I Am Supreme Chapter 558

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Yun Yang stood up awkwardly. "Huh… No more… Ah… Why?"

Ji Lingxi was giving off ice cold vibes along with her barely controlled fury. She gritted her teeth and said, "If there's nothing else, please go back and rest. It's late now and you're in my room. It's not proper for a single man and lady to be together!"

Yun Yang laughed, completely oblivious to the situation. "I'm in a room with my younger sister, what can possibly be…"

Ji Lingxi finally broke down, crying out, "I'm saying I want to rest now. Are you going out or not!?"

She clenched her jaw, her face was purple with rage while fire threatened to shoot out from her eyes.

Yun Yang was shocked. Recalling everything he had said since he entered the room, he grew more confused, thinking to himself, "I didn't offend her… What I said wasn't particularly offensive either… I talked following her cue…"

"What's happening?"

"Why does she just flip like that? You can just tell me that you want to rest nicely, but why must you lash out like this?"

Yun Yang looked utterly stumped, his eyes unfocused in bewilderment. Until he stepped out of the door, he still tried his best by turning around and saying, "Uh, Lingxi, rest well then. If you have anything, remember to tell your brother – uh, Yun Yang, me…"

A certain someone obviously did not know which word or t.i.tle to use and had directly used 'Yun Yang, me'… Ah, the intelligence quotient of this person was embarra.s.sing to even think about sometimes.


The sudden noise accompanied the violent slam of door right in front of Yun Yang's face, almost squis.h.i.+ng his nose between the gap.

Ji Lingxi leaned back against the door, slowly sliding down to a sitting position on the floor; her hands flew to her face as she sighed softly. One hand punched the floor as she murmured, "How can such man exist in this world… what a…"

"Didn't they say all men are l.u.s.tful? Why is there such a contrary specimen here before me… What a crackpot…"

"It would be an insult to all logs if I were to call him one!"

Recalling the moment when Yun Yang asked her to think of a t.i.tle, going from elder brother to younger brother to even a log or a dummy, a chuckle escaped Ji Lingxi before she groaned in exasperation, "What a log! A dummy! Idiot! Ah…"

Her train of thought then moved to her current situation. Her mood saddened then as she wallowed in self-pity. When Sister Lan was here, Ji Lingxi would feel rather embarra.s.sed whenever she heard the former mention about her crush in front of Yun Yang and often stopped Sister Lan from doing so; it was only now that she knew things would never work with this dummy without a good matchmaker by her side.

"What to call you? You're asking me what to call you?"

"I've already stated it so clearly. I don't want to call you elder brother nor do I want to call you my younger brother. As long as one is a man, shouldn't he be able to understand it?"

"Could I, a lady, tell you frankly face to face that I want to become your wife? Call you… hmph!"

"Just like that?"

Yet the man she met was an insensible log who understood nothing. What else could she have done?

If Yun Yang was pretending and was not actually that dense, then she would have probably thought that Yun Yang had no feelings for her. But Ji Lingxi knew very well that Yun Yang was not pretending; otherwise, how could he have acted the way he just did!

How could one communicate with someone like this?"

"Crackpot!" Ji Lingxi covered her face and just sighed, at a loss for further words.

"What a crackpot!"

Just as Yun Yang turned around, he saw his immediate father, Marquis Yun – oh, no, he was King Yun now!

Yun Xiaoyao rested his arms on his back as he stared and studied Yun Yang with a strange gaze like he was looking at a rare presence.

Yun Yang checked himself and did not see his clothes torn; he asked in surprise, "What is it? What kind of gaze are you looking at me with?

Yun Xiaoyao shook his head, looking like he was lamenting, when he replied, "What kind of gaze? A gaze for an amazing crackpot! I'm here specifically to see the only crackpot on earth since the beginning of time – how handsome, how talented!"

Yun Yang chortled and stroked his face, he answered in a tone that indicated how pleased he was with himself, "It's enough that I know it. While it's the truth and it's nice to hear, there's still the suspicion of pandering for you to say it so blatantly. Do you have some favor to ask of me!?"

Yun Xiaoyao made a weird gurgling sound, almost gagging before he suppressed his laughter and nodded fervently. "It's true that we know ourselves best. What a crackpot you are, one who's unprecedentedly rare!"

Yun Yang chuckled and said, "Now you're exaggerating. Although I don't belittle myself nor is my cultivation base progress slow, but to say I am unprecedentedly rare, isn't it over the top? There are so many experts since ancient times, so many legends…"

Before Yun Yang finished, Yun Xiaoyao was already gone. He had left right away.

From the garden far away, came Yun Xiaoyao's uncontrollable guffaw, as if he had seen something funny. "Hahahahaha…"

Yun Yang shook his head. "What kind of person is this? He didn't bother to make himself clear and was so random. He didn't even finish his compliment."

As he mumbled to himself, he went towards his room; he began to contemplate as he walked, "If the Four Seasons Tower really did respond, to what extent would their capability be shown? What sort of change will it cause to the current state? Is there a possibility that the Four Seasons Tower might abstain from responding? Nothing is certain at all."

"Also, if Ouyang Xiaoshe doesn't come, what should we do? The plan I've prepared, when can it actually be executed? To release it at this time will complicate things but could it possibly be beneficial to our side?"

"Let's us observe the follow-up and see how things unfold. If the conflict escalates and it becomes difficult to create more disorder, maybe I can pay attention to the sects that betrayed their ancestral teachings and partic.i.p.ated in the war. It's necessary to clean them up and I can't be making empty threats."

"Now that I think of it, there are plenty of things to do. What's more, each of them is complicated!"

Yun Yang sighed, looking at the sky, thinking that he would still be occupied even if he were to grow an extra pair of arms.

"Shui Wuyin has to continue working as hard as ever. Right, what have the four popinjays been up to recently? Why haven't I heard about them for so long?"

"These four guys are all troublemakers, they better not make things messier."

Once Yun Yang thought about it, he turned and went towards the east house.

Just as Yun Yang left, there was a flash of two silhouettes in the dark. It was Bai Yixue and Fang Mofei who appeared, both covering their mouths. They were trembling with laughter like they were having seizures.

"King Yun is right, our young master is really one unprecedented crackpot. No one in the past nor the future can be parallel to him! I haven't been impressed by anyone in this lifetime of mine but I'm utterly amazed by our young master!" Bai Yixue exclaimed while rubbing his belly. He dared not make a loud guffawing sound right now because it would hurt his stomach to laugh so much. If he did not soothe it, he might suffer from an internal injury.

Fang Mofei was holding his stomach as well. "It's impossible to not be amazed! He's really the one and only!"

Bai Yixue sighed and muttered, "If a lady treats me like this, I would already be carrying my son. Our young master actually went on and on with being an elder or younger brother, an idiot or a dummy would have done exactly the same– ah, I'll have a guilty conscience if I'm not impressed by this!"


Fang Mofei spat and guffawed again.

I Am Supreme Chapter 558

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