Hokage: Ryo's Path Chapter 110

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The Kyubi within Naruto told Ryo about his deal with Sanbi.

Ryo had always been thinking about the Sanbi himself, thinking that it would be his perfect Biju. Its capability of launching a large scale Water Release, while providing Ryo with a lot of Chakra, could be monumental for Ryo.

"Kurama, why are you telling me this?" Ryo asked.

"It's because of your will to protect Kus.h.i.+na! Now, you should seal this memory, in a way that allows it to pop up again when it's suitable." Kurama's consciousness then disappeared.

Ryo, just like the Kyubi asked, sealed his memory. This seal acted similarely to s.h.i.+sui's Mangekyo, being triggered by an pre-programmed event to have the memory recalled.

Ryo never saw the Sanbi, nor did he ever have a sense of its Chakra. So he set the seal to be undone whenever he uses [Ice Colossus].

All of these events, despite their complexity, took only a very short time. Everyone was listening to Naruto. Besides Minato, no one noticed Ryo acting awkward.

However, Minato thought that Ryo was just too concerned, and didn't think about his behavior too much. What he was most worried about was that Naruto could end up revealing too much of the future.

"Again Kus.h.i.+na, asking him to reveal too much of the future is not good!" If it wasn't for Kus.h.i.+na, Minato's previous words would have been enough to prevent everyone from continuing to ask. But Kus.h.i.+na didn't care about what he said, leaving him helpless.

"What's the matter Minato? When we leave Roran, we'll just seal all of these memories!"

In front of her persistence, Minato could only compromise. And curiosity is human nature; he also wanted to know a few things.

"Naruto, so I'm your mom! Who's your father?" After many questions, Kus.h.i.+na finally asked about what Minato wanted to know.

"He is my dad! He's exactly the same as the photo you put at home, and very similar to the 4th Hokage's sculpture." Naruto pointed at Minato bluntly.

"Minato! Great! We'll get married, and have such a great son!" Kus.h.i.+na was very happy hearing Naruto, and rushed over hugging her boyfriend.

Minato was indeed fitting to be the 4th Hokage, not just for his strength, but also for his wisdom and character.

From Naruto's previous words, it seemed that while Kus.h.i.+na will be raising Naruto, Minato didn't seem to be in the picture.

Mentioning his Photo, Naruto affirmed Minato speculation, and he realized that was to sacrifice his life in future mission.

Thinking about that, Minato's face was gloomy. Anyone who knows that's going to die in the future, and not be able to accompany his wife and children would feel really downhearted.

Ryo understood Naruto's words, and noticed Minato's dim eyes.

"Minato Nii-san, I will not let this happen." Being consoled by Ryo made Minato smile and laugh a little.

While everyone was chatting, Ryo sensed someone approaching in his perception range.

"Quite! Someone is coming!" Ryo's words interrupted everyone's conversation, and they all got on guard.

A figure outside the door walked in carefully, "Minato Ni-san, you should handle him." Said Ryo to Minato on his side.

As soon as Ryo finished his words, Minato disappeared. In a heartbeat, he put his Flying Thunder G.o.d Kunai on the intruder's neck.

That person was in cold sweat. He hadn't notice anyone as he was walking. If it wasn't Minato that snuck up on him, his end would have been much different.

The reason why Minato didn't injure him was because he saw Konoha's Forehead Protector on hom. However, out of caution, he still put him into submission.

"Are a Konoha Ninja?" Asked Minato.


"Do you know Naruto Uzumaki?"

That person was silent. His affection his companions and the confidentiality of the task prevented him from disclosing any information.

Keeping silent, the man thought that the blade going to pa.s.s through his throat. He prepared himself for the sacrifice, and closed his eyes waiting for death.

But after a while, he heard Naruto: "Captain Yamato, they are all companions, don't worry."

"Naruto?" Hearing Naruto's voice and opening his eyes, he was stunned by the people he found around him.

"Yamanaka sensei! How are you…? And this… what's going on?" Yamato first noticed Ryo.

Then he noticed Minato: "Minato sama! Weren't you out on a special mission? How is this possible!?"

Hearing Yamato's words, Minato's eyes s.h.i.+ned! If he heard right, he shouldn't be dead, he was just out on that task.

Immediately, he thought of what Naruto was saying, and while still had his complaints, those had replaced his feeling of sorrow, and he finally started feeling at ease.

"Ryo, don't keep him lost like this, explain the matter to him!" Said Minato.

Ryo nodded and explained things to Yamato. Saying that, he felt that Yamato was treating him like his elder, treating him with respect and hint of fear. This made Ryo confused.

"Thank you, Yamanaka sensei! I understand. I didn't expect the Ryumyaku to have such an effect." Said Yamato.

Ryo nodded and turned his attention to other matters. But Yamato's face was still concerned.

"Well, sorry Yamanaka Sensei, but can you return us to our time?" Yamato couldn't help but ask.

"Ah! Well you came here because Mukade completely absorbed the Ryumyaku's seal. If you manage to defeat him and seal back the Ryumyaku, you should be able to return to your time." Said Ryo.

"Thank you, Yamanaka Sensei." After getting an answer, the much older Yamato thanked him humbly. Ryo wasn't used to such treatment, and he stiffly nodded.

The lot discussed their next move together. Naruto and Yamato should return to the future, and for that they should defeat Mukade.

Mukade's ident.i.ty in Roran was unknown to everyone but Ryo, but he had no way to explain the source of such information.

After that, just like the Manga, Minato suggested letting Naruto protect the Queen of Roran, and the others were to find Mukade.

Kus.h.i.+na disagreed, and she felt that it was too dangerous for Naruto to go alone, so Minato agreed to let her accompany him.

With this, everyone came to an agreement, and they started to act!

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Hokage: Ryo's Path Chapter 110

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