stay together with Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu scooped out the other ingredients needed to refine the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill and threw everything including the Tianyuan Gra.s.s into the cauldron. He activated his Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame, using it to surround the base of the cauldron while it was rotating.

Cheng Yu's exotic spiritual flame was not only higher quality than the grade three true fire, but the speed of refinement and the grade of the pill formed would be a lot better.

An ordinary pill master was only able to use a low grade true fire to refine pills. Most of the time, the pills refined would not only be of worst quality, but the success rate of refinement was also a lot lower, causing the consumption of medical herbs to be drastically higher.

In the past, Cheng Yu had also been through it. He had always been improving his skills in pill refinement with the hope of producing a grade three true fire. However, no matter how much research he put in, he was not able to produce it. It was only during the later part when his cultivation had soared and with a lucky fortuitous encounter did he manage to discover the other kind of flame different from true fire. And it was also because of this discovery that Cheng Yu slowly managed to make a name for himself.

Three hours pa.s.sed by in a flash. Cheng Yu retrieved his spiritual flame. The cauldron's lid opened. Immediately, three Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pills flew out. Cheng Yu waved his hand, and retrieved them.

Cheng Yu looked at the crystal clear pills in his hand and was extremely satisfied. The pill's grade had actually reached the superior level!

However, when he thought of the distribution of the pill, Cheng Yu felt headache. Even though he intended to go to Yao Na's hometown to look for more Tianyuan Gra.s.s the next day, it did not mean that he would be able to find them.

He definitely needed to save one Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill for Lan Ya. Even though within these ten days, Cheng Yu was not able to change her into a Foundation Establishment Realm expert, to achieve the Qi Training Realm would not be a problem.

Cheng Yu did not wish for Lan Ya to fight with Kunlun. It was just in case he was not around. He worried that Kunlun would send people to create trouble. However, if they were to see Lan Ya actually managed to reach the Qi Training Realm in such a short span of time, they might actually hesitate before they made a move.

If Cheng Yu was able to increase Qin Canghai's and a few other's strength to the Qi Training Realm as well, even if they were unable to compete against Kunlun, it was still sufficient to deter Kunlun from acting blindly without thinking. And if they were able to preserve until Cheng Yu returned, it would be the best.

Cheng Yu looked at the time. It was already almost eleven pm. However, when he thought of how much time he had left, he no longer cared about anything else as he ran into his car and drove towards Lan Ya's villa.

Inside a cafe corner, there were two people sitting there.

"Mr. He, these are the photos you requested," A bald man took out an envelope and placed it on the table.

He Jian picked up the envelope and poured out the photos. When he saw how intimate Cheng Yu and Yao Na looked when they ate, his heart boiled.

With regards to Yao Na, He Jian was genuinely in love with her and wished to court her properly. However, this woman did not even give him a chance, causing him to lose all his face in front of the homeroom teachers of the graduating cla.s.ses. Everyone knew that Yao Na had been giving him a cold shoulder every single day.

He Jian's eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness and excitement. "This time, I would like to see how are you will not give in to me!"

He Jian quickly placed all the photos back into the envelope. After that, he took out another envelope from his pocket and pa.s.sed it to the bald guy. The bald guy opened it up and saw that there was $10k cash. He smiled, "Thank you, Mr. He. In the future, if there are more job opportunities like this, do come and look for me."

"Why are you here so late in the night? Could it be that you are up to something bad?" Lan Ya wore a translucent silk dress, causing her beautiful figure to be faintly discernible. Cheng Yu couldn't help feeling aroused.

Godly Student Chapter 109

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