I Was Reincarnated Chapter 29

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Things I Didn't Know

Sei side

I spent about one month searching for the demon god's castle

I finally found it

In a place without anything, a considerably large castle was built

Isn't this even bigger than Arrow-sama's castle?

(I can only hope that this place is the demon god's castle)

If it's a demon king's castle then I'll probably lose my life

However, I can occasionally hear voices

There is a peaceful feeling so it doesn't seem to be demons

I knock on the gate

The voices stop and nobody comes out

(It was ignored?)

I knock on the gate a second time

There is no gatekeeper and like this there's nothing else I can do

However, no matter how many times I knock, time continues to pass like that with no answer

At that time―

"What did you come for?"

I heard a voice and saw the figure I searched for

That guy is standing on top of the gate

Today's he's wearing navy blue clothes and white-ish grey gloves

There's no veil covering so that beautiful face is exposed

I don't know why he's on top of the castle gate, but it seems here, where we once again are meeting, is the demon god's castle

"I have to have a talk with the demon god"

"That's not me, return"

Immediate reply

If he won't even listening to my speech then there's no other way

"Please, hear me out! You were right"

I kneel down and bow my head

There's no way a knight like me would ever take such a posture

However, the other person is a demon god

If I don't do at least this much, he probably won't even listen to me

"Please don't bring Gudoudotelia to ruin!"

The moment I said so, the demon god made an incredulous expression

There's a chance, he might listen to my speech

I immediately organize my words

Then, I suggest an agreement with my purpose

―However, the demon god gives no reaction

Without any change, he only gazes at me from on top of the castle gate

"For the demon god as well, having heroes sent in would trouble you right?"

Even according to legends, the only one that can oppose the demon god is the hero

The person who can become the hero that hasn't yet been found will overturn things   

Although it seems that guy with (strong) magic power is here, the hero must surpass all others in swordsmanship and must have a lot of magic power

A guy that hasn't ever fought, even if he was given a sword, he won't be able to skillfully use it immediately

In other words, he must have better swordsmanship than me, and more magic power than Nia or Rien-sama

Moreover, his IQ must also be good

His physical ability must also be high

Such a person, I'm uneasy as to whether such a person can actually be found

For this reason, I want to make an agreement

Also, if we have this agreement, there's no need to look for the hero

In order to determine his real strength there's no need to for guys to die in the end

However, my sole bargaining chip has no value as well it seems

"There's no way a human could defeat a demon god, you know? Back then, the  one the hero defeated, was a devil (akuma) that the demon god created"

What he said was different from what the legend mentioned

"Wha-…..!? According to the legend, it should be 'the hero defeated the demon god'!"

Is he saying it's wrong?

If that's the case, won't I not be able to make anything like an agreement?

"So, I'm saying that's a lie, you know? Since they'll be pointlessly dying, don't send such things"

He indifferently speaks

"You created a devil!?"

Is that why he know that the legend is a lie?

"That is a story of the demon god before me. Since I've been born……umm, it's been about four months?"

It's somewhat unclear, but it seems he's a demon god that's been born recently

I suddenly came to realize, he's not from a foreign country

"The previous demon god's lifespan ended and he died. I know because when I was born the information was imparted to me"

Demon gods only die at the end of their lifespan?

"…….can no one kill you then?"

"Unless it's to the extent of the world being destroyed, I won't be killed"

That is to say, immortal?

Bargaining and the like over fighting with such an opponent……I would certainly look like an idiot

"………..in that case, why did a demon god appear in this world?"

This demon god said so himself that he isn't doing anything

In that case, what is the purpose of the demon god's existence?

"Ah―….. god said something about that…….for the sake of balance, was it?"

"By [god], you mean what?"

"God is god right?"


Is it god?

"God is the one who sent the demon god into this world?"

I try asking in order to receive confirmation

The answer I receive confirms it

"…….by 'for the sake of balance,' what does that mean?"

The thing called a demon god, in something only recognized as the root of evil trying to enact world conquest

If that is a lie then why is a demon god born…….

The sake of balance, what does that mean?

What will this demon god do?

"This world's humans are too strong compared to the other races. Humans can even deal with demons, so an existence stronger than humans is necessary"

…….that, is the only reason for his existence?

However, I have no time to ponder over it as soon the (next) words he says crash into me

"For that reason, humans arbitrarily demarcate country borders without care for others agreement, now including Gudoudotelia I believe there are six countries it seems, but originally it was one. This Baren country didn't belong to anyone. It seems that someone wanted to gain control of it, but some Gudoudotelia country, does not exist/there is no such thing"

(Baren country?)

In the old days, rich humans fought for dominion, which resulted in the current countries, I was told

However, there was a country even before that?

Who was the ruler?

…….was he killed?

(By) the current king's ancestor

He's saying Gudoudotelia, a country arbitrarily founded by humans, does not exist, I could only be dumbfounded

(Are humans not approved by this world?)

It feels like that

Although he says that, is it because he's a demon god sent by god?

"I don't care about messing with humans, however if anything happens to my things I will kill everyone, no matter who, for me different races and such doesn't matter"

I say nothing, as he informs me with seeming finality

For a demon god things like racial differences are mere semantics

I felt my arrogant way of thinking, that humans are the best, seem to take a hit


Abruptly from the other side of the gate, I heard a young voice

"What are you doing? I told Rona to tell you not to go out of the castle, didn't I?"

The demon god turned towards where the voice came from and spoke

"I heard, but….we have Shin-sama's divine protection. Besides, it was taking a long time, so I became worried about what was happening……."

This time it was a man's voice

(He seems to be well adored)

Although I don't get the point of worrying about a demon god

"Waaaaa-!? Highh!"

Suddenly the two appeared before the demon god

They seem to be beastmen

The child hugs the demon god and the man sits (collapses into sitting)

Certainly, the place the demon god is now is high

Since beastmen pretty much never go to high places they probably aren't accustomed to it

The demon god pulls the man's arm and seats him on top of his lap

I've seen that man before

He is the male beastman that the demon god seemed to cherish

That time the two guys that attacked him were killed just like that by the demon god

(What is the reason he is that interested in those beastmen?)

Without the cold look that he has when looking towards me, the demon god has a gentle smile

"-Shin-sama! There's a knight!!"

Seeing me, they hug the demon god in fear

(Aren't they scared of the wrong person)

Why must they be more scared of me than the demon god?

…….no, it must be because the demon god cherishes them

"It's alright. That guy's alone, and it seems like he doesn't plan to attack. Moreover, even if this guy attacks he can't kill anyone"

He pat the heads of the two

These two are the demon god's slaves

With divine protection, anyone weaker than the demon god can't kill them

……how envious

It means that they won't die from anything except their natural lifespan

"I will not make an agreement with humans. Send heroes as you like, but expect them all to die. If you send them too often, then I will probably have those guys in the castle die"

His words towards me are cold

Moreover, threatening

I have to report this to Arrow-sama

If he were to continue sending the hero everyone in the castle will all be killed

"We have nothing more to talk about, leave"

"…….you won't promise?"

"Too persistent"

Towards me as expected there's not even a fragment of gentleness

It seems saying anything more than this would be pointless

I reluctantly get on the agony

"If you can, won't you not raise your hand against those guys who are forced to attack?"

Even though it's not much I wanted him to promise to reduce victims at least a bit―

"Bother, don't order me"

He bluntly refuses

I wanted to continue pushing, but if even this much is too persistent then I can't do anything

Feeling gloomy, if the country was attacked now it would be troubling

(Like this, I can only return…….)

Even though I desperately searched for the demon god, there was no meaning

"Ah―…Hm, a demon?"

Gazing into the distance, the demon king mutters without any worry

When I look over my shoulder, there are the figures of 10 demons

Right now I'm in the most dangerous place

I draw my sword in preparation

For me when I'm alone, I can't defeat 10 demons

Cold sweat drips

Four demons head towards me

Even that is too many

Since these demons are quite strong

It will be a hard fight

Different than for me, the demon god handled the demons, in a moment the six were defeated

"What was that, just now"

"Was it done by you!?"

Perhaps they didn't notice the demon god's existence, they came and fiercely attacked me


I reached the limits of what I could defend against with my sword

At that time―


While a roaring sound resounded, one demon was blown away

Demons were sent flying one by one

"Knight, go to the right"

Hearing the voice, the moment I moved right, a roaring sound resounded once more on my left and sent the demon flying just in time

It put me in a cold sweat

When I turned my head the demon god is hugging the beastman and patting his head

Was that caused by magic?

As I thought, he isn't an opponent humans could match

"……..how to say it, what a BS power……."

Both the demon corpses and the smell of blood are gone

"Return, don't come again"

He says so and both him and the beastman disappear

While I was dumbfounded, I could only return the way I came

"Sei-sama! Just earlier some demon corpses appeared before the royal family"

When I came to report at the castle a palace guard informed me of such

It's probably the demon god's deed

The demon corpses entirely disappeared then

While going towards the royal family, there was the smell of demon blood

"Arrow-sama is in his room?"


I went towards Arrow-sama'a room

Well then, I wonder what kind of reaction there will be……

"………….Is that true!?"

His face turned pale as his lips quivered

I reported all the information I heard from the demon god

It seems even Arrow-sama didn't know about it

Neither that the legend was falsified or that it was originally one country called Baren

"There's no meaning to even selecting a hero. The one the hero can defeat is just the devil the demon god created. Moreover, that demon god seems to be immortal, even if we send a hero he'll just kill them all. Please stop searching for the hero at once"

Since I couldn't get an agreement with the demon god, I can only get Arrow-sama to stop

"……It's impossible. I already sent out a country-wide proclamation"

……This country, may already be over

He said he'd kill everyone in the castle when we send heroes

I have reported that to Arrow-sama

His complexion paled and he seemed lifeless

"Please tell him that our country won't send a hero!"

He shouted out in despair

However, can that be said?

"I was already told that I can't return"

The king's decree is regrettable

That is for everyone

There's no guarantee that everyone won't be killed

"Arrow-sama, please urgently withdraw your honourable proclamation"

"W,well, it's already been sent to the other countries"

I don't know whether or not to believe it

……I just, can't believe it

I saw the demon god's power in person, I reported that he instantly defeated the demons whose corpses he sent Arrow-sama

"From what I see, this country is ruined"

Arrow-sama walks away, staggering

I understand his feeling, but there's nothing I can do

(He said not to come again, but I have to tell him before he destroy the country)

Even assuming he won't listen to me, I still decided to go towards his castle

Sei side end

I Was Reincarnated Chapter 29

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