I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 175

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Mile Chapter 175: Aura family 7

With only the symptoms she just heard, Mile would never think of this disease’s name.
However, a lot of people know the diagnosis method of Beriberi,
Which is knocking on the knees, and foot pins,
And everyone should have experience of hitting the knees as a child.
As Misato, she also had done it with her little sister.

Mile told Litoria to wear her clothes back and then left the room with Willomia.

「Sir Baron, may I ask for next request!」(Mile)

(T.N: Baron-sama looks weird so I choose Sir Baron)

Heard Mile’s voice, the baron family who was waiting in a separate room with the butler Dunbine and Rena’s group appeared.

「Let me meet the chef and I would like to ask how did they make the meal for Litoria until now」(Mile)

「…Ah, I don’t mind. I understand, please follow me.」(Baron Aura)

And they came, the kitchen.

All the baron’s family were lined up excluding Litoria plus the《Red Oath》in front of the kitchen, all the chefs had blue faces.
In any case, their master is accompanied with all his family and the guests to the kitchen, it can’t be anything but claims.
Yes, just like complaints came from customers.

A n.o.bleman was losing face with the guests he invited.
Of course, the chefs would understand how difficult it was.

「U…uhm, about that …」(Chef)

Mile lowered her head to the chef who could not talk properly.

「Excuse me, I want to tell you how did you make the meal for Litoria!」(Mile)

「「「Huh?」」」(3 Chefs)

The chefs’ voice was hoa.r.s.e.

「You don’t have to actually make it, just explain to me step by step in order.
Like you cut it here, peel off here, or explain it according to the procedure…」(Mile)

「Ah, yes, I understand!」(Chef)

That was an easy request.
Especially for those who were afraid of being accused of negligence.

「…, boiled vegetables with boiling water thoroughly, softened, drained, made it into soup, soak in…」(Chef)


「Wash the cut beef with water …」(Chef)

「Eh, you washed it?」(Mile)

「Ah, yes, Litoria-sama’s body is weak, so we need to either wash it thoroughly or cook it throughly…」(Chef)


「I think there were pork in our meal. Why did Litoria-sama only have beef?」(Mile)

「Ah…about that, actually she had seen the slaughter of pigs in the village from my former territory before moving to the capital, after that she can't eat pork anymore…」(Baron Aura)

「To that extent…
Are there any other ingredients that Litoria-sama isn’t good at or you didn’t let her eat?」(Mile)

「Yes, because this place is far from the sea, seafood can’t be served just like for everyone. Besides, Litoria will not eat it.
She also doesn’t eat the staple food, bread, corn, strong taste and smell, chives, garlic, onion, onions and so on.
And she only eats a small amount of beef, vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, milk etc…」(Chef)

「Hmm … okay. Thank you very much.」(Mile)

And Mile left the kitchen with everyone.

「…Just what was that…?」(Chef)

They didn’t know the reason, but anyway, they knew that they weren’t faulted or blamed. It was safe for the chefs.
Just when they was relieved thinking like that, the silver hair girl came back to the door and said.

「Ah, all the cooks please come as well」(Mile)


***In Litoria's room***

Baron's family, including Litoria on the bed, Butler Dunbine, 《Red oath》and 3 cooks.
The butler and the cooks are standing.
And Mile stood up from the chair that she was sitting and looked at everyone around.

「Well, the last 10 minutes of the show, it’s time to solve puzzles!」(Mile)

Other peoples didn’t understand about the program/show, other than the 《Red Oath》that heard the phrase many times.

But there were no-one who couldn’t read read the air and asking what it was.

「I understand what the disease that Litoria has」(Mile)


Astonishment screams are raised, and their eyes are wide opened all together.

「Mi…Mile, did you understand about the medicine as well?」(Rena)

「Well, for most of it …」(Mile)

Even Mile is an amateur about knowledge of medicine, but there was no lie when she answer Rena’s question this way.

「Is it true?」(Baron Aura)

「Please, listen to to the end」(Mile)

Mile was somewhat annoying that baron cut her speech half-way.

「First of all, I think that this disease’s name is called 《Beriberi》in my country」(Mile)

「Beriberi?」(Baron Aura)

「Yes, this is a disease mainly caused by food」(Mile)

「What?」(Baron Aura)

「「「Eeehh…」」」(3 chefs)

The Baron shouted and the 3 chefs turned pale.

「Hey…you, what did you make Litoria eat!!」(Baron Aura)

The baron shouted in the form of a demon, the 3 chefs crawled in the floor.

「Tell me! What are you planning and what did you make Litoria eat!
Which aristocrat was plotting …?」

Mile reached out her hand and restrained the baron that was shouting to the chefs.

「Wait, they are not making Littoria-sama eat anything strange」(Mile)

The 3 chefs at least knew that the silver hair girl seemed to protect themselves and looked at Mile with crippling eyes.

「On the contrary, you can say that they didn't make Litoria eat what she should eat…」(Mile)

「「「「Whaaaaaaaat?」」」」(Baron + 3 Chefs)

Whether it is condemning or advocating, which one is it?
It became confusing at the same time, to the baron and chefs.

「Well, I’ll explain step by step」(Mile)

「Do it from the beginning!」(Rena)

Rena urged and Mile began to explain.

「First of all, in order for humans to live healthily, we need to eat various foods in a balanced way, you can understand that?」(Mile)

In this world, although separation of nutrients has not been researched yet. But that much is naturally known by rule of thumb. So, everyone nodded.

「And, although we eat various of foods but actually among vegetables and meats itself, they still contained different《ingredients necessary for humans》from each other」(Mile)

「Eh? Then, don’t tell me…」(Baron Aura)

As expected of head of aristocrat’s family. The baron seems to have already realized the conclusion just by listening so far.

「Yes, Littoria’s diet contains very little of some kind of 《ingredients necessary for humans》
Like the the raw ingredients which are normally included in eating,
or ingredients that easy to dissolve in water and weak against heat, or the ingredients with strong taste and smell…
For such ingredients, you just kept was.h.i.+ng in water, cook in heat throughly,
In addition, you threw away the boiled juice, which made there was barely anything left.
Moreover, Litoria-sama also disliked the strong smell like onion type which a.s.sists absorption of the ingredients…etc
So, if she changed her eating habits, her disease will be recover as well.
Since there are no one in your family need such special diet, after her illness has recovered, there shouldn’t be any problem for her to eat the same meal with everyone」(Mile)

「Oooh, oooooooh! Is it true?」(Baron Aura)

「Yes, absolutely. Although I can’t say when she will recover, but I believe there’s no mistake…」(Mile)

As Baron family heard the the explanation of Mile.
The Baron, his wife, his sons and daughter were also crying as they tried to hide their eyes.
And on the bed, Litoria’s expression became worse. It turned out that her disease that tortuned her to the point that she had been prepared for death was due to her likes and dislikes.

「No, no way ….
This… this disease that made me gradually paralyzing and losing power,
Because of my likes and dislikes … ….
Because of my taste of food …」(Litoria)

「So, what should we do, Miss Mile!」(Baron Aura)

(T.N: the Baron use 嬢 jō which means Miss)

The Baroness asked Mile for the treatment method.

「Well, for the time being.
Litoria-sama’s dinner should be…Uhmm
Because there is no fish, let made about two pieces of pork, soybeans, corn, bread, and onions, chives, leeks, and garlic.
Do not wash the meat too much, increase the number of vegetables not heated like salad etc.
And reuse the broth without discarding it.
Also stop putting wine in the water.
There is no bactericidal effect and alcohol is not good for this disease」(Mile)

「「「Understood!!」」」(3 Chefs)

The 3 chefs stood up right away and ran to the kitchen when answering in good spirits.


And Littoria raised the cry of despair to the ingredients on which Mile was arranged.

「「「「「Don't complain!!」」」」」(Baron’s family)

Her parents, older brothers and older sister, her whole family shouted at Litoria for the first time today. She was upsetting and crawled into the blanket.


I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 175

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