I Am Supreme Chapter 284 - Don’T Ever Go Soft

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Chapter 284 - Don’t Ever Go Soft

Since dawn, when Jiang Zhong had been caught by Yun Yang, the interrogation had proceeded for almost the entire day. It had soon reached the downcast of the night.

For almost fourteen hours, Yun Yang had exhausted all means of questioning his captive.

From the picking of the tendons and breaking of the bones, from slitting the meridians and clotting the blood, to burning the blood vessels and wounding his basic energy - all kinds of cruel techniques that Yun Yang knew had been executed thoroughly on Jiang Zhong, one by one. Furthermore, most of the techniques were used more than once!

Jiang Zhong was almost reaching his last breath, seemingly ready to die at any time.

However, the half-dead eunuch was still looking at Yun Yang's eyes without fear, his own eyes filled with cynicism and disdain!

"Don’t you ever expect ... to obtain anything from me!"

The edge of Jiang Zhong’s mouth was constantly dripping with fresh blood, grinning malevolently as he uttered, "Young Master Yun, the son of Marquis Yun, you are actually Supreme Wind, one of the Nine Supremes. I am pleased, extremely cheerful. Even if my death was fated, having the opportunity to see the true identity of one of the Nine Supremes will make my demise worthwhile indeed!"

Jiang Zhong smiled malevolently, "I know all the intelligence you wish to know, I know it all! However, don’t you ever expect to fish anything from me, not a single word! For so many years, this old man has had a thorough understanding of life and death. Do you think that the mere torturing of the body will cause me to yield? Utter ridiculousness!

"There’s no hostage for you to threaten as I have been a loner for many years. Not only that, I do not have any relatives, nor have I ever dealt with any friends! Even if you wanted to threaten me, there is no one that you can threaten me with!"

Jiang Zhong chuckled in delight, "Although I will eventually die in your hands, as long as I am able to see your helplessness and powerless manner, I will feel comfortably jubilant, even if I were to be tortured to death!"

Looking coldly at the old thing, Yun Yang fury had raged stronger, instead of diminishing.

"You will tell me."

Faintly, the words came out one by one from between the slits of Yun Yang’s teeth, "Old dog! You will tell me, I promise."

With a sarcastic glance, Jiang Zhong looked at him, "Don't just blather. Bring it on! Any remaining means you may have! If those were the only means you had, don’t you think that it was a bit too outdated? Any other new tactics? Bring it on… and see if this old man will surrender!"

Yun Yang nodded, "Your bones are really tough, though to be frank, I really and sincerely hope that you are able to stay as stubborn with those tough bones you have! Old dog, let me tell you, you must hold out until the end. If you grow soft, I will be very disappointed. "

Having said that, Yun Yang’s hand could be seen slowly extending outwards. However, the inside of the fair palm was clear and empty.

The ridicule within Jiang Zhong’s glance grew even stronger.

However, Jiang Zhong's widened. He could clearly see a shimmering of green had slowly emerged from the palm of Yun Yang’s hand. It was clearly some kind of mystical emanation.

In the meantime, a rich air of vitality had filled up the entire chamber.

For the first time, Jiang Zhong eyes revealed a sliver of inexplicable terror.

He had no idea what Yun Yang was going to do. Just by smelling the enshrouding green gas, the pain from the wounds that he had received all over his body began to lessen.

The originally sluggish spirit that was forcing itself to hold out began to feel invigorated once more!

"What is this? How can it have such a magical effect?"

Suddenly a touch of vigilance flashed through Jiang Zhong’s eyes. He had already faintly figured out the manner and tactics of YunYang as he suddenly shouted,"Yun Yang, you bastard, kill me if you dare!"

Yun Yang continued to induce the life energy, as he said lightly, "I am not afraid to tell you old dog, not only do I possess the skill of rapid recovery of physical trauma, I also know about the Art of Soul Shifting and Arcane Hypnosis, and am substantially adept in the field of hallucinations... Any of these methods could have easily gotten me anything I wanted from you! Well, you are a well-informed elder, you should know what I mean! To deal with a person like you, one who has lost all the cultivation base, with a lost mind and incomplete body, there are too many methods that could be used. Aren’t you are too naïve to think that you are without any weak points by having no families and friends?"

A malicious grin flashed across Yun Yang’s elegant face, "However, I will not use any of these methods on you! They are too gentle and kind. I want to torture you with pain, to torture you after you have you recovered, to let you taste the painful process of neither dying nor living time and again, and to always have you immersed in extreme travail! I am going to force you to speak out the truth in such a lengthy manner! I am looking forward to this process. And I hope you won’t disappoint me with your long-lasting patience!"

"The longer the better!"

He stretched his left hand and grabbed the ear of Jiang Zhong. Slowly exerting his force, he gradually tore it off, pulling it down bit by bit in the midst of Jiang Zhong's twisted expression.

He then pressed it back into its original position. Fresh blood was flowing copiously.

At the same time, Yun Yang poured the refined energy of life towards the torn ear.

Jiang Zhong felt a surge of spiritual Qi of life entering into his body from the wounded gap. All his broken meridians had rapidly recovered and connected as soon as the Qi passed through. His wound was rapidly healing especially his freshly torn right ear. Being the part that benefited the most, an irritating sense of itchiness began to grow.

That was a prelude to a complete recovery of the wound, the muscles and tendons were nearly exposed to the air!

He even felt that his gradually draining energy had flourished. It was clearly the feeling of fullness and recovery.

His spirit was getting more and more joyful, immersing himself in the extreme rhythm of inextricable life!

Two hours had passed in that manner.

Surprisingly Jiang Zhong discovered that his torn -off ear had reverted back to its original position. Besides a ticklish feeling, it felt no different from its prior condition. The wound had been seamlessly sealed as if there wasn’t any injury before.

Most of the wounds on his body had been healed with scabs.

The scabs, for some lighter injuries, had been shed off, revealing the intact skin below!

However, in the face of such vivid and miraculous conditions, he showed no trace of delight. Besides being shocked, a distinct fear was haunting him.

He was now fully aware and sure of what Yun Yang was about to do next!

Jiang Zhong lowered his head, extended his tongue and forcefully bit it!

He wanted to commit suicide.

This was not like the time he was trying to play tricks in front of His Majesty. He was now seeking rapid death by attempting to take his own life.

Now he knew that Yun Yang’s intention was to have him tortured again and again! In order to torture himself, he was even willing to generously use such a precious mystical skill on his own body.

Jiang Zhong did not know about the extent of Yun Yang’s hatred to him, but it was nevertheless, not difficult to imagine. In the face of such a reality, he had doubted his own willpower for the first time.

That was why he wanted to commit suicide, to end this nightmare with death.

Even if you had such magical items which could rejuvenate the fractured bones and flesh, yet I do not believe that you are able to save a person from death!

Unfortunately, just as his teeth were about to tighten, his mouth landed on the surface of a blade.

It was the Destiny Blade!

Even though it was only in a split second, like the flash of electric and stone, Yun Yang who had been prudent all this while, had calmly put the blade into his mouth, blocking his teeth. The row of teeth underneath had long been broken by Yun Yang!

Due to the forceful bite, the upper row of teeth which had landed on the Destiny Blade had all shattered.

Jiang Zhong had refused to give up, pushing himself forward; apparently, he wanted to commit suicide by using the blade.

However, the blade had soon receded, seemingly faster than the time, it was being thrown out.

Yun Yang did not make any remark. A dozen great slaps were flashed across Jiang Zhong’s head and face, causing all the teeth in Jiang Zhong's mouth to crumble, without leaving any residue.

"Come! Let's get started!"

Beaming coldly, Yun Yang extended his hand.

"You seem to be the most capable of defending the picking of tendons and breaking bones. So let's start with what you did best! It's more fun this way!"

"Don't grow soft, don't beg for mercy, I hope you can maintain your dignity, and maintain these tough bones of yours. For a longer time, at least."

Such interesting games lasted until midnight.

Once again, Jiang Zhong was being salvaged by Yun Yang's air of vitality. No matter how he cursed, how he refused, the vital lifeforce was like the stomatitis maggot that continued to surge through his body.

He was horrified to find out that his bodily functions had gradually recovered again!

This was the third time!

Jiang Zhong slowly raised his eyes. The handsome features of Yun Yang appeared like a devil disguised with an evil charm.

No matter how Yun Yang had tortured him, his eyes had not been destroyed.

"I want you to see with your own eyes, your own mortality."

Yun Yang stared into Jiang Zhong’s eyes, and with a gentle smile, he uttered, "Jiang Zhong, I wanted you to always regret in the remaining years of your life on why would you do such a thing!"

Finally, Jiang Zhong could not help but tremble uncontrollably.

He was really a demon!

So far, he had tortured him day and night, and yet there was not the slightest change in his expression.

His eyes were even full of pleasure and excitement while watching himself being tortured to the brink of death. It was followed by recovery, and then once again death, and being restored again...

Such reciprocation had caused the demon’s pleasure to become more and more intense, wave after wave, one after another continuously!

Jiang Zhong even suspected that the real purpose of this person was no longer about probing what he knew. He was only there to torture him!

The more he kept silent, the happier he was!

The more motivated he was!

The more pleasurable he was!

He was really willing to continue with the torture. Despite hoping to obtain something from Jiang Zhong, he had enjoyed the gratification of getting Jiang Zhong ravaged and tortured more!

I Am Supreme Chapter 284 - Don’T Ever Go Soft

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