Hundred Volume 10 Chapter 4

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s.p.a.ce Port / Each one of their thoughts / Starting signals of revenge

The day when Claire and the other members will head to the moon has finally arrived.

The launching place is the s.p.a.ce port built in the Suns.h.i.+ne State District in the eastern part of the United States of Liberia——also known as 『s.p.a.ce Special District』

The main members of Little Garden are gathered in the lobby of the port.

There are those who are heading towards Lunaltia Base and those who remain on Earth to protect it.

They are divided into two groups and are facing each other.

– Well then, please take of the rest from now on mas.h.i.+tawayo.

Behind Claire who said so, are the first members who are heading to the moon with her.

Those are Erika, Chris, Fritz, Latia, Sakura, Karen and Mei Mei, a total of 7 people.

– Leave everything to me.

Liddy answered Claire.

It's Hayato and Emilia who stand behind her.

And finally, Sango and Mirai, the new students who are expected to become members of Selections

Everyone is visiting this place to guard the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and the base.

Towards Hayato and the others, Latia said.

– Hayato, Emilia. And, you too——if something happens, we are really counting on you!

– Yeees, leave it to uuus

– If anything happens, we will protect you with all our strength masuwa!

Mirai and Sango answer respectively.

– Hey, it's about time to get on board.

Three people came to where Hayato and the others are, those are Krovahn, Nakri and Nesat. They have decided to go with Claire to the moon with the launching of today.

– Err, Nii-san…

Just before leaving that place.

Karen stood in front of Hayato, tilts her head slightly up, and closed her eyes.

Hayato understands immediately that it's a gesture of hers where she wishes for a kiss on the forehead.

– Hey, Karen. The others are watching.

Although they've been doing this since childhood and as one would expect, it's embarra.s.sing to do this in front of others.

However, Karen doesn't agree with him.

– That's something that Karen doesn't care about. Even when Karen had to go to Little Garden first, didn't you do it at the airport where there was a lot of people?

– But now you are a popular singer, so…

– This is an old brother and younger sister communication, so there's nothing wrong with it.  As for the photos taken by a weekly magazine, they won't be handled as a scandal, but as a moving tale that is a charming event!

Now that it has come to this, Hayato knows well that Karen won't back down.

– Okay okay, I'll do it.

He gives up.

– Well then, Nii-san, if you would.

Just as Karen wishes, Hayato kissed her forehead.

To his side, Emilia was showing a sullen facial expression, but the other person is his little sister——.

… with that said, she had no choice but to be patient.

– Ehehe, okay then, Nii-san. Karen will go to the moon first ♪.

Karen said that with satisfaction.

The shoulder of Hayato is tapped with *Tap* *Tap*.

And when turning in that direction,

– Hayato-kun, Hayato-kun, me too!

Sakura pushes aside her own hair and pointed her forehead.

– Yeah yeah, this joke is going too far.

While saying so, Emilia gets in between Hayato and Sakura.

One thing is if the other person is his little sister, but that doesn't mean that she will have self-control if the other person is Sakura.

– Wha, it's not a joke, I'm serious. Now, Hayato-kun. Will you kiss me? If you like, and like the trendy drama at parting, it can be on the lips——

– You know what? Go to the moon at once!

– H-hey!

Emilia starts pus.h.i.+ng the body of Sakura towards the boarding gate.

When she saw that gap, a girl came close to Hayato with a half run.

It's Nesat.

She stands in front of Hayato.

– … I'm going, Hayato…

Saying that, she presented her hand with an embarra.s.sed look.

– Yeah.

Hayato noticed right away that she's wis.h.i.+ng for a handshake, so he grasps tightly the hand of Nesat.

At the same time their hands separate.

Nesat asked.

– When will Hayato come to the moon?

– The plan says 3 days before the ceremony but…

– Then, at that time…. Let's shake hands, again.

– Sure.

– *Nods*.

After listening to the reply of Hayato and smiling with a grin, Nesat returned to where Krovahn and Nakri are.

Staring at the state of the two, Sakura, Emilia and Karen, get annoyed, showing a grim look.

Claire was watching the situation, then remembered something.

The night she spent together with him at the mansion where she was born and raised.

– Did something happen, Claire-sama?

Erika inquires with a question mark on her face.

– Th-there's nothing wrong masenwa!

Claire answers while her face dyes red.

– Hey, Claire. You are not going to say your goodbyes?

Saying that, Liza struck the feet of Claire.

– Liza, when did you get here!?

Thereupon, there was Judal.

She can also see the figure of Neveah next to him.

– Claire, it's almost time.

– … y-yes. Onii-sama…. Then, let's go masuwayo.

Pulling herself together, Claire goes way ahead of the Olfred trio——.

Next, Judal, Neveah and Liza follow her and walk to the entrance where a bridge connected to the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p is attached.

The members who go to the moon, including Karen and Sakura, say their parting words with their friends and families, accompanied by their waving hands.

– ……

The line of sight of Claire, for a moment, met Hayato.

However, Claire quickly turns her gaze away.

– We are moving too.

Liddy said so and the group of people heading for the moon went out of sight.

And then they began to move to a station of exclusive use for Slayers installed at the s.p.a.ce Port in order to change to Variable Suits to be suited to defend it.


They are walking through the bridge to get on board of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

– In the end, you didn't say your goodbyes to Kisaragi Hayato.

Liza said, tapping the back of Claire.

– … it doesn't matter, it's fine like this desuwayo.

Claire looked back, and rapidly turned her face away.

Her face was slightly dyed red, as if it was a little flushed.

– … th-that…

The eyes of Liza point outside.

The bridge is gla.s.sed on all sides.

Because of that, the appearance of demonstrators centered on a group opposing the s.p.a.ce advancement of mankind that is taking place at the side of the site of the s.p.a.ce Port jumps into her eyes.

– … how irritating.

Watching the demonstrators, Liza muttered as if she was spitting out.

– … don't say things like that in public masenwa.

Claire reprimands her immediately.

She doesn't know who might be hearing them and from where.

It's probable that they are being recorded by a TV camera.

Otherwise, they will only give material for convenient criticisms to groups that oppose the s.p.a.ce advancement of mankind, the media, commentators and so forth.

– … I'm sorry.

Liza replied so and kept silent for a while.

But as soon as she boards the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and sits on the chair, she starts to curse once again.

– Good grief, I wonder why they confide in worthless teachings, even when this is a society where a few disciplines are being developed?

– Only that, this world, is packed with many mysteries.

That's what Judal sat on a chair next to Liza said.

– Besides, the current world is unstable. The human beings live having uneasiness. Even with that level of worthless teachings, we can't subsist unless we have emotional support. Such weak persons exist in great numbers.

– … for that reason, in order to unmask the many enigmas of this world——we will go to the moon to defeat the fake G.o.d…

– Exactly.

Judal nodded with satisfaction, listening the words of Liza.


After parting with the group of Karen and Claire when heading to the moon in the lobby of the s.p.a.ce Port.

The Slayers of Little Garden changed to their Variable Suits and scattered around the launch site to perform guarding.

Hayato and Emilia.

Their post is a high ground with a nice view near the launch site.

It's because of Liddy's arrangement so that he can see his little sister take off to the s.p.a.ce better.

The weather is sunny.

It's a marvelous sunny day, the ideal weather for a perfect launch.

– Ah, the countdown has begun.

The numbers of the "Huge Countdown Clock" start to decrease, second by second.

The remaining countdown is 5 minutes.

『280』, 『279』, 『276』——.

The looking worried Hayato murmured while staring at the numbers that decreased one by one.

– … I hope they fly safely…

It was an appropriate rocket with which the current mankind heads towards the moon.

However, it was recently decided that to head towards the moon, it will be with a private s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and a modified ma.s.s driver for transportation.

Like Claire, Karen and company, Hayato himself is going to head to the moon like that too.

It's said that the cost is lower and the safety is higher.

It definitely succeeded in the test and never failed in the practical stage as well.

Nonetheless, it doesn't change the fact that he's worried.

The failure.

Because it doesn't change that that will lead to death.

– … Hayato…

Emilia grabbed the trembling hand of Hayato and said.

– They'll be fine. The launch will absolutely be a success and Karen-chan will safely reach the moon.

– Yeah.

Hayato prays.

That the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p launches safely without any incident as it is, and for my little sister to get to the moon——.

To arrive without problems at Lunaltia Base.


– I'm quite accustomed to ride an airplane, bus as we are going to the s.p.a.ce, I'm still excited.

Karen said inside the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

– … Karen-chan, this isn't an airplane, but a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, you know.

Karen refutes with her cheeks partially puffed up towards Sakura who said so, looking amazed.

– I know that. What Karen wants to say is that she is excited——and about that, is Sakura also somewhat thrilled?

As she saw, the hands of Sakura that were placed on the armrest were trembling.

– … i-it's obvious. It's my first time going to the s.p.a.ce, after all.

– If so, can I do this?

Karen piled her palm on the hand of Sakura that was placed on the armrest.

– With this, we won't tremble, we'll feel at ease.

– You are right.

She smiles.

– Thank you, Karen-chan.

– Oh, it's only 60 seconds before it starts to move. Don't get nervous.

That's what Latia said.

– We'll be saying goodbye to the Earth for a while with this. Don't you regret anything?

– Nope! Now I only think about the moon!

– You really are carefree, huh.

Fritz said, looking amazed.

– What's with you, Fritz? Are you anxious about something?

Latia asks with discontent.

– No, that's not it.

Fritz looks at the face of Latia and said.

– Just to be together with everyone else and you.

– Wha!

For a moment, her face turns red,

– Wh what are you spouting, huh!?

Latia is suddenly in a bad mood and turned her face away.

Judal, Claire, Liza.

Karen and Sakura.

Krovahn, Nakri and Nesat.

Fritz and Latia.

Chris and Mei Mei.

Dreams and hopes. Expectations and nervousness.

With each of those thought in their hearts, the countdown continues.


At the same time the number became『0』, Liza said, smiling with a puff.

– Now, the mysteries of this world——. Let's go to unravel the truth of this world.


The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p that is installed on the ma.s.s driver looks no more than the size of a little finger just now as it moved on top of the long rail.

Hayato is very nervous.

The left hand of Emilia keeps grasping the right hand of Hayato which is gradually transmitting sweat. They are watching attentively the state of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p accelerated instantly going towards the shooting gate.

Hayato and Emilia stared at the situation with intense concentration.

And, finally——.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was launched towards the sky.

The rocket engine ignites for a dozen of seconds.

It goes through the clouds, pierces the atmosphere, the figure of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p that has reached first s.p.a.ce velocity goes out of sight right away.

Still, Hayato didn't turn away his eyes.

He's just gazing at the sky where the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p has disappeared.

It's a communication from Charlotte.

With those words, Hayato finally got his eyes off the sky.

『The launch is a success. Queen-sama, Ohime-sama and your Imouto-san will reach the s.p.a.ce safely after going through the atmosphere satisfactorily』

– What a relief…

The strength escapes from the whole body of Hayato.

– Congratulations, Hayato.

Emilia said, patting the shoulder of Hayato who is about to fall to the ground.

– Thank you.

According to Charlotte, there are no unusual events around the airport.

There are no indications of the arrival of Savages.

Then they can only pray that Karen and everyone arrive at Lunaltia Base safely.

Hayato looked up at the sky again and muttered in his mind towards Karen and Claire.

Take care.


Around the time Judal took off towards the moon.

That father, Bill Harvey, was still in the laboratory away from the mansion.

The place that Linis, her wife, used.

Everything is to boost the precision of the time machine.

It's to make his objective a complete success.

– … what are your business, Pope?

While sitting in a special chair set in the laboratory, he accepted the communication request from the Pope of the Holy Church, Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III.

It can be seen that there's a sealed type of helmet on his head.

It's for brain computing.

『It seems that the launch of Judal-san has been a success. After a few hours, he will arrive on the moon』

Serivia replies.

By the radio waves emitted from the helmet, her figure on the other side of the net was reflect on his retina.

– … I see…

Bill replies, looking not interested.

It's a kind of att.i.tude that says nothing about his son.

However, the Pope, who couldn't see his expression, kept talking.

『The next is that, Bill Harvey, it's your turn. A research facility for creating the time machine has also been constructed on the side of Puritaria section at Lunaltia Base. We also have brain computing equipment, so if you move to the moon, we will be able to resume our research soon』

– That does help.

『Then, in two hours we will pick you up from 《Holy Church》here. Especial preparations are not necessary, but please prepare if you have to bring anything with you』

– Okay.

When the communication with Serivia ended, Bill removed the helmet and looked at the picture frame placed on the desk.

It's a picture of his wife, Linis.

– Linis, I'll go to where you are soon.

Bill murmured and stood up.

And took the picture frame in his hand.


Three days after Claire and the others arrived on the moon.

Liza, Judal and Claire, together with Pope Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III, who had just arrived on the moon, are in the site of Puritaria in the center of Lunaltia Base.

The place they are going to is a place that exist at the very bottom of those grounds——it's a facility very similar to 10th sector, the place where Liza had been sleeping for many years.

There's also the same capsule where Liza was contained.

– Liza, are you really okay with this?

Standing in front of the capsule, Claire said.

– Yes, there's no problem.

– To begin with, I came to the moon to enter this capsule. It's neither good nor bad.

– … but…

Claire's expression becomes depressed.

There are more than 10 large sections in Lunaltia Base at the present time.

They are divided by countries and organizations.

It's already wider than Little Garden when combining all the sections, the small-scale sections, the research facilities and the memorial ceremony venue of the s.p.a.ce advancement of mankind.

In the future, all of the motive power of Lunaltia Base will be supplied by the moon's surface and the s.p.a.ce solar power generation placed on the satellites in orbit, but at this time it's still not enough.

Therefore, now they are supposed to use the power of Liza.

– Once they can supply all the energy they use by themselves, I can obtain freedom in it's true meaning. Hence, I will do my best for Nii-san, Nee-san and the others.

– … Liza…

– Don't make such a sad face, Onee-sama. Besides, it's not a bad thing to be in this capsule. Brain computing is also possible, and I can also switch to the footage of all surveillance cameras located in the base. It's also possible to become an energy body and make an appearance anywhere. That makes me feel as if I was G.o.d.

Liza turned her eyes towards Serivia after she said that.

As usual, she's concealing her face and can't perceive her expression.

– … ah, I am sorry. You shouldn't say things like G.o.d in front of the Pope.

– Worry not. I also thing that she's like a G.o.d.

Saying that, Serivia loosened her mouth.

– Well, it's about time that the Slayers and other high officials from other countries arrive at Lunaltia Base. Shall we begin?

Liza opens the capsule and enters into it.

Then, the inside of the capsule was quickly filled with liquid.

– Liza!

When Claire pushes both hands against the capsule and calls out her, letters are displayed on the monitor on the capsule side, and the voice of Liza is heard from the speaker.

『No Problem』

Liza smiles with her eyelids open.

Those eyes are, like the liquid, s.h.i.+ning in golden color and the machinery connected to the capsule started to move.

When looking at the monitor displaying the overview of Lunaltia Base, the sections that aren't colored, turn blue one after another——. They change to Active.

Confirming that all the places have changed to Active, Serivia said.

– It looks like the entirety of Lunaltia Base is now operating at full scale.

Judal speaks to Liza.

– We will be relying on you for a while, Liza.

『Of Course』

Then, Claire said.

– I will come to see you again soon masuwa.

『Yes, I'll be waiting——Onee-sama』*


Turning on the TV, an old man and three men are gathered when news flash flowed out.

It's the room of a hotel.

A naked woman lay down on the bed.

A white skin woman with blue eyes.

Like her face, the line of her body is also beautiful and while there are curves peculiar to women that looks soft, they are tightened too.

Her name is Elena Skalnikova.

A woman who competed as a member of Rasiya team at the《World Martiar Arts Tournament》.

The caster starts to read the news flash.

Then, she turned her eyes to the TV.

『Judal Harvey, the company president of Warslan Company, the conglomerate that represents Liberia and his sister Claire Harvey, the Queen of Little Garden and the winning team of 《World Martiar Arts Tournament》, have arrived one after another at Lunaltia Base』

Speaking of the latest news, they all talk about Lunaltia Base. He's fed up with that level of transmission.

It's good to say that they have had enough about the news related to Lunaltia.

But, the man who's watching TV isn't like that.

It's because he's affected by those news.

Elena was also like that.

– When are you going to the moon?

Elena asks the man.

– Next Tuesday.

– So soon.

While pouting her lips looking bored, Elena raised her body and coiled around the body of the man like a snake.

– Are you also going to leave me alone?

She mutters like appealing close to his ear.

The man answered.

– Phone calls work on the moon as well. We can talk every day.

– But I don't like that. I also want to go to the moon.

Elena said, behaving like a spoiled child.

The man shows a troubled look.

– I understand how you feel, but stop being selfish. The number of people who can go to the moon is limited.

– Of course I know about the issues of transportation. It's no good if there are only important people. However, important people need guards. Will you also go with a bodyguard?

– Yes, that's right…. Wait, you mean to go to the moon as a bodyguard?

– Even if my memories before and after the tournament are vague, my Slayer skill didn't grow dull. I suppose that you know that too, don't' you?

– But, going through the judging of the UN…

At any rate, they are what is called artificial Variants.

Like Gert Abramovic, there's a high possibility that it's considered that there's a chance of losing control, then being able to go to the moon will be very difficult.

– If so, let's just make changes to our personal data. If it's a national register, then you should be able to do anything.

– You mean lying about you?

– Please ❤?

Saying that, Elena kissed the cheek of the man.

– F-fine…

The man acknowledged the wish of Elena despite scratching his cheek as if he was in trouble.

– Thank you ❤

After having an "I did it" smile on her face, Elena brought her cheek near the chest of the man.

Of course, that expression can't be seen by the man.

The impairment of her memory is all a lie.

Even the love towards the man in front of her eyes.

When she felt down because she would have to part with Gert, she tried to take advantage of it and called out him, until she used it.

Everything is just a play to achieve just a single purpose.

(With this, I can take revenge. On the guy who robbed my beloved man——Judal Harvey…)

Hundred Volume 10 Chapter 4

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