I Am A Big Villain Chapter 5

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The Abandonment of the Educated Youth's Wife 5

"The educated youth Lin height is really tall."

"What is the use of height? I think the educated youth Jiang is better, his body is strong and doesn't delay work at all."

A group of young village girls, while doing manual labor, inconspicuously sized the educated youths up who worked in the field, gathered together twittering in a discussion.

"I think educated youth Yan is still the best. I didn’t learn a word when I was studying before. It's called a feast for the eyes[1], in front of his face, I feel full without eating." A little girl with a round face covered her mouth, not embarra.s.sed at all.

"Lin Dingding, someone’s got a crush on your lover, go rip her mouth off." The age-appropriate little girl had fun better during the day, there was no scruples about making jokes.

"Who, who is his lover?"

Lin Dingding looked at the little sisters who were laughing at her, all of a sudden she flushed from the base of her neck to the cheeks. She protested coquettishly, slapped that girl who cracked jokes on the shoulder. She put half-weaved sweater in her hand and pounded it in the basket in front of her, got up from the small bench and walked away.

"Hey, hey, hey, I’m joking with you." That person who gossiped quickly took a hold at girl to stay, certainly didn't dare to really holding the embarra.s.sed Lin Dingding to run away.

Lin Dingding just made a look. She didn’t really get angry and was pulled back to take a seat again.

"You can’t talk nonsense, Yan dà gē[2] don’t necessarily like me." Her tone is somewhat uncertain. Since the last time, the two had almost no chance to be alone. Her mood had also changed from to begin to stir[3] to the current uneasiness.

"We all called him the educated youth Yan, you called him Yan dà gē."

The round-faced girl couldn't help poking her shoulder, and her expression became a little serious after smiling: "My mother said, to seek a marriage partner can't only look at each others skin. I just said that purely means for jokes. The good-looking, can it really be eaten?"

The sixteen or seventeen years old girls, were old enough to be married in the village. As a daughter, majority of them were used to undertaking on more household duties at home, even hit the target, ready to get married in exchanged for a bride price for their family’s brother preparation to get married.

Not everyone could be as lucky as Lin Dingding, loved dearly by the whole family. Even more, village girls would sooner or later become outsiders toward their own families. They wanted to get married, but the elders are more emphasis on the bridegroom’s family condition, something like appearance and moral standing were virtual.

The little girl with a round face looked at Lin Dingding’s eyes with some envy: "The educated youth Yan is good-looking, but his work haven't really good, neither have you been working to the fields since childhood. If the two people really become together, what should be eaten in the future, especially after having a child? The educated youth Yan earns that little work points, can he afford to support you and your child?"

Lin Dingding wanted to refute, she could also work in the fields. Furthermore, thinking about these every pa.s.sing days, Yan dà gē smiled at her softly and tenderly, Lin Dingding bit her lip and the love inside her eyes was palpable.

"Your parents are pampering you, your brothers are good to you, and you will become a small family in the future. You can't always count on your family's help. Besides, some of your brothers have settled down and got married, in the future they will value their own small family. This you, little sister place in bottom of their hearts, I don’t know who is going to go behind."

The round faced girl's words weren't very pleasant, but it was indeed true for Lin Dingding.

"My mom also said, I am not allowed to contact the educated youths. Although they are from the city, but in the future they estimated to stay in our village's life. Here, they don't have their parents' and brothers' financial backing like those independent family, and when the educated youth who got married were bullied, they didn't even supported them at all."

The young girls were somewhat melancholy. The girl of this age was at time when the spring was sprouting. Compared with the boorish and vulgar village youth, they naturally preferred men who were dressed up every day, spoke elegantly, good-looking also upright and refined.

Simply like not being able to eat, for smart and pragmatic girl, looking for a strong labor family, the in-laws that easy to get along with, the man himself was honest and willing to work, was the best home. As for appearance and knowledge, that were the most worthless things in the village.

"Yan dà gē is very good, he studies well, and now he works in the field on time every day. My father praised him for all his progress."

Lin Dingding lowered her head and didn't find that the sweater on her hand was crooked by her weaving, can only tear it apart and weaved it again.

"You can’t scare Dingding, there isn't even the first stroke of the character eight[4], right?"

The girl sitting on Lin Dingding right side patted her shoulder and stared at the little girl who sang to waned Lin Dingding’s fervent yet ignorant feelings.

"Specific a.n.a.lysis of specific matters. Actually, if the educated youth Yan really likes our Dingding, this thing isn't impossible. Isn’t our commune primary school recruiting people? The educated youth Yan's educational background indeed high school graduate, teaching a primary school overall is enough and to spare[5]. Although the salary isn't high, as long as you can save some by spend little money, you can still live your life. After that, it's only proper for mother-in-law to see how Dingding the young housekeeper ability in housekeeping."

She said, then she hurriedly moved to the side, blocking her face as if she was afraid of Dingding's displeasure. Her original repressed anger was reconciled and immediately eased, Lin Dingding couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

What housekeeper? People didn’t necessarily mean that.

However, what the little sister just said gave her a little courage. She thought that regardless of success and failure, it seemed she must asking Yan dà gē to understand thoroughly.

"I’ll knock off, I have to go home and help my mother cook."

The village's knock off broadcast rang. Several little sisters, who originally were sitting under the big tree, picked up their little colt, held bamboo baskets with needlework, and getting ready to go back home.


Lin Dingding was about to leave, only to be called by the familiar voice.

"Your lover is calling you, still not quickly go over there." A few little sisters had long forgotten what they had just talked about. They pushed Lin Dingding in the back, and ran away at lightning speed, nowhere to be found.

Disturbed a couple to talk, of course going to be struck by lightning.

"Yan, Yan dà gē." Lin Dingding looked down at the tip of her shoe. Thinking about matter was hidden in her heart just a moment ago, she summoning her courage to look up. At this time Yan Chu also happened to arrive in front of her, which she suddenly looked up and saw an enlarged handsome face, leaned back bashfully.

Yan Chu's immediate reaction was to hold her in his arms. This way, Lin Dingding's head was fit snugly above Yan Chu's chest and she could heard the 「pū tōng pū tōng」 sound of his beating heart through his cotton-padded jacket.

"Why are you so careless?"

Yan Chu felt that this action seemed to be intimate. After the other party stood firm, he quickly let her go.

"Yesterday when I went to the county town, I bought a box of cream. I heard that you girls like this. Now the weather is cold, it's not easy to wipe the grease."

He took out the vanis.h.i.+ng cream with a fas.h.i.+onable curly woman painting on the small box and handed it over to Lin Dingding's hand. He looked at the little girl's adorable expression with her eyes suddenly s.h.i.+ning and felt that his own mood seemed to be good too.

"Yan dà gē."

Lin Dingding looked at the small box that Yan Chu's hand took out of his pocket, the vanis.h.i.+ng cream still had his body temperature, the impulse in her heart was high for a while.

"En[6]?" Yan listen to Lindingding call him, immediately responded.

When he completely lack of guard against Lin Dingding, she suddenly tiptoed and gave Yan Chu a mouthful kiss on the cheek. The kiss was like the water, maybe because the little girl was too nervous. Yan Chu had a kind of feeling that his cheek was bitten by kitten, perhaps touched the teeth.

The little girl ran away after the kiss, and Yan Chu on contrary hadn't recovered yet. Lin Dingding, who had just ran out a few steps away, ran back again.

"I like you, what about you?"

The matter of life or death[7] in a word, Lin Dingding thought about Yan Chu’s att.i.tude towards her in the recent days, perhaps the difference between them was the courage to clarify.

In a short period of time, Lin Dingding thought a lot, and what the sisters said was made sense. To live one’s life wasn't so simple. Her family was in good condition, but her brothers and sisters-in-law often quarreled with each other, and she might had all kinds of difficulties with Yan Chu. But he was the first boy she liked and she wanted to work hard for her feelings. Even if in the end she found that she was wrong, at least not in the future, when she remembered her retreat during that time, and then regretted it.

Lin Dingding felt she had the courage to accept any result.

"You……want to be with me?"

Yan Chu watched Lin Dingding's happiness value currently between 30 and 60, crazily swing up and down. He watched the original body's memory and he knew how tough the other side. How daring the girl to love and regret and she looked shy and simple. The original body left her and disappeared. The girl depended on herself and bringing the child in her belly up. She tried her best in everything she could, never instilled in her the resentment against the irresponsible father. In front of the child, she showed beauty and hope, and later on it was under such education that the child became an outstanding talented person.

For Lin Dingding, Yan Chu was very appreciative. This girl was open-minded and strong. Looking at the original body, it was estimated that she done blindly only in this thing in her life.

Only blame the beauty mistakenly, Yan Chu thought about his own body appearance, couldn't help but sigh.

Looking at Lin Dingding's heavy nod, Yan Chu licking his lips. The long silence made Lin Dingding's hands and feet cold. Her head lowered, she was preparing to put the box of vanis.h.i.+ng cream in her hand back into Yan Chu's hand when he finally opened his mouth.

"My name is Yan Chu, this year going to be 18 years old. My parents is divorced, my biological father is rehabilitated in Gansu province farm and my biological mother is remarried, so there are a couple step brothers and sisters. My educational background is high school graduate. I am neither smoking nor drinking. My current personal deposit is 178 yuan 7 mao 3 fen. I have a piece of eggplant watch, a certain number of cloth ticket and industrial ticket. Comrade Lin Dingding, are you willing to take the marriage as a premise, and me as your life partner?"

Yan Chu thought, since he decided to dating with a girl, his personal conditions still needed to be talked about carefully. Yan family precepts about men collecting secret stash of money are rubbish.

It was wonderful to think about it. He used to be single for more than 20 years in his past life. When he came to the world for a few months, he found a little wife.

Watching the little girl staring round like the kitten's eyes, Yan Chu smiled. It was true that there was a reason to fulfill the cherished desire of the wis.h.i.+ng person but he himself didn't hate Lin Dingding, even had a bit appreciation. He thought, after marriage, I would slowly loved this girl and let her got the happiness she wants.

[1] gorgeous, graceful, beautiful

[2] big brother

[3] to get restless, to become threatening

[4] there isn't even the first stroke of the character eight (bā;八): things have not even begun to take shape, no sign of success yet

[5] more than sufficient

[6] meaning as nonverbal grunt as interjection like OK, yeah or what?

[7] desperate

I Am A Big Villain Chapter 5

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