Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 83

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A black car was driving on the road smoothly. 

Suhyuk, sitting quietly in the pa.s.senger seat, opened his mouth,

 "Where are you heading for, sir?" 

He was already in the car for 20 minutes. Until then Lee did not tell his destination. 

He just asked Suhyuk about his hospital life on and off. 

"You'll see once you get there."

Lee stroked the wheel with his fingers, smiling mysteriously.

The car ran a little longer and reached the entrance of the mountain, then driving up to the middle hill for a few more minutes.

 At last, the engine was turned off and Suhyuk and Lee got off the car.

Suhyuk looked around. Large, antique house. At a glance, it made him guess that it was an expensive Korean restaurant. 

"Food served at this house is delicious. Let's go." 

Suhyup, who couldn't take a whole view of the house at one glance,  followed Lee into the restaurant. The inside was gorgeous. The scented lanterns were shaking quietly, and a calm, chirping sound from the piano tickled my ears. 

"How many customers, sir?"

A well-dressed employee in white s.h.i.+rt with black skirt approached. 

"I made a reservation." 

"What is your name?" 

"Lee Mansuk"

"Yes, on the third floor, follow me this way."

 Suhyuk looked around here and there, walking in the hallway.

Even the expensive ceramics, paintings and wallcoverings that were displayed for ornamental purposes seemed expensive. 

That made Suhyuk recall his parents naturally.

 "This way, sir."

The employee opened a large door with the drawing of a large stork. 

At the same time, Suhyuk's eyes became slightly bigger. 

The gorgeous folding screen filled the one side of the wall, showing the panoramic view of the overlooking mountains. How much do they charge for a meal in this place?

When Suhyuk thought about it, Lee Mansuk opened his mouth, "Why don't you sit?"

Suhyuk sat, looking out the scenic beauty outside the big window.

Was it because of the fine weather? The water running between the woody trees couldn't be more fresher and cooler. 

"Let's order a little later."

At Lee's words, Suhyuk confirmed the time. He had less than 20 minutes of lunch time.

Looking at Suhyuk, Lee made a leisurely laugh, saying "I told you them already, so do not worry"

" What do you want to say to me…"

When Suhyuk slurred, Lee smiled pleasantly, saying, "Hey, don't be impatient like that. We just got here. So let's catch our breath first."

Suhyuk nodded, and then the employee's voice was heard.

"This is the place."

The door opened and a long brown-haired woman came in. 

She was Lee Soyon, niece of Prof. Lee Mansuk.

Looking at her, Suhyuk's eyes became larger. 

"h.e.l.lo" What kind of situation is this?

When Suhyuk was thinking to himself like that, the answer came from Lee's mouth.

"I heard that you took care of my nephew the other day. I hear you treated her so kindly."

Suhyuk scratched his head.

He did not have much to talk about, and he did not do any special test. All he did was just blood collection.

" Thank you, so I wanted to treat you to a meal. She is like my daughter." 

"I didn't do anything particular for her, sir. I just feel uncomfortable."

At his words, Lee shook his head. "No, do not feel uncomfortable. W

Sohyon says she has never seen such a doctor like you before, so she wants to see you again"

"Uncle ..." 

She poked his side with her elbow. Actually she was curious to know what type of person he was. 

Was it really that?

 Anyway, she never had that kind of feeling like that before.

Her cheeks were in a blush. And she glanced at Suhyuk.

 That calm expression of his, and his eyes that didn't blink at all even if he saw an entertainer like her. 

She met such a guy for a long time. 

Was there any such guy she could recall?

"So don't be uncomfortable."

Suhyuk nodded at Lee Mansuk's words.

Eventually, he came up here, and as Lee wanted to treat him, it was his duty to eat the food pleasantly. "Thank you"

At his words, Lee made a satisfactory look. And he placed an order.

"Let me go to the bathroom for a moment."

Rising from the seat, Lee Mansuk glanced at Soyon. 

Her cheeks became all the more reddish. 

When Lee went out, the room was silent. But that's also for a moment.

Soyon opened her mouth first, "Thank you very much then."

"It was not a basic examination. So, never mind."

 "I did not go to the hospital because I had a very busy schedule.

 May I get the test outcome even if I don't visit the hospital?"

"If you don't mind, I will contact you after checking it."

Soyon's eyes shone brightly. She wanted to get his phone number that way. 

"Thank you, my number is ..." 

"I'll inform Professor Lee about it after lunch. I think that would be better."

'What the h.e.l.l is this guy doing now?'

 When So Yeon Lee blinked his eyes, his cell phone rang. 

"Yes, this is Lee Suhyuk." 

It was a call from Oh Byung-chul. "Where are you?" 

"I came out for lunch. I hear Professor Lee Man-seok told you about this. "

" I know, so where are you now?"

Suhyuk asked, looking at Soyon.

"What is the name of this place here?"

 "Gyeongbuk .." Then the door opened and a voice popped out. 

"Don't say it!"

 It was Lee Mansuk. 

Suddenly, he approached Suhyuk and opened his mouth,

"Who is it?"

A little surprised, Suhyuk looked at him with blankly.

"It's Mr. Oh Byungchul."

"Oh, I forgot I had something to say to him. Can I talk to him?"

Suhyuk nodded his head and handed his cell phone. 

"It's me, Lee Mansuk." Then he went out.

 "I think I told you already I have something to say to Lee Suhyuk. I might send him a bit later."

"Well ..." 

Lee, who narrowly knitted his brows, remembered something suddenly, saying, "Do you know n.o.blesse?" 

"Are you referring to the restaurant? I know it" 

"Yeah, I'm eating here. So do not worry, I'll send him not too late."

"It's alright. Please have a good time." 

Lee hung up the phone, and turned off Suhyuk's cell phone.

Then he went inside and handed back the phone.

"Do not worry about the hospital. He said you could come later."

 Suhyup nodded his head. Who could take an issue with him eating with a professor?

"Is it okay for you to be vacant for so long?"

Suhyuk asked Lee with a surprise. 

Patients requiring emergency surgery could come to the emergency room at any time.

"If I had a patient to care about, I would not have come to this place. How can there be only one doctor like me at the hospital? And if there is a call, I can move then."

Then Lee said, looking at the employee bringing the food, 

"Can doctors who are so busy have a chance to eat like this? On call, on duty, and night duty. We have to enjoy food like this once or twice when we can, right?"

 Suhyup nodded his head. That's right. Of course, he could not agree with some of his opinion. "Food served here really tastes good. I come to this place with Soyon sometimes."

The table was filled with all kinds of foods. And the delicacies on the table were enough to stimulate the appet.i.te.

"Okay, enjoy!"

The meal started, and Lee looked at Suhyuk and Soyon alternately, gesturing toward her repeatedly. On such occasions, she opened her mouth, 

"Dried yellow corvina tastes really good here."

"I see."

"What kind of food do you like, Suhyuk?""Well, I like any food."

"Yes, the man who eats well looks good to me."

Soo Hyuk nodded his head and moved the chopsticks slowly.

'What kind of guy is he?'  

Lee Soyeon peeked at him.

He was the type of a man who didn't show any gap that she could not get into.

He just answered any question she asked in a way she could not talk back. It looked as if he was putting out a protective s.h.i.+eld. That made her more curious about him.

Did he act like that on purpose?  And on that day she visited the emergency room, the smile he showed her could not  be found anywhere.

"Do you live exercises?"

"Let me go out to the bathroom."

When Suhyuk rose, she  just shut her mouth with an embarra.s.sed look.

"So, how do you feel about him?"

When Suhyuk went out, Lee asked her.

"I do not know."

"Though he looks brusque, he is a warm-hearted person."

Lee Mansuk, who watched Suhyuk on usual days, thought about him that way. 

The genuine att.i.tude of his towards patients, facing to face with them…

He would not introduced his niece to Suhyuk if he had not found such a sincere character in him. 

 "Uncle, I'm supposed to have CF shooting in an hour ..."

 "Yeah, we almost ate, too. Let's get up, man. You ask him about his contact number."

At his words, she felt her face in a blush. Though she was a talent, she could not reveal the up and down of her emotion.

"By the way, why doesn't he come back?"

It's pa.s.sed 10 minutes already. Then Suhyuk didn't come back.

It pa.s.sed over 20 minutes now. 

 "Does he have constipation?" 

Lee Mansuk rose up to see if there was something wrong.  

When he was about to go out, he turned his head at her calling "Uncle!"

She was looking out the window.

Approaching the window, Lee shook his head.

He was with a woman who looked like a climber.

Suhyuk silently looked at her who was limping, and touched her ankle.

Then he tied her ankle with the handkerchief she gave him.

Lee and Soyon could see him.

With one of his knees down, he was looking up the climber with a smile.

"Doctor…" She was unconsciously recalling the word, and Lee smiled bitterly, saying,

"Just think of it as an occupational disease ..."


Kim Jin-wook, who opened the door of the emergency room, approached Oh Byeong-cheol. "Did not you hear it wrong?"

 "I heard that it was n.o.blesse." 

"Are you sure?" 

At the suspicious eyes of Kim Jin-wook, Oh Byeong-cheol scratches his head. 

"I think it's true.. Can I call again?" 

Kim Jinwook shook his head. 

Suhyuk's phone was turned off.

"But why do you find Lee Suhyuk intern ?" 


 Kim Jin-wook turned back.

Oh made a suspicious look when he saw Kim getting out.

He was just following his instruction that he should check Suhyuk's whereabouts as a rule and report him.

Golden Time (JungYong) Chapter 83

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