History of the Rise of the Huguenots Volume II Part 47

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[964] There is here, however, a direct contradiction, which I shall not attempt to reconcile, between the account of Henry and that of the younger Tavannes, who represents Retz as one of the most violent in his recommendations. According to Tavannes, it was his father, Marshal Tavannes, that advocated moderation. In other respects the two accounts are strongly corroborative of each other.

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[968] "Le roy Henry quatriesme disoit que ce qu'il ne m'avoit tenu promesse estoit en vengeance des services faicts par le sieur de Tavannes mon pere aux batailles de Jarnac et Montcontour, mais le princ.i.p.al, parce qu'il l'accusoit d'avoir conseille la Sainct Barthelemy; ce qu'il disoit a ses familiers, et a tort, parce que ledict sieur de Tavannes en ce temps-la fut cause qu'il ne courust la mesme fortune que le sieur admiral de Coligny." Memoires de Tavannes (Pet.i.tot edit.), iii. 222.

[969] To ascribe the conduct of Catharine de' Medici herself to any such motive is the extreme of absurdity. Even the author of the "Tocsain contre les ma.s.sacreurs" rejects the supposition without hesitation. (Original edition, p. 157.) Catharine was certainly a free-thinker, probably an atheist.

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[983] The startling inconsistency evidently struck Capilupi very strongly, for he tries to reconcile it, but succeeds only poorly. According to him, it was either a ruse to throw Charles IX. off his guard by a pretence of confidence in his good faith, or an act of consummate folly. Any way, great thanks are due to Heaven! "Et sia stato fatto questo da lui, con arte, per dimostrar di non dubitare della fede del Re, per tanto piu a.s.sicurar sua Maesta, fin che fosse in termine d'effettuar i diabolici suoi pensieri; vero scioccamente, non diffidando veramente di cosa alcuna; in tutti modi si ha da riconoscer da gratia particolare di Dio,"

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_Admiralius_--'Ouy, je le suis. Mais vous estes bien un jeune souldat pour parler ainsi avec un vieil capitaine, pour le moins au respect de ma vielesse.' _Behem_--'Je suis a.s.sez aage (age) por te faire ta reste.'"

Cyclopica illa atque inaudita hactenus detestanda atque execranda laniena, quae facta est Lutetia, Aureliis, etc., published in F. W. Ebeling, Archivalische Beitrage zur Geschichte Frankreichs unter Carl IX. (Leipsic, 1872), 107, 108.

[988] Capilupi puts in Besme's mouth the words: "Now, traitor, restore to me the blood of my master, which thou didst impiously take away from me!"

It is not at all improbable that he used some such expression. Lo stratagema di Carlo IX., 34.

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[990] "Le lundy d'apres, ayant la teste ostee et les parties honteuses coupees _par les pet.i.ts enfans_, fut d'iceulx pet.i.ts enfans qui estoient jusques au nombre de 2 ou 300, traine, le ventre en haut, parmy les ruisseaux de la ville de Paris." Jehan de la Fosse, 149. See the long account in Von Botzheim's narration, _ubi supra_, 113.

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[993] Of this memorable enterprise Coligny has left "Memoires" which are contained in the collection of Pet.i.tot, etc. It is the only military treatise we possess coming from the admiral's hand, and it enters into the subject with technical minuteness. The destruction by his royal murderers of the admiral's papers (including diaries that would have thrown great light upon the transactions of the last two years of his life), see Vita Gasparis Colinii (1575), i. 138, was an irretrievable loss to history. We are told also of a much more recent act of vandalism, not even palliated by the miserable excuse of political expediency: "In 1810, an inhabitant of Chatillon having discovered in the solitary remaining tower of the old castle a walled chamber wherein were the archives of the Coligny family and of the family of Luxemburg, burned all the papers from motives of private interest. Some fragments that escaped this conflagration, and which are preserved in the mairie, prove that a correspondence between Catharine de' Medici and Coligny had been laid away in this repository."

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[996] Alberi, Relazioni Venete, vol. iv., 1st series, _apud_ Baschet, La diplomatie venitienne, i. 536, 537. There is, however, the greatest improbability in the story that Coligny advanced such claims in his own behalf as his admirers made for him. We may reject as apocryphal--for they stand in palpable contradiction with the whole tenor of his utterances--the words ascribed by Lord Macaulay to the great Huguenot hero (History of England, New York, 1879, iv. 488): "'In one respect,' said the Admiral Coligni, 'I may claim superiority over Alexander, over Scipio, over Caesar. They won great battles, it is true. I have lost four great battles; and yet I show to the enemy a more formidable front than ever.'"

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[1000] "La Royne ma mere respond, que s'il plaisoit a Dieu je n'auroit point de mal; mais quoy que ce fust, il falloit que j'alla.s.se, de peur de leur faire soupconner quelque chose qui empeschast l'effect."

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[1006] Reveille-Matin, _ubi supra_, 183; Euseb. Philad. Dialogi, i. 40; Mem. de l'estat, _ubi supra_, 126. Charles was not generally so complaisant. Fervaques in vain interceded for his friend Captain Moneins.

History of the Rise of the Huguenots Volume II Part 47

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