Idiot, I Love You Chapter 10

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Author; 葵花砸 Kui Hua Za

Translator: Jia

Chapter 10 你还要耍我耍到什么时候。How long are you going to play me for.

Xia Ningyu returned home and knocked on the door. Mother Xia; Xia Chengs.h.i.+ thought that the express package arrived. Once she opened the door she was shocked. “Little Yu! Why are you back…?!” Mother Xia very surprised. “Mum, didn’t I send you a message.” Helpless. “d.a.m.n I didn’t see it~”

“Come in first, it’s very hot outside.” Mother Xia caring.

Entering the house, Mother Xia went to make tea. Xia Ningyu touched the sofa, he hasen’t returned home for a year no wonder his mother is so excited. “Hey Little Yu why did you come back?” Mother Xia opened the tea bag then place the tea on the table. “It’s nothing..I was homesick”

“You doing okay oustide?”

“Yep very good, you don’t need to worry.” Xia Ningyu patiently said.

“If your doing okay then I will feel slightly at ease.” Mother Xia smiled.

Xia Ningyu thought back to the past, Mother Xia also loved to smile, this smile is very beautiful and even now Mother Xia as always loves to smile but her face has a few more wrinkles. Her smile is still very good looking. He hasn’t been back home for only yla year, his family has become old.

“Oh yeah wheres Little Yi?” Little Yi is Xia Ningyu’s little sister Xia Yimiao. “She went to play with her friend.”

“Friend? Do I know him/her?” Xia Ningyu curiously asked.

“Of course you don’t know, Xiao Wei is her roommate.” Mother Xia has already considered An Xiao Wei as her own daughter and she even produced a kind of thought of wanting Xia Yimiao and An Xiao Wei to get together. “Oh right, Uncle Ye will come over to our house in a few days, he has something to do over here casually come see me.” Mother Xia suddenly thought of something, Xia Ningyu semi-consciously replied. “Okay.”

The Uncle Ye Mother Xia is talking about is her playmate from her childhood. At that time she still quite liked him but later on, Ye Jinglin was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Gu Lang and Gu Lang is Gu Shaoming’s Father. Of course, these things Xia Ningyu completely does not know~

At this time, H city side. Gu Shaoming went to Xia Ningyu’s home but didn’t see him, a little anxious. Going in to his room seeing the phone on the bed, he quickly called someone. Gu Shaoming frowned. “Help me find a person, Xia Ningyu.”

“Okay if there’s any news I’ll let you know.” The other person said.

After a while, Gu Shaoming received a message. As it turns out, Xia Ningyu returned to B city now he’s at home, Mother Xia is also there. Ancestry, scared me to think you were kidnapped. Gu Shaoming was dumbfounded, he made his wife angrily run away. Sill wifey still thinking he can return home and he won’t be able to find him.

“Hey~ Dad.”

“Say.” Gu Shaoming was already used to the other side’s coldness

“Do you need to go to B city?”


“In fact, I like Little Yu but I made him angry and he ran.” Wronged.

“Xia family’s son, Xia Ningyu?”

“Yep. Help me dad~” Acting like a spoiled child.

“Yep. First, don’t tell Gu Ling.”

“Ok, what did he do to make you angry again?” Gu Shaoming chuckled.

“If there’s nothing else, i’m hanging up.” Ye Jinglin doesn’t want to talk about this.


The other side. Since Qi Zijun didn’t come to work, everyday Fang Jidian didn’t go work, he held a cell phone to study Qi Zijun’s every move. In fact, he isn’t a pervert, its just a kind of realisation of love but only he thinks like this.

Fang Jidian intended to cook, then he found that his house did not have any vegetables and meat (so) he has to drive to the supermarket to buy food. He changed into leisure clothes and went downstairs, no longer wearing that set dull suit. After getting in the car, he felt a bit bored so he broadcast a song by that well known internet famous KB s.h.i.+nya. He arrived nearby, after parking he slowly went to the supermarket. Fang Jidian is tall and handsome therefore, the moment when he stepped into the supermarket, almost all the women looked at him. Fang Jidian didn’t pay attention to them, he pushed a cart slowly walking. Later, a few bold hearted girls went in front of fang Jidian to ask for his phone number, who is Fang Jidian? Will that poker-face[1] pay attention to people? So fang Jidian directly ignored them (til they’re) gone. Among them there was a girl who did not give up holding a book, she ran over and continued to ask, Fang Jidian wrinkled, frowning, feeling very annoyed.

[1] 面瘫 means facial paralysis but in Chinese they use it to describe someone who is always expressionless i.e poker face, impa.s.sive etc

“You want phone number?” Fang Jidian coldly asked.
“Yes, I want to give…” the girl excited said.
“Give.” Fang Jidian interrupted her words.

In front of her face he ripped the book, is not one , it’s the whole book. After ripping it, he threw it on the ground.
“Hey how can you be so extreme!” The girl angry.
Fang Jidian sneered, he did not respond. The girl’s companions ran over to scold Fang Jidian, say what a big man still bully a girl like that, a lot of nonsense.
“Get lost.” Mood not heavy nor light.
“What did you say!?” The girl still don’t know death asked.
“Are you going to get lost?” Fang Jidian looked at them.

Those girls scared, quickly ran. Fang Jidian touched his nose, his mind thinking is he really so terrible, once he saw himself raising a hand at those girls, the reaction is the exact same as Qi Zijun’s. He continued to push the shopping cart, putting some pork and cabbage into the cart. Originally also want to buy some oil and eggs but when pa.s.sing the door, he saw Qi Zijun quickly running away, also a few people following behind him. Fang Jidian quickly paid, he put the things away properly and then ran to a nearby alley to see if he can see Qi Zijun.

“Let go of me..!” Qi Zijun’s voice seems to tremble a little. “You.. you are a group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.. shameless! Give me.. what drug did you give me!” Qi Zijun already started to become a little confused. “Hey hey hey only added a drug that can make you comfortable.” Those perverts disgustingly said. “Call out, no one will hear. You keep calling also only will make me more excited~” Among them one still continued to voice hara.s.sment at Qi Zijun. “No… no Fang… Fang Jidian” Qi Zijun also does not know why he would call out Fang Jidian’s name. Fang Jidian was very anxiously observing outside, when he heard Qi Zijun call out his name he happily jumped up. But now us not the time to be happy, the person is still inside! Fang Jidian rushed in.

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Idiot, I Love You Chapter 10

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