Idiot, I Love You Chapter 8

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Author; 葵花砸 Kui Hua Za

Translator: Jia

Chapter 8 你不要立flag啦 You don’t need to raise the flag

Gu Shaoming: Baby are you around?
Xia Ningyu: Not! Get out, don’t call me baby! We’ve only known each other for one day!
Gu Shaoming: Are you shy? Thats really cute.
Gu Shaoming: Going back to business lets got eat together Little Yu.
Xia Ningyu: Never!

Xia Ningyu’s phone just rang, what a coincidence it’s Xie Qi again that old woman! Don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, could be that both of them teamed up to bend me![1] Oh cute Little Yu this is true, you don’t need to raise the flag.

[1] to bend him means to make him gay cos he straight or so he says ?

“Hey, what do you want me for?” Xia Ningyu a bit helpless.

“Heyyy please remember what you promised me this morning~” grin.

“If he dates you/asks you on a date, you cannot refuse~”

“I say.”

“Are you both teaming up to give me a hard time!” Sad.

“*Cough cough*!” Xie Qi is drinking water, thinking she got discovered she almost spit it out.

“No..not really~ don’t think too much *cough cough*.”

“If there’s nothing I’m going to hang up.”

“Okay bye~ don’t forget to remember Gu Shaoming’s thing.”

After hanging up the phone, Xia Ningyu went back to message Gu Shaoming.

Gu Shaoming: Come on~ let’s eat together.
Xia Ningyu: …Okay
Xia Ningyu: But don’t do anything strange!
Xia Ningyu: Otherwise, I’ll strangle you
Gu Shaoming: …Its best to touch me ?  (you kinky boy >.<>
Xia Ningyu: Get out rotten scoundrel!
Gu shaoming: Only towards you.
Xia Ningyu: …What time?
Gu Shaoming: When I finish doing things I’ll come find you.
Gu Shaoming: I will call you when I arrive at your house.
Xia Ningyu: Ok..
Gu Shaoming: Don’t miss me too much.

Xia Ningyu threw the phone down next to him, dived in to his own bed unwittingly fell asleep.

“Oh…!” Xia Ningyu’s breathing is a little unsteady. “You…why are you here! Oh… let me go!” Xia Ningyu pushed the man in front of him. “You…finally woke up.” He was obsessed with seeing Xia Ningyu, Gu Shaoming smiled. “Why did you kiss me! No, no how did you get in!”

“You didn’t close the door.” Gu Shaoming secretly made his house keys.

“Really?” Xia Ningyu somewhat skeptical.

“Yeh really, next time remember to close it. Otherwise…People with I’ll intentions can come in.” Gu Shaoming revealed a meaningful smile. (You mean people like you lol(~.~))

Xia Ningyu did not think too much about his words. “Let’s go, I’m really hungry.”

“I parked the car downstairs in your house.”

“Gu..Shaoming, let me ask you something.”

Xia Ningyu is still not used to calling Gu Shaoming’s full name.

“Okay you say.”

“Why do you know my house address, also why do you know I live on which floor??”

“…You really want to know?” Gu Shaoming already investigated Xia Ningyu.

“Quickly say!” Xia Ningyu’s words are coquetry in Gu Shaoming’s eyes.

“Because I want to chase you.”

“In all seriousness, please do not say nonesense…” Xia Ningyu gave him an supercilious look, Gu Shaoming only smiled and did not reply.

They walked side by side, Gu Shaoming let him stand in place downstairs. Soon, Xia Ningyu saw Gu Shaoming drove in front of him. Gu Shaoming was going to get off and help him open the door, after all, he did say he was chasing him. Of course there must be a boyfriends att.i.tude. And Xia Ningyu saw that he was going to help him open the door (so) he could not help but to be mischevious. When Gu Shaoming got out of the car ready to help him open the door, Xia Ningyu quickly opened the door and entered by himself. Gu Shaomng could only help him shut the door then return to the car himself. Seeing the person behind laughing, Gu Shaoming was dumbfounded, face also smiling.

“That…what time will we arrive?” Xia Ningyu seemingly a little sleepy, (even though) he obviously just slept for a while. “About half an hour, hungry?” Gu Shaoming concentrated on driving. “Oh…No~” (voice) sounds very light, The owner of this sound was about to fall asleep. Gu Shaoming saw him sleep so he reduced the speed of the car. He went past a possible parking s.p.a.ce, got off by himself. He went to position the person behind properly taking his jacket to cover Xia Ningyu’s body. He moved his fringe to look at his face using his finegrs to rub Xia Ningyu’s face. Just looking at him, he returned to his place to continue to drive after looking for a while. Simply a manly boyfriend. But next to the car, shows that this behvaiour is so stupid.


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Idiot, I Love You Chapter 8

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