He Didn't Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven  Rescue(recommend and collection support needed)

Xia rubbed his eyes as hard as he could,looked along the direction of the voice,and saw the middle-aged man was walking towards him with a cool air,though the old face of whom was a little obscure in the darkness.

At this point of life,seeing the lifesaving star who might rescue him,Xia would rather describe him as a lower deity rather than a cool man.


Xia surprisingly looked at the man approaching him,at this very moment,his couldn't utter a single word like his throat was blocked.

It was not until the man arrived at his beside that he could give an inquiry.

"Why--why are you here?"

"Passing by and killing him by the way. "The man make a crunching voice of clenching his fist with a ready-to-kill manner.

Never had Xia considered a man's voice so wonderful.

The remark--"Passing by and killing him by the way. "the man had just said is so amazing!

Though he didn't said he would rescue him.

But it didn't matter.What truly matter was he could eliminate the ghost and so that he and Wangyazhi would be safe.

"Em,what I have supposed is right that you won't just see me dying here."

Xia was unwilling to say these words,but he flattered the man in spite of his own mind.

The man didn't mind it,or entirely ignored him.

Xia was about to say more to please the man,but the man began to gesticulate something in a mysterious manner before he could go on.

"Square formation,east,west,south,north,lock the heaven,trap the earth..."

The middle-aged man wielded his great hand,and four tinny robs which resembled matchsticks appeared and was threw out.

The man shouted."Formation done!Seal!"

Four tinny robs,while flying to the ghost nearby,suddenly turn to four flaring pillars and thundered to the ground!

They end up forming a square flaring cage,baring up the ghost.

Xia was awe-struck by the man's capacity and now he identified the man with deity,so powerful.Now the man became a invincible hero in Xia's heart instead of his former impression of the man as a bitch.

"So...so awesome!"

Xia couldn't help exclaiming,but he saw the man's face was still constrained with no sign of success.It seemed like--it was far from over.

Xia's heart which was loosened a little before now was brought to the mouth again,influenced by the man's alert expression.

At the same time,the said.

"I have wondered that why were so many recruits dead.I have thought they wanted capacity,but now I know what's going on.The original thing haunting here before was killed by you,wasn't it?"

Neither did xia understand what the man had said,nor did he know how many probation employees were killed,but he guessed it was not a small number from the man's degree of anger,otherwise the man wouldn't have came in person.

The ghost,which was trapped by the four flaming pillars,like a sinister snake,didn't say anything and stared at them coldly.

Perhaps the ghost didn't want to answer,or he didn't understand the man's words

"If you didn't want to die,find somewhere to hide quickly! "

Finally the man give a look at Xia when he said this,but he had borne down on the flaming cage where the ghost was trapped before Xia's response.

Xia looked the man disappeared in the flame cage.He knew he couldn't offer any assistance right now,so he had better escape in time,lest being the man's inconvenience.

"Bless you win!"

He prayed for the man in heart,then,in the flaring light,he ran to the stairway without looking back.

He kept on running until he arrived at the five floor,then he stopped to catch his breath,in the course,he remembered Wangyazhi.

He didn't see Wangyazhi when the middle-aged man fighting with the ghost,supposing she had escaped upstairs like him did,but he didn't which floor.

Xia intended to look for her,but after pondering for a while,he refuted the idea.

Because he remembered the middle-aged man's caution--"Find somewhere to hide."

Though it looked like meaning nothing,but thought deeply,if the man hold a 100 percent confidence to kill the ghost,or he considered the ghost nothing a big deal in his eyes,he wouldn't have expressed so grave.

He wouldn't have reminded Xia to hide.

The answer was evidently neglect.

That was why he felt danger less like to go away due to the man's arrival,but more like to remain.

"Anyway,I am going to die soon.Why bother to worry about someone else!"

Making up his mind,assisted with a lighter(the flashlight was lost before),he hided himself in a rank of bookshelves.

The reason why he didn't chose a lobby or a restroom to hide was these places were closed where he would definitely killed if being found.In the bookshelves,he might have a little hope to escape.

Xia panted quietly in the darkness,hugging his legs tight and curling himself up.

He had to admit the astounding impression of the man was still lingering in his mind,and it had proved his speculation about the man was partly right.

The middle-age man was not an ordinary person,from which he could guess the company was not an ordinary company either.There was so many secrets that he didn't know and would made him starting.

He suddenly came up with a bold speculation that,once upon a time,the man had struggled in the probation period as a recruit like him.

"Maybe I can became a man like him."

Now,Xia had a faint expectation about the "work".

Another place,the forth floor.

In the darkness resounded Wangyazhi's sobbing.

She had almost out of tears but her fear didn't go away a shred.

Wangyazhi had completely lost her way.She didn't know whether it was the third floor or forth floor.She even didn't know whether she was in a restroom or somewhere in a corner...

Never had she desired so much for having a person beside.

In the short twenty minutes' parting with Xia,she had recalled may people who loved and concerned her.

Her parents,her folks,her friends and even...Xia whom she had acquainted herself with not long ago.

She couldn't stop wandering,because once she had stopped thinking,her head would occupied with the corpse,Fengwei,hanging on the chandler.

Wangyazhi regretted that she escape from Xia,so she was lost in the darkness.

She would like to look for Xia,but it was so dark and she had no lighting tools in hand,besides,she was afraid of being detected by the ghost.

Fengwei's corpse horrified her and took her to this place,now she had restored a lot and dared not to move.

Nevertheless,she had made her mind to stay here and wait until daylight came,when she suddenly heard a sound of something dragging on the ground.

It liked someone was dragging...a corpse!

And it was approaching slowly.

Her hear began to beat faster and faster.Due to the darkness,she couldn't see what was approaching.

Was it Xia she was desiring to find,or...that horrible ghost!

All in one,it was creeping to her place.

He Didn't Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master Chapter 11

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