I Am Supreme Chapter 535

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Compared to the issue with Yun Yang, Yun Xiaoyao's current focus was more towards Bao'er's regular lessons instead. He who watched the teachers daily educating the young boy in turns was both deeply immersed in his supervision task and yet also wore a gaze of comfort.

The child was young but obedient, anyone would be fond of him. Yun Xiaoyao's endearment towards Bao'er increased as the days passed by, exceeding that of Emperor of Yutang and Yun Yang too.

The threat of imminent war for Yutang had ended. While a new storm showed its beginning signs, it had yet to fully surface.

Bai Yixue, Fang Mofei, Lao Mei, and others officially took their positions as security and babysitter. However, their talents were barely employed in the time that followed. Other than the three waves of ambush from suicide assassins that felt more like probes than actual full-scale attacks, there was no more ruckus; it was unusually peaceful for some time.

Yun Yang was not surprised. A little would go a long way – the three ambushes were mainly to test the Residence of Yun's defense strength and their degree of concern for the child. The Residence of Yun's countermeasures towards these ambushes spoke well enough about their attitude. Under such premises, if the attackers could not succeed in one go, it would only alarm the defenders; as they would instead cook up an ultimate ambush and finish things in one massive blow.

In spite of this, Yun Yang was fearless. After all, the prospect of danger that could be currently produced within Tiantang City was considered as nothing in Yun Yang's eyes. Even if the crown prince and entourage acted, Yun Yang's crushing counter would await them once they did!

If it came to that, Yun Yang would not be fazed at all in turning Tiantang City into a river of blood.

For the time being, however, Yun Yang was caught in a perilous dilemma. He watched Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan's actions closely almost every day. After the incident, his awkwardness about what happened was secondary to his worry for Yue Rulan, afraid that his new Sister-in-law Yue would take things too hard and follow after his eighth brother.

What happened to Yun Zuiyue had already become a nightmare to Yun Yang after the battle in Tianxuan Cliff. He really did not want a similar tribulation to happen again.

Yun Yang made no move but the Nine Supremes' force grew. Since Shui Wuyin took after Nine Supremes' intelligence system, the Labyrinth of Nine Heavens Intelligence spread further like a huge spider that was quickly weaving a gargantuan web that wrapped the entire continent in the underground where no one could see.

Even Yun Yang was in disbelief at Shui Wuyin's efficiency. The operation was not completed yet but seeds were being sown in every direction; the foundation was already taking form. Things were growing rapidly and continuously.

Yun Yang thought to himself that his efficiency would probably be lacking in comparison to Shui Wuyin even if he were to take things into his hands without a second care for other matters. In fact, it was not 'probably' – it was 'definitely'. One should be a master in his profession – Shui Wuyin was a natural talent for this! There was no other substitute for him.

Regarding the matter, Yun Yang had only gone to see Shui Wuyin in secret once.

"Our current target prioritizes various countries, cities, military, and whatnot. When these are about done, then we release the tentacles into the martial world."

"I understand."

"The martial world houses too many strange talents and unexpected variables. The forces that are against us are even more. If our men were to be caught, we'll have to endure the risk of being found out from various hints and rumors. This must be cautioned against and to be strictly avoided."

"I understand and have already made respective preparations. No matter which link sees an issue, the attached upper and lower ends will break off their connections immediately. It will never tie back to our base. The base of the Nine Supremes is an unknown secret, even from our own people."


"Wuyin, what's your future plan?"

"Revenge for our boss!"

"After the revenge?"

"… I don't have further plans."

"Is your focus in the martial world? The imperial court? Maybe… further?"

"You can forget further. I lack such talent nor do I have such a wild wish. The martial world and its martial affairs, I have enough of them too; as for the imperial court, it's not my joy to conspire and outwit each other either. The most ideal will probably be secretly taking charge of this matter. It's enough for now and it gives me a sense of achievement too."


After their talk, Yun Yang thought long about the situation and even gave rise to some woes.

Shui Wuyin's thinking was very simple and straightforward, but such a simple mindset would be tricky to handle later on. When the world was united in the future, the forces of the intelligence organization that Shui Wuyin had built would be a weapon no ruler could ignore! It was because the very existence of the entity itself was one that sufficed to become an immense threat to the royal autonomy.

When it came to that time, both sides would stand against each other and proceed to have an irreversible stand-off.

However, it was not realistic to end things now. Yun Yang believed that even if he did not continue to work towards this, even if he did not tell the emperor about this, even if the emperor did not agree to it, Shui Wuyin would be able to continue manipulating this force as long as he wanted to. Besides, Yun Yang very much needed this force now.

"Forget it, let nature run its course. Whatever happens in the future will be in the future. No point in worrying myself with non-existent woes now." Yun Yang thought, "As long as I stay alive, this balance will continue indefinitely. Even if I die one day, this underground force of Shui Wuyin will continue to help Yutang against external threats too; the balance can still be kept."

Whenever the emperor was free, he would visit the Residence of Yun in casual attire to see Bao'er's learning progress. This was the current crux of things. If Bao'er was limited in talent and was not up for greater things, everything would be as immaterial as a dream. However, the learning ability that Bao'er had shown so far baffled both the emperor and Yun Xiaoyao.

The innate talent and ability of Bao'er was no longer describable by words like 'genius' and so on. Not only could the kid absorb everything he learned, regardless of subject, he could understand it intimately and could apply it to his advantage as well. Bao'er was even able to ponder deeply regarding certain subjects that just a single day of his study exceeded ten dedicated years of study for an ordinary person.

The height of his aptitude was beyond imagination; he was a rare talent indeed.

Today, His Majesty and Yun Xiaoyao were discussing the matters of imperial court power balance. Bao'er was listening quietly at the side. When he heard about the balancing of power among the Grand Commandant, the Grand Preceptor and the other families of generals like Qiu and Leng, he showed that he was putting on his thinking cap.

The emperor was amused and casually asked, "What does Bao'er think about this? Do you have any opinion?"

Yun Xiaoyao chortled when he heard him, obviously tickled by the question. As for the emperor who started the topic, he was beaming too, not expecting to actually hear an answer. How could a three to four-year-old child know anything about the issues they were discussing?

Despite his age, Bao'er thought carefully. He frowned and said, "Emperor Grandpa, you'll have to be tired to have both sides suffer but also not suffer."

Hearing this sudden reply, the emperor's hand that was stroking his beard jolted and pulled two strands out of his beard. His eyes widened, filled with shock as they looked at Bao'er. As for Yun Xiaoyao, his eyes had widened in surprise too.

About the counterbalance between ruler and officials, the balance of martial and civil sides, Bao'er had attributed the pinnacle of balance to the emperor. The truth was exactly that too; while the child's choice of words was childish, the theory behind it was essentially correct.

"Why does Bao'er say that I'll have to be tired?" the emperor asked while contemplating Bao'er's words.

Bao'er answered naively, widening his distinctly black and white colored round eyes, "It's simple. Emperor Grandpa doesn't really want to beat them and can only allow them to be afraid of being beaten. Just like Bao'er playing see-saw, once one side is heavy, the other side will come up. To maintain it from moving up and down, both sides must be about the same so they can't be too heavy on either side. Emperor Grandpa is the one taking care of both sides of people on the see-saw, of course you'll be tired!"

Both His Majesty and Yun Xiaoyao were momentarily speechless at Bao'er's astute observation.

"What if I don't want to be tired?" His Majesty asked, taking Bao'er into his embrace.

"Don't want to be tired…" Bao'er thought about it with his head cocked to one side, "As long as there's no one on the see-saw, only then it will be quiet! It won't need another person there to balance it."

The emperor frowned upon hearing this answer, deep in thought. Was this another suggestion to let go of his reins? Was it suitable for now though?

Subsequently, the emperor and Yun Xiaoyao began using other topics to prompt Bao'er's replies. Bao'er's answers were very childlike and plenty of what he said was hardly answering the question; most of the time the child was looking at both of the men with an agape mouth and bleary gaze, unable to understand what they were saying.

But even so, his answers to the topics he could comprehend were enough to shock the emperor and Yun Xiaoyao. The emperor was especially comforted that he now had an heir; when he checked Bao'er's academic progress, he was more than pleased.

"Bao'er is a genius!" His Majesty told Yun Xiaoyao.

Yun Xiaoyao nodded. "Not only is he a genius, he's an incredibly intelligent child. If there's a choice, I truly don't want to send such a child into the hegemony of royal power. Also, don't you think this child is too mature? There isn't any of the usual mischief and exuberance belonging to a normal kid. A child who doesn't like to play?"

The emperor was unaffected. "What are you saying? How can a ruler's position be earned without a certain price paid? Don't project the example of you straying from imperial power onto Bao'er, okay? Besides, isn't Bao'er playing too?" The Emperor sighed, "He's naturally talented and he's aware of his future responsibilities. The fact that he's matured at such a young age is actually a comfort to me."

"How dare you say it aloud that you're also just pinning your thoughts and decisions onto Bao'er?" Yun Xiaoyao hissed.

"We're more or less the same. Aren't you planning to do the same as you did back then? I've heard father mentioning that you were different from other children since you were young."

"In contrary, what's so bad about my idea? Although he's different from other children now, barely able to have a happy childhood, he'll be able to relish his supreme position. It's obvious how one should make his choice regarding the significance of things," the emperor replied with a sly glance.

Yun Xiaoyao scoffed and rolled his eyes but did not say anything.

They held different perspectives; his happiness and subject of ecstasy, his joy, were all vastly distinct from his older brother, the emperor. It was not up for debate as Bao'er was his older brother's biological grandson – he was only taking care of the child. He did not have much opportunity to speak up. It was just that the child would have to grind harder in the future – sigh, why was Bao'er not his biological grandson instead!

Thinking about it, Marquis Yun could not help relating it to Yun Yang and that awkward episode between the latter and Ji Lingxi. He imagined that if Yun Yang got married earlier, he would be able to have a grandchild in the recent years to come.

"Too bad Old Qiu is still in a coma now. I really want to discuss it with him," sighed His Majesty in lament.

"Discuss? I think you want to boast huh! If Old Qiu knows that you're waiting for him to wake up so you can trigger him about the fact that he has yet to have any grandchildren, I think he'd rather sleep forever than to wake up and face your loathsome face and annoying speech," Yun Xiaoyao said and left right away.

"What did you say?"

Yun Xiaoyao had said everything without a single pause, so much so that His Majesty was not able to gauge the true meaning of it at that moment.

Yun Yang was idle for two months.

For two full months, nothing happened.

Whether the princes or the School of Kismet State, no one made an appearance. The situation surprised Yun Yang, but he was still feeling rather helpless. After all, other than ensuring Bao'er's safety, he had to keep an eye out for Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan; his manifestation powers had yet to recover fully, so he was unable to head out and investigate it.

Recently, he kept feeling that Yue Rulan's suicidal intention was growing more intense. He was more than willing to keep an eye out for her daily to prevent any mishap. In addition, Yun Yang knew that Ji Lingxi seemed to be carrying a huge secret inside her – one that was earth-shatteringly so.

Ji Lingxi, as the direct litigant, was unaware of it, while Yue Rulan, Yun Xiaoyao, Bai Yixue and others had misunderstood him. However, Yun Yang as the direct victim would never let this huge discovery slip; he who was always mystified by extraterrestrial power was very keen to understand what the red light that flashed from Ji Lingxi was.

This had caused the young man to scan Ji Lingxi like an interrogation lamp every time he saw her. Ji Lingxi was both embarrassed and angered about it – what was that bastard looking at every day with such an indecent gaze? That gaze looked like he was undressing her. Each time she saw it, she was perturbed.

Shangguan Lingxiu had visited twice with her four nephews during the period of time. When they came for the second time, a lightbulb went off in Yun Yang's head and he asked the four children to stay instead.

The four children would be Bao'er's company – his study companions.

The emperor was happy to see how things unfolded while Shangguan Lingxiu was absolutely delighted as the Shangguan Family thought this was a blessing; anyone could see the future and status of this child in the Empire of Yutang. Perhaps, as long as he could grow up healthy, the supreme throne of the Empire of Yutang was indisputably his! To be able to be the child's companions since young, it was a godsend to forge a childhood friendship! Old Mistress Shangguaan who was indifferent to most worldly affairs was glad to see it happen too.

Shangguan Lingxiu's visits became more frequent after her four nephews became study companions in the Residence of Yun. Then, Lady Shangguan, Ji Lingxi, and Yue Rulan went back to their previous bosom relationship. They often went out to play together, to practice martial skills, to chat, to have tea, and sometimes, to drink.

The intimacy of having gone through the battlefield and fought a war together surpassed the concepts of life and death. Three ladies would have been sworn sisters of life and death if it were not for a certain man. As they warmed back up to each other, the source of their covert dispute was invited to gather with them as well; the atmosphere was peaceful but also fragile.

In spite of the good things that were happening, a lurking threat remained, looming over them. Yun Yang thought the past two months were too quiet, an engulfing sense of danger constantly surrounded his heart.

The princes might not be adequate in becoming a threat but where did the School of Kismet State go? They would never give up on destroying Yutang's destiny! There was also the Four Seasons Tower – where did they go too? Lei Dongtian as well, where had the guy gone to? It had been some time since he returned to the Bound of Universe, why was there no more news?

The martial world, the martial world did not seem to have any notable happenings; it was very much serene.

It was this day when Yun Yang thought that the martial world was very peaceful and wondered when this calm before the storm would end that he suddenly felt the surroundings of the Residence of Yun become eerie without warning. It was like the gates of hell had suddenly opened and hundreds upon thousands of ghosts had rushed out of hell to where he was standing.

Yun Yang observed his environment but did not perceive any evident anomaly. It was Shui Wuyin instead who hastily delivered a message.

"Those of The Merciless Tower have poured out in full strength into Tiantang City!"

"The Merciless Tower?" Yun Yang's attention was immediately pulled over by this recent news.

The second top assassin organization after the Concourse of the Underworld had finally made a move?

The message that followed locked Yun Yang's frown into place – Hong Zhan, the head of the Hall of Crimson Blade, one of the three top assassin organizations, had also brought a group of men into Tiantang City.

The men from these two assassin organizations had entered the city respectively and melted into the scene like a drop of water in the ocean.

"Who in particular has come from The Merciless Tower? Do you know?" Yun Yang asked at once.

"The Head of The Merciless Tower, Hen Bieli, has come personally. It seems that both deputy heads have come together too. It is currently unknown as to exactly how many of The Merciless Tower's assassins have come. This will need further confirmation."

"What is confirmed for now is that only Hen Bieli and Hong Zhan have come personally. More than forty to fifty top combatants of these two top assassin organizations have followed too. The exact situation is yet to be confirmed."

Yun Yang could not help a bitter chuckle before he sighed. The eerie atmosphere he felt just now must be from the Concourse of the Underworld.

If so, that would mean that the most infamous top three assassin organizations of the Tianxuan Continent had gathered in Tiantang City like they were attending some sort of reunion!

There was no need to describe what they wanted to do.

"The Venerable Lords of Four Seasons Tower! What can be confirmed now is that Venerable Lord Ice has entered Tiantang City this afternoon – his exact whereabouts will need to be investigated!"

The messages that followed allowed Yun Yang to truly become aware of the incoming storm and flickering peril. He, or Supreme Cloud, had not made any moves in his long idle state but Tiantang City had suddenly turned into a huge whirlpool!

I Am Supreme Chapter 535

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