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Chapter 41: Kakas.h.i.+'s Progress

Ryo took a leave of absence from the hospital. The next day, he arrived at the gate and waited for the arrival of Yugao.

They say that a woman in love has an IQ of 0. And looking at Ryo, things were not much better for men. Yesterday, he and Yugao agreed to meet up the next day, without determining a precise hour.

Ryo waited for 2 hours at the hospital's entrance before Yugoa turned up running breathlessly with a short sword in her hand.

Seeing her, Ryo blinked to where she was.

"Ryo… Ryo san.. have you… been waiting for too long?" The little Lolita obviously ran all the way here. The stopped and tried to take a breath.

"No, I just came out of the hospital." Ryo responded. "Yugao, let's go to the 3rd training ground. There, we'll find the teacher who will train you."

"Great!" When the subject is Kenjutsu, Yugao's eyes s.h.i.+ne brightly.

In the 3rd training ground, Kakas.h.i.+, who was invited by Ryo, was chopping a bunch of wooden pegs while murmuring. If you get close enough to him, you would hear him say: "Ryo yaro, you've picked up the habit of being late from Obito."

When Ryo arrived, he ignored Kakas.h.i.+'s angry eyes and introduced him to Yugao:

"Yugao, this is Kakas.h.i.+ Hatake, my friend, and the next sword-master of the Hatake clan. Let him teach you!"

"What? Ryo, you call me this early in the morning to teach a little girl Kenjutsu?"

Kakas.h.i.+ actually though that Ryo was about to show him something important, so he arrived here in the early morning. The result was that he had to wait for him for 2 hours. Now that he learned that Ryo called him just to teach a little girl Kenjutsu, he was furious.

The little loli was excited when she knew about Kakas.h.i.+'s heritage as a Hatake. But then she heard him refuse teaching her, her little face turned pale.

A child cannot hide his emotions. When Ryo saw Yugao's face, he decided to make Kakas.h.i.+ change his mind.

"Kakas.h.i.+, I'm giving you another chance. Not teaching?"

“Not teaching!”

Right as he heard his answer, Ryo's Lightning Chakra Mode broke out, and he immediately appeared behind Kakas.h.i.+.

While Ryo has been practicing for the past two years, the genius Kakas.h.i.+ was also developing his skills.

Ryo has achieved success with the Lightning Chakra mode by following Sak.u.mo's teachings. But being trained by Konoha's White Fang was not something exclusive to him.

The Hatake's Kenjutsu was based on Taijutsu, same as their Lighting Chakra mode. So Kakas.h.i.+ learned that mode to enhance his reflexes and speed.

Right as Ryo started his mode, Kakas.h.i.+ already discovered what he was on to. So he left a shadow clone in his place, and used the lightning Chakra mode to dodge.

Ryo didn't activate the Sharingan so he didn't actually realize Kakas.h.i.+'s trick.

He never imagined that Kakas.h.i.+ would out-speed him and split in a flash. Now that he's exposed Kakas.h.i.+ wouldn't let this opportunity go waste.

He drew his Dagger, and Chakra went through it looking like he was using Chidori Blade.

"Well done Kakas.h.i.+, you now can use Chidori Blade!"

"I don't have your Sharingan. My eyes can't keep up with the Chidori yet. It seems like you can only think about that Justu. This is no longer a simple Chidori Blade."

"What do you mean?" Kakas.h.i.+'s words made Ryo notice that the current flowing through this blade felt indeed different from a Chidori.

Kakas.h.i.+ didn't explain much. His short knife emitting white and blue lightning went directly towards Ryo, who was actually curious about his friend's progress. He did not dodge the attack and faced him head on.

Yugao was watching the two fight using only Taijutsu and their blades. It was a powerful scene to behold.

She has already heard about Kakas.h.i.+ the genius who graduated at 5 years of age. However, she didn't think the kind doctor from yesterday would be so strong.

"Kakas.h.i.+, you've really improved a lot over the course of the past two years." After some fighting, Ryo found that without using Senjutsu or Ice, he wasn't able to beat him for a good while.

Ryo had in mind that Kakas.h.i.+ became a Jonin at age 11. At the Kanabi Bridge incident, he had been a Jonin for some time. (Translator note: It was revealed in Boruto episode 36 that Kakas.h.i.+ became a Jonin at age 12.)

Now at age 8; he was able to face Ryo in his normal state. Ryo didn't understand if Kakas.h.i.+ was at that level in the original story, or if this is because now he gets to be taught for more time by Sak.u.mo.

Knowing that that Ryo can even face a Jonin in his normal state now, Kakas.h.i.+ is at least at Tokubetsu Jonin level.

"Yeah!" Kakas.h.i.+ wasn't attacking anymore. He knew that his progress over the past two years was great, but he didn't expect that even Ryo wouldn't beat him without using Ice.

"Hey, Kakas.h.i.+, teach that little girl! Please!"

"Why?" Kakas.h.i.+ noticed that there was something wrong with Ryo.

"Kaka, I think I like this little girl!"

"What?!" Kakas.h.i.+'s eyes that were usually pale revealed deep contempt. That girl looked like she was 3 or 4 years old!

"Hey what with that look? I swear I'm not a Lolicon! She just happened to be a Loli." Ryo's explanation was definitely lacking.

"Ryo san, is Kakas.h.i.+-san unwilling to teach me?" Yugao asked cautiously.

"Of course not. He just didn't know where to start. Didn't you just tell me that Kakas.h.i.+?"

Kakas.h.i.+ felt a cold shudder down his spine. Just now, he couldn't even beat Ryo in his normal state. What if he uses Ice?

"Yes!" Forced by Ryo's pressure, Kakas.h.i.+ nodded.

Hearing Kakas.h.i.+'s consent, Yugao's small face had a bright smile.

Afterwards, Ryo took a long vacation from the hospital, and started going with Kakas.h.i.+ and Yugao to the 3rd training ground.

This was year 42, and the village was full of movement. Even though there was no direct attack from other villages, there were continuous small frictions. The Hokage's office issued a command, and the village's s.h.i.+n.o.bi started preparing for war.

Today, the heads of the Ino-s.h.i.+kCho clans held a conference. All the clan's members were there, including Ryo. And also, Jiraya was there.

This was Ryo's 1st conference. He has always thought that the clans were small, so he didn't expect 500 people to be there.

At the meeting, Inoichi Yamanaka was silent, and Choza Akimis.h.i.+ had a bag a chips. Onky s.h.i.+kaku Nara was explaining the details about the war to people present.

Most of them were ignorant for so long about this and were now listening quietly.

After the clan meeting ended, the Ninjas from all three clans left as fast as possible to prepare for war. Ryo also returned to the 3rd training ground.

There, Ryo was working on a new type of medical Ninjutsu. The 3rd World War was about to begin, so he must finish this as soon as possible.

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Hokage: Ryo's Path Chapter 41

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