If The Deep Sea Forgets You Chapter 33: Sleeping Next To You

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Mo Han recovered; turning his head to look at her calmly, he shuffled the remaining doc.u.ments in his hand and said, "Don't be too happy. These are just small problems. President Zhang was hiding something and this problem still hasn't been resolved."

Xia Qingyi pursed her lips and looked around the room. It just so happened that the clock on the wall had just reached 10pm.

It was already so late. Xia Qingyi looked at the Mo Han, who was still working. He was still fixated on his doc.u.ments, rearranging what he wanted to say, flipping through a very thick book of economic principles.

"Can we go back? It's already 10pm."

Mo Han looked at his wrist.w.a.tch. It really was late. He stood up and stopped what he was doing, but there was no sign of him preparing to get off work. He put on his suit jacket. "Come on, let me send you home."

Xia Qingyi was a little shocked. "Will you come back later?"

Mo Han took his car keys. While he was walking he said, "Tomorrow morning, President Zhang's case is going to be re-opened. There are some details in the doc.u.ments that have not yet been confirmed. We need to prepare it beforehand."

"But it's already so late!"

"We're used to it." Mo Han's expression was always cold. Even when he was walking there was an aura, not allowing people to come close. The others in the firm had already gone home. There was no light in the corridor, except for some of the table lamps in the office. The two of them followed the dim lights and went outside. Mo Han walked to reception and brought everything that Xia Qingyi had purchased inside. He called the elevator to go downstairs to the carpark.

The elevator was coming up. Xia Qingyi kept glancing at the numbers which kept jumping. "Were the ideas I gave you a moment ago useful?"

"The things you've said are all theoretical. But in law what we need is proof. Let's say that the things you told me were true. How could you prove them without any evidence?"

"So... that's useless?" Xia Qingyi could not help but feel a little disappointed.

Mo Han looked at her and said, "No, not entirely useless. At least I have an idea."

Xia Qingyi could not help but smile. Her tone brightened. "So, do you think you can win tomorrow?"

Mo Han laughed lightly. The elevator door had just opened. He walked into the elevator, without answering.

"I've found you a good school, S University, majoring in Human Resources. Everyone knows it's a good university and a good major. I've finished all the application procedures. When you feel a little better, I'll send you there."

"Oh." Xia Qingyi was clearly not interested in going to school. She just followed along.

Mo Han was a man of few words. He was rather quiet. Xia Qingyi did not say much either. She had been tired the whole day and her energy levels were low, so when she sat in the car, the fatigue of the day came rus.h.i.+ng back. She sunk into the upholstery, lying down with her neck tilted to the side. She could feel her entire body relaxing. She was so tired she could barely lift a finger; all she wanted to do was to sink into a deep sleep.

Mo Han saw her like this and said, "Buckle your seatbelt."

Xia Qingyi did not make a sound. She just furrowed her eyebrows, curled up into a ball and continued to rest her head on the car window, not knowing whether to sleep or not.

Mo Han let out a sigh, released his safety belt, buckled her belt and started the engine.

As he entered their neighborhood, Mo Han turned into the carpark beneath his house and parked the car. He released his seatbelt and saw Xia Qingyi, who was fast asleep. She had no intention of waking up at all.

"Wake up! Sleep upstairs." Mo Han pushed Xia Qingyi.

Xia Qingyi was feeling incredibly sleepy. When she awoke in a daze, in the dim lighting, she could see Mo Han leaving his car and walking away. She was so tired she wanted to fall back into slumber once more.

If The Deep Sea Forgets You Chapter 33: Sleeping Next To You

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