Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 23

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Nan Yan hastily took the empty teacup and walked to the side to fill up the tea. Then she heard Zhu Feng's voice sound out behind her:

“Chen Fu.”

General Chen Fu was a high ranking military officer under his command who had followed him for many years. He was thirty years old and had a tall figure, like a black iron tower. When he heard Zhu Feng calling him, he immediately stepped out of the crowd:

“Your Highness, what is your order?”

Zhu Feng gaze burned into him.
For some reason, this kind of gaze made Chen Fu unexpectedly have a feeling of fear and he subconsciously lowered his head.

Zhu Feng coldly said:

“Before this Prince entered JinLing with you, he had instructed something, repeat what This Prince had told you.”


Chen Fu became numb and did not dare to speak.

Zhu Feng looked at him as if pointing a knife at the general. Bone chilling winds engulfed his whole body and Chen Fu s.h.i.+vered. Nan Yan very carefully clasped the teacup in her hands as she placed it down on the table near Zhu Feng's hand. Then moved back a step to watch the general's complexion that had suddenly turned pale.

What is the matter?

For a long while, no one opened their mouth. Zhu Feng suddenly slammed his hands onto the table.


“Say it!”

His palm slammed the table heavily. Everything on the table was smashed; the teacup dropped to the ground, and shattered into pieces.

Nan Yan stepped forward to pick up the pieces, but upon looking  at Zhu Feng's complexion, she dared not move.

The people around her did not even dare to breathe. Even Chen Fu was so frightened that his liver and gall both seemed torn from within and he could only softly state:

"w.a.n.g Ye ordered that after entering the city, we could not hara.s.s the common people in the city."

Zhu Feng slightly narrowed his eyes: “Then, what did you do last night, west of the city at Li Fu?”

General Chen Fu was also surprised.

I did not expect he would know so soon, Yan w.a.n.g already got the news!'

He said:“This lesser general, in the end, hara.s.sed and caused a commotion for others!!”

Zhu Feng's voice sank:

“You raped and killed the Li family’s young lady, and her parents tried to find you at all costs. But to cover it up, you killed them too. Moreover you let your people commit arson, burned down the Li family's mansion, and robbed the Li family’s silver. Was that not what you did?!"

Chen Fu then knew that he could not hide himself, and simply raised his neck and looked up:

“That is right.”


"This lesser general originally did not want to do that either. It is just that married hussy was so pretentious!”

Nan Yan clenched her teeth.

This evil person has done such a wicked thing, unexpectedly he is still acting in a bold and confident manner as if justice was on his side.


She couldn't help but clench her fist and firmly glare at him as well. Yet contrary to his previous att.i.tude, Zhu Feng's expression had become gentle for a bit as he said:
“So you admit it, you did not follow in accordance to this Prince's command, which means you dare to disobey this Prince's original military orders!?”

The people surrounding him saw the situation and hastily approached to help resolve the dispute.

They said: “w.a.n.g Ye, General Chen simply temporarily lost his self-control.”

"Yes, it was hard for us to get into Jinling. Therefore, we want to have a little benefit.”

"General Chen will never disobey w.a.n.g Ye's command anymore.”Everyone spoke at once, trying to persuade him. But Zhu Feng kept silent.

Not knowing how long it would last, the silence in the tall palace hall seemed a little abrupt. Everyone felt a little uneasy, and they one after another shut their mouths. Then everyone looked at the large table before Yan w.a.n.g.

He slowly raised his eyes and said:

“You have followed this Prince for about seven or eight years, right?”


"Over the years, you have also achieved a lot of outstanding military services. You are like this Prince's right hand man.""……"

“This Prince, naturally will not treat you unfairly.”


"Be it in front of you or behind you.”


“Now, you will tell us everything. Right here, make your confession.”End of Chapter

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Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 23

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