I Was Reincarnated Chapter 92

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Battle of Fellow Gods

Several days after Yoichi came

Fixing the wall and barrier that Yoichi broke, I built a house for Yoichi to stay at separate from the castle

More or less coming as an assassin to kill me, although he doesn't hold any intent to kill me, the surroundings are frightened [of him]

Yoichi, the same as always, was still completely like a kid

Expressing keen interest towards this world that has magic, he used the power that he said received from the goddess with an expression like it seemed fun

I don't know whether the god who reincarnated me in this world was a man or woman

Since he said 'boku' [I, used by boys and boku-ko girls], I thought he seemed like a man, but since I don't really care whichever's fine

The one who sent Yoichi seemed to be a goddess, 'a *kirakira* [sparkly] goddess with *fuwafuwa* [fluffy] hair' he explained through nothing but onomatopoeias

I also heard him say similar words when he explained about my appearance

'A *kirakira* man with *sarasara* [silky] *tsuyatsuya* [glossy] hair' he said

It seems he can't explain without using expressive sounds

The short calm, came to an end in a few days though

Feeling that something was wrong, was probably not just me

Even in a warped state, it is a god

That presence, even without seeing their figure you can feel it

"The goddess"

At Yoichi's words, I felt that the opponent is the god that tried to erase me

Somehow or other I knew though

"I should have told you to kill the demon god? Why are you carefreely living together?"

"…….I mean, the demon god is Shin! There's no way I could kill him?"

Yoichi spoke with the goddess

Is it more correct to say he's angrily speaking?

If the demon god me was killed, then Hinoue Shinya can be revived……is it?

Such a thing, I'll firmly refuse

This world without various shiragami [??? probably typo /shigarami=inseparable bonds/familial bonds] even though I'm comparatively pleased with it

Since I feel refreshed with just not having those annoying relatives around

I am worried about what sort of predictions that god has though

Even if I worry about it now it can't be helped, after all, I'm pretty much nothing but that god's pawn

It's aggravating but it can't be helped

I'm a guy with such a fate I guess

…..I move when a person tells me to—I have no intention of doing such though

However that god, I feel like he predicted my thinking this way, so even scheming various things probably has no meaning

Even though I would just smash them if I could fight them

On the contrary, I'll probably end up being killed

That much is understandable

That guy's power, even the current me is probably no match

Even if I die, I can just be reincarnated again

Saying things like governing the world…..

Such a thing, just what the heck does he mean?

Does he want me to study how to rule?

I can only think such a thing unnecessary though

"….Ara? Killing an opponent that you've already killed once before should be easy, right? If you leave him alive like this he won't be returned to your hands?"

Yoichi kept his mouth shut at the goddess's words

"I've already died once. If I go back to the world Yoichi is once again won't I be restarting from a baby? Going so far as rewinding time should probably be easy for you, but even if I'm revived I won't return to Yoichi's hands.

Since I am not Yoichi's thing."

Right, in that world, I can only be my thing

Certainly various predictions or schemes spin in [other's] control, but I have no memory of having let someone else decide for me to become someone else's thing

Yoichi, was just a person that I pampered

Even among those [I pampered] he was just a guy that I was reasonably pleased with

He was my thing, but he was a guy I just [mildly] cared for

Caring on a whim, pampering, joining bodies

Only, just that

"Such a thing, as long as I just tamper with your memory a bit, then end of story. Aren't you making light of the god, I?"

This is bad

This guy, is similar to that person

I want to hit

The one on the family register, the younger sister from a different mother

For me, that woman was only an annoying stalker

A guy that misunderstands herself as important, and speaks high-handedly

…..since this guy is a god, they probably are actually important though

"Aahaha…….as I thought you are indeed an idiot. This child is one that caught my eye~. Did you seriously think you'd be able to do such a thing~? Your head, is seriously weak huh"

No idea when he appeared, there's a man next to me

It seems to be that god, but both his clothes and hair are different

That long blond hair, became short curly like hair

His age also feels to have become younger

His clothes too, they aren't those priest like clothes, he's wearing clothes similar to this world's humans

"—-, Hey wait! Why did you come to hit me!?"


"You clicked your tongue!? Clicking your tongue, this child!"

The god made an exaggerated reaction and shed crocodile tears

As I thought, annoying

"Hey, give me the power to kill that trash woman. So that I can smash her until not even a trace is left"

"So, what I mean is, why did you try to hit me!? There's no need to hit me right!?"

"Noisy, that guy, irritating"

This guy's the same as that woman

It has nothing to do with being a god

"It's not possible for you~…..at least not yet, you know?"

(Not yet?)

What does he mean?

Does he mean I'll have the power to be able to kill a god in the future then?

Or is it…..

"You, you don't intend to make me a 'god' do you?"

This guy said it

Being able to kill a god, is not someone like me who was only assigned one world, it's impossible for an improvised god

If he says it's not yet possible for such a me, then I can only think it's such a thing

"…..A~ah. it slipped. ….Well, whatever. You would have found out eventually and you would have had to prepare for that"

He's not even a bit timid

He's just as slow as ever, with that irritating way of speaking

I wanna hit him

"I, don't want to become such an annoying thing"

"It's something that's already been decided~ Any amendments are rejected!"

"…..first off, I'll hit you"

As I thought, how aggravating

It means that he didn't stop at just making me the demon god?

Don't screw with me

"Well, that's a talk for after this world's destroyed so it's fine not to think about it for now, you know?"

The same as ever, this guy's annoying

"You, as the god of creation, to put this much effort into it, I will make it all disappear"

"…..seriously, you are too much of an idiot~. God of beauty, you have nothing but your looks, huh. That hollow head, there's nothing stuffed in it, huh~"

These two, it seems they aren't close

Especially, this god

Isn't he quite harsh towards the goddess?

"My! I'm saying I'll have the existence that is causing weakness in this world, causing you trouble, disappear? Giving thank for this, there's no reason to ignore it"

"…'noying, kill"

"Hey now, I said it's not yet possible for you—"

"You came and descended into this world. It has nothing to do with being a god. You have to abide by reality"

I took out the demon god's sword

Everyone, it's probably their first time seeing this sword

"It's not like this world's reality can interfere with the god me, right? You dummy"

The idiot woman let out a giggle

I already can't even treat her like a god

Though I didn't in the first place

"The idiot is you. Did you think I wouldn't have any counter-measures?"

When I smile with a broad grin, I could hear a shocked sounding exhale from next to me

"You~…… in this world's reality, you've amended various things?"

It seems this guy understood

The god of creation, was it?

It seems this guy's status is high

"You are the one that told me to govern this world. Isn't amending reality my right?"

"You, same as ever, are outside the norm, huh"

Somehow or other it seems it was out of his predictions

"It seems the divine protection you gave me will have no use though"

This god said, I am authorized

Being born as the demon god, is due to this god

For that reason, for this guy the amended reality is not activated [he's not affected]

However, the appended reality, only affects a person who comes from outside

In other words, I can't be killed even by Yoichi

"I, to Rune and the others, promised to do my best not to die, so I did my best"

Dark clouds gathered in the sky and thunder roiled

Thunder echoed and flash of lightning appeared

The wind gradually became stronger and my hair fluttered

However, I'm won't be using the demon sword's ability

Although this sword appears to cause natural disasters, such a thing probably won't have any effect on this trash

I put the sword to my arm, and pull

While I feel pain that I have not felt for a while, I execute magic

Rune and the others seems to be screaming, but I'm currently destroying ahead of me

"By my blood, without life. My name Shirikaviris Alda Veiden Orision Hadeusrem Gorijionagu, reality's lynchpin, the intruder before my eyes, destroy" [he uses waga an archaic form of I, think 'thee' or 'thy']

For this much it needs a chant

Though it's a shortened chant for my use

The real one is longer and more complicated

"Blood magic and magic to unite with reality as the lynchpin!? How did you get that? I only gave you ordinary information, you should not be able to reach up to there"

God let out a surprised exclamation, but that also has to be left for later

My blood floated and for some reason formed symbols

That headed towards the goddess with dreadful force

"This me, there should be no chance for me to be killed by a fellow like you!"

She seemed to be persisting in her defense, how unfortunate, annoying

"By further sacrifice, I as reality's regulation"

I sacrifice the sword to this world

Covered in a faint light, it soon disappeared

Anyhow I never used something like it, even if it disappears it's no inconvenience

"Wh…..!? That sword is something you need!"

God shouted, but I [already] knew its meaning

"So, what were you saying?"

When I face towards the god, he probably understood that I did it knowingly

"I will call you later~?"

He said such a thing with a surprised expression


The symbol drawn in my blood encased the goddess's body

Since it's something made with blood trying to cut it is pointless

The blood of me who stands at the top of this world, it's not something that a guy treated as a 'mere intruder' could erase

The amended reality deprives intruders [of their position]

In other words, for this world this guy who seems to be the goddess of beauty is recognized as a mere woman

Such a guy with however much resistance, there no way she can defend against my attack

Only, as this guy seems to be a goddess, so from the beginning her specs were high

For that reason, I can kill her bit by bit

It could be said I'm letting out my stress for the first time

Not just killing two birds with one stone, it's become three or four birds I guess?

Stomping the earth, I knock down the goddess

Though the ground caved in, as expected she didn't die

"As expected, a fight must be at least this much"

From there I swoop down and land on that goddess's face

Furthermore, her face just sinks in, but as she is a god she doesn't just die

"Since I'll be punishing her, won't you give her to me~?"

At that time the god called out

"Do you intend to snatch my stress relief? At least let me fight"

When I punch my fist towards her belly, her body was greatly warped

"……that's not really a fight you know~?"

I heard an amazed voice, but for the current me it's whatever

I lift up the caved in body

As expected it seems she's sturdy as she's a god

She has no injury looking injuries

"……it's worth not killing"

The words leak from my mouth unconsciously, the goddess's eyes widen and a look of dread floats in those eyes

A guy that should be a 'god'

"What? Don't you have the resolve, to die?….. Though I won't do it up till there"

I once again push her towards the ground

She's buried in the ground again, but I have no intention of releasing her


"Shin, stop it already!"

When Rune tells me to stop while crying, unconsciously my hand stops

Cutting in during a fight, I really don't like it

That, if it's Yoichi he knows

"Re,return back the usual Shin!"

Rune hugged me while crying, he sent a glance with a pale face

If my fight was intruded on, there were many cases where I beat the hell out of the guy that interrupted me

"—the rest, I'll leave to you. Send Yoichi back to his original world"

So, the moment I say so, [Yoichi] turned a surprised expression towards me

Me drawing back without objection, it seems it was unbelievable

Well, you know

It would be unthinkable for the me in the time I was on earth

"Were you scared? Don't cry anymore"

When I pat his [Rune's] head, he hugs me tighter

I can feel him shivering, me during a fight was probably scary

In front of Rune, I had never become that violent before

I Was Reincarnated Chapter 92

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