I Shall Survive Using Potions! Chapter 47

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Kaoru Chapter 47: New place

Five horses were traveling in the night.
With a light that shined forward, a mysterious blue light.
Yes, that was our group.

When we stayed at town until nightfall, I felt that the Baron might arrive again so I decided to leave at midnight.
However, we will not keep going until morning.

After traveling for a while, we gained quite a distance with the Baron.
We went into the forest, hiding ourselves from the highway and made a camp.
If we could leave his territory, the Baron would not have any justification.
But doing that would just tire us out.

Actually, with our party…

The honorable of the bravery King’s brother, Roland.
Great hero of war, Demon God Fran with the Goddess sword.
Two fanatics that willing to sacrifice their lifes for the goddess, with a goddess sword and knife…
And the goddess herself.
It will not take even a minute to defeat the army of the baron.

And the mysterious blue light is “that”.
That is a chemical light, Cyalume. And a powerful version one.
I also put a reflector on it to make it illuminating to the front.
Because we don’t need to hurry, this light is enough for us to travel in the highway.
At first, I was trying to use an Acetylene lamp to fit with this world background, but I abandoned it with Ed group’s protest.

「Ach, achichi, Young miss, what are you doing!」(5 horses)

With all 5 of them get angry, I have no choice but gave it up.

As for the acetylene lamp, Calcium carbide and water are placed in the container.
It will keep lighting if there is a valve for adjusting the amount of water dripped and the amount of gas generated
Compact and bright, can keep lighting for a long time,
The technical required for manufacturing is low.

I thought it will be good, but it doesn’t work. Because of the horses.
Even it was similar to a light bulb type, not a type with a cover attached to the flame part. Were the horses bad with fire type lamp…

But right now we are walking instead of riding, I can use the acetylene lamp…

In the night, with the Cyalume light on the right hand and acetylene lamp left hand, we crossed the river.
It seems there are many prohibited places now, in this world…
Okay, let’s try walking along the the river next time!
And camping on the river side.

However, it would be ideal for caving and fishing, the acetylene lamp…
Well, with my ability, I can produce both chemicals and their containers: acetylene lamp or chemical light, but I wonder whichever is better.
Well, it’s no big deal.

While I was thinking so, we kept going for another hour or so, and then we camped in the right place.
Because my stomach is still full from drinking recovery potions, I don’t have dinner.
I take care for the Ed’s family’s body, sow insect repellent, take out the bed, and sleep with Bell.

Um, I finally had a chance to use it again after many years.
Of course, I always washed, dried mattresses and sheets the sun, and sometimes replaced.
Oh, that’s right, I haven’t used this bed for 5 years!
Although we escaped to the opposite direction with that time, but please take care of me forever. (T.N: I wonder why Arge don’t store a bed with her Blood Box)

Oh, Fran and the men?
They are sleeping on the ground.
I already handed out blankets from the item box to them, it should be enough for them.

***A few days later***

We safely crossed the border and we entered through the inland side of the Brancott Kingdom, this is the neighboring country from the north-east side, Doriszate.
There’s no check point on the border line.
However, it seems we need to have a checking in the town.
A town surrounded by walls, a so-called castle town.

This country’s relationship with the Brancott Kingdom isn’t bad,
but because this is the border with other countries,
this town served as a relay station for a certain amount of troops and trade, the castle city Serinas.

We had many camps during our travel and this is the first country we arrived, let’s stay for a few days in this town and study a little about this country.
Because those who control the information say they control the world.
Roland and Fran knew alot of detail informations about the four neightbor countries, but it seems that they weren’t familiar with other countries.

Well, that was unreasonable.
Although they knew about politics or something, but they probably wouldn’t be here directly.
Same goes for the other side.

Roland is quite famous in his country and 4 neighboring countries,
but in this country, he is just 《the king's brother of another country that has nothing to do with them》
The royal palace and the upper aristocracy, and upper ranks of the military may know about his name, others may not even know his name or his face.

Still, the 《goddess of guardian knight, Holy Knight Francette》is far more famous.
However, Francette’s actual age and the elapsed time since the Arigo Empire defense game,
I can’t imagine that anyone would that 《Demon God Fran》is this young.
It’s a bad thing to say, but 《Francette》is common name.

Same go for me, from the time passed, my age and appearance will not match with rumors.
Well, it was already diffrent with the neighboring countires.
Just like our name has many variations.

Like Celestine’s name is: Celesinus, Celestia etc, there are various versions, like distortion in the process of transmission,
I have various names such as Carou, Koaru, Devil, Executor and so on.
It is the result of the message game.

… Wait a moment, what's with the two in the back!

Besides, there are many girls who have been given the same name as me for the last 4 years.
Peoples are afraid to give the same name as the goddess, but there’s no problem to give the same name as the girl that goddess loved.

They hope with that name, their daughters might get a little of goddess’ protection.
That’s why, nowadays, the names of similar pronunciation such as Caoru, Carou, Koal, and other aren’t unusual, it was recognized as an average common girl’s name.

…But of course, there was no parent would name their daughter 《Devil》or 《Executor》
Also, my name is often not transmitted by name, but such as 《like an angel》, 《goddess’ friend》, and my proper name isn’t really widely spread.

I had spoken too much, just what did I want to say, you ask?
In other words, we don’t need to use pseudonym.
Even though the news I, King’s brother, Demon God Fran left the country may spread to an extent, but it will not be transmitted to a far away country.

Actually, to make his brother Serge have more support, Roland didn’t appear on the public too much but act as advisor behind the scene.
And there is no way the country would bother to spread the fact that 《Demon God Fran》, which is the greatest strength of the kingdom, is absent.

Thinking about it, the setting to hide my identity:
Right now, I’m a noble girl around 12 year-olds traveling on pleasure trip.
A party with 5 aristocratic brothers and sisters.
It was too much inconspicuous.
3 out of 5 people are equipped with swords and there is no escort, and 2 of them are knight-like, it’s not funny at all.

Alright, the goddess’ friend and the angel-like are closed for a while.
It’s not a cheap potion wholesaler like Balmoa Kingdom, I’m a lower aristocratic’s daughter. I’m on a travel for learning.

In the meantime, I also make money.
No, I earn pretty much with potion, but money isn’t the problem.

Especially when I have an infinite item box.
If I wanted money, I just need to invest in the shipping industry of the Arigo Empire that working inspired by myself that I don’t know anything about it.

Ah, when I was a child, I thought that the 《Echigo noodle shop wholesaler》is a shop selling chili noodles.
Only when I became junior high schooler, I learned that it’s the textile crepe
Oh, I do not want to recall, it is a dark history …

Well, anyway, I will throw away the past I don’t want to recall, for a new departure!

We were gradually reaching the wall, which we could see from far away.
That is Castle City Serinas, right?

Reincarnation … Although I wasn’t born again,
my body is totally different right now and I have rejuvened.
It was different compare to reicarnation (like Mile)
or teleport (like Mitsuha),
This is the first country I travelled to at the second world.

The first city, Serinas.
Let’s go and do my best!

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Chapter 47

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