I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 42

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TN: Hi guys! Sorry that I am a week late. I have stuff IRL that needs to be taken care of and didn’t have the time to translate. Also, I am experimenting and testing stuff in wordpress to avoid those bot copying my translations so bare with me. Especially those who are following this blog via e-mail, you might receive multiple notification due to my trial and error stuff. Anyways, enjoy the awesomeness of Kon in this Chapter.

Author Notes: Just random stuff about the number of letters on his novel per chapter, he said he will continue posting about 8,000 to 15,000 letters because it is more easier to summarize that way.

Read the Chapter  The story below is from our Joke Novel (It is an original novel), details

"Night of the Christmas Eve"

On a cold night I, Takeo Nakayama, was invited by my long unrequited love who is also my childhood friend, Henko Kirisaki, for a dinner in Christmas Eve. I was so happy that it took me 3 hours to take a bath and same number of hours to prepare my clothes. I was so excited that I only slept for 2 hours last night thinking about it. This is my long awaited dream, a Christmas Date with Henko.

Henko is my childhood friend who I met in my Family's Dojo when I was 10 years old. Our dojo teaches Aikido, a popular self-defense martial art, and Nakenjutsu, my family Sword Style. Henko is 4 years younger than me and shows great potential in the art of Aikido since the first day. We were just colleague and rival at that time but Tonight, I will cross the boundaries of friends.h.i.+p! I am running full speed right now with my head smoking due to the coldness of the white snow. After tonight, we will become a couple…

…or so it should be, a handsome young man is with Henko when I see her. When I looked closely, I know the face of that Ikemen. That guy is Jotaro Spencer, he is half j.a.panese-half American with a face of an ikemen that I hate so much. There was an event in the past that causes me to hate Ikemen but that's another story. Jotaro is also a childhood friend of mine but for some reason, they are always together these past few months. It makes me a little bit jealous but according to Henko, they don't have that kind of relations.h.i.+p. The smile on my face frowns down as I walk next to them.

"What keeps you so long? It's already 10:30PM!" [Henko]

"Sorry, I missed the bus so I had no choice but to go on foot" [Takeo]

"Long Time no see, Takeo-kun. It's been a while" [Jotaro]

"Yeah" [Takeo]

Irritated on his face, I only said that simple short words. It's really been a while since I saw him, these past few weeks we are both busy with our own work and it seems we always miss each other at our Dojo.

"Come on! Let's look around for a nice restaurant!" [Henko]

"Let's have fun all night, Takeo-kun" [Jotaro]

Drooping my shoulder and ignoring Jotaro’s winking, I follow the two of them silently.

"I know of a good place, look forward to a delicious meal" [Jotaro]

Henko is 162cm in height, has brown bob cut-like hair and beautiful face. She has white skin and an athletic build due to her martial arts training. Even though she has all this nice features, she is not very popular to men. It must be because of her tomboyish personality. Jotaro is a tall guy with height of around 181cm, pale complexion with dark blonde hair and sweet deep voice. According to others he is kind, respectful, smart and has strong sense of responsibility. He also does voluntary work in his neighbourhood and is well loved by everyone. He is famous and girls flock over him. Argghh– I hate guys like him but because he studied Nakenjutsu and Aikido at Takayama Dojo I became friends with him against my will. According to him, he is also learning other kind of martial arts such as Judo and Kendo. In our dojo, He is very talented in Nakenjutsu but for some reason, he prefers doing training for Aikido. In Nakenjutsu, he is undefeated but in Aikido he can't achieve a single win. I wonder if he hates losing.

While walking, Jotaro lead us to a building with expensive looking decorations. We entered a high cla.s.s restaurant.

Wait, do I have enough money with me? I just bought a new game yesterday so my budget is currently tight. While looking at my wallet worriedly, Jotaro suddenly tap on my shoulder and with a smile he said,

"I will pay for the meal tonight, so don't be shy and order whatever you want" [Jotaro]

I always knew Jotaro was from a rich family, but I did not expect him to be able to spend so much money just to treat the two of us. Looking at the menu, a simple plate with a meat as big as my fist and few herb like leaves around it already cost around 35,000 Yen. What kind of meat is that? Oh, well… Jotaro is the one paying anyway, I'll eat a lot to drain his money and to purge my disappointment for tonight.

We started eating around 11PM. With just idle talk and eating, our time pa.s.s by when suddenly at 12 midnight a sound similar to a bell of a clock tower rang. The three of us were shocked, everything on our surrounding is white. There is a bright light that is blocking our sight wherever I look but for some reason I can see Jotaro and Henko without any problems. Suddenly, my eyes feel heavy and while Jotaro is holding Henko to protect her, I fell into slumber. Jotaro and Henko fall asleep as well few seconds after that.

I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 42

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I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 42 summary

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