I Am Supreme Chapter 453

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Both of them let out loud roars as rich sword energy bounced off their hands and shot towards the rainbow beam in the sky. At the same time, the men sprung up and charged over as fast as they could.

Just as they shot up, another wave of unusual emanations came from beneath the ground. It was not just one, but three different spots that were showing signs of violent quavering!

It was as if Supreme Cloud was going insane underground.

Mr. Nian and partner reacted promptly. There was no hesitation as one gave chase to the rainbow beam in the sky like a meteor while another returned at once to pounce at the rumblings on the ground.

The process of shooting towards the sky and then charging back was as smooth as a stream of water; there were no signs of forced movement at all.

The sword light gleamed. Mr. Nian gave a soft cry as he flew out like a rampaging dragon. a.s.suming superiority, his sword energy was unleashed to its full extent.

At this moment, Mr. Nian's sword energy and sword light had the momentum of the axe that had been swinging in the universe from the beginning of time; it came in swiftly and with earth-shattering force!

The current situation not entirely beyond Mr. Nian's initial expectations. He had guessed that Supreme Cloud would not sit around waiting for his death, especially when the Spiritual Restraining Formation targeted specifically at him was being used again. He would surely struggle on the brink of death. It was the only time Supreme Cloud could retaliate anyway, so Mr. Nian was already ready to move. Despite events turning out like unexpected accidents, he was actually confident and took this opportunity as a decisive strike, increasing his attacking strength significantly compared to his previous blows.

A loud bang erupted as the three spots were engulfed in sword light at the same time. Dust filled the sky at once, while the bizarre sword energy that possessed odd attributes swept a perimeter a thousand feet wide around the three spots under it.

Yun Yang who was in the middle of the arcane storm felt like he had been struck by lightning; his heart ceased to beat at that very moment.

In the split second that his heart stopped, Emmie's magical energy surged through him like the most vigorous of rivers. At the same time, the sky that was supposed to be as bright as day, the snow-covered sky, was suddenly filled with stars. They shone with a dense brilliance, forming the oddest scene of all; a star-lit day!

They then fell like meteors.

The person at a higher alt.i.tude, who was giving chase to the rainbow beam, chopped into it with his sword but realized that he could not break it. Upon careful observation, he realized that the rainbow beam was actually a saber!

It was a strange-looking yet extraordinarily radiant saber that one would take to immediately.

The saber light could endure an extraordinarily powerful strike by an expert of such a level without being destroyed; it had already shown its unique quality.

The person was delighted, stretching his hand to grab the coveted item, but did not forget to remind Mr. Nian, "Complete the formation immediately!"

Below, Mr. Nian's sword light had just shot out when he felt the ground he stood on shake and then the stars fell from the sky.

The power of heaven and earth was so intense that even Mr. Nian, who was practically indestructible, dared not face the force directly. Mr. Nian knew that things were not in his favor, and he immediately tossed the few pieces of rainbow jadestone in his hands into the predetermined spots.

In the sky, the person's finger was about to touch the Divine Edge, only to see the saber blink and inexplicably disappear.

On the ground, the mountain began to shake as dust, stone, and soil soared thousands of feet into the sky, in an attempt to cover the sun. For a brief moment, the day was dark and it was impossible to see.

The booming sounds were deafening as dozens of mountains collapsed in unison.

The force of the stars falling was immense. For many miles around, the mountains crumbled and sent up plumes of dust. It was like the continent had gone into fits of rage, expressing it through earthquakes.

Facing such a strange phenomenon, Mr. Nian could only watch dumbstruck, his mind blank.

What was going on?

Supreme Cloud?

If Supreme Cloud had such an ability, he could have easily annihilated him. Why would he be forced to do this?

However, if this was not Supreme Cloud's doing, what was going on?

Underneath, Yun Yang who was imbued with Emmie's magic, was revived as a surge of dynamic strength gushed into him; he felt himself jerking, his spirit almost shattered in that split second.

He gritted his teeth through the extreme pain, casting the Holy Water Charm with the last sliver of clarity that remained in his mind. Yun Yang, who was under the influence of the endless power, had actually escalated the Holy Water Charm's cultivation base to terrifying new heights. At that very moment, the entire world's water was under his control. With that, he threw his all might into the essence of liquid.

Just as his mind thought about it, the stream of water that lay three thousand feet underground surged up.

Yun Yang, who was casting the Holy Water Charm, endured the wrenching pain in his soul and dove into the s.p.a.ce Mr. Nian's sword energy had created. Within the snap of a finger, he had gone at least two thousand feet under.

Yun Yang's feet could vaguely feel the chill of the underground river now. Just as he relaxed and was about to flow with the water, the Spiritual Restraining Formation was finally activated. Yun Yang felt his body grow heavier, as he lost his water manifestation powers and returned to his human form. Gravity pulled him down as he stumbled and sunk into the underground river; the loss of the Holy Water Charm's control caused the underground river to fall it's surging path, carrying sand, stone and Yun Yang back into the deeper layers of the earth.

The stream of water flowed back into the underground river, moving forward but into an unknown direction.

The mountains crumbled as stones and rocks showered down like a storm. It was a scene from the end of the world. Both the attackers moved fluidly, their arms dancing as they calmly flung away the storm of stone and dust. Left and right, they cleared the ruins around them and dove under the onslaught like two strikes of lightning.

Loud, rumbling sounds could still be heard. It was the two men pus.h.i.+ng the debris of stones aside or crus.h.i.+ng them altogether. What they saw was a dampness, two thousand feet in depth, a trace of the underground river that had come.

Both men attacked at the same time; the explosion of sword light barreled another hundred feet downwards, but there was no trace of Yun Yang. They repeated the process dozens of times, the blows resulting in the faint sound of water flowing underneath.

They wanted to keep on going and reach the underground river to pursue Yun Yang, but the landslide above had finally begun to show its effects. With an earth-shattering boom, the sides of the walls above them collapsed simultaneously.

Not only was there total destruction, the layout of the earth had changed as well!

The men cursed and threw out a wave of intense mystical Qi, intending to inhibit nature's destruction with their formidable strength. Their cultivation base was already at the top of the world, so the natural mayhem could hardly deal damage to the both of them.

In spite of this, they could not stop the collapsing rubble from sinking due to gravity.

When the dilapidation was over, the men were horrified to discover that they had once again returned close to the surface of the earth. The thousand foot-deep tunnel that they had just formed had been securely filled up by the falling debris.

Any trace of Supreme Cloud had disappeared. There were no more hints of him to be found.


The person who had come after Mr. Nian raised both his hands; two rays of sword light were unleashed at the same time… He still wanted to try, not giving up on the chance to wipe out Supreme Cloud.

Crumbled rock and soil were flung into the air once more. Mr. Nian provided a.s.sistance as well.

An hour later, a three thousand feet opening formed where they stood. The widest aperture was about ten thousand feet in diameter. It was just like a giant funnel!

Both the men were now looking upon the surface of the earth that lay three thousand feet underground.

An underground river, twenty to thirty feet wide with an unknown depth rushed past them, entering the dark cave on the other end.

Mr. Nian looked ferocious. He rubbed his hands and a stick made out of pure mystical Qi appeared. He plunged it straight into the river. The stick's length was growing, the bottom of the river coming into contact with the stick only after it had grown a hundred feet in length.

The underground river was only thirty feet wide but it was also a hundred feet deep with a fierce current. With the amount of time that had pa.s.sed, Supreme Cloud, who also had Supreme Water's manifestation powers, might already be long gone!

The situation had changed. Supreme Cloud's various manifestation powers were extremely useful here. Even if they knew that he was right there in this river, they were helpless to do anything about it, and would not have been able to capture him.

How could they know which drop of water was Supreme Cloud, given the amount of liquid in the entire river?

Even if their cultivation base had been divine, they could not possibly have evaporated the entire underground river.

"He's gone."

Mr. Nian sighed softly, a strange glow glinting in his eyes.

He had not expected that the remaining sin of the Nine Supremes could not be purged, despite his personal appearance and superior ability. What made it worse was that they already had

"It's not yet time for Supreme Cloud to die. We'll look for the next opportunity." The other person said in a soft voice.

"The next opportunity is right before our eyes! We only need to search the battlefield. Yutang is at a critical juncture now. If Supreme Cloud managed to escape, he won't s.h.i.+rk his responsibility to appear on the battlefield."

"You're right. With worry weighing him down, he won't be able to escape his downfall!"

Mr. Nian nodded in agreement.

Both men exchanged glances before they descended to the ground without hesitation. to collect the formation's spiritual stones. After they had retrieved their treasures, they soared into the sky, towards the east.

On the ground, the funnel-shaped pit that had been dug by the experts slowly seeped water – like a giant eye that was gleaming with a mocking glint.

I Am Supreme Chapter 453

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