Heroine Of The Broken Engagement Chapter 7

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「W, what’s the matter, you three…?」

When I asked the three with a slight scare, Rish.e.l.l cleared his throat and spoke.

「You are precious to us, you know… therefore, we would like to keep you within the reach of our eyes」

「No, am I a child or something?」

Those are thoughts of a mother watching over their child, right? I am already seventeen, you know?

What I fear the most is not being able to fall in love with them… in other words, death.
It would be fine if I just memorized the correct choices, but even though I remember the characters and the story perfectly, I have no memory of the correct choices for some reason.

I thought that since I’m afraid of dying, I will just have to avoid the game altogether…

They are staring at me with extremely vigorous gazes.
Their eyes are saying: “I won’t let you run away…!”

It’s already on the level of insanity though…

If I remember correctly, one year after my graduation from the academy in the death route, the Capital was flooded with heavy rain, the area was a.s.saulted with landslides, and many drowned in the chaos.

… Disasters have a limit too.

… And so, I thought.
Wouldn’t it be bad if I continued living here… in the Capital City Lilykelm until the game’s end?
What if a bug occurs when the Heroine who was supposed to be dead lives after the game ends?

… I have no idea what settings the game company set. However, it’s far better than staying here.

In other words, this is not the place where I should be.

Equally, slow life!

A perfect schema.

Although it might be good just to leave for a trip, I am convinced that retiring in the countryside would be better.

「E, Elder sister? Are you all right?」

「Wau!? It’s nothing!」

Not good, I ended up in deep thoughts carelessly.

「Anyhow, I won’t allow you to live in the countryside by any means!」

「Why not, don’t be unreasonable!」

No, I thought about it too, you know?
That if I lived in the countryside, the damage may reach there too, or that it would be pointless for me to move to the countryside.

Still, I thought it’s better than doing nothing. Rather, not falling in love with them.

Even if you tell me to put effort into it, don’t be too surprised, but even in my past life, I didn’t have a boyfriend at my age!

I don’t understand man’s heart after all.

「Isn’t country life fine~ I want to live a life of leisure~」

「Even if you don’t do that, you could live a life of leisure if you married me, you know?」

「Haah? What a funny joke~」

No, there’s no no no way I could become your bride.

I mean this guy, he’s the future King, you know?
Equally, if I marry him, I would become the Queen, you know?

In the game, Olga handled it magnificently, but… my nature and specs are totally different.
I would never be able to do it, he must be surely jesting.

「… Haah」

「You don’t have to sigh so directly」

Because I immediately saw through his joke, Rish.e.l.l’s face turned gloomy.

「… Well, let’s leave the talk for the next time. The party is going to end soon, so may we return home already?」

Celsior said.

Celsior learned how to read the mood.
Oneechan is happy.

「Yeah, I’m so tired I want to return and sleep」

Too many things happened in one day, I am already tired out.
If you told me to, I would fall asleep standing up. I won’t do it though.

「… Indeed, let’s talk again another day」

… Umm~ Rish.e.l.l-san yo.

Do you mean to talk about my slow life…?
How attached are you all to me…?

With such question in my head, I returned home on the shaky carriage.

「I am home… wha, uwaa!?」

「Welcome home, Olgsama! Are you all right!? Were you not a.s.saulted!?」

… Why is everyone asking the same thing, I am fine, alright?

The one who jumped at me the moment I entered the entrance hall was my maid Aira.

She’s a lovely girl with caramel-colored hair and eyes of the same color.
She’s a year younger than me, sixteen.

「I’m home… I’m fine, Rish.e.l.l struck back to help me」

Let me say it again, because my family and servants know that I’m in the same cla.s.s as Rish.e.l.l, they won’t say anything even when I call him without honorifics.

… It would be considered lese majeste by all means, but the person himself told me to call him like that. When he shows his true character though.

「Is that so!? I’m glad to hear that!」

Aira opened her sparkly, big and beautiful eyes and smiled.

… Cute. Super cute.
Aira who is like my little sister has grasped the hold of my heart the day she arrived at our house.

… Geez, I can never take my eyes off of her!
Continuously moving, having sparkles in my eyes, those are feats unachievable by me…

「… Elder sister, please calm down. Right now, your face totally looks like that of a pervert」

That’s rude, Celsior.
Saying that to your elder sister…

Well, it’s the truth so I can’t really talk back.

「… Umm, Sire and Madam are waiting for you in the parlor」

The one who said that was a handsome man in his twenties with black rimmed gla.s.ses.

He’s our house’s steward, the name is Keith Ducelio.
Black hair and black eyes overflowing with intellect, a perfect nose bridge, an impressive hunk.

… Yes, you have guessed it. He’s one of the capture targets.

「I understand. Thank you」

Saying that, I pa.s.sed by his side and went to the parlor.

Heroine Of The Broken Engagement Chapter 7

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