I Shall Survive Using Potions! Chapter 48

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Kaoru Chapter 48: Castle Town Serinas

We finally arrived at the castle town of Doriszat, Serinas.

It was very easy to enter the city.
We just needed to line up and declare verbally our identities and the purpose of our traveling to Serinas.
No, in the first place, they won’t be able to verify the identities and they also want to avoid trouble.
So, they only detail checked the merchant cargoes which are subject to tax.
And check if the traveler looks similar to the people in wanted picture.

So, of course, the soldiers wanted to avoid offending Roland, who is clearly releasing the aura of the upper class, the female knigh Francette, me who looks like a lady (Ojou-sama), attendants Emil and Bell.

『Hailing from Balmoa Kingdom, we are Earl Adam’s men. For our studies, my brothers and sisters are traveling around the countries』(Roland)

Roland declared so.

This reason is average(normal/acceptable), right?
It also explained why there was no guard, having just a little money for a high ranked aristocrat from another country.

About that, I had given the potion to Hector-kun and Yunis-chan before, they used it to heal their grandmother.
So I got permission to use their family name, but of course I must avoid causing inconvenience for them.
If I just used it like this, there should be no problem at all.
Well, it was unlikely that anything would happen.

Besides, Roland just declared as《Earl Adam’s men》, we didn’t say that we were the members of Adam family.
Even an employee of the Adam family could declared as《Earl Adam’s men》
Well, in a sense, it was like《I came from the fire department》(T.N: But I’m not necessary a Fire Fighter)

And to show up that I didn’t lie, I got a coin from Earl Adam before departure.

As for the contract, we will go around seeing other countries and let them hear various stories as souvenir.
Yeah, I was officially hired by a Earl Adam.
And there was no lie to declare as 《Earl Adam’s men》

『Oh, the first country, this is the streets of the foreign country that I visited for the first time!』(Kaoru)

With my exciting remark after passing through the town gate, peoples in the vicinity were staring at us.

Roland and Francette had bitter smile looking at me…
It’s fine! Honest excitement should be said out aloud!
Besides, since peoples thought I was 12 years old, there wasn’t any problem with this, right!

And we decided to rest at an inn.
I didn’t intend to choose a high-class inn, but three of us were women and it would be unnatural to choose a cheap accommodation with noble-like members.
Let’s choose a reasonable place.

And then, we chose this inn by listening to various peoples. It seems like a good inn from the appearance.

『Excuse me, do you have free rooms? Two double rooms and one single room…』(Kaoru)

Well, I can’t bear staying together in the same room with lovey dovey couples!

『Oh, yes we have rooms!』(Inn keeper)

The inn keeper answered so after seeing there were five of us, she looked at me with sorry eye.
…Uuu, It’s unnecessary care!

And the sun is still high.
We can eat and gather information even after it got dark.
So, right now, I should go for sight seeing, it’s town of my first visited country.

Roland and Fran, Emil and Bell shared the same room.
No, in the camp, we were already all sleeping together side by side.
Emil and Bell have been together from when they are still children.
So, it shouldn’t be any problem even if they slept in the same room now.

That’s why I went to the town secretly by myself.

… This town isn’t really different with others.
Well, we haven’t gone far, we haven’t crossed the ocean, we only crossed some border check.
So the races, words and customs are almost unchanged… In the first place, this town is near the Brankott Kingdom’s border.

While thinking so, I looked at the cityscape, confirmed the assortment and prices of the market.

And when I was walking into a deserted street, two (wild) men appeared blocked my way from the front.
When I turned around, there were also two men in the back as well.

They were laughting, but it isn’t a smile but rather a smirk.
Oh, well, this shouldn’t be the outlaws that random chose anyone in the street. They were aimed, to kidnap a rich child.

…What should I do.

***In the cage***

No. I’m not a weak woman that can be kidnaped easily, you say?

Well, Even if I resist, I will only be seized and just get hurt.
If they stabbed the knife at me, the automatic defense function may work, but only if they stabbed me.
Even if they didn’t use knife, they could just press me down and I couldn’t resist, so there wasn’t any point.

They might twist my arms or hit me, it would be hurts, normally.

Up until now, I could still feel painful as I felt down or got cut on my fingers, and Ceres’ defense system didn’t activate.
Besides, what if my thought was wrong?
What if it wasn’t a《perfect automatic defense system》that absolutely works every time?
What if it only happened at that time because Ceres happened to see me?
I’m afraid that I can’t test this with the risk of my life!

Well, those kidnapers didn’t seems like intend to kill me.
That’s why I let them caught quietly.

Well, there are as many opportunities to escape, so I don’t have to worry. Yes, I don’t have to worry.
But the problem is…

『Uu, it hurts…』(Loli 1)

『I want to go home…』(Loli 2)

It wasn’t just me who got kidnapped.
And it seems like they didn’t care about me or those lolies’ identities when they kidnapped us.
Then why?

If they looked at me, I must look like a 12 year old loli, a daughter of a wealthy merchant or a lower aristocrat.
And I was staying in an inn in this town with my family, which means we don’t have connection with the lord here (aristocrats often know each other)

Which means they don’t have to worry about dealing with guards. And my family should not know anything about this town. Even if my family tried to find me, they can easily escape.

Conclusion. This is just a very average loli kidnapping organization.

Because everyone who got kidnapped were only lolies (young girls)
Besides, everyone was really cute.

Even thought I said there were only cute lolies here but it wasn’t true, their aim might a little wider?
Because they chose me, disregard of my scary eyes.


No, I am not pleased with anything.

I was kidnapped by a loli abduction group. It's true! I’m telling you.

Translator’s Note:

Now readers, please guess what kind of flag is this.

No, reading google translate ahead please.

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Chapter 48

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