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The world of 「Revolution」 has many medieval elements.
However, I believe I pointed it again and again, as it's the world of a game made in 21st century j.a.pan, there are j.a.panese elements in strange places.
While looking at Thompson house's ledger, I discovered another j.a.panese element.
That element is double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements made with it.
I'll omit detailed explanation, but these are the formats of financial records used in 21st century j.a.pan.
If ledgers in this world were like in the medieval Europe, I probably wouldn't be able to do anything.
But, if there are financial statements and double-entry bookkeeping, I'll manage somehow.

"How is it? Have you discovered anything strange?"

Wedge-sama asked me with a composed smile.
When we stopped, we looked at Wedge-sama.

"Yeah, we have understood various things"

The one who replied to Wedge-sama wasn't Claire-sama, but me.

"Hou, what did you understand?"

Even though I'm a special official, it seems he doesn't intend to be polite to a commoner.
It'd be uncomfortable for me too, so I'm saved.

"For example, in recent years the financial situation of Thompson house seems to be poor"
"That's right. There were bad harvests in the barony. Due to that family finances are in dire straits"

It's troubling, Wedge-sama shook his head.

"Co, considering all that, the furnis.h.i.+ngs are luxurious, and you have the leeway to buy expensive sweets…?"
"Lily-sama. As a person of the Church you may not understand, but the furniture and sweets affect n.o.ble's status. Even if family finances are in difficult situation, the drop in quality would affect family status"
"Is, is that so"

As Wedge-sama said a believable thing, Lily-sama easily backed down.
I'll repeat it any number of times, is it okay, as a cardinal.

Now then, from here it's the crucial moment.

"Is that all? I don't have spare time either. If that's all for the investigation, I'd wish you to withdraw"

Implicitly he told us to leave immediately.

"… Are we really doing this…?"
"Yes. Absolutely"
"… I understand"

With a large sigh, Claire-sama seemed to prepare herself.

"Stay still stay still! Remain as you are! Do you not see this family crest!"

As I stood up, I demonstrated a pill case with François house's crest and spoke to Wedge-same in a domineering tone.

"Wha, what did you say…?"
"Know who you are dealing with! The current Prime Minister's daughter, Claire François!"
"No, I know that…"
"Eei, conceited! Stay still! Remain as you are!"

Wedge-sama seems to be beyond bewildered, he looked at Lily-sama asking for help.

"Umm… Does Lily-sama understand anything about this?"
"E, err… Apparently, she seems to be playing at Mito Koumon. Lili doesn't understand well either…"

A shame.
Lily-sama was just as bewildered.

"Claire-sama. I wish the jokes were kept in moderation"
"Well, I also think so, however Rei was insistent on doing this no matter what…"

Huh, even Claire-sama was bewildered.
How strange.

"Well, fine. Wedge-sama, you are guilty of fraudulent accounting, right?"
"Fraudulent accounting?"
"Things like falsifying ledgers or deliberately reporting bad financial situation"

In practice there are many types of fraudulent accounting, falsifying ledgers being one of them, but I'll omit the detailed explanation.

"What's the basis!"
"These are doc.u.ments about Thompson barony tax yields that came up in Rod-sama's investigation. There are large inconsistencies compared to the ledgers in this house"

It was bad choice for Wedge-sama to look down on young women.
I wonder if Wedge-sama's composure was because he looked down on us thinking we couldn't read ledgers.

I believe I explained that I was a corporate slave OL, but more specifically I worked in the inspection section of general trading company's financial department.
Examining ledgers is my forte.
Compared to the previous world, this level of ledger embellishment is child's play.

When I'd started wis.h.i.+ng for a calculator, Lily-sama had turned out useful.
Somehow Lily-sama can do mental arithmetic in a flash.
With Lily-sama's outstanding mental ability, I'd examined ledgers one after another.
An angel doesn't need to do such vulgar things.

Although there were various methods of embellishment, generally it was things like underreporting amount sold or tax yields.

"Thompson baronial house is evading taxes"
"! Wr, wron…!"

Lower reported taxes and pocket the rest of the falsified revenue.
It's a typical method of filling one's pockets.

"This is roughly the amount of evaded tax in the last ten years. Given that, the amount of additional tax will be like this. Well, it's a lot. The house will probably collapse"

When I showed him the concrete amount of money, Wedge-sama's complexion turned ashen.

"Can you really trust the tax yields on those doc.u.ments!?"
"Should I bring Rod-sama here?"

Wedge-sama was still trying to resist, but he quieted down upon hearing Rod-sama's name.

"Now then, Baron Thompson. Do you have any excuses?"
"… I have none. I admit it… I committed crimes…"

Wedge-sama hung his head dejected.
I recorded Wedge-sama's confession on the magical tool I received from His Majesty.

"What… am I supposed to do…?"
"Of course, it will be reported to the Royal Palace and you will be charged with crimes. Be prepared"

Claire-sama seemed to sentence him to death in a firm voice, but,

"Is what I want to say, however there is a possibility of amnesty, Rei?"

Hearing this, Wedge-sama suddenly raised his downcast face.

"It's not amnesty, It's plea bargain. Claire-sama"
"Yes, yes, that's it. In any case depending on conditions the sentence can be reduced, is that right?"
"I'll do anything! Please tell me what to do!"

Without concerning himself about appearances, Wedge-sama clung to Claire-sama's feet.

"Rei, there is something you want to ask, right?"
"Yes. Looking at the ledgers I saw unaccounted-for expenses. I believe those are illegal donations to higher cla.s.s n.o.bles"
"And you want to know the destination of those donations?"

As Claire-sama nodded, she shook Wedge-sama off and looking down on him asked.

"Who did you contribute to?"
"Tha, that is…"
"Do you want Thompson baronial house crushed in your lifetime?"
"… Count Yale"

Perhaps having resigned himself, Wedge-sama finally spat out the name.
Not like it matters, but Claire-sama looking down on an adult man kneeling before her and questioning him looks a little improper.
The word Queen came to my mind.

Now then.

This is the fundamental plan for our investigation.
Investigate the n.o.bles who Rod-sama thoroughly investigated and found evidence against, and acquire information through plea bargains to catch those who don't have evidence against them yet.
Count Yale is a n.o.ble superior to Baron Thompson.
With this, we're one step closer to Dor-sama and Salas-sama.
Of course, It wasn't me who thought it up.
The person who came up with it is truly frightening.

"Thank you for cooperation with the investigation. The verdict regarding Thompson house will come from the Royal Palace later. Regarding charges reduction, I will sincerely ask for it"
"I thank Claire-sama's generous heart"

Where did his arrogant att.i.tude from when we came here go.
Wedge-sama is prostrated on the floor in front of Claire-sama.

"With this the case is closed!"
"… Hey, Rei. Could you explain this farce soon?"

Well, obviously Claire-sama wouldn't know of Mito ○ mon.

"There are a lot of servants inside the mansion, right?"
"You can't stop rumors. If I make a fuss about using Claire-sama's name, the surrounding will get an impression that this person committed wrongdoings, right?"
"Indeed. So it had a meaning"

No, well, that's just a fabricated story, I just wanted to have fun with Claire-sama.

I Favor The Villainess Chapter 91

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