I Am My Wife Volume 1 Chapter 26

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When Feng Yulan entered the cla.s.sroom, the originally noisy cla.s.s suddenly quieted down, and everyone's eyes fell on him.

“You are…” In the end, Ye Wen, who was the most mature, recovered from her state of awe and doubtfully asked.

“I’m… Feng Yulan… you don’t recognize me…” Feng Yulan shyly bowed his head and whispered.

“Feng Yulan?”

“Feng Yulan!”

The whole cla.s.s ignited.

It’s really Feng Yulan, Ye Wen couldn’t believe it, because in another parallel time and s.p.a.ce (due to the different historical development lines, let’s call it another parallel time and s.p.a.ce), Feng Yulan never went through the women’s clothing event. This was always a great regret for Ye Wen. This time around, his regret has been filled, and the wish that seemed impossible has been realized.

Feng Yulan in women’s clothes.

“We have to add one more beauty to our cla.s.s.” Luo Liang looked at Feng Yulan that was scared by the reaction of his cla.s.smates at the door, and wiped his mouth.

“This is not cla.s.s beauty level, this is already school flower level!” Gu Fei added.

“The three beauties in our cla.s.s are all school-level flowers.” Qiu Yi calmly added.

“I know, but Ye Wen is the most beautiful.” The boys who knew who Qiu Yi likes began to laugh.

This morning, to copy homework, Qiu Yi was sitting at the back of the cla.s.sroom. At this moment, he looked nervously looked at Ye Wen's back, in fear that she had heard.

However, Ye Wen was completely absorbed by Feng Yulan’s appearance. How can their little gossip be heard?

The first thing that Ye Wen, who was 10 years older than the students did was shout and as she could no longer hold herself back, she took Feng Yulan in her arms.

Then… she put her right hand on Feng Yulan’s thigh and fondled it twice.

“Wow… I have to touch too!” The boys and girls saw that someone had taken the lead and immediately went crazy. Feng Yulan was touched all over his body. Well, all over his body except for his face. No one could bring themselves to touch it.

“Don’t… Stop it…” Feng Yulan whispered, but apparently no one listened.

He took a deep breath and then loudly shouted: “Don’t touch!!!”

The crowd stopped their hand movements, thinking that Feng Yulan was going to get seriously angry, and quickly spread out surrounding him, giving Feng Yulan only a little s.p.a.ce to breathe.

“My makeup… will get smudged…” Feng Yulan said in a mosquito-like voice, seeing that everyone was watching him. Suddenly, everything went still.

When everyone heard him, they all understood that it would be really bad to smudge his makeup, so they dispersed, but they still stared at Feng Yulan.

Fortunately, although they were a bit fierce, Feng Yulan’s face was not touched at all, and the makeup done by Feng Yu Lan's sister was also relatively difficult to smudge. It was also a light makeup, so there was no such problem.

“Feng Yulan, is that a wig?” Jin Jiahui, who sat next to Feng Yu Lan, had a unique advantage. He just couldn’t wait to ask when he sat down.

“Yeah.” Feng Yulan whispered, stuffed the bag into his drawer as his red face slowly recovered.

Jin Jiahui stared at the supple wig for a few seconds, and finally couldn’t help but reach out and try to touch it, but was blocked by Feng Yulan’s small hand.

“Don’t move it… It’ll fall off…”

“Oh… well…” Jin Jiahui stupidly retracted his hand. From the moment when Feng Yulan entered the cla.s.sroom, he seemed to have forgotten that Feng Yulan was a boy. His reaction at the moment was the same he had for girls.

The other boys also wanted to take the opportunity to touch it, but all of them were stopped by Jin Jiahui who had suddenly become the flower amba.s.sador. Qiu Yi could easily see Feng Yulan, but Ye Wen was much more beautiful in his eyes.

“You can’t do this Jin Jiahui! Feng Yu Lan belongs to everyone! It’s wrong to keep him to yourself!” Luo Liang protested.

“I am protecting my cla.s.smate. If you move arbitrarily, what should I do if Xiao Yulan is injured?” Jin Jiahui was right.

“Hey – you don’t even like Feng Yulan, but you wish to protect him?!”

“Cough…” Jin Jiahui coughed and lightly swept his eyes to see Feng Yulan’s expression. “With what proof do you say my relations.h.i.+p with Feng Yulan can’t be called good?”


Jin Jiahui ignored the boys jokes, but there were some strange feelings in his heart.

Like……? Male and male…

But Feng Yulan isn’t like that…

This… Jin Jiahui secretly glanced at Feng Yulan and felt a little moved. He quickly turned around to look at his novel to divert his attention.

This kind of thing is impossible! I definitely don’t like men. Jin Jiahui comforted himself, but now Feng Yu Lan looks too much like a woman…

Not to mention Jin Jiahui’s entangled situation, Ye Wen was also quite unhappy. Her seat was far from Feng Yulan, and now that table can be described as envy and hate, then she looked at herself…

Oh, I used to be… d.a.m.n.

Ye Wen suddenly turned her head and looked up at Qiu Yi. At this moment, Qiu Yi has not completely developed yet. There’s no beard on his face. [Um…]

"Do you have any interest in wearing women’s clothes?" Ye Wen smiled like a flower.

Qiu Yi was the culprit of the women who knew that Feng Yulan was actually her doing. At this moment, he listened to her almost falling down from his chair and said, “That, that isn’t… good… I do not resemble a girl…”

Ye Wen snorted, and suddenly there was no fire in her heart. “Why do I wear women’s clothes, why don’t you wear them?”

“Ah? What?” Qiu Yi's head was full of question marks.

“Cough… nothing!” Ye Wen said quickly. She almost leaked her secret.

However, they are all human souls. Why do some wear women’s clothing? Ye Wen’s psychology became increasingly unbalanced. No matter how much Qiu Yi asked, in the end he turned a blind eye to it.

At 8:30 in the morning, the school sports meet started on time. The cla.s.s teacher, Adan, rushed into the cla.s.sroom to organize the cla.s.s. When he saw Feng Yulan, he suddenly asked: “Student, are you in our cla.s.s?”

The students laughed aloud.

“Teacher! It’s Feng Yulan!” a student shouted.

“What?” Adan opened his mouth in surprise. “Is it Feng Yulan? I really didn’t recognize him. I only see a beautiful girl.”

“It’s true teacher, he agreed to wear women’s clothing to join the cheerleading team after I negotiated with him…”

“You didn’t threaten him?”

“Cough, how is that possible… Feng Yu Lan is doing this voluntarily…”

“Oh~? Is that so?” Adan looked at Feng Yulan.

Feng Yulan’s red face nodded.

“Well, that’s awesome!” Adan stomped his foot and patted w.a.n.g Xin’s shoulder, causing the students to snicker. “Everyone, line up! Neatly enter the playground!”


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I Am My Wife Volume 1 Chapter 26

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