I Chose to Fake My Death Chapter 27

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(TN: Hitomi is doing a broadcast here, so there is audience feedback. Therefore, if you see something said and it’s blank it’s an audience member saying something. There are some blanks later on as well, you will see why.) Thank you for your support: Ignacio Do Carmo Palma


ED: Azzltd

So, I really had to act cute, mostly because i had the skills to but also for the lottery draw. You know, in the time we’ve been waiting, the number of people watching this broadcast was already over five digits.

Well, forget it! This kind of thing didn't matter! Acting cute was not why I was so shy! I was a boy!

System… Hearing Sensitivity, priming. The system answered

While I was thinking, I clearly heard that everything around began to become brighter and clearer. Of course, a pair of powder-white cat ears also grew.

Did I hear something strange?

I suddenly thought and my cat ears gently twitched a little.

Hitomi was intent in her search for the source of the sound and she was doing everything in clear view of her audience.

She frowned like she was thinking about something. However, the cat ears on her head twitched, starting with one ear and then both. It was also extremely cute.

→“Whoa! She is so cute!”

→“Foul! That's a foul! How can you do this?”

→“I strongly support Hitomi.”

There was a frenzy of messages flying up the screen, as they constantly popped up in the corner of the screen with an image to represent the person sending the messages. Was that the so-called reward?

In fact, Hitomi didn’t realize that her unintentional movements caused such a huge uproar, because she was just trying to find the source of the strange sound.

It's was a girl's low moan.

Her face suddenly turned red, but she didn’t cover her ears, instead she was excited. Even if she is a soft, cute, silvery-white haired, loli kitten now, she couldn't deny that she was born an otaku. The affairs between men and women were considered normal, right?

Right now, the crowd were blessed. Her cheeks suddenly turned red and her face showed signs of shyness but at the same time eagerness as she also seemed excited. Her appearance completely captivated their hearts.

Although, they didn’t really know it was happening.

Hitomi finally ended the broadcast after two long hours.

She felt excitement, a small bitt of guilt, and a pile of emotions that couldn’t really be described.

I’m excited, because her first live broadcast earned tens of thousands of yuan. Although, I do not know how much the reward is, but the money is all the same to me.

A little guilty, because I heard the strange thing that someone was doing when I was acting cute.

However, what wasn’t defined was the person doing something strange. It wasn’t someone me, nor was it my master. This defined a guy who was easy to blame. That’s why guilt was just a second point that couldn’t be described.

That girl was actually in YY herself. Which one was special?

(TN: YY is a Chinese video-based social network.)

Once I had come back to my sense, I could clearly feel my face suddenly become hot.

Although some people were doing that kind of thing, YY was indeed a little young to satisfy the little happiness, but I still hated the s.e.xual abuse.

  ==At the End of the World==

“Wow! I really didn't expect ‘Moriko’ to be the best!”

Someone suddenly stood up in a small, messy room.

The person speaking was a fat otaku. Well, honestly, he wasn’t fat, but he wasn’t very outstanding. He wasn’t brilliant in his real day to day life, but on the underside of the real world he was a talented painter, professional hacker, and a G.o.d in the domestic ACG circle.

How did you think this kind of guy knew Hitomi’s username of ‘Moriko’? Because the cute ‘Moriko’ had had a bad experience with a boy called ‘Magic Teen’ and this ‘Magic Teen’ was his backup ID!

“Oh, I really was cheated by the little girl! There’s a lot of really cute photos of her, but they’re a lot worse than the live broadcast! She’s so cute. The girl really is a treasure the creation G.o.d lost in the world.”

As he spoke, the sound of him typing on his hightech keyboard quickly began.

He was editing a post, and the girl in the core of the post would be known by his subscriber circle in a very short time. Not only because of his influence as the “main user’s” ‘deity’ ID, but also because the girl was pure and sweet.

  ==Let’s Return to Hitomi==

She stood on her tiptoes. Hitomi was holding onto the counter and stared at her now ruby eye.

‘System, can you tell me why my right eye suddenly turned red?’

System… Who knows? Maybe you killed too many people and now you are turning into a demon.

Look at “System” making jokes... Heterochromatic eyes were a tricky and cute point for you. n.o.ble and pure, arrogant and charming, coexisting.

“Haven’t you seen enough? Just let me out of here!”

A voice abruptly rang out in my head, at first thought it was system, but later I found out it’s not Systems voice.

Oh, it sounded like someone was having s.e.x. It must be that poor woman.

While I was thinking that, I saw a flash in my eyes and a blonde Loli girl suddenly appeared.

She was kneeling on the floor and blinking her beautiful ruby eyes. She had long blond hair and wore a black, gothic, skirt that spread out on the floor around her. She looked strangely pitiful.

She also had really small b.r.e.a.s.t.s too!

“h.e.l.lo Master, I am your pet. I also live in your right eye.”

She seemed to be very anxious and uncomfortable kneeling on the floor.

That won't work! It's a wooden floor, not a soft cus.h.i.+on!!

“Hey! Hey! Master, what are you doing?!”

Although I was originally a boy, I’m now a cute loli and with another cute loli kneeling on the cold, hard floor in front of me. I should have said h.e.l.lo, but I used my vector operation, picked her up, and carried her to the bed.

It felt really nice to carry a cute girl to my bed, but I already lost my d.i.c.k, right?

I didn’t pay much attention to anything she said and finally put her on the bed. When I did, she froze for a moment and then reacted.

Why is this cute loli here? Also, why is she still calling me ‘Master’?

System, are you hiding something from me? Come out and talk so I can ‘Ahem!!!!’

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I Chose to Fake My Death Chapter 27

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