Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 19 Part1

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Chapter 19: Man’s nature

Why am I dying in a place like this?

I’m supposed to go back to my hometown to wake up Apple and live happily with Selenium and Dianne. I didn’t even know how serious Laila was, as she wanted to live with me. My income is undeniable, but I still have a future to live happily with beautiful girls. Roughly, even Anzeros is bad. Maybe Dianne in a conclusions may not be in a pinch. Don’t suicide without permission. I’m not supposed to be a sacrifice without permission. To begin with, Anzeros is a friend, but that’s all. It is not known that she will kiss whoever her groom is. It won’t matter to me, Andy Smithson. So why did I jump out? The opponent is a Master Knight. Master Knight is the strongest. It’s the t.i.tle of the one who has reached the strongest cla.s.s of any warrior except Dragons. Dianne was so confident that she was so bandwagon. What am I despairing? Even though Dianne has been acclaimed as a master knight inside herself, she doesn’t actually have such a t.i.tle. Even if it is just a social expression, I don’t know. I would not have been able to manage with a single crossbow to fight against such a Supreme being. What am I doing? It’s decided to lose. The result is this.


I´m garbage that can moan only in agony like a caterpillar in a puddle of blood. What are you doing, Andy? What are you doing? Don’t be kidding. Rewind the time. Do it again, d.a.m.n it. Roughly, it rides on the condition because it was in love with a little fortune for a little great woman. You can’t wield a sword, you can’t do magic, your pay is cheap, you’re just a fool, a mere blacksmith’s son. I thought what I was. Did I misunderstand that everything that was chosen for G.o.d or something around me would eventually go to my own way? I´m just a Trot country-born townspeople. What were I going to be able to do with it precisely from the shoot of the crossbow? Don’t be kidding. Don’t be kidding. Don’t be kidding. I´m just a stage prop who is protected by a woman who fell in love with you by a misunderstanding. I´m just a human. Just a small fish. I was not satisfied with myself. I do not think there is anything special about me. I´m not like Dianne. I´m weak and small. Why didn’t I wait at the hotel with Anzeros as said. Why did not I do so. But it is fine. I don’t blame anyone. Why was it on top of my head. Why I pulled a bow to a man who I couldn’t win against absolutely. I showed hostility. It would have been nice to have Anzeros. It is self-suicide. No matter what he is, I have no responsibility. There should not be. Why, Why, d.a.m.n it she isn’t even my woman.

At high speed a condemnation of regret and stupidity fills my head. In reality, it’s not even a second. Still, blood flows out. I’m going to die. Selenium that is supposed to heal me is caught by Lucas and Anzeros is wobbling at the wall.

“Andy-san!!! Andy-san, no……nooooo!!!”

Lucas hinders the two from trying to get close to me. I am going to die even at that moment. Their eyes are stained with despair.

“Ge, General Lucas! Please step aside!”
“There is no way to talk. My bride”
“……Huhu, this is a good face. Would you truly hurt yourself, you can not keep yourself a little bit riight?”
“Stop with your saucy speech!!”
“… … Take off”
“Both of you take off your clothes, if you swear to become my wife while being naked, I won’t meddle during the treatment”
“Is it a hobby to get a woman like that? Low-life”

Anzeros didn’t hesitate to remove the clasp of her armor. Her st.u.r.dy black armor makes a sound as it hit the ground. The gloves are removed, the under armor and the short sword is pulled away in no time. Without hesitation, she will throw away her shame and reputation for me. Anzeros is going to throw her life away to save me, who is dying.

You idiot. You idiot. You idiot. You idiot. A few seconds ago, I thought what. I wish I had abandoned that foolish Anzeros. What a thought. Don’t be kidding. Don’t be kidding. Don’t be kidding.

『……Smithson, thanks for a while ago, affirm all of me. I was delighted』

Is this head of the idea that I should have abandoned that smile? Did she try to say that it was right to truncate the man who would not hesitate and throw away his life filled with pride for such a worthless person? Die. Die. Die of trash. Admit. would be nice. Admit.

“Such a f.u.c.king guy…………your nakedness…… dont show it……!!”

I´m pa.s.sive and I think as if it is not my responsibility to have done a Harem without permission and all blame it on the person. I’m going to throw it away now. Let’s admit this ugly ego-scattered monopoly desire. It is better to voice out than to convince Anzeros to give up and become a hostage.

“You, you are pretty cute, to such a guy…….never”
“…… Smith, son?”
"What is this guy? On the verge of death, was he trapped in a illusion?”

Anzeros with tears, and Lucas, who was twisting up Selenium, had a dubious face. I think I’m going to tell you what a dying small fish is. But now at this moment, my gut has sprouted. That pride burns up my resignation. Does it pa.s.s to the ear of this s.h.i.+tty man who tries to get a woman for his collection like this? Anzeros, even Selenium are mine.

Multiply a moment ago turning thoughts at high speed.

For the time being it is hemostasis. Although it is still good if the wound has collapsed even if it breaks by the same one, but his sword completely cut my foot resolutely. This is very masculinable without any elements that make it difficult for blood to come out. Selenium shouts that she wants to heal it, but with the power of medical light technique it is at best about eliminating wounds and blood beans that tore the epidermis with a knife. If it is Selenium she can force herself to shatter her life even though she loses her life, but still such a injury will not be bad. The average human guy says that it will not be enough in time for more than 4 cups of bowls to bleed. There is no time. Even though I think Lucas will get in the way, I do not have time to hold down the blood vessels with strings or press on the wound slowly. It is necessary to block the wound at once. Think about the means. Remember what you can do. Is not there something? Anything is fine.


I came up with something. If I bake the wound with the sealed fire breath……no. Those flames can burn a h.e.l.lsboar. How did it just cut the wound……. d.a.m.n it. Not yet. Don’t give up. The enemy is strong. I don’t have any weapons. It’s a big wound. The tool doesn’t fit. So you give up, Andy. So, Andy, do you want to allow Anzeros and Selenium to be shamed? What was your 15 years? What was the hards.h.i.+p after leaving home? It’s all mobilized. Whatever it is, use everything you can. It’s good to use the flames. It’s a clue, it’s a way. I hope there is a way to burn my foot to such an extent that I wont die within the flames.Fire fires farther away……no, I do not know the actual power of the sealed fire breath in the first place. d.a.m.n. It was necessary to have asked Laila how strong her fire breath is. Shall I bet? She gave it to me to protect Jeanne. Maybe a powerful flame will only come out small for a moment and burn only a small area……it’s too bad to bet on it. Is it good to make a burning suicide move? First of all, I need to survive and then handle this pervert elf with Anzeros and Selenium. If I die I will only reduce one of his bargaining seeds. Even if he doesn’t negotiate, he forced Anzeros, but that doesn’t mean anything. I only have to control the flames. So, for example, focus the flame in one direction. I can do it, for example, if there is a slightly deeper rock dent, I can throw the seal stone behind it and it’s fine. If I thrust it at my blood dripping foot, it will be able to stop bleeding. Where is the best place. Yes, hidden behind the pillars around that side or beyond that pillar……am I able to do it? I can’t move in the first place. f.u.c.k. I wish I could use magic. I should have learned more seriously. I don’t have to be cured by healing magic. A technique that controls the force of this sealed stone is just fine…… wait a moment. There. I’m an idiot! Why didn’t I remember it sooner. The engraving is a technique that controls the flow of power including magic. I guess I could have been a compliment to people about it. Carve the crest. Soon. …… How? I carve that it’s not that special pen. How do you do that? Are there any alternatives? If it is the one with the magic, you can subst.i.tute. I have a gla.s.s of s.h.i.+ny stone outside. Dammit, is that 10kg going to chop the crest with a likely boulder? …… I got it. Do you engrave the crest with a seal or a scratch? It’s the Treasure of dragons, I don’t know if there’s anything magical about it. But it’s worth the betting. Come on, absorb and release. Focused release. It is the basis of the engraving. It’s easy, I can chew a day. Draw calmly. If this is decided, I will make a surprise. I can’t die yet. Hurry!

So far, 3 seconds.

I roll the sealed stone out of my pocket and hide it in my hand. The marble floor is like a carpet of blood, no problem. I’m not going to draw a complicated one. From here, I made the absorption position on the left side from me and the release position on my right. That’s it. The amount of absorption……a little will be enough. No matter how much fire is focused on the heat, it will be a big burn and now release. Carefully go around this.

“What you are doing, human”

Lucas was frowned upon when he saw that I started to stir up my blood all of a sudden. Did he find out that it’s not just insane madness? But it’s too late. I rolled over and put my left injured leg on the release position. And, in the middle of the absorption position, the sealing stone……

“Do you still hold a weapon?”

Lucas kicked at my hand. The sealed fire breath is exposed and Selenium is surprised. I guess he did not think that I was playing around this period.

“Is it a magical tool, a throwing-off type? Were you planning to hit me with such a thing, me who could not be hit by a crossbow?”
“I don’t like it. I have to cut that hand”

Lucas pulled out the fine sword that he put on his hip at once with a theatrical tone. He looks at Anzeros. I guess he is expecting Anzeros to rush and swear her slavery. But the hand that held the sword overlaps in the ray of the release position, just above my left wounded leg.

Golden opportunity, Goodbye my left foot. Thank you for 25 years.

I smash the sealing stone on the absorbing position. Lucas, who is truly super-fast, seems not to have thought that my movement is an attack and can’t react in time. Sink or swim. If the crest doesn’t react by smas.h.i.+ng the sealed stone, it’s only a suicide show from myself. However, at the moment of the smash, the engraving under the blood emits a pale light.


I absorb the power of the sealed stone as I aim and focused on the radiation. The fire breath became a heat-ray, growing in a straight line, charred the wound at the tip of my left foot and roasted Lucas’s dominant arm.


Lucas retreats after releasing the fine sword from his hand which got burned very badly. Also a strange sweat is on the black burnt wound, which is far from a burn. The pain is still the same. Or rather, there is an abnormal feeling that the blood of the whole body is flowing backward alternately between fire and ice blocks. An emergency. But I wonder if I really survive? No, I can do that later. The next thing is what to do with this s.h.i.+thead. I have to do it. Even if one hand is taken, it is doubtful how far his power has fallen. He’s not a ball player. He is the Master knight who can fight equally with three Ace knights. He proved that he is a Master Knight. His speed that surpa.s.s the speed of my crossbow is still intact. What can I do? Think. Don’t give up. It’s a success so far. I need to think.

“You……this tras.h.!.+ Human, Human tras.h.!.+”
“Hehe……a good ore has brought out metal, General-san……”

I make my head think of an idea, while provoking this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Can I defeat this man? Anzeros can’t keep up with that speed. The trap like now wont work again. However, being able to crush his dominant arm means that it is possible for Anzeros to defeat him. I wonder if it will be so in any case. How many more cards do we have? Can Anzeros fight? Could I ask Selenium for something? What can I do without my feet? Think. Think.

"Kuu……You will regret this!! I will cut off both your arms and legs!! Dig out your eyes and fill the holes with dung!! I will sc.r.a.pe away all your teeth and tongue so that you will never speak any words again, before I will hang you in the same room as these two half elves!! With our technology I can connect nerves to your hollowed eyes, as you live and decay, you will keep watching how these girls will be ravished by me and groan because of pleasure!!”
“What a dirty and s.h.i.+tty elf, everyone is far better than you……”
“Don’t open your mouth anymore!!”

I was kicked into the belly. I don’t think it hurts so much. Even so, I heard that elves are considerable bigotry, but I never thought it would be that much. No, the teacher from the crest engraving inst.i.tute and Aurora aren’t bad people only a bit strange. I guess this guy has strong special awareness. I bet he was boxed like Trot n.o.bleman. Is it such a luck that such a man is the strongest in the country?

“Abominable…… Anzeros, give me your sword”
“Are you drowsy”

Lucas tried to pick up the sword of Anzeros instead of his own sword that was bent and useless. But Anzeros responds with a slash. Lucas dodges it in the last minute. With several shock waves that took place, he retreated a few steps back.

“Did you not know the difference between our powers yet!”
“I forgot. Thank you for teach me again”

In that gap Anzeros and Selenium stand in front of me. Anzeros who tore herself under the armor was half-naked, but she didn’t mind doing that and Selenium jumps to me and used her medical treatment spell on my foot.

“Andy-san, are you okay……?”
“Se, Selenium, quickly stop the bleeding, you can take care of my foot later”
“Yes, please wait a moment────!!"

Selenium crawl her hand on my b.l.o.o.d.y back and murmur a spell while pus.h.i.+ng at one point. At that moment, it was painful.

“……Th, thanks”
“I just disguise the pain as a tactile illusion, because I can’t heal it”
“I know”

Even though my feet is laying near, it cant be cured.

Meanwhile, Anzeros was cutting the distance while confronting Lucas who is holding down his hand.

“Is that human so important”
“At least he is better than a s.h.i.+tty elf like you”
“You need to listen to a general, 10-man captain”
“Its funny that a s.e.x hara.s.ser like you is a general. If you´re the general of an army, show me your dignity”
“It seems you want to make me angry, no matter how brave you are, when I become serious I can get rid of your beloved 100-man corps"
“Your young master personality is exposed. What is it, are you scared of a woman and want to crush a corps? Will you go cry to the higher ups of the army?”
“Don’t be kidding, do you really think I can’t fight because I don’t have a sword in my hand?”
“Lets stop with this tedious talk”

Both of them talk about intense things, but that alone does not work. Lucas is avoiding Anzeros´s gaze. He is looking for a weapon. He seems to be a warrior who relied on a sword more than he thought. On the other hand, Anzeros can not move as she protects Selenium and me. It is a checkmate this time when she is beaten r we are taken hostage by him. If I could support her with something. I can do something if I use the sealed stone and engraving……suddenly, there was a sound from my hand.


The sealed stone is in my hand. Before I know it, the sealed stone blackened like charcoal and become brittle. When I grip it with my hand, it collapse further and breaks as smooth as possible.


By the way, I feel that Laila said “disposable.” I see. It can only be used once. When it comes to that, there is nothing more I can do.


I wanted to gain time for Anzeros. Even if Lucas continues to threaten us endlessly without finding a weapon, we have no way to fight back and this is our enemy’s territory. I don’t know where the support comes from. I’d like to hope that Dianne comes to aid, but Lucas’s case will be tough with Dianne. Dianne and Becker are both 100-man commander and I don’t think they’ll ever die, but I can’t expect them to be victory at least for us. What do we do. What do we do.

"……Smithson. Selenium"

Anzeros whispers to us.

“Are you going to stay in the corner of the room a little more?
“Ah, yes”

Anzeros unravels the string that had tied her hair and spreads her hair.

“Take responsibility”
“Because you interrupted the marriage of two people”
“But, Anzeros, you……”

Anzeros smiled.


Her hair draws a trajectory and Anzeros a.s.saults.

“Mu, oh!?”

Slas.h.i.+ng anger. Anzeros’s sword is fast. I can not count how many emissions are before my eyes. Lucas tries to prevent it with the candlestick which was around him inevitably and didnt see Anzeros as a opponent.


Lucas raises his speed. Anzeros keeps up with him. Faster. Faster. Anzeros still keep up to him.


Lucas kicks the table in front of him trying to hold down Anzeros and jumps up. Anzeros makes that table fall apart for a moment before she approaches Lucas. Lucas was terrified. Anzeros is clearly different from before. Looking at his right burned hand and me, Lucas still is sore, but he instantly gripped the crooked fine sword with his left hand to fight Anzeros. However he is not able to correspond with Anzeros´s sword fighting.

"Nu, uuu……!!!"


A too fast swordsmans.h.i.+p becomes a continuous sound like a chain dragged on a rock. That s.h.i.+tty n.o.ble elf who only attacked all this time, is clearly defending poorly as he is not accustomed to it. A short while later Anzeros beat Lucas’s small sword and break it to with one attack.

“Ku……d, don’t do it, beheading sword Anzeros. That’s it”
“I should have told you that I´m not your friend……no, the reward of hurting my precious person, you will pay for it”
“……ku, I, I didn’t want to use this, but……na!”

Lucas thrusts his hand behind the tapestry on the wall. Anzeros thrusts at him expressionless. But Lucas who escaped Anzeros slash, pulled out something from the back of the tapestry. It is a sword. A huge sword that is nearly 2m only by blade like the one ogres use.

"Huhahahaha!! It was fun, beheading sword Anzeros! But you’re too much on the pitch! I told you, here the strongest and supreme one is me!”

Too honest, it is a ridiculous weapon. However, a complicated pattern is engraved on the blade and sometimes rainbow-colored light is running on it. It is obviously not an ordinary weapon.


The dazed Selenium muttered.

“Yes, I’ve seen a similar thing in the Affilm Museum”

Transcendental warriors called dragonslayers once caused the fire dragon war. Their weapons left behind in ruins of the ancient civilization are also called dragon slayer. Many of those weapons are said to have been shattered or sealed by people who were scared of the dragons during the Fire Dragon War a hundred years ago. Most of the things that remain a little are under strict control by the state. The characteristic is destructive energy deviating from normal. If you shake it, the earth ruptures, the tide breaks and the clouds disappear. Lucas has a strongly burned hand, but if that is the legendary dragon slayer, no matter how Lucas is carrying a handicap, it is dangerous.

"Anzeros, run away!!"

Anzeros cut off my cry with an immediate answer. …..When she runs away, the next one is me. Anzeros is going to protect me who can’t escape.

"Huhahahahaha!! That’s the spirit! The moment beautiful things are broken is also beautiful!!!”

Lucas was elated. Swinging the sword toward Anzeros. The pattern of the dragonslayer developed intricately and released a rainbow color light strongly.


Anzeros dodged by just jumping aside. Lucas’s heavy slash has produced a huge and violent slas.h.i.+ng wave, regardless of its dullness, it made fissures over several dozen meters. The ventilation is getting much better.

"Huhahahahahaha! How! I don’t want to be told to rely on this thing to win, but as long as I have it, I’m invincible! Disappear Anzeros!”

The sight of it is so chilly. With such a suitable attack, it still power to roam the building up to several tens of meters. Yes, you can fight dragons if it is a skilled warrior. Deathlock. There is no way we can fight such a thing. ……I can fight.

"No, wait a minute”

Dianne’s face flickered in my mind. What will she do? How will she fight?


I took the crossbow that was lying beside me. I pulled the string of the crossbow. I attached a arrow to it while sitting and aim for Lucas´s arm who is fighting.

“Hey, Selenium, can you help me shoot”
“Should I shoot when you can’t shoot?”

I pulled the trigger and a arrow pierce through the wrist of Lucas.


Lucas let the dragonslayer fall to the ground while screaming. ……He is a fool. He didn’t thought about a projectile or a double attack at all.

“Checkmate, Lucas”

Anzeros moved quickly and shove her sword against Lucas´s throat. We won against this general who was ignorant of the world.

We tied Lucas up with ropes that I had with me and Selenium restrains his magic power at least for a few hours.

“Do you think that it is fine by just doing things like this, half-elves and human?”
“It seems to be cheaper than being your bride”

Anzeros returns a serious look.

“It’s better than being a prey to that dragonslayer”

Selenium talks while kicking away the dragon slayer.

“It’s also better than having my eyes filled with feces”

I also say this ironically.

“That dark elf and Sieg Becker won’t survive when you tie me up. There are 300 elite soldiers from the southern army corps, who will finish Sieg Becker……”
“What’s with me?”

As if to cut into this idle gossip, 100-man special duty commander Becker has emerged. Dianne is also behind him.

“Andy, that figure”
“……I failed”
“Failed! Don’t be reckless!”

Dianne who sees my carbonized leg, has a face that is about to cry and hugs me deeply. I´m a little happy that my face is buried in Dianne´s big b.r.e.a.s.t.s. No if I don’t immerse myself in this happiness, I will thinking about it throughout my lifetime and my heart will be broken.

“Why are you here……Father”
“I am old friend with Dior, it’s from before you were born and we came back home after a cup of tea ceremony”

Dianne said in a cold voice.

“No wonder the son of Dior is such a person. Will he change over the time of hundred years?”
“Wh, wh……what do you mean, you, what is that!”
“Go home and listen to your parents slowly. I will take the girls back”

“Ah, and……this is for Andy’s foo

Dianne with a smile, gets up and makes a strong kick at Lucas’s neck that could break by it and blew him away 5m.


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