Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 2

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“Today’s News: The mysterious comet is close to the Earth, it will probably bring the largest meteor shower in the history of the Earth. Experts are measuring the orbit of the comet…”

“Where did this comet come from, why didn’t the warning come before, the government is hiding the information from us!”

“G.o.d, help, the meteor flew to me.”

“The current meteor shower has swept most of the eastern hemisphere,
It is reported that most regions such as Russia, China, Australia, South Korea, j.a.pan, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, and Thailand have already lost communication…”

“This is a devastating disaster. G.o.d, the Virgin Mary, the satellites in the geosynchronous s.p.a.ce orbit are all destroyed. We have lost contact with the outside world… The mayor of George is trying to solve the problem, everyone stays in their own home, Never go out!”

“Mom, I want my mother, uh…”

“This is Allah’s sanctions against Kafir, hahahaha, evil heresy, tremble in h.e.l.l!”

“Command center, command center, here is the iron shovel, request to resume communication… repeat it again, here is the iron scorpion, request… ah… bang…”

“Grandma, what is in the sky above?”
“It’s a meteor shower, hey, I hope it will help you.”
“Oh, I want to make a wish, let my grandmother’s body get better…”

“Don’t play the League of Legends, come out to see the meteor shower, I swear, it’s spectacular!”

“The ancient Mayan prophecy, postponed for ten years, is finally fulfilled. The end of the world is coming, human civilization will be destroyed, G.o.d, please guide us in the future.”

“Hey, h.e.l.lo, is there anyone, is there a living person?”

“Commander, 18th tsunami, we are leaning!”
“No! Liaoning… I will never sink… Boom… No…”


Looking at the meteor falling towards himself, Shen Cong’s eyes widened, and the idea of “the end of the world” quickly filled his mind.

Perhaps he was psychologically prepared. He had an impulsive reaction. He opened the King Kong’s armor and jumped into the cabin.

Then the started the ignition and was ready to escape the meteor that seemed to be falling towards him.

However, the startup speed of the King Kong was not fast. When the tires were just starting to turn, the meteor had already raged with a raging fire, and the iron cans warehouse was accurately placed. The huge flame was centered on the warehouse, and it took time to engulf everything.

Sitting in the cab, Shen Cong did not raise any extra thoughts. He was in a huge shock wave and stunned.

If this time, look at the Earth from outer s.p.a.ce.

It can be seen that a comet rubbed through the Earth’s atmosphere, and countless meteors like fireworks covered the earth.
Those meteors. .h.i.t the surface of the earth, and the energy storms spreading out of them one after another.

The whole earth, as if there is an abstract painter, smeared with paint.

The end of the 2022 prophecy in the post.
Come on.


It's awkward!

There are countless pebbles around, and the sound is endless.

Shen Cong feels that the brain is groggy like a heavy lead, and there is a strange feeling of swelling. This feeling is like being a big multiplier and becoming a giant.

Shen Cong tried to move his body, but there was no feedback.

“It seems that my body is already smashed.”

When this thought just rose, she shook Shen Cong from the faint, suddenly woke up and hurriedly gasped.

He has six years of uninterrupted exercise, a finger can do push-ups, slingshots within 20 meters are no threat, physical fitness is his greatest snuggle in the doomsday, how can he!

After getting up, he checked carefully.

Shen Cong was relieved for a long time, and he was not jealous, his hands and feet were intact, his body was intact, and he was not injured.

Still staying in the cabin of the King Kong, just the cabin that was originally full of computer screens, it was dark, it seems that the King Kong circuit was damaged in the meteor attack.

"External armor melted down in a large area, and a small part of the internal wiring was burnt down, and it is urgent to repair…"

Inexplicably, Shen Cong found such a message in his mind, which was the message from the King Kong.

It is an unspeakable experience. The King Kong is like an extension of one’s own body. He can feel everything about this body, but he can’t control this body.

"What is going on here?" Shen Cong frowned and wondered, and couldn't figure out the truth.

At this time, outside the truck, there was a loud bang, and the whine of the whistling wind, it sounded not so friendly.

Shen Cong didn’t dare to get out of the car to check the situation outside, and couldn’t find the changes between him and King Kong, and his heart was particularly depressed.

But he needs to figure out what happened outside,
When he escaped into the stun of King Kong, he saw only countless meteors smas.h.i.+ng the sky, and then a huge meteor hit the tin can warehouse.

“Such a huge meteor, if it hit the King Kong directly, I have no bones now?” Shen Cong was scared.

From the back of the driver’s seat, a small flashlight was found and opened, and the cabin suddenly lit up.

Everything is fine, but there is no power supply, and even the emergency backup power supply is gone.

The situation of the car is not the main one, and Shen Cong is now most concerned about what is going on outside.

He found a lever under the steering wheel and pulled it hard.


The steel armor in front of the winds.h.i.+eld suddenly showed a gap, and then sunlight of the size of a shoe box came inside.

When Shen Cong designed and remodeled the King Kong, considering that there was no energy, there was only sunlight that could be manually opened at the window gla.s.s.

Through this window, you can finally see the situation outside.

Dim world.

The sky is full of flying sand, and the warehouse plaza, which originally had a large wall, has become an open s.p.a.ce and cannot see the slightest shadow of the wall.

The flying stones. .h.i.t the ground and immediately raised a piece of smoke. On the King Kong, there was a crack.

This is really the end of the world.

Shen Cong closed the armor at the winds.h.i.+eld and groped around the driver’s seat, opening the door to the car and going to the rear container.

He converted the truck into a combination of a tank and a motorhome. The container behind it was widened and thickened. In addition to the necessary living s.p.a.ce, it was filled with full supplies.

They are some of the lasting survival necessities that can hold decades of canned meat, compressed biscuits, flour, honey, chocolate, and essential medicines, generators, and wild survival tools.

As a senior member of the outdoor survival website, He often discussed with others, what should bring with yourself in doomsday , so he is fully prepared.

There is sunlight that can be opened on the side and tail of the compartment.

The sunlight s.h.i.+nes inside.

Shen Cong was shocked. The sunlight at the rear of the truck should be aligned with the tin can warehouse. But now there are some warehouses, only a few load-bearing columns, standing alone, the warehouse has disappeared, and one of the thighs is thick.

The load-bearing column has even been bent to ninety degrees.

In the distant dark sky, there are still meteors pa.s.sing by from time to time, adding a touch of light to the world.

Looking at the doomsday scene of the destruction of the earth, Shen Cong suddenly felt helpless feelings, he imagined a variety of doomsday scenes, zombie siege, power disappeared, mutant monsters, alien invasion, The Arctic and the glaciers melted, and the volcanic eruption with lava everywhere, but did not think about it, turned out to be a meteor shower to bring him to the end.

However, Shen Cong is not clear whether this meteor shower occurred locally or the entire planet was swept away.

He only has the King Kong as the reliance to survive the disaster.

Inside the King Kong, except for a small s.p.a.ce, that is his carefully designed compartment, the whole s.p.a.ce is filled with eatables. Although it is occupied by most of the s.p.a.ce, there is still a place where you can stretch freely, and there is a treadmill inside. Running is probably the most fitness way.

Seeing that the wind and sand could not stop for a while, Shen Cong began to calm down after a short period of loss.

Compared with the reason for the disaster, he is now more concerned about his inexplicable connection with King Kong. This feeling makes him a little awkward and somewhat expectant.


The claustrophobic s.p.a.ce can suffocate the active people, but for Shen Cong, who has been in the house for six years, everything is normal.

Eat, sleep, exercise, watch the storm, and explore the connection with King Kong.
In the doomsday storm that does not distinguish the day, only the mechanical watch is ticking the tick, the storm, and the blink of an eye has been sc.r.a.ped for half a month.

The sky and the lands seem to have disappeared in the storm, leaving only the rubble of the smas.h.i.+ng smas.h.i.+ng on the armor of King Kong, playing the harsh music.


Shen Cong sat on the edge of the bed with a Geiger counter in his hand to probe the radiation intensity inside the car.

Half a month after Doomsday, He found that the radiation concentration in the car reached 320 microsieverts. Alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, and X-rays all exceeded the standard.

This value almost reached the radiation content of the leak at the f.u.kus.h.i.+ma nuclear power plant in j.a.pan. Of course, this value is not harmful to the human body.

Once Shen Cong extended the Geiger counter out of the window and found that the radiation concentration was as high as 5 millisieverts, or 5,000 microsieverts.

This value, although the short-term contact will not cause great harm to the human body, but the long-term exposure to such radiation standards, the damage is quite large.

The Doomsday storm has been raging for half a month, and those unprotected survivors are estimated to have developed a biohazard.

However, gradually there is good news.

Shen Cong discovered in the past few days that the concentration of radiation inside and outside the car has been declining, and the intensity of the storm seems to be much smaller than before.

“If you endure it, will the wind stop?” Shen Cong said to himself.

This wait took half a month.

After a full month of storms, it should be June 17, 2022, and the storm suddenly stopped.

When the sound of the stones knocking on the car disappeared, sitting in the cabin and communicating with Shen Cong, who was in secret contact with King Kong, was not suitable for a while.

Touching the Geiger counter and exploring the outside of the car, although the radiation intensity is several times higher than the normal level, it is not enough to pose a hazard to the human body.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Cong carefully opened the armor and prepared to get out of King Kong.

Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 2

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