I Chose to Fake My Death Chapter 5

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TN: This has still yet to be edited, I don't have one yet, but will at some point. This is just my version of it, so it will change.

By the way, the original translator had the MC's name as Iris, but I'm going to use Hitomi. It sounds better to me that way.

Thanks for understanding...

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Name: Hitomi

Age: 13 (17) years old

s.e.x: Female

Status: Sleep

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 9

Agile: 2

Const.i.tution: 3

Special ability: Affection Degree Aura, Loli Aura

"Ah!" cried the woman. “My lovely master is awake.”

 In a daze, I felt as if I had been picked up by someone and my head stroked softly.

Enjoy the soft pillow, enjoy the gentle caress, the sweet fragrance, I don’t want to get up ... Wait a minute? Sweet? It's not the body fragrance of the perverted girl, is it? And this touch starts with the direction?

This is this??!! My eyes open and what I see is ... A pair of proud SW??!! 

My darling!!   

Panic in want to prop up their own away from this d.a.m.n place, the focus puts uneven pressure on her ... 

"Mmm ... Ah ..... Master, don't do this. Master, you should not ... 

Take it easy...  Your ... Clothes...  Please put them on ... " 

I stop struggling ... Secretly opened an eye ... Small little cages and a growing rabbit crowd together ... One of my hands rub and squeeze one of the white rabbits ... Both of our lower body are tightly fit together, my thighs even feel a little bit of hairy gra.s.s ...

The two-arms are actually my own white skin...

Now seems not the time to care who is white... 

"You .... You shameless maid! Unexpectedly ... It's really erotic! Come on, let me go! Pervert!” 

I don’t know is she let go of me, or if I broke free from her, in short I finally escaped her arms and crawl under the bed... 

The scene that I had just now is too s.e.xy for me and I didn’t have two doors. 

I was blinking my eyes, after so many "fights", the girl play isn’t even worth mentioning.

I squeezed her chest too ... Woo!! ... For the innocent me, this is simply too dirty!!

s.h.i.+vering under the bed with her head in her arms ... Listen to the shouting of a girl can really make people more ... Excited? I don't want to be taken to some strange circle!

Underneath the bed, I was all wet, Ah!

“Hitomi, come out... Don't be shy, the floor is very cold and you will catch a cold ..." 

“I want you to control yourself!" I'm not coming out! If I come out I will be molested, I will not be fooled! Also, I don't want to stay in this city in the sky! I want to go home, go home!” 

Really... I’m having a head rush ... really need to calm down ... 

Name: Hitomi  

Age: 13 (17) years old

s.e.x: Female

Status: Estrus

Strength: 1 (-1)

Intelligence: 9 (-4)

Agile: 2 (-1)

Const.i.tution: 3 (+1)

Special ability: Affection Degree Aura, Loli Aura.

Special State effect: more sensitive than the average girl.


A thought flashed through my mind, though it was only for a moment, but I did read the information ... This is ... System? I can understand the feelings of the system. Ah ... What is the calculation method for this? What else is the special effect of estrus ... I said when my arm rubbed itself so ... It's annoying, and the carpet's going to get wet!!!

"Master, please do not worry about these kind of things, for girls wanting to be loved by men becoming sensitive is very good."

"Shut Up! Why are you giving me this kind of guidance, shouldn’t you explain these numerical values in parentheses to me?!" I angrily yell out such a things to vent my own heart of the boredom and dissatisfaction ... 

"Master being shy looks so cute ah ... Cough, cough ... Now that I've said it, I'm going to give it a good explanation."

"It has no name and can not be exchanged for things, but it can be used as a means to show the combat power and ability of others, even if it can show you a way to practice. He will automatically identify the lines of fate surrounding you and guidance you down the right path."

"The standard for ability is numerical. 10 points for the maximum value that humans can do. With a strength of 10, their punch is equal to 1000 pounds of force. 10 Agility is an Olympic champion. 10 intelligence would be Hawking or Einstein, so your 9 points in intelligence is really amazing!"

"Well .... It's like this ...  High intelligence is really what I expected ... It's just that the mind is not in school. "

Is it really good for me to get a system like this? 

"There is a point ah, if the intelligence value sum is 1 then they are waste cla.s.s, 2 or 3 are ordinary, 4 or 5 are enhanced, 6 or 7 is elite, 8 is Lord cla.s.s, 9 are Imperial cla.s.s."

"Master, maybe we should say goodbye... Elite cla.s.s ... If you have 60 points, divided by 4 would give 15 points in each attributes. if it is above 10 (enhanced) it should be even stronger... "

Wait, what did you just say? I'm leaving now? 

"You said I was going to leave?" What do you mean? Shouldn't you continue to introduce me to this system? ”

I was very puzzled and surprised.

If I wanted to leave before, I couldn’t. Why does she say I have to leave now? 

"Your special-abilities event team came... The purpose may be me ... If you’re here, it would restrict me from playing... " 

I was thinking of continuing to talk to her and see her beautiful set. She slipped into a set of white armor, saying the armor was more appropriate than a dress.


"Master, you must leave now, and if you meet anyone who is unable to deal with the G.o.ds, please quote me the name of the Lord of Light!" 

As I was about to ask a question, I saw a glare of light.

I went home to my own house ...

Or this is a good great big bed and I’m looking up at the ceiling disappointed ... 

"Brother ...What's your name, a23687? "


Forget it ...

Let’s look at the system... Close your eyes and try to imagine the page system page ...

And then it really came out ...


Name: Hitomi

Age: 13 (17) years old

s.e.x: Female

Status: Normal

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 9

Agile: 2

Const.i.tution: 3

Special ability: Affection Degree Aura, Loli Aura. 

Ah .... It's the special ability of the slot. 

I don’t know what it’s used for, selling it?

The Affection Degree Aura, is based on favorability, like in GalGames, so that all the people who have listened to you have a good opinion. The degree of favorability is maintained at 75% ±5 points, if they are enemies the effect reduced 20%. Loli Aura, special effects with series unique effects. As the king of Loli, she can easily make other Loli to make obey to her.

As a loli, she is the incarnation of Moe. She can seduce 30% of all creatures around her and 50% of all males. System explanation completed. Please close your eyes, after 2 seconds a menu will appear. Please read the menu for useful information.

If you do not understand the local system will always be ready to answer. 

"Mmp! Too many slots, okay? ”

Forget it... I have read a lot of novels ...

Can't always be so fussy...

I closed my eyes to try to start the system directory and then the directory expanded. There are three groups: tasks, character attributes, ability to learn, growth recommendations. 

"Is this a little less grouped? How come you can’t just click and send it? Do you have a lottery?”

 System is reading masters memory ... Adding group ... The Draw System is complete. Master please check ... System enhancement complete.

Get 5 Draw system chances. Completed the novice task, be familiar with the system. Obtained 5 free bonus points, because master is too good, get 3 additional points.

"Uh ... Go to the lottery area. "

Instantly, a flash in my brain and a huge wheel appeared. The wheel was marked with thousands of kinds of special ability and item rewards. 

System&h.e.l.lip; The lucky draw system has a guarantee. Every 10 lottery draws at least one of them must have a useful reward fall, master is the lottery open?


At this point, I wont be tangled up with something weird, after all, only fools would hesitate! 

System&h.e.l.lip; Does master want items or special abilities? 

“Of course, abilities!”

I'll smoke you again! 

System&h.e.l.lip; Start extracting.

The huge wheel in front of me starts to rotate, and I don't know what good things will happen. 

System... Extracted Ability: Basketball proficiency (Enhanced level) will you please continue?

“Don’t talk nonsense ... You, you, you&h.e.l.lip;You just gave me a lump-sum 4 times and blew them all?”

System&h.e.l.lip; Beginning extraction, this time I will not extract repeated rewards.

System&h.e.l.lip; 4 extractions complete.

Extracted Ability: Ball Mastery (Elite)

Extracted Ability: Calligraphy proficiency (Elite)

Extract to Ability: Good Handwriting Mastery (lord)

Extracted Ability: Singing Proficiency (ordinary)

System... Due to the overlapping ability of basketball proficiency and ball mastery, basketball proficiency promoted to Lord cla.s.s, the other ball mastery remains unchanged.

“Uh... In this case ... Looks good ... These abilities ... Seems like I like it?? At least I won’t have to worry about writing so bad I scare to the dead ...”

Although, I really hate playing basketball. 

System&h.e.l.lip; Master has 8 free points that have not been allocated, may I ask how to allocate them? 

“Yes...” This system is impatient and can’t you let me be a bit emotional? 

System... The current attributes are

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 9

Agile: 2

Const.i.tution: 3 

Please allocate the distribution. Recommend for master to allocate points on intelligence and const.i.tution.

Points in intelligence and const.i.tution? Well... Now only strength and agility are lacking, but agility and strength are the fighting talents! Besides, it's hard for me to be killed with these two rings, right? You seem to have some sense in this a.n.a.lysis ... 

“System, put intelligence to 15, const.i.tution to 5! By the way. What is the four-dimensional average of human beings on Earth?” 

System... Intelligence 15 and const.i.tution 5 has been completed. 

System... The four-dimensional average of human beings today...

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 6

Agility: 5

Const.i.tution: 6 

As the points increased, my mind became clearer, body’s fatigue was dispelled, and my spirit was not one bit less than before.

Oh, yes, a little interesting. Oh yes... “System, what should I do to become stronger quickly??”

I did not believe it at first. I did not expect it to become addictive to get stronger.

System...System recommends, it is now the next morning, 10 minutes from cla.s.s.

System... Recommend master go to cla.s.s first and then try to trigger the branch line.

“I’m going to be late?!! You, you, you shut up! Shoes, shoes ... Socks...... Where's my... There it is!!!?”

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I Chose to Fake My Death Chapter 5

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