I Am Supreme Chapter 683: Ouyang Xiaoshe

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Their legs suddenly plummeted, yet there was still nothing around them.

It would have been foolish if the three of them still could not figure out the cause of the various occurrences that had taken place before their eyes.

"Supreme Cloud!"

One of them bellowed in fierce resentment, "Come out! Fight me face to face if you can, instead of skulking around behind my back! Is manipulation all that you've you got?"

Dead silence reigned all around. Not a single sound could be heard.

The few men bawled, cursing and swearing vociferously as they were already in despair.

In addition to being knee-deep in the siege, the incorporeal Supreme Cloud had struck out from the dark, leaving them without a single chance to live.

First Court King Qinguang sneered and said, "Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are to let Supreme Cloud fight against you alone? Even though one should not belittle oneself, you've overestimated yourself, mate. What the f*ck can you do?"

"I think you're just a tad stronger than a fart!"

An overwhelming flurry of shadows and glimmers reflecting off swords intertwined in the air and shrouded the three men.

The pus.h.i.+ng and pulling in stealth continued as Yun Yang attacked endlessly.

The situation of the three men worsened while the invisible rope became increasingly complex, hindering their counterattacks. They gradually lapsed into a completely pa.s.sive state, in danger of being beaten up.

There was another sudden pull as the trio was busy trying to cope with the surrounding attack. They had lost all their strength and could no longer hold themselves up. Then, with agonized shrieks, they lost their balance, and fell off like a kite with a broken string, leaving themselves wide open to attack. How could the ten Yama Kings miss this opportunity, given how experienced they were? The scintillating glimmerings of blades shone with their metal l.u.s.ter, and three heads fell, one after another.

The ten men heaved an inward sigh.

Each of the three men had abilities which were on par with the ten brothers and could be regarded as ultimate experts of the martial arts world. However, they had died here today without cause or explanation.

"You've wounded my soldiers and tarnished my military reputation. Identify yourself! Only death awaits you!" Yun Xiaoyao yelled a roar that shook more than half of the East side of the city.

The ten Yama Kings had vanished into thin air at the sound of the sonorous howl.

Numerous martial artists had seen this with their own eyes and etched them in their minds. Everyone felt extremely shocked, deep down within their beings.

There were unexpectedly many top experts from the host of Yutang's officials.

The dozen or more men who appeared just then each had the overbearing power of a sect leader, especially the kind of leader of an elite sect; all of them were considered top-notch masters of the martial arts world.

Since when were there so many unparalleled experts in Yutang?

The unexpected turn of events and the variation which deviated from the initial plan had even caused the decisive battle between the a.s.sa.s.sins and the martial experts to stop for a moment.

The operation of Yutang's officials this time brought immense gratification to both killers and martial artists.

Anyone could have guessed the reason those men were hiding here. Their aim was obviously the dragon hide treasure map.

Regardless of who would end up possessing it, the existence of these people would inevitably pose a threat.

Now that Yutang's officials had wiped out all these people with a direct and brutal tactic, it was a cast-iron guarantee for everyone.

"What an amazing execution!"

After watching this, both the experts in the martial arts world and the people from the a.s.sa.s.sin organizations cheered and clapped each other on the back.

By the side, Yun Xiaoyao and others were not done just yet. They examined the ident.i.ties of these people carefully, with a scrivener carefully recording everything.

Yun Xiaoyao ascertained the ident.i.ties of the impostors one by one with a frosty look painted on his face. "Put everything on record. Things do not end with the death of those who disobey orders and harm the lives of my soldiers. They shall be sentenced to nine familial exterminations after their ident.i.ties are verified!"

Everyone who heard this was utterly taken aback by those icy words.


Yun Xiaoyao ordered and then marched forward with Lao Mei and Fang Mofei. After covering thousands of feet of distance, they arrived by the side of another troop of Steel Cavalry soldiers who sold food. By this time, the news had already traveled over here. Everyone looked at Yun Xiaoyao with their eyes filled with hope as he walked over.

Was there was a spy on their side?

Many soldiers were looking at each other and were no longer engaged in the trade at hand.

'Are you the spy? Are you?'

'Who else is still alive among my brothers?'

Swoos.h.!.+ Six golden beams appeared out of thin air, streaming toward the throats of the six different men.

It was the signal to attack!

Whether the beams were fatal or otherwise, they had revealed their targets.

Yun Xiaoyao, Fang Mofei, and the others subsequently began to deal out death impa.s.sively.

'There are a total of thirty-five impostors, apart from the twenty-four that were already rooted out, with the addition of the six now, making a total of thirty. There are still five other people left.'

While fighting, Yun Xiaoyao calculated the figures that Yun Yang had told him and believed that Yun Yang's inspection would neither be false nor wrong. In fact, none of the people that Yun Yang had pointed out so far had been unjustly accused.

Therefore, at this time, he only needed to slaughter without restraint; this action would suffice!

Even though the six targeted men had intimidating abilities, they were no match for Yun Xiaoyao and the rest who Yun Yang succored. They managed to overcome their defenses in an instant. As though repeating the same motions, three more men were ferreted out as Yun Xiaoyao and the others moved further forward. It was much easier to handle these three men.

They were taking their chances by hiding because they knew that they could not run away and were already filled with endless remorse. Had they known the outcome in advance, they would not have done so.

They had provoked the greatest scourge on their families for no apparent reason.

However, it was useless to feel regret at this time. Yun Xiaoyao was stoic as the order had been issued. In order to set an example to others, whether or not their families were innocent, they were bound to suffer the purge.

'There have been thirty-three people now.'

Yun Xiaoyao counted meticulously, confirming the number of the remaining impostors.

'There are only the last two left.'

'Is there anyone Yun Yang is looking for among the last two?'

A beam of golden light emerged out of the blue while he was thinking, pointing directly to a person dressed in the Steel Cavalry uniform standing on the right of Yun Xiaoyao.

Fang Mofei did not hesitate and struck at once.

His sword light was as fast as lightning, with an overflowing sense of murderous intent.

Nevertheless, the man scoffed and sprang back. A saber materialized from thin air as if it had been made out of nothing. "You have found me, as expected. Fine, in that case, I have no choice but to attack first. We shall solve this with what we have!"

An aura of loneliness and desolation reverberated through the air at the very moment before he struck.

Yun Yang's eyes shone immediately seeing the feat.

This aura - was this Ouyang Xiaoshe?

In the meantime, another man soared into the sky followed by a chorus of surprised gasps, charging outwards. His skills were rather outstanding.


Yun Yang roared into the void.

'Ouyang Xiaoshe, you have finally turned up!'

The thought of Old Dugu's voice and face rose in Yun Yang's heart. A sharp ache filled his heart; even the muscles on his face were twitching wildly.

'Old Dugu, look, your son is finally avenging your death today!'

I Am Supreme Chapter 683: Ouyang Xiaoshe

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