Hidden Assassin Chapter 11 - End Of Elementary School

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 Chapter 11 – End of Elementary School
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

Thus, the situation with the bandits was concluded. The helicopter was the search team sent out by the Zhang family. What surprised Jiaming was that the two people aboard the helicopter were holding sniper rifles that were specifically used by special forces or mercenaries. He could not help but sigh at how powerful the Zhang family were.

When the search team arrived, the two bandits had not died yet, but looked like they were on their last breaths. After hearing Yahan describe the whole situation, the two special forces soldiers examined the wounds on the scarred man and eyed Jiaming a couple of times. However, they did not make any suspicious movements towards him. 

Jiaming was not too worried about them because, from what was happening, it looked like that his luck was quite good. He felt that it was not possible for anyone to find any clues from those few wounds, but even if they did, with his identity as a child, people would attribute it to some sort of amazing luck instead and dispel some of the suspicion.

The only loophole was in regards to the scarred man.


His first slash was to interrupt the opponent’s attack and thus he had aimed at his arm, then he used the dagger to slash at his calf before plunging the dagger into the scarred man’s buttocks. He did it quite neatly and all in one go.

In fact, it might have been too precise!

That was because at that time, they were in the middle of the rainstorm and it was dark everywhere. It could be considered the first time that Jiaming acted after he was reborn in this body; he did not dare to hold back and because of that, he left behind this one possible loophole.

Jiaming was worried that if the scarred man recovered and carefully thought about the situation, some suspicion could possibly arise. When the helicopter descended, Liu Huaisha ran over tearfully at Lingjing and Jiaming and clung onto the two of them. Jiaming caught the scarred man’s bitter look of hatred as he was lifted onto the helicopter on a stretcher.

If he knew it was going to be like that, he should have pretended to miss and accidentally kill the scarred man instead.

This new chance at life was very precious for him, so Jiaming wanted to keep it as pure as he could for the future. It was not that he was against killing people, he just did not want to invite disaster for his remaining days. As he had been an assassin, he understood that it was better to be cautious when necessary.

However, this man will be charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, as well as attempted rape and he had even offended the powerful Zhang family. It was likely that he would go to jail for at least eight to ten years. It would not be difficult for Jiaming to go to the hospital and handle him before they went to court, but it was a huge gamble and after he considered it, he decided to let it be.

This bandit was only a small fry, if he waited until he was released from jail, he could directly deal with him then.

As to Zhang Yahan, he knew that she was still suspicious of him. However, because she would not marry Huang Haoyun, it would lower the chance of them meeting. Therefore, he was not too worried about it.

After the few of them washed up at the hotel near the airport, changed into clean clothes and ate some food, the Zhang family car picked them up to bring them home. Looking refreshed, Zhang Yahan sat in the front seat, hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing a white green tracksuit. Lingjing and Huaisha were sitting in the back chattering to each other about the situation last night and Huaisha agreed that Jiaming’s luck was amazing.

When they arrived at Ye’s Martial Arts School, the three were about to get off the car when Zhang Yahan turned around and smiled at them, “See you all again.”

“See you again, elder sis Yahan.” Lingjing said politely while Jiaming only nodded and thought to himself, ‘Goodbye forever.’

Just as they got off the car, Yahan stuck her head out of the window and looked surprised at the sign in front of Lingjing’s home, “Hey, Lingjing, your family owns a martial arts school?”


“Oh that's great then.” –Yahan pushed the car door open and said– “After yesterday's incident, I was thinking about taking some self defense classes.” 

Uh-oh, that would be a bad idea.

Jiaming instantly interrupted, “It's a school for kids!”

“That doesn't matter.” Yahan smiled sweetly, “I am also a kid, I'm only slightly older than you guys. Big sis here is only nineteen, you know?”

“Elder sis, don't listen to Jiaming’s nonsense, Papa hasn't said he only taught kids. It just so happens that the only students we have right now are kids. Elder sis, please come with me.” She pulled Yahan towards the martial arts hall. Having found a customer for her family, Lingjing would naturally betray her longtime friend. Jiaming could only secretly sigh, he thought that the reason she wanted to learn martial arts was so she could observe him.

Regardless of her motives, Ye’s Martial Arts School taught many different styles and from then on, the beautiful and talented Zhang Yahan enrolled and became a student. Every time he saw her and Lingjing happily learn Wing Chun Fist, Jiaming wanted to smile at how earnest they were and thus they passed the summer vacation without further interruption.

Now that they had accepted this female apprentice, the martial arts school gained a lot of extra business. Yahan was a teacher, even though she had not yet officially started class, she was very keen about teaching children. When she taught Lingjing some middle school class related material, there would be quite a few children that would bring their homework and ask for advice. She would patiently explain it to each of them when that happened. 

When the news spread that the Ye’s Martial Arts School had gained this teacher that had returned from studying abroad, families that had originally hesitated, now rushed to enroll their children. Around a month after summer vacation, the martial arts school’s business had increased and Lingjing was extremely pleased. The relationship between her and Yahan also became much closer due to this. As to Jiaming, every time Lingjing dragged him to these extra lessons, Jiaming felt tormented to the extreme. 

However, no matter what, he would endure it! 

It was obvious that Zhang Yahan’s interest towards him had not yet waned. According to Jiaming’s speculation, she probably thought that he was a child genius with an IQ of at least 180 who was hiding this fact because he matured early and did not have a good relationship with his family. He could feel it, because every time she looked at him, it looked like she was restraining herself from saying anything. Jiaming just shrugged and let her continue thinking that.

Not long after, the two culprits’ case was concluded – the triangular-eyed man was given the sentence of eight years in jail, while the scarred man as the main aggravator, was sentenced to ten years in jail. Those sentences were considered severe for that type of case and it was most likely due to the Zhang family’s influence. Though in actuality, if they were released early, they would have had an even worse conclusion – not only would Jiaming have acted to get rid of them, the Sha Zhu Gang’s boss had also sent out an order for the two of them to be hacked to death upon sight.

With great difficulty, the remaining of the long boring summer vacation passed with this opinionated woman unendingly investigating him. When school started again in September, Yahan was going to start teaching at the aristocratic school and she had to prepare for that, so she had fewer chances to drop by the martial arts school. Jiaming, Lingjing, and Huaisha all entered Starlight Secondary School and thus, they welcomed the start of middle school.

Hidden Assassin Chapter 11 - End Of Elementary School

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