Golden Assistant Chapter 23.2

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Lola

"It's early." Director Guo smiled and said, "I called Xiao Yi a moment ago, to let you guys know don't be too rush, eat lunch first then come over. Come, I need to give you detailed information on how to play your part in the drama."

Luzhou waved his hand, the logistics were right in the middle of passing out lunch box, Luzhou said to Xiao Yi: "You go eat."

Xiao Yi received a lunch box, director Guo said to Luzhou: "Did you finished looking at the whole script yesterday?"

"Haven't finished looking at everything." Luzhou replied, "I had looked at all the scenes for today though."

"Are you able to grasp the character's personality?" Director Guo patiently asked, "I won't say anything if you have an idea."

Xiao Yi opened a can of coke, and thought to himself that director Guo's conduct was really good ah, although he already fifty years old, but he was very refined and very patient, which actor doesn't like him? As expected when debuted, one must meet the right talented person.

"Xu Fengyan this person." Luzhou thought about it, and said, "although he lives in his uncle's house who's in business, his father was from a family with a literary reputation, the majority of his family are scholars. His name come from Wen Tianxiang's poem, "Song of Righteousness"."

"Right." Director Guo nodded and said, "Feng Yan displayed his knowledge, according to the appearance of an ancient road, he has the air of arrogance of a scholar, in the system of nationalist force, he is an idealist, all his life, until his death, there is one kind of unyielding character, why did I looked for you to play him, it's because Hu Yang can't act many faces of the role."

(T/N: 古道(Ancient road): An idiom refers to people is sincere and enthusiastic)

"Hmm." Luzhou turned over the script, and said, "when he was slandered as the traitor (to China), inside Xu Feng Yan was very angry."

"But he had to endure it silently." Director Guo patted Luzhou's shoulder, laughed and said, "a great man knows when to yield and when to not, compare to the younger him, Feng Yan in the journey of growing up, is more mature, more responsible, the other person has thousand faces, you also have a thousand faces……ha ha ha ha."   

Luzhou smiled, then turned around to glance at Xiao Yi, carrying a smile in his eyes, Xiao Yi's heart moved, he handed him the cola, Luzhou took it, Xiao Yi was going to use a paper towel to wipe off the mouth of the can that was coated full with oil, Luzhou waved his hand indicated he didn't need to, he then just drank from the place Xiao Yi placed his mouth.

Director Guo slowly opened the lid of the tea-cup, he took a sip of the tea, and said: "For a person who has a thousand faces, he is confused, he is suffering, he is distressed, longing for love, but knows he's lacking the strength to accept it, he also can't make extravagant demands, he is desperate, you need to understand this character, release your most real emotions, and find your true self in your heart."

Luzhou didn't reply, he nodded his head, Director Guo said: "That’s the overall impression of this character."

"Director Guo, what do you think of Hu Yang's acting?" Luzhou asked.

"Looking at the situation in the morning, it was not bad." Director Guo said, "Nowadays young male are scarce, it’s not easy to find someone like him, of course, these people can’t compare to you."

Luzhou was busy being modest, director Guo said: "I'm just expressing my opinion, Hu Yang is playing as your younger brother, the first scene this afternoon will be you two will act as opponent, I think, of course, this is just my personal opinion, you can peak out and discuss it with me."

Luzhou looked at Director Guo, nodded his head, and listened to him spoke.

Director Guo said again: "The feeling between brothers, is forgiveness, strict, but is also meticulous, the so-called elder brother is like a father, no matter how your brother deliberately provoking you, mistaken you, misunderstood you, you will not get angry, isn't it right? Little brother?"

Xiao Yi smiled and said: "That's right." Xiao Yi was stilled baffled, he thought to himself how did director Guo knew he had a younger brother.

Director Guo pointed to Xiao Yi, and said to Luzhou: "Xu Feng Yan love and protect Xu Shu Jiang, just like your attitude when treating your little brother."

Xiao Yi: "……"

Golden Assistant Chapter 23.2

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