I Am Supreme Chapter 534

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Yun Yang, Great Young Master Yun Yang, stood up staggering, with a stunned look on his face. He was in a stupor.

"Where am I?"

"What's going on?"

"I was still on the bed just now…"

"There was someone beside me?"

"Someone beside me?!"

Thinking about it, Yun Yang recalled with a chill that it was Ji Lingxi who was beside him just now. His immediate thought was that Ji Lingxi, who was so near to him, must be in grave danger because the attacker must be significantly skilled to be able to blow him away and injure him like this.

Just as Yun Yang struggled to hurry inside so he could check on Ji Lingxi, Yue Rulan walked over hastily. She frowned and whispered harshly, "Brother Yun… you – you've drunk too much. How can you be this way?"

Yue Rulan's cultivation base was higher than ordinary cultivators but was still far from Yun Yang's level thus she did not think too much about what the ruckus could mean. Instead, she connected the dots somewhere else…

Yun Yang was smarter than the average person. He realized the awkward situation right as he woke up and acted as in a play being directed by himself in order to camouflage or even avoid the sticky situation at hand.

Sister-in-law Yue could not be blamed for thinking so randomly. Firstly, Yun Yang's cultivation base had reached a very lofty height that far exceeded Yue Rulan's knowledge so it would be beyond her imagination for someone to fling Yun Yang so far away. It was more so when Ji Lingxi made no more consequent noise after that one ruckus. Compared to Yun Yang being awfully struck, Sister-in-law Yue would love to believe that it was Yun Yang's purposefully doing something to avoid a certain responsibility.

As the mastermind behind this episode, she must do something!

An anxious Yun Yang was dumbfounded in bewilderment.

What was his sister-in-law saying? Why did he not understand a thing?

Yue Rulan stomped her foot and scolded him, "You – you can't violate my sister no matter how much you drank last night. Look at what you've done! This doesn't end here. Your eighth brother isn't here but your eighth sister-in-law is still here!"

Yun Yang's eyes went wide, they were coloured with fear, as he thought "Huh? Violate? Did I violate Ji Lingxi? Wait, isn't it of greater urgency to check on Ji Lingxi now? Eighth sister-in-law, how do you still have the mood to argue about this? Just promoted with a title and now you've become so imposing, eh?"

However, Yue Rulan's words reminded Yun Yang that it was indeed Ji Lingxi who was lying on his bed just as he woke up and he had even stretched his arm to push…



Oh… Oh my god, push?

Yun Yang was struck with the realization of what had just happened.

The culprit that blown him away was actually the sudden surge of energy that exploded from Ji Lingxi when he pushed her. The entire process was absurd but it was also unstoppable – but he really was forcibly flung away.

As Yun Yang recalled the feeling of that moment, he was sure that there was no third party ambush thus Ji Lingxi was safe but he was also frightened the more he thought about it. That power that emanated from Ji Lingxi made Yun Yang feel like he was facing an unsurpassable and unpredictable force.

It was beyond imagination and invincible. But how did this happen?

The more one knew the lesser one felt. Personally experiencing that force, Yun Yang felt the lingering fear deepening now because the longer he thought about it, the more unrivaled the force seemed as compared to when he just came experienced it.

The oppressive force was incomparable, not even Ling Xiaozui or Mr. Nian's strike at Lei Dongtian back then could match it. This force was much more terrifying, so many times more!

After all, Yun Yang's cultivation base, capability, and experience as of now were not the same as they used to be then.

In contrast to Yue Rulan, Yun Xiaoyao who was more experienced in life, looked at Yun Yang meaningfully before he shifted his glance to Yue Rulan. With an intentional frown, he asked, "What's going on? Yun Yang has…violated your sister?"

A certain someone was slyer as his cultivation base was higher than Yue Rulan's as well; he had sensed Ji Lingxi's state at once when Yun Yang was flung out and had confirmed that the former was indeed alright. Therefore, he was more certain that Yun Yang's flying adventure was an act as if his serious injuries were nothing at all. It was a piece of cake for a heaven realm cultivator to create some havoc and fake severe damage. Thus Yun Xiaoyao, assumed, just like Yue Rulan, that this was Yun Yang's countermeasure.

He would be happy to see Yun Yang leaving his bachelor life too, so he had naturally cooperated with Yue Rulan.

He thought, "You want to get rid of suspicion using this method? Dream on! Besides, you're caught right in the middle of the deed!"

"Even if it didn't happen, I'll make it happen for you!"

Yue Rulan's eyes brightened. She was smart enough to quickly discern the cooperation in Yun Xiaoyao's tone, and agreed, "That's right! Otherwise, how will he be beaten out?"

"This animal!" Yun Xiaoyao looked furious. "How dare you do something so inappropriate, brazen and disgusting? Lady, don't you worry. I will surely make him give a good explanation to all of us. As Yun Yang's father, I'll take charge of this matter, I'll be the final decision maker!"

"I'll thank King Yun over here then!"

Yue Rulan was finally relieved but she could not help feeling an aching sense of happy melancholy. With Yun Xiaoyao pushing the matter, it would be much stronger than just her pushing it alone. "Ji Lingfeng, I've found my sister someone she likes as her ultimate home…"

From Yun Xiaoyao's point of view, he was just happy to see things come to a boil. With how much experience he had in life, it was easy for him to understand the situation now. It was a devoted lady who had encountered an unromantic man. The lady was all sorts of willing while the man was confused or discouraged. Besides, the reason Yun Xiaoyao would push for the matter, disregarding his status in the process, was that he felt deeply for Yun Yang – it might be impossible in this lifetime for the latter to take initiative in finding a wife with his temper and heavy sense of responsibility; but that would be a lifetime of regret!

It was due to these factors that Yun Xiaoyao backed up Yue Rulan.

Yun Yang and Yun Xiaoyao were Royal Highnesses now but what were Yue Rulan and Ji Lingxi's identities in comparison? Put nicely, they were direct descendants of noble families; for a lack of better words, they were martial world women. There would be no hope for them to be married into a king's family! They would not even qualify to be concubines!

"This stupid child. If I didn't give this a push, he may really be single throughout his life," sighed Yun Xiaoyao to himself.

The young man had never taken him as his real father but Yun Xiaoyao had long taken the boy as his son. As a father – a decent father, how could he not plan his son's marriage?

"It's just that, this lady's cultivation base is very high indeed, is she violent too?" Yun Xiaoyao commented as he watched Yun Yang, who was still vomiting blood.

He only made this comment because he thought that everything was an act. No one thought that Ji Lingxi had actually hurt Yun Yang up to this point. When they knew each other in the eastern defense line, they knew that this lady's capability was excellent but it was surely impossible for her to be able to hurt Yun Yang.

Yun Xiaoyao smiled and called out, "Patch the young master up quickly."

Then, he left leisurely with arms on his back, no longer caring about his son who was injured so badly that he was spitting blood.

Act! Act some more!

I'll see how long you can keep up this act!

Yun Yang lied down weakly in his room, still feeling dizzy and disorientated. Resting on the bed, he succumbed to sleep immediately. Others could assume that he was putting on a show but he was really feeling awful and in dire need to of recuperation.

In a haze, he seemed to hear people talking from very far away and very near to him at the same time. It felt surreal but every line rang loudly in his ear.

"You're still not taking such a wife?" asked someone in discontent.

"Sigh…" someone sighed.

"You don't want such a son-in-law?" someone asked again.

"Hmph!" Someone sounded very reluctant.

"You're an utter bastard. What you gave your daughter, that's like asking her to grow old at home! Even if… it won't… I'd like to see who's capable to be your son-in-law!"

"Hmph, how can one be my son-in-law if he's not capable? Is your father's daughter so easy to be won over?"

Yun Yang heard all of this through the fog covering his mind. Just as he wanted to open his eyes to find out what was actually going on, he found his eyelids to be as heavy as lead, unable to pry them open no matter how much he tried. Strangely, it was as if someone had fed him some medicine as he felt very light all of a sudden.

Then, he heard some five or eight voices speaking simultaneously, "Idiot!"

It sounded like all these people were scolding someone in unison, perhaps?

Then the voices all disappeared, like as if they never existed in the first place.

With a soft noise, Yun Yang straightened up from his bed and was surprised to see no one else in his room. Incredibly, His aching organs felt fine now! The dreamy feeling he just had now vanished too.

Yun Yang picked himself up in a hurry, his eyes bulging in surprise. He felt so light. There was no trace of the heavy blow he had suffered from. It was like his body was lighter than before he was injured, smooth and lithe. What was going on?

Yun Yang recalled the events that had happened a few hours prior.

He was drinking last night – this surely did happen. He then got drunk and lost consciousness – this happened too. Then… what happened then? Why was he beaten up? Who was it who had beaten him up?

Ji Lingxi?

It was impossible. She was still sleeping soundly like a piglet when he woke up.

No – the crux of the matter was not this; but how did both of them end up in the same bed? This was the main point!

Yun Yang shook his head and bolted out of his door.

"Uh… Sister Lan…" Yun Yang called out when he got to the ladies' yard, feeling his heart cringe at Yue Rulan's coiled hair, the look of a married woman.

"Call me sister-in-law." Yue Rulan glared, her tone unprecedentedly icy as if some taboo of hers had been breached.

"Sister-in-law," Yun Yang corrected himself while rubbing his nose.

"Hmm, tell me. What was it you were doing?" Yue Rulan struck first with a barrage of questions. "You think you can violate our Lingxi just because you're drunk? You were putting on a show just now too, weren't you? Do you think you can avoid responsibility by pretending? Why aren't you acting now? You heal quite fast too!"

Yue Rulan's gaze indicated that she was seeing through Yun Yang's tricks; it was unquestionable, firm, and leaving no room for argument.

"Act! Act all you want! And how is it that you've recovered so fast?" Yue Rulan asked with a sideways glance.

Yun Yang, whose healing was beyond expectation, was struck speechless.

He vowed inwardly, "I'm not drinking anymore from now on!"

"I guarantee I didn't do anything! Why must my injuries be an intentional act? I'm really hurt, it's just that the injuries healed right away. Aren't my words proof enough for you to believe?!"

"What about Lingxi? Is she awake yet?" Yun Yang finally asked.

He felt troubled if he did not make clear of this.

"She woke up long ago," Yue Rulan snorted, looking disgruntled.

Ji Lingxi's voice came from behind the door, "Nothing happened last night. Sister Lan, don't you blame him."

Yue Rulan sighed, thinking for a moment, "I surrender," she said sarcastically.

"Both of you, one of you so adorably dumb and another so adorably innocent."

"Both idiots!"

"What a match made in heaven, aren't you two the most matching indeed!"

I Am Supreme Chapter 534

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