I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 32

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Author Notes: This is the first part of the different world story where macho shines. I forgot to write important things, the name of ‘Team Muscle of Noa'(Noah Brain Muscle) was ‘Pai-sama’!

TN: Sorry for the Delay… this and the next chapters are long and my work is so busy these past few days. Next chapter might get delayed as well (depending on my work schedule that changes almost every day). I wish I don't need to work, but you know how the world works. You cannot eat without money. Anyway, ENJOY!

—- Arakawa Shuichi viewpoint —-

Walking inside Hakone Base which is under construction, I aim at the room of Miki. I get off the completed first layer using a large elevator and pass at the second layer which has the collection place and weapon storage area. I got into the elevator where only limited people were allowed at the 3rd layer and when I came to the 4th layer I finally came to the section where Miki was.

“Good Morning”


In the 4th level, my subordinates are on guard. They are wearing uniforms which are dedicated to the PMC Division that were paid by Noah instead of the things from the UN Army that they were used to until recently. In the chest of their uniforms, there is a wing design with a shining “T.M.N” written on it.

The nicely designed uniform is popular to my subordinates. The original name of the unit is ‘Noah Brain Muscles’ which is invented by Miki but since it will likely cause a revolt, Claire desperately use her head(brain) and changed the name to ‘Team Muscle of Noah’. I think that ‘Noah’s Mercenary Unit’ should have been good enough.

“Miki, I’m stepping in”

There is no response even when using the interphone so I enter the room without permission. Miki who is manipulating the installation type terminal with a difficult face was there. At such times, it is useless even if you call out to her so I quietly sit on a sofa and lit a cigarette while waiting to be noticed.

“Ara, you arrived” (TN: Ara = Oh/Ah which is mostly used by Females)

“Yes, around 30 minutes ago. There is something I’d like to ask, is right now a good time?”

Finally, Miki noticed me. I tell her the things that I saw in Africa few days ago while extinguishing the cigarette.

“Before I quit the United Nations, the nuclear submarine [Tolstoy] was missing while sailing off the South Pole. The higher-ups issued a search party but could not find anything. In the end, it was concluded that it accidentally sunk.

But… Just the other day when I went to a military port owned by ‘Noah’ in Africa to purchase goods. I saw something very similar to Tolstoy which is painted with “Noah” instead of “UN”. What is that?”

“Ahhh… That was Tolstoy. It seems to be the ship that cooperate with Kouki when he tried to rescue Alice-chan. When I launch Noah they reach out to me and seek asylum so I accepted it.”

Why is a UN ship applying for asylum to a company!? Moreover, that type is one of the most advanced ship. Do not accept such application so easily! I get a new cigarette while holding my gabella with the other hand.

That means Miki is also involved in the accident of a new aircraft which was currently announced as [Mystery Crash Accident]? I want you to deny it when I ask.

“An aircraft carrying an assault unit? They also seek asylum to us. That was a lot of hard work, I had to suddenly make an unmanned aircraft and make it look like that the aircraft itself crashed.”

“No. You must be kidding! They are Elites. Unlike a nameless ghost unit like us, they can get a proper evaluation on their mission. Why bother faking death and coming here?”

As I shove while shouting, Miki speaks the reason while I gaze at her face which is looking far away.

“All of this is because of Kouki. It seems the life of the crew members of Tostoy and the Assault Units was saved when he went to rescue Alice. We want to repay what he did to us even for just a little bit is what they say. I told them to abandon their current life and they agree with no hesitation.

There is also one destroyer of the United Nations Space Army who wants to defend Shingo-kun. They want to give their thanks for creating Chabane-kun”

“……Even if they are saying this kind of things, do you really believe them?”

“It’s all right. Although I did not want to use it much, I judged them using a device that I received from Eve-chan which can read their thought so you don’t have to worry.”

Then it should be ok. However, Kouki is amazing. I wonder if this is because of his “Charisma”, he easily put on people whom he had only little interaction. Miki might be feeling the same way. While drinking coffee, “That child has become an adult” she said.

Miki and I are no ordinary people. Even so, it seems Kouki grew up to be a respectable person. That is why, those who will break his quiet life will not be forgiven. While thinking about such things, Miki continue the talk as she remembered something.

“By the way, I had forgotten but there is a reason for calling Shuichi-san. Including the number of the new exiles and those who agreed with us, there will be more than 100,000 people. Although right now people are distributed at Hakone Base and base built in various place, we will soon reach our limit.”

That would be the case, food is not a problem but the place to live is limited. We cannot stay in a narrow room forever especially those people who are supposed to be dead.

“So, I’d like you to do a reconnaissance of the world that our technical department discovered using a 24-hour system dimension observer. As for the equipment and tactics, we will leave it to the military department of Shuichi-san so please give me a flexible response.”

“Understood, Should I ask the technical department for detailed explanation?”

“Yes, that’s right”

I am feeling a sense of exhilaration in the long-awaited duty trying to stop my feet from leaving the room of Miki. It is good that asylum applications and collaborators come from various places but what about information regulation? I do not really care if we are going to immigrate to a different world for a long time.

Even if the state speaks to the civilians about this, people will not believe it even if it happens. On the contrary, the government who did such political talks will lose credibility and will be lost. However if the official government agency found evidence about the immigration to another world and is revealed, everything is will be lost. I question Miki about that.

“It’s all right. I did not tell to anyone about the immigration to another world except for those officially belonged to Noah. I explain that the reason for buying the equipment is for diversion of technology. We have officially explained the quantity because it will be used in the PMC Division. I told them that this is a group that work and never used any private military so far and I have a lot of trust in them.

Regarding important information regulation, Claire in the Public Relations Department is doing it. She is a genius on information manipulation… Providing only the information that we wanted and never letting out unnecessary details. I am really glad that she is on our side.”

I always thought Claire is an able secretary but was she surprisingly an amazing human being? Because Miki is praising her so much, I started to wonder if she is really that talented. I decided to be convinced with the answer and head for the engineering department.

In the explanation from Miki, she wanted to do a Forced Reconnaissance in a different world so I came to the engineering department with Lewis who belongs to Team B.

“Welcome, everyone from the Military Department. My name is Ozaki, Senior Researcher. I would like to explain the world we discovered, please look at this”

A technician named Ozaki displayed a graph on which several photos and numerical values were written on a large screen. He started to explain while pointing on it.

“This picture is taken by a reconnaissance aircraft which is sent earlier. As you can see plants are very similar to the earth’s environment. Observation on the substance in the air is almost the same as earth. From those 2 collected data we decided that the world is habitable for human beings but we cannot declare if we do not investigate further. In fact, it should be done by a technician like us but we do not know the danger of the place… that is why we would like to ask everyone who are professional in battle to carry out the field survey.”

Hmm… We do not mind going but we can just find every corner from the beginning using a large reconnaissance aircraft is it not? I tried asking him such question.

“As you can see, we thought about using a reconnaissance aircraft but we discovered the different world— we call it [G-88]”. In G-88 the flow of time is different on Earth. One hour here is about one day over there so we conclude that the drone does not have flexibility.

I see. It will take more than one day beyond there when preparing a reconnaissance aircraft for recovery in case of a crash. We cannot do that because there is a possibility that our traces is will be found by the G-88 protists.

However, there is also merit about this. If you want to send a facility over there while the side here is preparing, the calculation is will be completed over there before the side here sends it. In that respect, it is quite convenient.

“What I would like to ask is a reconnaissance mission of several days and to launch the observation satellite. In here it will be less than half a day but I will do my best to cooperate with you. There will be nothing in the surroundings in the point of your appearance so it is possible to take a large amount of supplies because the place is confirmed to be set on an uninhabited island”

“Understood. Let me talk a bit with my subordinates to decide the contents of the items that we will bring”

Ozaki said “Yes, Please call me on the extension line when you are done”. After he said that, I bowed and left the place. If this is United Nations, they will decided the materials to take while researchers who are being stupid will disdain us as “war freaks” but Ozaki has decided to leave everything to us. I want to make sure we succeed in order to respond to that trust.

“Alright, You guys! I want to show an amazing place to a smart scholar. What should we take besides food? Do not hold back”

The men who heard my shout exchanged ideas after I sit down and arranged myself to a comfortable sitting style.

“Weapons and ammunition are decisive, I want to take medicine after that”

“it is a different world. We do not know what is in there so I’d like to take heavy weapons. Is it possible to bring Tanks and Aircrafts?”

“Hey, we were told that it was an uninhabited island? Would it be easier if we made a simple outpost?”

I think while watching my subordinates who are discussing on themselves. Looking at such scenes where an exchange of pure opinion without concern to ranks will lead to an increase in unity among members and consequently the survival rate will also improved. Lewis who put together the opinions came to report to me.

“This is a document that summarizes everyone’s opinion. It is handwritten, please check.”


I look over the papers handed by Lewis───

[Battle Powersuit for a number of people]… It is a reasonable request. It is the most effective personal armor in the world and it is necessary.

[Weapons, Ammunition and Medicine]… There are lot of things! The one who proposed this is the coat guy. Well, it is a place that we know nothing about so It cannot be helped. I have to fix it to an accurate number later.

[Number of Tanks and Aircraft, Installed Type Missile Launcher and Anti-Aircraft Gun]… Mu~uu, I need to consult with Ozaki about this.

[Goods for establishing simple outpost]… It is necessary to include defense and future activities. Please try to make it a little bit more specific.

[Large Scale Weapons for erasing trace]… Although it is necessary to erase our trace when withdrawing but if it does not meet the condition, it will surely cause a problem. This also needs consultation with Ozaki.

[Your Son]… Hey! My son is not an item!? Why did they write Kouki in the required list!

“Oi~ Lewis! Stop making a joke using my son. I might be laughing about this but if its Miki you will seriously be in danger”

“I apologize if my writing is bad but it is not a joke. I seriously thought that we needed your son.”

W Why is it necessary? I would like to stop in bringing Kouki if possible. Sometimes it is dangerous. Being around with armed soldier is bad for his education. I told Lewis so and he replied with a serious look.

“No, I heard that your son understood even the language of the unknown tribe who made the moon ruins. I think that advanced knowledge will surely be useful in other worlds. Can you please reconsider?”

“If you prioritize the safety of Kouki then I will give my approval”

When I approve it, Lewis said “When an emergency happens, I will be his shield” so I think his safety is assured. After this, it will depend on the person himself if he will agree to tag along or not… Anyway, I will need to ask Ozaki’s permission first in bringing the items.

When I showed the handwritten documents to Ozaki who visited the room after a while. He easily told us “Understood, I will prepare everything”. All of us in the room are surprised. Ozaki asked, “What’s wrong?” so I decided to ask the question on why he gave the permission so easily.

“Right now, everyone are mercenary who belongs to Noah but until recently you guys are regular soldiers who belongs to the United Nations so I do not think that you will get into unnecessary fighting and killing. So I conclude that the material written in here are [really necessary]”

We are silent on Ozaki who told us that with a laughter. We certainly fought for peace however there are things that we have done that can label us as “murderers”. Ozaki trust us unconditionally and promised to give the supplies.

Probably… we are being praised, I made a salute and everyone follows me. Then I gave a reply to Ozaki.

“Noah’s Mercenary Team [TMN] promises to accomplish our duties in Full Power”

This is the first time since I joined United Nations that I made a salute with such a hot feeling in my heart─── I decided to head to Kouki’s room to ask him to come with us.

“Kouki, I’m coming in”

“Go ahead”

When I entered the room, Kouki seems to be watching an animal documentary program by himself. Neither that girl nor his friends came today. I started to wonder why the members who are always here are nowhere to be seen.

“Alice and everyone else went home, they are preparing for moving their life here on base. I think Kon is with the Academy’s Headmaster. It seems that room was one of Kon’s favourite place.”

Indeed, if its preparing for moving it will take 2 to 3 days before they can come back and that dragon is also unknowingly coming back to the entrance of Hakone base so there is no need to worry. Sitting tightly next to Kouki, while thinking on how to tell him about coming with us… Kouki opened his mouth without moving away his eyes from the television.

“It was unusual for dad to come see me, is there something you’d like to ask of me?”

“Y-Yes… Me and my men were decided to do a reconnaissance to another world. That is why, I want you to come with us. Of course, I guarantee your safety”

Thinking about how glad I am with my son’s good intuition, he suddenly asked me, “Are there mysterious creature?”. Come to think of it, this kid always like those natural creatures. I could not spend much time with him because of work but I saw him really happy when Miki showed those on TV when he was young. She also told me about the time when she took Kouki to the zoo for no particular reason, he was unusually happy about it.

If I remember correctly, he stay in front of the “Japanese Wolf” cage for a very long time. Miki bought a Japanese Wolf stuffed toy which is as big as Kouki at that time. I can remember his happy face while carefully hugging it.

“Won’t those exist in a different world?”

When I said so, Kouki accepted and said “I will go”. So using the terminal I notify Lewis that Kouki has given his permission and told him that we are going to the weapons storage area right now because Kouki also need to do his preparation. I got up while smiling witty as Kouki complains to me.

“Dad, let’s talk more about the plan. What should I do from now on.”

I’m sorry, my son… your mother haven’t told me the plan as well.  I answered “We will just be careful in the future” like the usual and headed to the storage area while pulling the arm of Kouki.

When we arrived at the weapons storage area, You can see my subordinates who are going to the different world gathered at the gate before the entrance. It is an unusual sight that you will think that it was a group of bad people at a distance. Although I was truly worried that Kouki would be atrophied but that seems unnecessary.

He laugh when I point to the coat guy who looks like a bad person and told him that he is “A Cat Person”. Apparently, he seems to know that he is protecting the stray cats as he talk with the coat guy with a smile. I am glad that Kouki is not a person who judge people based on their appearance, I thought so from the bottom of my heart while looking at my son’s figure.
(TN: Author-san, please give the coat guy a name. I feel bad for him)

“You guys, We will now choose the weapons and power suit that we will bring! However, since Kouki is going to use the [8th Generation Powersuit]. You can choose anything other than that”

After giving an order to my men, somehow Kouki release a voice with a surprised expression.

“Dad was truly a Captain of Special Forces. I heard it from mom but I really thought that he is just a macho”

“Kouki-kun, the captain is truly an amazing person. Please give him more respect”

Ellis plunges those words while laughing at the words of Kouki. Well, I do not have Claire so Ellis is the one who do the information management of the scouting team. She will be armed this time since she has knowledge of Quasi Combat. Apparently, she came here to pick her own armaments.

I will tell Kouki, “She is Claire’s twin elder sister”. I was about to introduce her but was surprised by the words of Kouki who is looking at Ellis.

“Are you Claire-san’s sister?”

“Oi! Kouki, you can tell the difference between Claire and Ellis?”

No way, even the member who are usually together with her cannot distinguish the difference from each other but Kouki was able to know it in a single glance? I hold my breath while waiting for the answer of Kouki. An answer came with two ‘precise’ description.

“Yes, Claire-san has a cool beautiful face while Ellis-san has a cute beautiful face.”

“Captain! My room in the other world can be with Kouki-kun”

No way, I will never allow that! I’m certain that I will do something unforgivable if that happens. Even so, it is easy to understand Kouki. It really is strange that you can see Ellis as a cute beautiful face. My men also said, “Wow! I can really tell them apart with that”

Well then, we cannot stay like this forever. We must pick up weapons quickly and prepare to go to the other world.

“You guys! I will now open the gate but chose a weapon calmly and do not run. Do you understand?”

I have to pay attention to it before, It is definitely possible for them to run around like a child who came to a toy shop and got hurt in the process. I confirmed everyone’s attention and open the gate. The moment the gate was open, the idiots ran inside in full power.

“Amazing! The suits here are the mass produced 6th Generation”

“Oi! You bastard, I got my eyes first on the Flame Radiator”

“Where is the 80mm anti-materiel rifle​? I want to take that”

I hold down my eyebrows as I sigh. They will not listen to me anymore. Giving up, I encourage Kouki who is next to me to choose a weapon as well. He asked while tilting his head.

“I have never trained nor shot a gun before?”

“It’s okay since we put a shooting control system in the steering module of your suit. You can hit if you shoot it according to the displayed reticule. Although, I will not let you use the firearm for personal use”

After teaching him that, Kouki also joined the company of my men who is running in tremendous momentum. Really, is he the type of person whose tension rises when choosing a weapon? I desperately wants to smoke a cigarette but because this is a place where fire is prohibited, I stop myself and started to select weapon as well.

First, I should get a 20mm rifle and a grenade launcher for defensive measure. The DecType System(デカ物系) is will be brought in large number by the flashy guys. I will make an arrangement for solid and compact equipment. Looking at the weapons while thinking of its application, Kouki calls out to me. (TN: Not really sure of デカ物系, I even used a dictionary but I cannot make heads or tails about it. If translated literally it will be デカ(Deca/Ten), 物(Type/Thing/Object) and  系(System/Lineage/Group) which doesn’t make any sense)

“Dad, I am fine with this one”

“Hmmm? Which one… Eh? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to use it?”

What Kouki chose while having a grin on his face is a prototype of [180mm Electromagnetic Projection Gun] and an [Explosive Pile Bunker]. The Electromagnetic Projection Gun is a monster weapon which fires 180mm bullet at 6.9km/sec speed. Although while firing, the suit is will be restricted in a knee standing position. Everything will disappear if shot by this kind of weapon.

The Pile Bunker boasts enormous power in a very short range. I have never used it but it should easily penetrate 3m thick reinforced metal. Once these equipments are installed in the 8th Generation Power suit of Kouki─── Let’s stop thinking about it, It is not good for my mental health.

“Please call out to me before shooting. Do not shoot unreasonably”

“I know”

I’m worried if he really knows. It cannot be helped because Kouki chose them. As I look around, my subordinates seem to have finished selecting their equipments and they are attached to the suit that they will use. I think there are 2 people who are fighting each other over the Flame Radiator but I decided not to mind it. (TN: LoL)

After that, we prepared the necessary vehicles and headed to the “Gate” located at the bottom of the 5th Layer. I asked Ellis to reserve the large elevator that we will use for loading the goods.

Everything is arranged and organized in front of the gate. A black space is spread behind me. You can get to another world if you pass through it. As expected, even my men had some fears on the unknown that we will see for the first time. Ellis urges me to speak to raise morale.

Maa~a, I can just think of this as a ceremonial kind of thing. I start my speech to encourage my subordinates.

“Everyone, from here on we will sort out into an unknown different world. We do not know the difficulties and the enemies in there, I do not have the words to tell. BUT! We have accomplished a number of difficult tasks and nothing is impossible to us! Believe on the people next to you in the battlefront, Believe in the group who supports us. If you do, you will definitely come back alive. We will not abandon our family! We will not betray our family! Listen… I will go back home with all of you. Force Recon, Move out!” 


After looking at the faces of the brave men who regained their courage, I am the first one who dived into the gate───

August 1, 2102 at 10:30AM, 93 members of the Forced Reconnaissance Group of [TMN] which is a mercenary unit the belongs to Noah sort out from Earth to G-88. Weapons brought in are 93 Power Suit, 3 Tanks, 4 Aircraft, 3 Aircraft Guns, 30 Cruise Missiles, Two Gravitational Collapse Bullets, Outpost Base Construction Material, 12 Heavily Equipped Special Vehicles.

Extra…… [Kon Adventure]

“Kon-chan, are you going home?”


Kon got off from the top of the knee of Yamamoto Kaori and starts walking towards the exit, then jump to the door knob and open it in a familiar way. Once outside the hallway, jump again in the same way and closed the door. From the other side of the door. A voice is can be heard.

“See you again”

As if to respond to the words of the Academy’s Headmaster, Kon’s tail is wagging while heading to the front gate… once in front of the main gate, Kon sits on a vending machine nearby and watched the car running on the road.

After waiting for around 20 minutes, a large truck stopped in front and a middle-aged driver came out. Kon heard the voice.

“Yo! Lizard! Will you also ride today?”

“Kon, Kon”

Kon sang to answer the question. Kon jump over to the truck from the door of the passenger’s seat which the driver opened and run toward the direction of Hakone.

“If you are~♪ drinking alcohol~♪”


Kon sang in conjuction with the enka singing of the driver as if doing a concert, a few hours later… The truck approaching near Hakone stops.

“Here we are, take care of yourself somehow”


After that, Kon showed a card to the driver that says “Thank You”. It was a card that the Headmaster made and gave to Kon for communication. Kon gets off the truck.

After walking for around 15 minutes, Kon arrived before the post office and sit on the seat of the delivery bike to stop and wait for something. The post office staff who came out soon noticed Kon and release a voice.

“Ah~ Lizard, do you want to ride today as well?”


Kon enters the bag that the post office staff gave, leaving only the face outside and go to a delivery course together. After about 4 items delivered, Kon raise a cry at the curve of the pass and get off.

“Ja, see you around!”

Kon showed a card while looking at the post officer who is moving away. A slightly lazy Kon is climbing a rock nearby as if it’s the usual and sit still at the top while waiting. Although there is some variations in time, Kon noticed the truck with a paint [Noah] comes to pass. Seeing the truck passing by, Kon jump at loading platform of the truck whose speed is reduced by the curve.

“Kon, Kon”

As the truck arrived at Hakone Base, Kon jump off the truck which is in the middle of being check at the entrance. Walking to the front of the entrance where ordinary members go in and out, you can see several people contacting someone using the interphone at the entrance.

“Kon-kun, Welcome Home”

Kon go inside. Once inside, Kon finds a suitable person and raises a cry. That person will take Kon to the owner “Arakawa Kouki” room which will make moving relatively quickly.

Once in front of the master’s room, Kon will enter without permission and will then sleeps on Kon’s own bed which is next to the bed.

This is one of the adventures that Kon is doing every day.

Author Note:

There will be the protagonist perspective for the next. There are also misunderstandings. I also wrote about what kind of life Kon is usually doing as a bonus.

For the Japanese Wolf, I think that the readers reading this novel will find themselves grinning.

I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 32

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