I Am Supreme Chapter 491

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Fu Baoguo was very puzzled; unable to figure out exactly what Han Sanhe was thinking and planning, despite giving the matter further consideration.

The Fortress of Resilience had fallen and Yutang had lost its natural barrier. While their new line of defense was called the next Fortress of Resilience, it only remained as long as they remained and vice versa; the fort ceased to exist when they perished. However, Fu Baoguo still felt that the pressure currently on him was not as strong as when he was in the Fortress of Resilience.

It was worth mentioning that Zhan Ge was also a marshal at the top of his game. Even though he was still slightly lacking in comparison to Fu Baoguo, with his accumulated initiatives, he had managed to slowly bring Dongxuan to the side of victory.

No matter how long this war continued, both Zhan Ge and Fu Baoguo knew in their hearts that the defining point of the battle would happen in these two days! The ultimate ending would see Yutang being defeated!

This was the situation at hand. No one could change it!

Fu Baoguo had known this for a long time now, as he continued to utilize a defensive strategy, and watched his soldiers die in droves, one after another. In comparison to Zhan Ge, he was a better military strategist, more matured and meticulous in his thinking too. However, even he could not make bricks without straw.

Tianxuan Cliff would be where his last battle would take place in this lifetime!

If he did not become a deserter then he must perish here. There was no other possibility!

Whether as the main marshal of Yutang's eastern border, or as the person who made a promise with Supreme Wind, or just an ordinary man of Yutang, Fu Baoguo disallowed himself to be tainted for the second time in his life.

"I, Fu Baoguo, would rather die here than to take another step back!" he cried out.

"This is also the Fortress of Resilience. If I can't keep the promise of falling with the previous Fortress of Resilience; then, let me share in the rise and fall of this Fortress of Resilience that I've built myself!"

"Teacher, why…?" Zhan Ge asked Han Sanhe. Unbeknownst to Fu Baoguo, Zhan Ge actually shared in his incomprehension.

Han Sanhe's arms were placed behind himself as he watched a grey cloud crossing the bleak looking sky. Answering his student faintly, he said, "I thought that you'd understand. But you've still asked after all."

"Teacher? I…" Zhan Ge was too confused to even finish his sentence.

Han Sanhe heaved a melancholic sigh. "You will understand in time, Zhan Ge. I only hope that you don't pick the wrong road by then."

Zhan Ge's heart lurched in shock, unable to contain his words, "Teacher, could it…"

Han Sanhe waved his hands, dismissing the topic. He turned to look at Zhan Ge and said, "Do you know why I must let you personally defeat Fu Baoguo?"

"Please enlighten me, teacher. Your disciple readily accepts your teaching," said Zhan Ge.

Han Sanhe said slowly, "There are a lot of things that are very strange, very odd, in this world. Likewise, there are plenty of strange things on the battlefield. Let me ask you this, how does a great general reach even greater heights? My long life of experience concludes that there is really only one way, which is by stepping over the corpses of other great generals."

"This theory is the same applied to the marshal of an army. Only when one defeats an equally talented marshal, who's on par or even better than oneself, only then can one's reputation rise."

"If it were only like this, it would probably still be within an ordinary field of understanding. But this theory has a peculiar aspect. When you do battle with a reputable marshal in war and finally defeat him, you'll unconsciously learn his commanding ways – as if you've suddenly been given a lesson, an inexplicable feeling of epiphany! At that moment, you will instinctively know that you've improved – so much so that that the degree of improvement is unimaginable."

Han Sanhe continued, "This is something that outsiders can't understand. Only the litigant himself is aware of. And from what I think, you may not realize this truth because although you've fought him about eight to ten times now, it is still within the confines of the same battle. You won't be struck by this revelation until there is defeat and victory, life and death! Only when life and death have been decided will you then be definitely aware of this enlightenment!

"Do you understand now? To defeat and kill Fu Baoguo would be such a fortuitous opportunity for you!"

Han Sanhe continued in a soft voice, "When you truly defeat Fu Baoguo, then, you'll be able to understand half of what I'm thinking now."

"Thank you, teacher, for your cultivation," Zhan Ge replied respectfully. He was astounded by the knowledge that had just been revealed to him by Han Sanhe.

Han Sanhe replied just as unhurriedly as before, "This thank you is premature. If you can defeat Tie Zheng then perhaps you'll understand about seventy percent of me. If you can defeat Leng Daoyin then you'll understand ninety percent of me."

Zhan Ge felt as if there were war drums being beaten inside his heart. He was at a complete loss for words.

Regardless, Han Sanhe was not waiting for his reply. "To understand me completely to a full one hundred percent, you'll need to wage war against me and defeat me. Only then will you understand all of me, even the parts that I can't figure out myself now, you might already be able to figure out by then."

"This disciple dares not have such wild thoughts." Zhan Ge replied hurriedly, sweating profusely.

Han Sanhe smiled faintly and said, "It all depends on you. How will you know it can't work if you don't put effort into it? Now go, conduct your battle quickly. If I have estimated correctly, the end will be in sight before the dawn of the day after tomorrow."

"This war will come to an end latest by tomorrow's latter part of the night." Fu Baoguo said grimly as he walked towards Qiu Jianhan's tent.

Qiu Jianhan was still in a coma and there was someone beside his bed now – Yun Yang.

Yun Yang had already recovered his health.

"How is it, Marshal Fu?" asked Yun Yang with a smile.

This behavior baffled Fu Baoguo. He did not seem to have met this Young Master Yun before but why was he speaking to him as if they were familiar friends?

"Bad! Very bad!" Fu Baoguo sighed deeply.

"The current state is very grave." Fu Baoguo had a serious look on his face, and continued, "Young Master Yun, I want to ask a favor of you. I request that Young Master Yun not reject it."

Yun Yang answered in a low voice, "Do speak, Marshal Fu. As long as it's within my capability, I won't say a second word."

"The war has reached a point where defeat is imminent. No matter how many divine tactics there are, they'll hardly work now. This war can be lost, but Yutang can't be allowed to fall; the elites of this nation cannot cease to exist."

Fu Baoguo uttered the following words as clearly as he could, "So, I want to ask Young Master Yun to guard the Old Marshal's departure. Only with Young Master Yun's personal guard can it be guaranteed that Old Marshal will be returned safely and my mind will be at ease.

"What about you?" Yun Yang asked.

Fu Baoguo did not answer him and after a brief pause, continued, "Shangguan Family of Generals' Lady Lingxiu is the current icon of the family, she's significant and can't just perish here. Also, your father Marquis Yun, Bai Yi, Fang Mofei and the others are all elites of the empire. If they were to sacrifice unworthily here, it'll be the empire's misfortune."

"On top of that, eight thousand Shangguan Family of Generals' men are left with two thousand and seven hundred plus fighting till now. I ask for Young Master Yun to take them away too.

However, please do not be troubled for I can only give you no more than five thousand people on this trip. But even with these people, how can absolute security be guaranteed? I formally reiterate here that this mission is not going to be easy; it's going to be one of the hardest things to do. Perhaps it could be said that the future of our empire, whether or not it can rise again from ashes like the phoenix, will be shouldered by you."

Fu Baoguo was stoic, pure determination written on each line of his face.

"I understand all that you say but I ask for Marshal Fu to answer this. What about you, Marshal Fu? What will become of you?" Yun Yang asked again.

Fu Baoguo smiled faintly and replied, "I, Fu Baoguo, have promised Lord Supreme Cloud to share life and death with the Fortress of Resilience. It's a pity that I've broken my promise on Old Marshal's strict command. Although we agreed to build another Resilience Fortress, it's still a promise broken to its core! But no matter how I've gone back on my words in the past, I'm here in front of Tianxuan Cliff now. With the Nine Supremes Lords watching me from above, I'll never run away pathetically."

"As Yutang's militant, as Yutang's man, it's the greatest glory as a soldier to fight to my death in the battlefield before the nation falls."

Fu Baoguo said softly, "If anyone were to remain alive after the country is subjugated, it'll be the biggest humiliation in life!"

Yun Yang scoffed and said, "What do you mean by this? Even if the country is subjugated, what about those soldiers who are still fighting relentlessly and working to recover their homeland? I say they're lionhearted, heroic men too. Why must they shoulder the eternal stain of humiliation?"

"Of course they're heroes, undeniably heroes. But they're not at the frontline! I, Fu Baoguo, am at the frontline right now! This is the difference. Being unable to die here will be my eternal humiliation." Fu Baoguo answered faintly.

Yun Yang remained silent because he understood what Fu Baoguo meant.

The border defense battalion of the frontline was responsible for protecting the country. If it were breached by the enemy, it would be a heinous crime! Whatever the underlying reason or cause, such a sin could not be dismissed.

Even if the entire country knew that there was no alternative and that it was understandable if the defense fell, the soldiers would never be able to forgive themselves; it was something they would carry with them for the rest of their lives like an incurable disease, an unresolvable conflict!

What was more, how many people in the world could be empathetic enough to put themselves in the shoes of these border fighters? When things finally came to an end, there wouldn't even be a handful of men who would dare say that they could empathize with those caught up in this situation.

"Young master need not be concerned about my safety. I have made known to you my last request. I hope that Young Master Yun will help me," said Fu Baoguo.

Yun Yang replied curiously, "There are so many people who look more influential and more powerful than me. They're much more suitable than me to face this current crisis. Why have you come to me, Marshal Fu? Aren't you regarding me a bit too highly?"

Fu Baoguo smiled and answered, "Why does the Old Marshal commend you so highly? Why does the Old Marshal look for you instead of others in the last of his moments? Additionally, he doesn't allow a third person. These are my reasons."

Yun Yang was stunned.

I Am Supreme Chapter 491

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