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Chapter 114

Im Gyungsu wore a bright look on his face. 

For Suhyuk came back from the vacation he took from the previous weekend to the Monday.

His eyes turned to Park Sungjae from Suhyuk.

Park was sullen as if he was a puppy with its tail down.

"Lee Suhyuk."

"Yes, sir."

Im shook his head from side to side, complaining,

"Teach him how to collect blood properly. He made as many as nine holes on a patient's arm."

"I'm sorry, sir."

Im disappeared, with Park lowering his head.

With a smile, Suhyuk said, "Looks like the blood vessel was not visible."


"Let's go."

Park followed him to an empty patient's room where Suhyuk offered him cotton for disinfection and a syringe. Suhyuk perched on the bed, saying, "I think I saw you collecting blood several times."

Park nodded his head, adding, "So far I have collected blood from patients whose blood vessels were clearly visible."

That was true. Not only at the clinical practice but also at the emergency room, Park saw patients with visible blood vessels, and even at the neurosurgery department. 

In that respect he was just lucky.

But this time he was not, making a big mistake of piercing the same spot several times as he could not locate the patients' delicate blood vessels.

The patient got irritated as much as he could, and Park got a good scolding from Im.

"Now I'm a patient. Please do it…"

When Suhyuk showed his arm, Park's eyes became wide.

"How can I …."

"I'm a patient."

Suhyuk's blood vessels were thick and bulging as if he was an athletic man.

Park could collect blood from him seeing his blood vessels, but felt burdensome about it.

When he was hesitating, Suhyuk opened his mouth,

"Because you are hesitating like that, you will make a mistake. When a doctor acts like that, the patient gets tired, and you too."

Suhyuk, who was clenching his fist for blood collection, now opened his hand.

Now Park held out his hand and rolled up his white sleeves.

Suhyuk made a bitter smile because he saw several needle marks on Park's forearm that he left while practicing on his own.

Changing his mind, Suhyuk fastened an engorgement bandage around his arm.

When he doubled his fist several times, the blood vessels became more visible than before.

He pierced a syringe into his arm without any hesitation.

The blood was flowing back into the chamber of the syringe, with the red blood slightly visible.

That meant blood was being collected correctly.

When he was done, Suhyuk released the engorgement bandage.

It is more difficult to find the blood vessels on the back of one's hand than that of one's arm.

"Just close your eyes, and try to find the blood vessels by the feel."

Park nodded his head, and began touching Suhyuk's forearm.

"You have to feel it by only the fingertip."

"Looks like it's here."

Suhyuk smiled bitterly, saying, "No, that's a bone."

Park once again tried to locate the blood vessels by feel.

"Now open your eyes."

He was correctly locating the delicate blood vessels this time.

"Was the patient you failed to collect blood from plump?"

Park said, scratching his head, "Yes, very fatty..."

Suhyuk smiled, nodding his head. 

Unless experienced, any intern would find it difficult to collect blood from such patients.

Unlike an experienced doctor or nurse, Park was only an intern who could make such a mistake.

"You had better find a spot located one third of the way up on the back of a child's hand or plump hands where the blood vessels are not visible, while assuming the blood vessels are there.

Suhyuk stopped talking for a moment, and then continued,

"Sometimes the blood vessels are just not visible at all."

"What should I do in such a case?"

"Experience is important, above all. Plus your own imagination. Trying to visualize the blood vessels in your head and find it…"

Suhyuk gave him a lot of additional advice.

Park was all eyes and ears when he explained.

The point was do it without any hesitation.

Standing up from the bed, Suhyuk patted him on the shoulder and went out.

Left alone in the patient's room, Park came to look at the syringe containing Suhyuk's blood.

And he thought of Suhyuk, while holding it tighter gradually.

There has never been any other doctor who went to the trouble of explaining something to him so kindly like Suhyuk. Even to the point of collecting his own blood.

"Thanks, Dr. Lee." 

Then Park headed directly to the pathology laboratory.


It was now lunch time.

Finishing his work early, Suhyuk was standing before the elevator.

Then he heard a voice.

"Uh? He's the man who appeared on TV."

Suhyuk turned his head to the side.

He wondered if she was 6 years old.

A little girl in a patient's gown was pointing to him with her fingers.

Suhyuk smiled at her, "Hi!"

The child joined her two hands by her navel and greeted him by giving a bow.

Suhyuk approached her, asking, "What is your name?"

"Han Arum. Han, A, Rum."

"Oh, what a beautiful name it is."

'By the way, where is her guardian?' Suddenly he thought of that, as this was not the pediatrics department. 

"Where are your parents?"

"They're out for work."


"Yes, my mom will visit me in the evening."

Maybe there might be some reason for that.

Suhyuk held out his hand to her, and the girl held it without any hesitation as he was familiar to her thanks to his appearance on TV.

She was a girl with clear pupil and pretty dimples.

"You came here from that building, right?"

She nodded her head, smiling innocently.

Suhyuk shook his head, surprised at the fact that she came as far as here.

"Let's go."

Suhyuk walked in step with the girl's strides, and soon got on the elevator.


Suhyuk looked down at her stomach. Arum was rubbing it.

"You haven't eaten, right?"

"Well, I was not hungry a moment ago…"

"You have to eat a lot, so you can become strong and tall."

"If I eat a lot and become strong, I don't have to come to the hospital, right?"

The child looked up at Suhyuk with shining eyes.

"Of course."

Then the elevator door opened, and they went out of it.

There was a bridge connecting the hospital buildings.

As the weather was fine, there were some people on the bridge chatting and enjoying the landscape out there.

Around about the middle of the bridge, Arum stopped and turned her head to the side.

A boy holding his mother's hand was passing by, while enjoying a hamburger.

"You said your mother was coming in the evening. Is nobody in your room?"


She could not take her eyes off the hamburger.


Suhyuk, smiling, said, "Shall we go out for a hamburger?"

She opened her eyes wide, asking, "Really?"

"Of course."

Suhyuk led her outside, and Arum followed him, overjoyed. 


They arrived at a hamburger store in the lobby.

A hamburger set for children was placed on the table she sat at.

Arum tried to eat the burger in one gulp, stamping her feet in joy.

"Drink some coke, too."

She drank it with through a straw, and was humming now.

Suhyuk began eating his own hamburger. 

Soon she was done with her hamburger and french fries.

"Let's go now."

Suhyuk checked the time on the large clock on the wall in the lobby.

It was 12:40pm.

Though he was getting back to work a bit later than usual, he still had free time.

Then came out an announcement.

"6-year-old girl. We're looking for Han Arum. 6-year-old girl, Han Arum…"

Suhyuk turned his head to her.

"Oh, it's my name." 

When she was making a curious look, Suhyuk murmured,

"Ooops, I'm afraid I'll get scolded."

Suhyuk lifted her up and walked fast.

Some old men talked to each other, looking at his appearance from behind,

"Looks like her father is a doctor."

"Maybe her bill is free."

Certainly, Suhyuk's appearance gave the impression that he was her father.



"Long time no see, Dr. Lee."

The nurses of the pediatrics department recognized him and said hello.

On such occasions Suhyuk bowed his head slightly.

Then a nurse came up to him.

"Han Arum!"

When she came up, Arum hid behind Suhyuk's back, and showed only her face.

Letting out a sigh of relief, the nurse opened her mouth, with her hand on her forehead,

"I was looking for you so hard…"

After she greeted her, she held out her hand.

But Arum would not move a bit, hiding behind his back.

"You make me worried all the time."

Suhyuk smiled a bit. 

"Let's go now."

Only then did she move.

"Looks like she is a naughty girl."

At Suhyuk's words, the nurse answered in a miserable tone,

"Yes, she is. Even today and yesterday, she pulled out her IV line and played hide-and-seek with me."

Arum was touching the back of her hand at that moment.

"It hurts, sir."

Soon they arrived in her room, and she got on the bed.

He noticed the name of her identified illness that was labelled on the bed.

Encephaloma, or brain tumor. 

He suddenly turned his head to the girl.

Her pupils were so clear. 

Chapter 115

The nurse was opening an intravenous catheter needle to connect an IV, and held Arum's arm.

"Please do it without causing any pain."

Arum closed her eyes, and then Suhyuk's voice came into her ears.

"Let me do it."

He held her hand gently. Her blood vessels were subtle, typical of children, but it was not a problem to him.

Making a frown, Arum, who was very much scared, let out a moaning sound even before he injected the needle.

With a smile, Suhyuk said, "You can draw pictures very well, right?"

At that moment she cast her eyes in the back, where there was a sketchbook on the bed.

"Yes, can I show you?"
When he nodded, she reached for the sketchbook in a cheerful mood.

At the moment, she cried, "Ouch!"

At the sharp pricking on her hand, she turned back her head instantly.

Already the needle was put in her hand before she knew it.

With a sulky look, she looked at him and said, "I dropped my guard..."

At her cute reply, he smiled before he knew it.

"Now, let me look at your sketchbook."

Stamping her feet, she opened the sketchbook.

There was a square-shaped house, with flowers in the garden, plus a pretty puppy.

"Good drawing. Whose house is it?"
"If I make a lot of money someday, I'm going to live with my mom here."

Suhyuk stroked her hair gently, and observed her look.

If she had a brain tumor, she would feel headaches and pain, but she looked normal to him.

"Let me go to the restroom," said Suhyuk.

There was no smile on his face when he was going out of the room.

Then a woman doctor greeted him, "What brought you here?"

She was Dr. Oh Jinhee, who was in charge of him when he was doing his internship at the pediatrics department.

"Hello, do you happen to know patient Han Arum?"

With a bitter smile, she looked at Arum's nameplate placed next to her door. 

"Yes, I know her."

"Then, do you know why they are injecting tonic only?"
Oh knitted her brows at that because she felt his way of speaking was kind of  reproaching.

"Hey, your way of speaking..."

"Please show me patient Han's medical record, CT and MRI."

Oh took off her horn-rimmed glasses hysterically and said,

"Hey, do you think I don't want to treat her?"

Scrutinizing him up and down, she opened up her mouth again,

"Don't be arrogant like that when you don't know the reasons!"

She stared at him as if she was going to get at him, and so did he.

"Then, what is the reason that I don't know?"

Then a nurse rushed to her, saying, "Dr. Oh, patient Migyung's guardian is making a big fuss again..."

Oh, staring at him, let out a sigh and said, "You, see me later!"

When she disappeared, he went to the desk of the pediatrics department.

"I'd like to check patient Han Arum's medical record."

The nurse working on something, with her head lowered, recognized him and said,

"Oh, I saw you on TV. By the way, what did you say a moment ago?"

"Well, I said I wanted to check patient Han Arum's medical record."

She wore an embarrassed look.

"Only the primary physician or the professor in charge has access to that..."

Suhyuk said with a gentle smile, "Please…"

A flush mounted her face. Stroking her face, she soon opened her mouth,

"This way…"

She thought to herself she would not be in trouble because she showed it to him for a moment.

Guided by the nurse, Suhyuk moved.

He was looking at the monitor quietly.

In the image shots of the CT and MRI, there was a small tumor in her brain.

"It's not malignant."

Malignant tumors are complex junctions within the brain, which gradually divide the normal brain cells and spread malignant cells. This makes it difficult to remove through drugs, radiation therapy, or surgery. However, benign tumors are different. Tumors that are isolated by themselves can be separated anatomically and cured if removed completely. However, if it can not be removed by surgery, it can not be cured, just like a malignant tumor.

Suhyuk checked Arum's medical record, filled with medical terms.

However, there was no mention of treatment of the brain tumor, just as he expected. 

Left untreated, she would lose the chance for treatment at the right time.

Nobody could expect what would happen later.


The nursed whispered to him, looking around cautiously, for fear of being caught.

Rising from the seat, he opened his mouth, "What about her family?"
"Looks like she has a mother only."

"Her treatment was stopped for reasons of money, I think," said Suhyuk. 

Wearing a regrettable look, she nodded.

At the same time a sigh came out of his mouth.

'What the heck is this money, money, money…'

"Any insurance?"


Suhyuk momentarily thought of the pediatrician doctor.

Then he moved instantly.


"Sir, Dr. Lee Suhyuk wants to see you."

Putting down the phone, a secretary smiled at him.

"You can just go in."

He went into the office right away.

"Come on in. Can you have a seat and wait for a minute?"

Suhyuk waited for him for about 10 minutes.

"So, why do you want to see me out of the blue?"

"One patient is hospitalized at the pediatrics department now. Though she has a brain tumor, she was getting only tonic injections."

The director nodded his head.

"Because of money?"

"Yes, I came here to ask if there is anything we could do for her."

The director made a bitter smile.

"I'm afraid we can't, regrettably."

"Do you remember that we went to the shanty town to give free treatment? I think the image of our hospital could be improved if we treat her for free…"

"You know one thing, but not two."

With a little sigh, he opened his mouth again,

"How many such patients do you think we have here? Very, very many. They are all paying for their bills by borrowing money. If we treat her for free, then other patients will ask for the same thing…"

In short, the point was that it was against the principle of equal treatment, and he said Daehan Hospital was not a charity hospital.

Listening to him quietly, he rose up and said, "Got it, sir. Goodbye."

When he opened the door to leave, the director's voice stopped him,

"Don't be too disappointed. Hope you can think of those who are working here for a living..."

He was referring to the medical staff.

Suhyuk went out of the office, and went to see Prof. Han Myungjin to seek his advice.

"What should I do, sir?"

"You should just go ahead and treat her. Why are you asking me?"

"Because I belong to the cardiothoracic surgery department, while the patient is hospitalized at the pediatrics department…"

"That's what I mean. Why are you asking about it? If you have a will, you can treat her."

Suhyuk let out a long sigh at his answer. Han was just making a smile that was generous and warm. Though he did not say anything, it looked like he was giving some kind of reply.

Then, Han said, "Go away, now!"

Rising from the seat, Suhyuk said with a smile, "Okay, then."

"Hey! Leave your phone and pager here."


"Don't you know that there are many staff here looking for you. Just leave them here until you treat the patient. Let me take care of other things."

Suhyuk put down his cell phone and pager on the table, and looked at Han.

'Thanks, professor.'

"Let me come back later then."

"Don't be too late."


Walking on the bridge leading to the pediatrics department, Suhyuk stopped.

Lots of people could be seen passing outside the hospital, chatting and smiling, showing bright looks.

Not a single person among them was aware of Han Arum's pain.

How can I be of any help to her? Paying out of my own pocket?

Even though he wants to do it, he cannot because he already gave his bank deposit to his parents, and the money was not enough, either.


Looking down from the bridge quietly, Suhyuk moved again, and soon arrived at the pediatrics department. When he was about to enter Han's room, he ran into a woman.

He stopped her who was about to enter her daughter's room.

"Are you her guardian?"

She turned back. She was in her late 30s.

Given her carelessly tied hair, it seemed she just got back from work.

He could feel some sort of fatigue from her look.

"Did you ask me a question?"

"Hello, I'm Lee Suhyuk, a surgeon here."

"Oh, hello, Doctor."

"Can I talk with you a little bit?"

She nodded after looking at him for a moment.

He took her to a break area at the end of the hallway.

Taking out a canned coffee from a vending machine, he handed it to her.

Suhyuk opened his mouth then,

"Arum needs an immediate surgery."

Grabbing her coffee cup, she nodded and said,

"Actually I am going around here and there. Looks like I need three million won for the surgery… Can you go ahead and perform surgery first? I'll pay as soon as I get the money. Please..."

Putting down the canned coffee, Suhyuk held her hands.

She had tears welled in her eyes, but she still did not shed those tears. 

She should not cry, because she was a mother.

Suhyuk nodded, holding her hands.

He now clearly knew her situation.

He opened his mouth, "Don't worry."

Chapter 116

Arum was drawing pictures in crayon in her sketchbook.

With the sleeves of a patient gown reaching the back of hand, she looked uncomfortable, but she moved her little hands very well.

Then, she turned her head to the door, sensing someone's presence.


At her screaming, she made a hearty laugh.

The tears welled in her eyes a moment ago were gone.

Hugging her closely, she patted her on the back.

"You wanted to see me very much?"

"Yeah, very, very much."

Now she looked at her face to face, stroking her face.

Arum was all smiles, even without opening her eyes.

It looked as she was enjoying the sunlight, the warm sunlight of a mother.

Suhyuk, standing at the door, was just looking at them quietly.

Then, Arum, noticing him, said, "Oh, uncle doctor!"

With a smile, he approached them.

"Mom, this doctor put a needle here, but it didn't hurt at all."


"Yes, and he praised me for my pictures too..."

She was more excited now as her mother was with her.

"I drew some pictures today. I want to show you…"

Arum did not stop explaining about her pictures as if she wanted to boast.

Whenever she turned over the sketchbook with her little white hand, her mother took a picture of it with her cell phone. 

Then, she turned it over again to show Suhyuk some pictures.

"Uncle, this is about…"

Then Arum stopped moving her hand suddenly, and turned her head to her mother.

It looked like she was about to cry at anytime.

"Mom, I have pain in my head again..."

"Come on, baby. Come on…"

She hugged Arum tightly, and patted her on the back and sung a lullaby. 

There was nothing more she could do except hug and pat her like that.

'My daughter Arum, I'm going to have you cured by all means.'

Then Arum, cuddled up in her arms, raised her head and said,

"Mom, I don't feel pain anymore now..."


Going out of the patient's room, he headed toward Han Myungjin's office.

And he was handed back his cell phone.

He turned it on, and found the notification sound ringing continuously.

Most of the messages were from Im Gyungsu, which mainly was about the need for him to take care of Park Sungjae's mistakes.

Im belatedly found out he was at the pediatrics department, but he sent him a final message saying, "Take care!", and then nothing more. 

Obviously Prof. Han took some action on his behalf.

Suhyuk kept on touching the cell phone display, and soon found a picture.

It was sent by Arum's mother.

Looking at it quietly, he quickly moved to his lodging.

As soon as he arrived, he turned on the PC and sat down.

In the heart of darkness only the light of the monitor was illuminating Suhyuk's face.

How long passed…

After sitting before the PC for about two hours, Suhyuk lay on the soft bed.

And he confirmed the time. It was 8:22pm.

Putting his cell phone on his bedside, he closed eyes.

He would have to put up with this kind miserable situation until tomorrow.

If things did not work out as he wished, he would have to have her get the surgery by all means.

Suhyuk again opened his eyes at the notification sounds on his cell phone.

And using his cellphone, he had access to the internet:

The notification sound kept ringing.



Going out of the lodging, Suhyuk headed to the hospital lobby, and he stood before the ATM machine.

He put in the card, and pressed the withdrawal button.

He had a deposit of 200,000 won in his bank account, but he pressed the number 300,000 won.

Inside the machine there was the sound of money counting.

Though he had only 200,000 won, he was withdrawing 300,000 won.

But he was not surprised because he expected this much.

At the same time he suddenly felt so moved as to almost shed tears when he noticed the balance on his account. It was 20,154,035 won in total.

Suppressing his emotion, Suhyuk murmured, "Thanks a million, from the bottom of my heart."

Turning back, he went to Arum's room, and cautiously opened it so as not to wake her up.

She was in sound sleep, and her mother was also asleep, crouching beside her.

"Arum's mom..."

At his whispering voice, she stood up.

"Can I talk with you for a moment?"

Nodding her head, she followed him after tying up her hair.

Coming out of the room, Suhyuk told her, "Tomorrow she will get surgery."

Her eyes opened wider.


A piece about a picture was introduced on the morning TV program.

There was a close-up image of the message by Suhyuk.

The responses to this were in just one word, explosive.

And those who knew Suhyuk on the the internet or news media would ask about her disease and symptoms through Facebook. Whenever he had free time, Suhyuk posted his replies.

That kind of caring attitude shown by Suhyuk moved the hearts of lots of people.



Suhyuk was heading for Arum's room.

When he went in, he heard a child's weeping sound.

She had her hair shaven for the surgery.

"You look pretty even without any hair."

She wept more with emotion at his words.

Though her mother was soothing her, she kept crying.

"Can I see you outside for a moment?"

Outside the room he said, "She will be put into sedation in the room because she might be very surprised inside the operating room."

She nodded, and asked with trembling eyes, "Isn't it dangerous?"

Suhyuk said, with a smile, "Don't worry. The best doctor in this field will perform the surgery."

The doctor was Prof. Lee Mansuk.

"Thanks so much."

Though she never heard of that name, she felt Dr. Lee before her eyes was more dependable.

"Shall we begin?"

A nurse asked Suhyuk.

When he nodded, the nurse went into Arum's room, holding sedation medicine.

"Hi, Arum? You look more cute with your hair shaven like that."

"Don't lie to me!"


The nurse hung the syringe onto the IV line, which lasted about for 10 minutes.

Cuddled in her mother's arms, she soon fell into sleep with murmuring sounds,

"Mom, I feel sleepy…"


Beep. Beep.

Arum was now lying on the operating bed.

Inside the room Prof. Lee continued to talk with other doctors, looking at her CT and MRI shots.

Even a little mistake would cost this little girl her life, who had yet to blossom her life.

And even a mere wrong touch of her brain would also cause not only speech defects but also countless other unpredictable defects.

Lee Mansuk tightened his gloves once more, and glanced at Suhyuk watching the patient.

This time he was determined to show him his skills, so that he would change his mind and switch to the neurosurgery department.

"Let's start. Scalpel."

He held her little head with one hand, holding a scalpel with the other hand.


As originally planned, he would drill four holes into the skull in order to remove a rectangular piece of bone with a saw . 

Weeeing, weeeing….

 A ferocious sound of the machine was filling the otherwise quiet operating room.

Then Suhyuk opened his mouth, "Let me do it."

Arum's mother was anxiously waiting outside the operating room.

It had been already 6 hours since they started performing the surgery.

The red sign, 'Surgery in Progress' made her feel bad.

Then, the red light suddenly turned off, and then a blue sign, 'Recovery Room' was lit. 

The automatic door opened, and a doctor in a surgical gown came out.

When he removed his mask, his face was revealed. It was Suhyuk.

"Dr. Lee! How did the surgery go? Is she okay?"

"In a little while she will wake up. Do you want to come with me?," suggested Suhyuk.

She was still a little child. When she would open her eyes, she would see strange people, machines and the IV hung on her arms. That's why she needed her mother beside her.

Of course, her mother would have to wear a disinfected cap and mask. 

He headed to the recovery room with her nodding to his suggestion gladly.

Entering the operating room, she just became speechless at the sight of her daughter.

"Why won't she open her eyes?"

Confirming the IV, the nurse said, "As she was injected with a medicine to recover from anesthesia, she should wake up soon."

Then, she could see Arum's pupils moving under her eyelids.

And her eyes were slowly opening as if to confirm it.

"Arum, Arum, can you recognize me. Mom is here."

Suhyuk opened his mouth, "You can remove your mask now."

As soon as he said that, she showed her face.


"Yes, yes, your Mom is here. Can you see me?"

Then, Suhyuk waved his hand, saying, "Hi Arum."

Arum slowly moved her pupils to the side, and saw him.

"Arum, did you have a good sleep? Do you know my name?"

"Yes, Uncle Lee Suhyuk."

"She is okay, right? Right, doctor?"
Arum's mother asked, alternately looking at Suhyuk and her daughter.

Suhyuk smiled, answering,

"Yes, the surgery did go well as planned. It's perfect!"

Only then did she shed the tears she had been holding back up to now.

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