Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 4

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After half an hour journey, there was still no living thing in Shen Cong’s sight.

On one occasion, he saw the remains of a building that looked like a factory building, leaving only the broken steel structure, twisted together.

Shen Cong went on and checked and found no signs of life.
There is no moving thing on the scan map of the battlefield detection radar.
Thermal imaging cameras are also unable to sense thermal energy from any living being.

He thought that most people can’t survive this disaster, but at this moment, Shen Cong understands that he still can’t adapt, and the world has only his own desolateness.

Also, no food was found.
The materials stored on the King Kong can only last for three years and the gasoline can only sustain a thousand kilometers.

Originally, Shen Cong thought that after the doomsday, the gas station did not need money. Who knows that a storm has destroyed everything and there is no gas station at all.

Fortunately, King Kong has turned “alive” and he can slowly evolve it, and use solar energy or other energy sources.

Active energy can catalyse evolution. Shen Cong has a deep understanding. A month ago, King Kong only had active energy in the metal frame. Now there is active energy in the whole, and feedback back to his body, which has enhanced his physique even more powerfully.

He can now kill a cow with a punch.

"If there is no mistake in this direction, after a kilometer will reach to Wuwei County." Estimated the speed and time, Shen Cong came to a conclusion.

But now there is no GPS navigation, the landmark building is gone, and the exact location, Shen Cong can’t know.


The King Kong’s body slammed and awakened Shen Cong from contemplation.

Immediately communicate with the King Kong and sense that something is. .h.i.tting the ground.

“Living thing?”

Shen Cong is not excited. On the contrary, he is wary inside of his heart. He has been persecuted for paranoia, not to mention the impact from the construction site.

The King Kong steadily stopped in the yellow sand.
The impact of the living creature is not large, although the impact force is fierce, but it can not damage the King Kong that has been reinforced by Shen Cong.

However, it was not the style of Shen Cong that he was attacked and did not fight back.
And he also has to see what it is that can survive till now.


It was another impact, and the King Kong was shaken.

He doesn’t know what it is, Shen Cong didn’t rush to get off the bus, but went to the cabin, picked up a periscope from the tool room, and then opened a large steel plate at the bottom of the car and lifted the periscope.

The insecure patient and victim of paranoia, the work is so meticulous, he has already thought from all aspects.

The periscope turned around in the bottom of the car and Shen Cong found the living creature that hit the car.

This is a c.o.c.kroach-like mutant big bug that is as big as the King Kong’s tire.

The King Kong tires were replaced by large mechanical equipment, one meter five in diameter, which means that the mutant bug is one meter long.

It’s head grows with huge claws like a sickle.
And the cheeks are also s.h.i.+mmering with dark silver l.u.s.ter, just like steel products.

This big bug made Shen Cong understand.
How could there be such a huge bug?

However, after thinking about it, King Kong can live, a bug has mutated, and it should be very common in the doomsday.

Can’t change what’s happening , Shen Cong can only take a deep breath and accept it.

It seemed to be that it was struck by the cha.s.sis, which made the big bug angry. It twisted into the yellow sand, then slammed it out and hit the King Kong cha.s.sis again.

There is a kind of sentiment that it is not afraid of death.

This made Shen Cong a bit of a headache. He didn’t know how to deal with the worm that only drilled the ground, and saw the sharp claws of the worm. Shen Cong also decisively gave up his intention to fight the worm.

Since you can’t get off the bus, then you can only use other subtle means.

Shen Cong had an idea when he used his brain. He took out a bacon from the material room. The calories and volume of the bacon were not high. Shen Cong only stored a small amount to improve the taste.

Put the bacon on the iron hook and the section of the hook is fixed with an iron chain.

The twisted chain is attached to the position of the hole in the periscope, and he was prepared to use the fis.h.i.+ng method to kill the big bug.

Then he found out a high-pressure air gun that can spray steel b.a.l.l.s, and then contained a net. Shen Cong was ready to catch insects.

However, when the hook pa.s.sed through the hole, he was a little reluctant, and cut off half of the bacon to get it back.

Put the hook on the hole, aim the air gun at the hole and blow the whistle.

The worm that was stupidly hitting the cha.s.sis, and when he heard the whistle, he saw the bacon and immediately got spirited.
It bit it in one bite and bite it directly on the hook. It couldn’t get rid of it and made a fierce roar.

The big worm, the IQ is too little.

Originally intended to be solved with an air gun, Shen Cong saw that the insect’s IQ was so low, and the bite force was not strong. He simply touched an iron spear and pointed it at the hole.


Shen Cong, who is as strong as a cow, can make a full force with an iron spear to puncture a 10mm thick steel plate, not to mention bugs.

The iron spear went through from the mouth of the insect on the spot. The insects struggled for a moment and died.

Shen Cong is sensitive to the fact that this bug also has active energy, and now this active energy is slowly dimming.

He opened the hidden door in the cha.s.sis and pull the bug into the compartment.
Shen Cong is ready to study this thing.


In six years, relying on one’s own efforts to build the King Kong, Shen Cong needs to learn a lot of knowledge, which allows him to develop a character that has his own personality.

If it is an average person, after killing this big bug, it may be thrown into a confused state.

However, in the spirit of research, Shen Cong carefully photographed, recorded information, dissected and a.n.a.lyzed data, and then cla.s.sified it in a laptop computer’s file storage.

He has a laptop that is dedicated to recording all kinds of information in the post-apocalyptic world.

This may be another place where he is different from others. Others are struggling to survive. He is exploring the end of the world as a new world.

“Muscle elasticity is very strong, it is indeed the result of strengthening with active energy… But how does this bug relate to active energy? Is it the same as me, because of the falling of the meteor?”

Recording the data of the worms, Shen Cong frowned and thought.

He named the bug as a digger.
The attribute is cla.s.sified as – a mutant c.o.c.kroach insect.
The combat power is divided into – low IQ, very weak, and fierce personality.

"It looks like the body has gotten bigger and the flesh is also bigger. I don't know if I can eat it." Shen Cong cut a piece of snow-white muscle from the leg of the digger, prepared to wash it, fry it and see if he could eat it.

If you can eat, then there is a possibility of survival in the apocalypse, at least not lacking.

On the induction cooker, the insect meat was being fried. Shen Cong began to study the two chewing limbs (tentacles on the head) of the digger. These two limbs probably have the length of the palm and are highly degraded into a sickle-like bone structure.

However, Shen Cong always felt that these two chewing limbs are more like metal than bone.

“active energy ?”
"What is the connection?"

Shen Cong frowned, not known.
Everything in this apocalypse reveals a fascinating change.

There was too little information to figure out, and Shen Cong gave up the futile study and began to taste the worm meat that had been fried to proper state.

After taking a bite and chewing carefully, Shen Cong came to a conclusion.

“It’s not poisonous, it’s not toxic, at least it tastes… It’s a bit like chicken, but it’s not crispy, it’s dry, it’s like eating dry wood. You should put more oil in the next time you fry.”

Take a sip, Shen Cong will no longer eat, wait for a while, see if it is poisonous and harmful.

He started the King Kong and hurried again.

Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 4

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