I Got One Star, So I Will Do It Chapter 35

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~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~

The next day after the incident, I have been in the waiting room since morning. Then I receive a message from the nurse saying that the ranch soldier has woke up. When I go to the sickroom, the ranch soldier has sad eyes on the bed.

"I was glad that your consciousness seemed to have returned, so is there any pain?"

"There are none, thank you for helping me."

"No, it's such a natural thing to do, I did not contact the army because I did not know how to do it."

"At the point in time, when there is no scheduled report in the military facilities, so I'm sure they already know the incident."

"Accident ... is that an accident?"

"Is there any possibility that such as being attacked from somewhere?"

Today I planned to see the state of the town, but that was why I stayed in the waiting room. If I was aimed for some reason, then it should have already come out that I have arrived at the neutral city safely.
Then, there is a possibility that I will be targeted again here. So I could not move from the waiting room.

"I think that the possibility of attack from the rebel army is low because the flight route of the s.h.i.+p is sailing within the sphere of influence of our army, I do not think it will attack the s.h.i.+p of a neutral city in the first place"

"Okay, is it that the enemy forces of your army set a bomb before departure?"

"It's probably impossible.
I think that there is no point in placing a bomb on a transport s.h.i.+p going round-trip everyday.
When they aimed at us, it was difficult to get permission to board a s.h.i.+p, so it would be difficult to get on with the timing."

"Is that so..."

"My mind is overwhelmed, that the accident happened at a great timing.
Sorry for the trouble...... By the way, what happened to the people who were flying? "

"There are a certain number of fractures and bruises, and you are heavier in terms of the degree of injury.
Because there is no place to grab on the corridor, you was unlucky.
That's right, I'd like to ask one. "

"……What is it?"

"I heard there are wooden people on this planet, do you know?"

"Wood man ....... Yes, I know that there is such a monster.
For that reason it is forbidden to enter the forest without having weapons. "

"Is the conversation established?"

"I do not think so.
I have never heard of such a story."

"Ok, thanks.
As I talk for so long, I will worsen the wounds, I will leave in this."

I left the sickroom.

Regarding the trees, we implicitly asked people in neutral cities, but the answer was the same. A conversation is not established with a monster attacking people.

After that, a person who appeared to be a Sarnia's army appeared, and I was returned to the former base as if being taken.

Bulldog military personnel only said "It was a disaster."

After having smiled wryly, I told that I started production.

"Well, should I do it?"

The direction is fixed. New materials that I can use are handy for everything. What I want will be in shape in a short time.

"This is dangerous if I take it home to earth."

I thought to take it secretly, but I could not bring it out because it have an unknown composition, so I gave up.

"I just can't get used to this appearance."

Over the course of three days, I built ten large and small statues.

"Oh, you was able to make it"

"Yeah, it is a stone statue that imaged a tree suitable for the planet Sarnia of the forest.
Please leave the two large ones on the left and right of the entrance and the small ones in the standouts and waiting rooms of the aisle. "

It seems that the stone statue that shaped tree knows goodness even for an amateur person. Bulldog soldiers have a full smile.

"Well, I was done here.
How about yours s.h.i.+no. "

~ s.h.i.+no point of view ~

As soon as I and Usako returned to the base, Gamigami-san came.

"It is troubled if you go out without permission!"

"There is no problem if there is a follower holding a baggage.
Besides, I think that there is no way to restrict the behavior so far. "

"Still, a selfish behavior is troubled.
What were you doing at the hospital last night? "

Well, after all, you have watched it separately.

"When I was walking in the city, I met a person on a transport s.h.i.+p that just crashed, I helped a little for the rescue."

"I know.
But above that you no relations.h.i.+p?"

"In the words from my star, there are things up to the dishes if you eat poison.
I do not want to know about it halfway, so I went to visit.
But I did not wake up and I think I returned to the hotel in the evening? "


I did not say it daringly, but the current proverb includes the nuance of doing bad things. I do not notice.

"Well, I got tired, so I will take a little rest.
Since I will start production in the afternoon, do not disturb me. "

I go to my room and lie down on the bed without hearing a reply. A sleepy attacked right away.

I got a little sleep and my head got clearer.

"Well, Okay!"

I have decided.

In order to start production, I enter the work room. Although the general idea is already made, it is difficult to form it.

"Well, first the appearance according to my image ...... is like this"

The size is fine. The form of the building that imaged a large tree would not be possible yet with j.a.panese building technology.

A vibrant feeling of powerful trunk and geometric pattern of branches extending the utmost leaves.

"Hmm, I can do it beautifully"

After checking the appearance in 3D, I will think about the inside of the building.

Images of stone statues of Tatsuhiko are calculated, and light intensity and visual information are calculated.

"... It's kinda hard, is it?"

I trial and error, I verified it many times and I will make it little by little.

Little by little, little by little, a small amount of ants are broken so as to break the sugar cubes, but they are going forward.

How long have pa.s.sed?

I had several meals and took a nap.

The memories during that are hazy. But my thinking was occupied by the details of the building. Make it in detail and accurately.

The last panel is touched.


I did it. I feel I could expand my possibilities one more.

I fall from both feet. My energy ran out after a long time.

Let's take a short rest. I lean on the wall and slept as it is.

~ Minoru point of view ~

"Ah, this tea is good."

Warm and flaky


"This rice cracker is also quite good"

"When I get old, I won't be able to eat hard food.
If you do not mind, would you like to eat here too? "

"Ah, okay, thank you."

Crunch-Crunch........ Ah, delicious.

"It's a beautiful garden. It is well maintain."

“Well when I am free, I took care of it.”

Hmm, relax, heal, relieve.

"Oh yeah, that's it ... As for what I came for today ..."

I decided to cut out the main subject to my grandmother. Because I becomes seriously forgetting about it when it came like this.

As for what happening right now, is because of the memo left by leader.

In order to make a company, you first need the address of the place where you do the main work, that is, your permanent address.

Even if its a store or office, you must rent this first. I already got funds to start up, so I decided to have an office in front of the station and visited a real estate agency.

Listening to various stories, I found a good property, but somehow my rebellious spirit towards the leader suddenly went up. When I thought about it, she told me that she entrust the property to me.

"I'm sorry, I would like to see this"

"Well, this one?"


"I heard that you are going to make a company in the future, but mostly who just started will get a smaller property first...."

"Could you show it for a moment?"


The property was slightly away from the station, but you could not feel it's oldness as the number of years, because the foundation is solid.

"Okay, I choose this."

"... .... Ah, yes, thank you.
So I will explain the contract once we returned to the office... "

Although details are omitted, I decided to rent one whole three-story building with a parking lot.

After that I can open a bank account, just submit the doc.u.ments to the government office after payment is over. The problem for now is the site acquisition.

According to the memo of leader, it is that I should go myself rather than leaving it to others. As I was told before, when asking a dealer, there seems to be quite a few people saying "I will refuse for the time being" as well.

Since it will not proceed unless I listen to their story, it seems best for me to go first, as I am local here, I probably indirectly know some of them.

So, I started from the owner of the land adjacent to the field, but it was a house I certainly knew.

"Before this, my mom asked me to bring this steamed potato and say thank you from before."

"Oh, yes, thank you."

Nevertheless, there is an interaction.

Okay, so with such reason, I decided to go around each house talking. Although I can only spin four or five times a day.

When I relaxed in my room at night, the sliding paper-door opened and my older brother came.

"Hey, what are you doing lately!"

"Recently, since I will be in the house till spring, I'm saying h.e.l.lo to our neighborhood"


*whack suddenly*

While I was talking to my family about story at the house I was caught yesterday,『My brother will come to pruning the garden tree tomorrow. 』Because I was talking to him, I left without talking about land acquisition, but I was good not to start negotiations.

You might notice something about what we are doing, but you will not get to the truth.

"Well, I still have plan for tomorrow ..."

I wrote today 's event in my notebook, I went to bed after confirming the schedule for tomorrow.

~ ※ ※ ※ point of view ~

『Is not it overkill to drop a s.h.i.+p? 』

『You blew up where there where no people present, do not tinker with the inertia for a moment.』

『Even so, there may have been deaths.』

『Anyway they had to encounter it. Compared with the fact that one race might disappears from this universe ... 』

『It is me who will be haunted by various things.』

『Have you given the finest clothes for that? 』

『It is a measure taking into account all risks.』

『It does not change what you bothered, Please bill it for our race』

『I understand. Well then. 』


Calls from the planet Sarnia and the s.p.a.cecraft, which were said to be unable to talk, quietly ended.


I Got One Star, So I Will Do It Chapter 35

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