Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 6

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The next day, Shen Cong was awakened by the alarm clock and the sun was out.

Checking the battery power of King Kong, with 52% left, Shen Cong slammed the solar charging panel onto the roof and started running for a while.

He came back and fried the wolf meat again. He decided to eat the wolf meat for a few days. He hunted seven wolves in total, and it would be wasted if he didn’t eat fast.

There is a lot of meat on the wolf,
However, Shen Cong’s favourite is the fat of the wolf’s belly, because it can be made more delicious.

Heat the oil, and then fry the wolf meat, does have a good taste.

After eating and drinking, Shen Cong started the King Kong and began to wander slowly in the ruins of the county. He planned to stay here for a few days and re-determine the road map he had planned before the end of the day.

On the planning map of Shen Cong before the end of the day, the material points, gun points, repair points and fueling points of the surrounding counties and provincial cities were marked in detail.

In Wuwei County, there is a water supply plant that not only supplies tap water to the county but also produces bottled water.

The water plant has an underground warehouse dedicated to storing filled bottled water.

For a month and a half, Shen Cong has not found a lake in the yellow sand, so he can’t replenish fresh water. His water can only last for another month.

He couldn't think of it at the beginning, and He couldn't even find a water source now.

However, Wuwei County must have a source of water, otherwise, the seven wolves cannot live to the present.

The only sound in this silence is of the wind blowing the yellow sand.

The King Kong is like a ferocious beast, wandering between the broken walls, the extreme roar of the engine.

The battlefield detection radar slowly turns and scans the terrain of the entire county ruins.

This radar has a function of mapping maps. Shen Cong introduces the original saved maps and then imports the radar mapping maps. In contrast, the original architectural orientation of the county can be obtained.

“According to the map, this location is the Unicom building. There is a Carrefour supermarket on the first floor. I don’t know if the supermarket has been destroyed.”

After determining the specific location of the supermarket, Shen Cong drove the King Kong, lowered the bulldozer front of King Kong and began to shovel the yellow sand and gravel on the surface.

The project lasted for twenty minutes before the real position of the supermarket was discovered.

When he found the entrance to the underground floor, Shen Cong frowned.

The entrance barely can see the steps of the original stairs, but it has been buried by the yellow sand and gravel. The entrance to the supermarket is very large. Shen Cong suspects that the underground layer will be buried as a whole.

If it is buried, it is more difficult to find some materials.

However, after all, he was not a common man but a master who had been training for six years. He soon got a piece of equipment from the King Kong, an oscillating positioner, an instrument that can use the vibration to measure the surface of the terrain.

Because it is used to map the surface of the earth, the measurement of the ground depth is not accurate.

But Shen Cong doesn’t need to be precise, just need to know if the supermarket is completely buried.

The oscillating positioner quickly brought good news to Shen Cong. The bottom is empty and the area is large, which proves that the supermarket is still well preserved.

An alarm mechanism is set for the radar. Once a moving target is detected, an alarm is immediately sent to his mobile phone. Although the mobile phone has no signal, the infrared and Bluetooth can be used normally.

With the alarm mechanism set up, Shen Cong picks up the shovel and starts cleaning the entrance.

The strength of his physique is as big as a cow, and it counts as a force to be reckoned with.

Shen Cong, who has the power of a cow, can speed up the shovel, and ordinary people may have to dig up a hole for people to go down for a long time. Shen Cong only took half an hour to get through the supermarket.

The interior of the supermarket is black and the shelves are all collapsed, and all kinds of goods are scattered.

Wearing headlights and carrying a travel bag, Shen Cong began to look for the materials, clothes, and food that he wanted in the scattered goods. He wouldn’t spare a glance if It was not the urgent need for living supplies.

Only drinks and mineral water, as well as wine and tobacco, are the targets he is looking for.

Drinks and mineral waters are of course drunk, and he lacks this.

Alcohol and tobacco are prepared to be h.o.a.rded as a future transaction. It is hard to say that there is only one survivor in the world. If you trade, the numbness from tobacco and alcohol must be worth more than pure food and fresh water.

Ok, this is all he learned from watching movies and novels.

Soon Shen Cong found the counter where the drinks were placed, the counter had collapsed, and the drinks fell to the ground.
Fruit Orange, Nutrition Express, CocCola, Green Tea, etc., are available.

Shen Cong picked up a bottle of nutrition express line and looked at the date of production. It is not past the shelf life, he directly unscrewed the lid and drank it.

Within five seconds, a bottle of nutrition quickly entered the stomach.

He’s having a good time.

For more than a month, Shen Cong was very nervous about his freshwater reserves, and he didn’t dare to drink much of it when he drank water. Now he can finally have a drink.

But when he was packing, most of it was mineral water, because the mineral water did not have a shelf life, and the drink only took three or two bottles to improve the taste.

Then Shen Cong found the counter for tobacco and alcohol, took a dozen of the most expensive cigarettes, and loaded a few bottles of good wine, ready to return.

Pa.s.sing through a counter that didn’t fall to the ground, he saw that there were roasted seeds, walnuts and peanuts inside, and Shen Cong took the small bag.

Just at this time.

Suddenly, the sound of squeaking was heard. Shen Cong turned around and saw that he didn't know when it started. A mutant mouse with a small piglet size was exploring the road with his nose.

It was illuminated by the light of Shen Cong’s headlights, the mutated big mouse, immediately had the hair blown up, and started making a strange sound like a snake spit.

Then, without waiting for Shen Cong to react, it lightning fast jumped up and rushed to Shen Cong. The speed was not slower than that of the wolf. Shen Cong couldn’t get enough to dodge. He could only lift his arm to block it.


The mutant mouse bit Shen Cong’s arm, its sharp teeth deep into the flesh, and the tingling sensation raised the heartbeat.

"Get out of the way!" Shen Cong endured a terrible pain and wanted to rip apart the mutated big mouse, but the big mouse didn't let go when it bit him, and he couldn't get rid of it.

Shen Cong pulled out the military triangular thorn at the waist with the other hand and fl.u.s.tered the mutated rat with a thorn. The thorn was solid, and the triangular thorn was firmly inserted on the back of the big mouse.


The big mouse loosened Shen Cong’s arm, but by the way, took Shen Cong’s three-sided thorns away, and fell to the ground, screaming like a snake.

Then it rushed to Shen Cong regardless of any care for life.

Shen Cong had practised fighting and had experience, but there are too few actual combats. This time he panicked, having lost the thorns, and the bow and arrows are not on the back. The pistol is in his arms, and he has not opened the insurance. He has no time to deal with it.

However, when the light flashed, Shen Cong remembered that he had made a tooth dagger last night.

The dagger is hung around the waist.
When Shen Cong pulled out the dagger using back of his hand, because of the tension, the whole body’s strength was concentrated on the dagger in the hand, and when blocking the big mouse.


The sound of the sack being torn open and the dagger crossed the head of the big mouse. Unexpectedly, there was no blockade. The head of the mouse was directly ripped and the brain matter exploded.

Everything happened too fast, and Shen Cong hadn’t reacted yet, and he found himself killing the mutant mouse.

He didn’t have time to sort out his thoughts. He was afraid that there would be other mutant mice. Shen Cong grabbed the body of this mutant mouse and left the Carrefour supermarket. He needed to go back to King Kong to treat the wound.

When he got back to the King Kong, everything was safe, and when he touched there was cold sweat on his back, Shen Cong felt scared.

He thought that the underground layer was closed, and there should be no danger. He didn’t expect such a big mouse jumping at him. The front teeth were as sharp as the watermelon knife.

Directly bore through Shen Cong’s left arm, and the blood kept flowing.


In the King Kong car, there was a cry from Shen Cong who was sterilizing his wounds.
He learned some simple medical treatments to help the stray dog deal with the wound, but this is the first time he has treated the wound.

He realized that the actor in the movie bite his teeth and immediately wrapped it up. It is incredible.

He now has a sore nose and tears that slide down his face. When he thinks he has to st.i.tch the wounds with needles, Shen Cong thinks it is more terrifying than suicide.
He saw the mutated mouse body at the foot and stepped on it with the foot.

Suddenly, Shen Cong thought of the death of the big mouse. At that time, he only intended to block the big mouse with the fangs, but the fangs directly ripped the big mouse head into the half.

Shen Cong knows how hard the fangs are, but didn’t realise the reason for its sharpness.

“How can I easily cut the mouse?” Shen Cong tried to divert his attention while applying disinfectant to his hand. “The mouse skull should be very hard. The fangs can be pierced, cut, not too.” may.”

“Is it…”

Shen Cong recalled it again. At that time, he was very nervous and unconsciously concentrated his whole body on the fangs, including using his own active energy: “…is it because of active energy?”

“Active energy can fix the King Kong and strengthen my body… And for the same reason, active energy can also strengthen the fangs… even recover my wounds?”

He didn’t think about his own wounds. If he could use active energy to recover, then he doesn’t have to endure “pain”.

Thinking till here, he couldn’t wait to mobilize his body’s active energy.
This active energy is feedback from King Kong. It is contained in his limbs and slowly improves Shen Cong’s physique. Now, under the guidance of Shen Cong’s willpower, these active energies will quickly gather at the wound.

Slowly, the place that was originally a painful wound was wrapped in a cool feeling, and the pain began to diminish. The crispness felt the wound healed at a very fast speed.

"Sure enough, you can use active energy to recover the wound, and the self-repair of King Kong - well, so this is the reason!"

With the help of active energy, Shen Cong expects that his arm will be back to normal in a week.

“The disaster has made the world different, not only the aspect of the apocalypse but also there is a side that is worth looking forward to.”

Active energy quickly heals wounds and relieves pain, which allows Shen Cong to do other things. The first thing is to study mutant mice.

The watermelon-sized mutant mouse’s front teeth seem to be the same material as the pincers of the digger and the fangs of the wolf and were collected by Shen Cong.

Then, in the laptop, the information of the mutant mouse was entered.

The big rat, a mutant mouse, has low IQ, fast movements, weak combat, and fierce personality.

He had intended to write a strong fighting force. After all, he got bitten himself. If it weren't for the wolf fang dagger, it might be bitten to death in the Carrefour supermarket.

However, compared with the wolf and the worm, the big rat has not been strong, but Shen Cong did not have the King Kong as a cover.

Therefore, the fighting power of the big rat is still weak.

Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 6

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