I Am Supreme Chapter 489

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When Marquis Yun and the others finally rushed back to the tent to see what was happening, having waited with bated breath, they were shocked to see both people in the tent covered in blood; one was still lying quietly on the bed while the other was comatose, sprawled unceremoniously on the ground.

Everyone was initially taken aback, but their trepidation immediately turned into joy.

"Yun Yang's not dead!" Shangguan Lingxiu cried out in delight, "He's still breathing! It looks like he just fainted. It must be from having lost too much blood and over-exhaustion…"

The old marshal was important, but the Nine Supremes Lords were still more important to Shangguan Lingxiu, especially when one of the Nine Supremes was Yun Yang. Therefore, compared to everyone else who was more concerned about the Old Marshal, her eyes were immediately drawn towards Yun Yang.

"The Old Marshal's not dead either…" Fu Baoguo's eyes were wide and round, his heart filled with happiness. He could almost jump up and shout in joy. "He's still breathing, and his breath is much stronger now. His pulse is stable... what an amazing improvement!"

Everyone was indescribably ecstatic upon hearing the report.

Marquis Yun and Bai Yixue were still in disbelief, opting to go over and check for themselves. Qiu Jianhan was still unconscious and in a bad state, but some color had at least returned to his face. Despite the wound on his chest, which still looked like a horrible gash, his pulse was indeed stable now, unlike previously when it was fluttering weakly in his chest.

The men, both cultivation experts, came to the same conclusion; although the old marshal was still unconscious, his life was no longer at risk. It was unknown if there would be any sequelae from such a serious injury and if he could ever wake up, but for now…

Old Marshal, who was supposed to have died, had survived!

Old Marshal had been saved!

One of Yutang's three pillars had not crumbled after all!

"Thank God!"

Shangguan Lingxiu was tearing up from happiness.

She was honestly more concerned about Yun Yang, but the old marshal was her revered elder, an irreplaceable pillar of Yutang's military. That he had managed to defeat death while he stood at its door was an incredible feat indeed!

Fu Baoguo was a man possessed, as he went to grab on Marquis Yun's hand and shook it fervently, at a loss for words from gratitude. "Marquis Yun, Lord… you… Thank you… You've cultivated a great son…"

No one had entered the tent throughout Qiu Jianhan's confinement after being wounded and as he was hovering on the brink of death. It had only been Yun Yang alone inside the tent, so the fact that Qiu Jianhan was getting better could only have been his doing.

There was no doubt about it nor would there be anyone who suspected anything else. Besides, judging by how Yun Yang had succumbed to exhaustion, it showed how much effort he had put in.

Fu Baoguo was no longer doubtful of Old Marshal Qiu's comment regarding Yun Yang. This child had a truly extraordinary ability and his potential was above his father's; there was no debate that he would eventually surpass his sire.

Marquis Yun watched Yun Yang, who was unconscious and said softly, "Marshal Fu has flattered us. This is what Yun Yang should have done to save Old Marshal. It's not worthy to be mentioned nor thanked."

Fu Baoguo was ruddy and high spirited, laughing gleefully, "No no, it's worthy to be mentioned of course! Whoever saves Old Marshal shall be my life's savior, my second parent! Hahaha…"

The group was tickled listening to him. After all, if Yun Yang were to be Fu Baoguo's second parent, then Marquis Yun, who was standing in front of him, would be the father of his second parent?

"Young Master Yun doesn't look too good. He must have expended himself to save the old marshal." Shangguan Lingxiu said rather anxiously, "I think it's better to bring him to rest. Even if he's fine, he'll still need to recuperate for a few more days judging by his current state."

Marquis Yun smiled gently. "If so… I will have to trouble Lady Shangguan with this task."

The group smiled knowingly upon hearing the conversation. Shangguan Lingxiu blushed furiously but did not avoid the task, picking Yun Yang up carefully and went out as if she was trying to flee.

"Hahaha…" Fu Baoguo chortled. "Marquis Yun, it looks like your family will have good news soon."

The physical affection was a sign of commitment that a certain someone's reputation was all tied to the lady; of course, the good news would come soon!

Marquis Yun beamed calmly and said, "It's this child who has gotten lucky. It's what he should have done to save Old Marshal, but if a relationship forms because of it, that's his fate. Hopefully, the good news will come true then. Would the Old Marshal be considered the matchmaker in this case?"

The group chortled again, exclaiming Marquis Yun's excellent way of speaking as he had wished well for the old marshal in his casual words. If the old marshal was not well, how could he be a matchmaker?

Turning back to look at Qiu Jianhan, who was also still comatose, everyone felt a genuine ease and thankfulness. it was a miracle that he had not died when he should have and was stabilizing from his critical condition.

Although he was still in a coma, everyone felt as if they regained their tower of strength now. They were calm and composed despite the warfare that was still brewing out there.

The constant challenge from the invading enemy now did not seem as terrifying as before.

Shangguan Lingxiu carried Yun Yang back to her tent, blushing and embarrassed. However, just as she entered, she realized that Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan had followed her. Both the girls were looking at Yun Yang with concern filling their eyes.

"How is he?"

It was Ji Lingxi who had asked the question. She was still sallow-looking as usual as if she did not care much about the situation, but her eyes, flickering with panic, had long betrayed her true emotions. It was like her eyes had grown roots on Yun Yang's face, searching and anxious.

Shangguan Lingxiu sighed inwardly. "He's fine, he has probably lost too much blood. Drained emotionally and physically. With Yun Yang's cultivation base, he will be alright as long as he rests quietly."

She had said so but inwardly she was thinking, "This girl, who came from who knows where... Is she really Yun Yang's fiancée? Why else would she be so concerned?"

"Still… I have never heard about this before…"

"Marquis Yun as well… how could his father not know anything?"

Yue Rulan replied, "Lost too much blood? Young sister, quick, feed him some medicine, especially those spiritually nourishing ones… He looks like he's lost quite some blood here. No matter how mighty his cultivation base is, he won't be able to afford losing so much."

Of course, her words were directed at Ji Lingxi.

This was the difference between the intimacy of their relationship. No matter how Yue Rulan was impressed by Shangguan Lingxiu and how close she was to her, he sister-in-law's marriage ultimately came first. Anything could be tolerated and given away except for one's love; a single moment of tolerance might just send a lifetime of happiness away. She had to be firm, even if it was uncalled for.

Ji Lingxiu understood her sister as well, saying, "Alright, I'll get it. I'll take care of Yun Yang through the night. He has to rest well."

"Both the sisters' medicine will surely be beneficial. Go on quickly," said Shangguan Lingxiu.

With that, she went out quietly.

Intelligent as she was, how could she not know that these two ladies must have come from wealthy noble families. She would never be able to challenge them in terms of wealth, with their treasured resources and gems. Since she could not produce medicine as effective as theirs, let theirs be used then.

Nothing was more important than for Yun Yang to be healthy. If the girls were shunning her, then let her go out first. There was no need to raise further complications, or else it would only trouble Yun Yang!

Standing atop the mountain, Shangguan Lingxiu's hair fluttered with the wind, as did her thoughts.

I am a daughter of a family of generals. This life of mine is destined to be spent on the battlefield. Someday, I might die on the battlefield. However, Yun Yang's future is bright, his youth is full of potential. Why should he be weighed down and burdened by this sentiment of mine?

He is one of the Nine Supremes. He is tactical and resourceful, destined to soar in the nine heavens. No one can kill him.

I like him, but how can I keep up with him?

Let it pass like this then. It would be better for both of us.

Let me give it all up.

Her rational mind was filled with such thoughts, free and open, but Shangguan Lingxiu felt her heartache as she stood there. The sudden pang of heartache was unstoppable as sadness washed over her; her delicate heart was being minced and sliced into bits. So this was how heartache felt like.

Standing against the wind in the nightfall, her tears streamed freely down her face.

Faraway, battle cries rang in the air.

This lady from the family of generals chuckled in self-deprecation as she cried, "Shangguan Lingxiu, oh, Shangguan Lingxiu, even your love, even your surrender, even your heartache… they are accompanied by the sounds of the battlefield. You, whose destiny is set, why burden anyone else? It would be best for you to be alone in this lifetime. Don't bring sadness to those who come to love you, don't let them go through the parting of life and death, the longing of two separate worlds!"

"Sister Lan… you… I… did we go overboard?" Ji Lingxiu fed Yun Yang the medicine while talking to Yue Rulan with a blush, "Sister Lingxiu has been fair to us, and I can see that she really likes Yun Yang."

As she spoke, she was filled with anxiety and no small sense of guilt.

I Am Supreme Chapter 489

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