Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 12

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As soon as Zhu Feng heard those words, his scarce face promptly revealed a gloomy expression, and he coldly looked at He Yi.

"Do you know what youre saying?"

"This poor Daoist naturally knows. His Highness charged into the Imperial City tonight, and slaughtered all the way in just to find The Emperor. But this poor Daoist is saying that His Highness cannot find The Emperor tonight."

Zhu Feng unsighted eyes filled with dangerous look," Why? For what reason?"

He Yi then stated.

"Your Highness, what do you think of yourself, in comparison to Emperor Gao?"

Zhu Fengs face slightly sank.

It had been a long time, far too long. No one had mentioned Emperor Gao before him until now. Ever since he started his army from Beiping. Everyone had a tacit understanding to deliberately avoid the topic. He did not expect that at this time He Yi would once again mention his deceased Emperor Father.

He went silent for a while, then stated," Emperor Gao throughout his life sweeped over thousands of miles and served as an indestructible foundation of the Royal Court. This Prince cannot hope to defeat such a legend."

He Yi softly nodded his head, then pointed out.

"In that case, would Emperor Gao know that His Highness would do what he has done today?"

Zhu Fengs complexion sank again.

Emperor Gao —- of course he knew. If he did not know, how could he have passed the position of Emperor to his eldest grandson beforehand. How could he have transferred Zhu Feng to Beiping, a bitter and frigid place, so that he would guard the border and have no time to fight over control of the country. How could he issue an imperial edict right after his imperial death day, not allowing Zhu Feng together with a few of his younger brothers to enter the Imperial place and offer his condolences. Also, just how can there be so many troops defending Jinling City. Every defensive decision was directed against him.

He probably knew that there was going to be a day like this.

Hearing his long sigh, He Yi was aware that Zhu Feng had agreed with him. With that confirmation, he then continued on.

"Since the wise and bold Emperor Gao had foresight of His Highnessgreat skill and strategy and unwillingness to bend to the people. If there was a conflict like today, how could he be assured that the position of Emperor would be passed on to his eldest grandson?"

Zhu Fengs brow knitted.

"You mean that Emperor Gao has made earlier arrangements to help him fight back against this Prince?

He Yi shook his head and said.

"Counterattack failed."

"With His Highnessmartial arts and military strategy, it is difficult for The Emperor to keep up with you. Even with Emperor Gaos help, this poor Daoist thinks that it is impossible for The Emperor to resist any more."

“What do you mean—-"

"This poor Daoist thought that Emperor Gao would have been able to think of a method to protect him."

"Maybe even now he is no longer in the Imperial City."

Zhu Fengs heart sank.

Since he started his army at Yan Wang Fu in Beiping, He Yi has always been with him at his side. In fact, even earlier, this Daoist priest appeared to not be polluted by the common mortals;  uninfected by the common populace. Even through the ups and downs this Daoist priest had always been standing behind him. He was Zhu Fengs mastermind, who had done so much for him along the way. There are just too many things to prove this mans intelligence and insight.

Even though he is unwilling to recognize it, he is indeed his indispensable mastermind.

And now, he unexpectedly told him he should not and will not be able to find The Emperor.

Even his own nephew, The Emperor was no longer present within the Imperial City.

If it was true that he could really not find him, then tonight would go down as a complete armed rebellion. Thousands of years later, the historical records about Zhu Feng will be recorded with him being regarded officially as a traitor.

He clenched his teeth.

"Absolutely not!"

"Your Highness, you must not!"

"Go find him, continue to look for him for this Prince and be sure to find him!"

Seeing him like this He Yi cannot help but sigh.

Just then, a guard ran over, panting while saying.

"Your Highness, found him! Found him!"

End of Chapter

Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 12

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