Godly Student Chapter 110

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"Hehe! Exactly! I am here to do bad things," Cheng Yu smirked while looking at the seductive Lan Ya.

Among all the girls Cheng Yu knew, only Lan Ya was open-minded, regardless of language or behavior. However, it was also because Lan Ya was an unconventional woman that it would be quite hard to take advantage of her.

"Is that so? Let's see how bad you can get," After Lan Ya heard Cheng Yu's words, she took the initiative and hooked herself onto Cheng Yu's neck. She blew towards Cheng Yu's ear while she spoke charmingly.

Getting pressed against Lan Ya's twin peaks and her body's fragrance emitting made Cheng Yu aroused. He felt that he could no longer control himself as he kissed Lan Ya's fragrant lips ruthlessly.

Lan Ya hooked her legs onto Cheng Yu's waist. Cheng Yu carried Lan Ya up and walked towards her bedroom. Just as Lan Ya took off Cheng Yu's pants while they were fondling and kissing each other, Cheng Yu quivered and sat up.

"What's wrong?" When she saw Cheng Yu had suddenly retreated, Lan Ya asked confusedly.

"Get up. I am here today to handle something serious. I almost fell for your trick!" Cheng Yu slapped Lan Ya's b.u.t.t a few times ferociously. "En. The elasticity is very good. It's a pity not being able to test it out now."

"Aren't we handling something serious right now?" Lan Ya moaned coquettishly.

"Stop fooling around. If you are not afraid that Kunlun will find trouble with you, we can continue what we are doing," Cheng Yu smiled.

When Lan Ya heard Cheng Yu's words, she tidied up and sat earnestly. "You have thought of an idea already?"

"This is a Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill that I just refined. It is meant to wash away impurities in your bone marrow. There are still around 10 days. I will help you increase your strength to the Qi Training Realm. If Kunlun really sends people here to look for you, even though you might not be able to win against them, when they witness you achieving the Qi Training Realm so suddenly, they might start to restrain themselves because of fear for my backing and would not dare to act blindly," Cheng Yu took out a Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill and placed it into Lan Ya's hand.

Looking at the pure and translucent pill with a thick pill fragrance, Lan Ya knew that this pill was not ordinary.

"Meditate and consume the pill. I will help you to absorb the pill efficiently."

Lan Ya sat down on her bed and ate the pill. Cheng Yu sat behind her and put both his hands on her back, "Close your eyes."

Due to the lack of time, Cheng Yu had to use all his strength to a.s.sist Lan Ya in promoting her strength in a short span of time. If an ordinary person consumed the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill, for the medical properties to take full effect, it would take a full three days and nights. It would really be a waste of time for Cheng Yu if it was like this for Lan Ya.

Besides, was.h.i.+ng away the impurities in her bone marrow was not the important point. Promoting her to Qi Training Realm was the harder thing to do, after all, Cheng Yu was only in the Foundation Establishment Realm. If his cultivation was in the Core Formation Realm or above, it would have been a simple matter to promote someone to the Qi Training Realm.

Two hours later, Cheng Yu withdrew his hands. On the surface of Lan Ya's fair and alluring body, a layer of black mud emerged, emitting fishy smell.

"Alright. Go and clean yourself first. Later on, I will still need to help you increase your cultivation realm."

The Qi Training Realm might be a very weak realm in the cultivation world, but it was actually the most important level in cultivation. To be able to feel the existence of Qi and enter the Qi Training Realm was done by people that possess good innate skill and great comprehension. However, it does not mean that their body's const.i.tution would not have any problems.

Because of clogs in their meridians, the Qi circulating in their body was very slow. They were only able to slowly acc.u.mulate Qi in their dantian and slowly increase their strength. They would also need to unclog their meridians one by one, just like how Cheng Yu broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

All those people who had cultivated to the Qi Training Realm would need to wash their bone marrow in this realm. However, they did not use the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill, but using their own Qi. Therefore, they changed their body's const.i.tution and unclogged their meridians to make themselves suited for cultivation.

Previously, Cheng Yu did not have enough Qi. So, during the whole process of the Qi Training Realm, Cheng Yu acc.u.mulated a large amount of Qi to unclog his meridians, causing the Qi in his body to be able to circulate cleanly through his body. When all his meridians had been unblocked, he was officially in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Now that Lan Ya had Cheng Yu's Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pill, when she broke through to Qi Training Realm, both the conception and governor meridians would have already been unblocked forming a small circle. This way, she would be able to cultivate faster than others by a significant amount.

After showering, Lan Ya wore her nightgown while there were still water droplets on her body, causing her nightgown to stick to her body, making her more alluring. Cheng Yu once again got aroused.

"Come here and sit up straight. I will pa.s.s you a cultivation technique," Cheng Yu pa.s.sed Lan YA The Art of Thousand Illusions Charm. This was something that Cheng Yu had managed to obtain when he was in the Immortal World. It would rely on illusion and charm techniques. This kind of cultivation technique was the most fitting for Lan Ya.

In the Immortal World, a lot of experts died under the hands of charm techniques. In addition with the illusion techniques as an back-up plan, even if Kunlun really sent someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm, though Lan Ya might not be able to defeat them, escaping would not be a problem.

"Done. I will help you operate the cultivation technique once. Try to remember the way it should be cultivated. After that, cultivate the technique according to what was written in the cultivation manual. As for the latter parts of the cultivation manual, you will have to slowly comprehend it yourself," After Cheng Yu spoke, he placed his hands on her back. He used his Qi and circulated it in Lan Ya's body. Using The Art of Thousand Illusions Charm, he operated the cultivation technique within her body.

Because Lan Ya had only unclogged the conception and governor meridian, the guiding process was extremely slow. Partially also because Cheng Yu's cultivation level was still too low. Otherwise, he would have long unblocked all her meridians, raising her cultivation to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The next morning came, and Cheng Yu had operated the art for six hours. Lan Ya finally managed to complete a cycle. This was because Cheng Yu was guiding her. If she had to rely on herself, she would most likely take eight hours before she managed to complete a cycle.

However, if Lan Ya were to continue cultivating, the time taken to complete one cycle would slowly decrease until all her meridians were unblocked, breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

At this moment, Cheng Yu sat on the bed and his complexion was utterly pale. Regarding the whole process, Lan Ya thought it was a lengthy one. But for Cheng Yu, this was something extremely painful and dangerous.

Because the cultivation technique he taught Lan Ya was not the cultivation technique Cheng Yu cultivated, if he was not careful and made a mistake in the route of the circulation, they both might have experienced Qi deviation. Cheng Yu had to be extremely careful while circulating it.

In addition, the blockages in Lan Ya's meridians were extremely severe. If the Qi Cheng Yu had used to guide her was too strong, the force might have been too strong for her meridians to handle, which would have caused the whole process to be extremely painful for Lan Ya. Therefore, Cheng Yu had to use the appropriate amount of Qi to a.s.sist Lan Ya.

For the whole night, every step Cheng Yu was extremely cautious. As if he was treading on a thin layer of ice.

"What's wrong with you?" Lan Ya opened her eyes and saw Cheng Yu looked extremely frail. Her heart tightened as she became extremely worried.

"Nothing. I am just a little tired. Go and wash up first. I need to rest for a moment," Cheng Yu closed his eyes and started circulating his Qi to recuperate.

When she saw how frail Cheng Yu was, Lan Ya was distressed, but also touched. She had no idea how much Cheng Yu had invested in helping her, but she clearly understood that because of her, Cheng Yu had invested a lot of his time and suffered a lot of pain.

Lan Ya did not go to work. She had a shower before cooking two servings of breakfast and waited for Cheng Yu to wake up. Lan Ya was able to sense that her whole body was exceptionally spirited and her body was as light as a feather. Even her body was full of strength. She felt that if she ran into a few gangsters, she would be able to defeat them easily. Cultivation was very mystical!

Actually, Cheng Yu did not need to guide Lan Ya as she was already in the Qi Training Realm. However, Cheng Yu was afraid that because Lan Ya had never circulated her Qi once, she might accidentally circulate it wrongly, causing a Qi Deviation. While guiding her, there might be a chance of her experiencing Qi Deviation, but Cheng Yu was more experienced than her. In a way, he was more relieved if he was to guide her.

Furthermore, there was actually benefits when it came to guidance. He could immediately leave a strain of Qi in Lan Ya's body. If the opposite party had never circulated Qi once in their body before, the majority of this Qi would just disappear, causing it to be a waste.

However, now it was different. Cheng Yu had guided her according to the cultivation manual. Not only had he helped her completely memorize the route of circulation, but after the long period of guidance, the Qi left in Lan Ya's body would actually be a lot. This large amount of Qi would induce itself into Lan Ya's body, raising her strength. Now, Lan Ya had almost reached the Qi Training Realm middle stage.

However, Lan Ya had just started cultivating. She was not too knowledgeable about Qi. Even though she possessed a good cultivation level, she was not be able to display its full-power. Besides, she had not even touched the cultivation technique yet.

Godly Student Chapter 110

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