I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl Chapter 26

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In order to not drag it out any longer than necessary, I went to to find Cao JingShen to exchange the book right after the lesson ended.

“d.a.m.n fatty, did you bring the book?” I asked as I walked in front of him and chopped his head.

“Ah——!” Cao JingShen opened his mouth wide, like a frog that hasn’t drunk water for three days. He immediately lowered himself and started kneeling towards me.

“Leader! Thi- this disciple forgot to bring it! I deserve death!” (TN: Originally translated it as boss. Though the two interact as Ye Lin is the sect leader and Cao JingShen is the disciple)

The whole cla.s.s started staring at the two of us.

“You useless piece of trash. What’s the point of keeping you.”

Unknowingly, I was also infected by Cao JingShen’s style of speech, and I started speaking like a sect leader.

Due to the book “Colorful Cla.s.sroom” not being hidden by its packaging, it can’t be held directly in the hand.

Like last time, I hid the book inside my sports uniform. As I was about to secretly take out the book and hand it over to Cao JingShen so that he can take it back home to Director Cao, he saw me holding my stomach and could guess that I brought the book over.

“Leader Ye, if you feel that it’s inconvenient to carry the secret martial art book around, you can hand it to this disciple first for safekeeping.”

Secret martial art book my a.s.s! What else can you learn on here other than “Edo 48 Hand”? Other than continuously dropping your dignity,  you can only practice picking up the soap in jail. (TN: “Edo 48 hand” refers to 48 Edo positions, not going to link but you can google lol)

“I was also sitting here worried because I had nothing to do. Now that I have this secret book, I can carefully study it during cla.s.s…Jie Jie Jie Jie”

I really want to slap him with this H manga.

Do you feel that you haven’t troubled me enough yet? If you’re found out by the teacher during cla.s.s, there’s going to be a whole pile of trouble following. My head hurt just thinking about it.

I can’t give the book to him.

While thinking like this, I strolled out of the cla.s.sroom and into the hallway.

Should I run over to Director Cao’s home to deliver the book while its still break time? Although this can show the sincerity of our online store, but the break is only 10 minutes long. I also wasted some time earlier, so there’s probably not much time left.

I smacked my lips, turned and walked forward. I ended up running into cla.s.s leader Shu Sha.

Shu Sha had an expression as if she saw something dirty.

I didn’t want to provoke her, I tightened up my grip on the manga hidden in my waistband and planned to quietly walk into the cla.s.sroom.

“Ye Lin —- Stop!”

“Wh, What?”

I wanted to quickly take two steps and run into the room, but the cla.s.s leader took up an advantageous position with a sway of her hair and blocked me from entering the cla.s.sroom.

“You can’t even speak clearly, you must have done something guilty, right?” she had one arm on her hand and had a judge-like att.i.tude.

“Stop joking! I walk straight and I stand straight!” (TN: just means he has his principles and essentially can hold his head up)

Actually, I’m not really standing straight because I’m hiding the H manga inside my sports uniform.

“What are you hiding near your stomach?” her acute gaze cut my body repeatedly.

“No, nothing! I’m holding it because I have a stomach ache!”

“It’s an , right? You’re planning to get into a fight again, right?” she had an admonis.h.i.+ng tone, like that of a teacher.

“The school doesn’t allow carrying weapons! Regardless if it’s polyester fiber or stainless steel, take all of them out! I’m going to confiscate it!”

I say, cla.s.s leader you’re pretty professional! Not only do you know what an expandable baton is, you even know the two main models. You must have confiscated quite a bit of batons, right?  Do you already have a mountain of confiscated batons and now you’re looking for a means to distribute it to the mafia?

Although hooligans like using expandable batons, I don’t like using them.

I still remember when the old boss of 28 Middle graduated, he gifted me some weapons he collected (including an expandable baton). He even patted my shoulders and said: “Xiao Ye Zi, it’s up to you to maintain order in 28 Middle from now on!” Other than having a 囧 expression, I hid my senior’s good intentions under my bed and have never taken them out to use.

“You’re such an annoying woman!”

While I became more firm, I slowly pushed the manga down from my six-pack.

Although I couldn’t really conceal my actions in front of Shu Shua, she was watching me slowly s.h.i.+fting the manga underneath my navel.

Yes, I successfully hid it in my crotch!

I cried on the inside for my vulgar actions.

d.a.m.n, it’s not easy doing business these days! It’s already touching my boxers!

That perverted Director Cao wouldn’t mistakenly think that I brought him a limited edition “original flavor”, right?

Although I had to slightly clamp my legs together in order to prevent it from falling down anymore into my pants, this way even if she were to search my upper body, she definitely wouldn’t be daring enough to reach her hand into my pants, right?

I straightened my back and spread out my arms.

“How about that? There’s nothing there, right? I’m telling you that you made a mistake.”

Shu Sha clearly felt that she was made a fool of.

What of it? You can only suffer in silence because this is the hallway. If you can, try taking off my pants in front of everybody.

I don’t know why, but the more the cla.s.s leader acts like a justice demon, the more I want to act like a hoodlum.

I stuck my hands back into my pockets and secretly tightened the elastic on my pants in case the cla.s.s leader became desperate and really tried to take off my pants.

Shu Sha stared at my pants.

f.u.c.k, is she really going to do a suicidal attack and conduct a pantless investigation?

If Shu Sha really did something like that, I would drop to the bottom of the cla.s.s’s food chain and wouldn’t be able to come to 28 Middle anymore. At that time, I can only pa.s.s on the position of boss to Ren XiaoQin. I’ll then announce my resignation and sell adult goods with my dad and end my life like that.

At that time, Cao JingShen might recommend me to retaliate against the cla.s.s leader, a tooth for a tooth. Lift her skirt up during summer, or don’t wait and just directly pull her sports uniform pants down and embarra.s.s her in front of the whole school.

That’s the rule for how degenerates survive, you must make the opponent lose more face than you.

However, I don’t really want to do that. First of all, I’m completely not interested in what kind of underwear the cla.s.s leader is wearing. Secondly, if I did that, I would have no idea what Xiao Qin would do.

Although I started doing my daily morning exercise again, I don’t think my power has notably risen yet. Against the ‘Little Tyrant’ Ren XiaoQin, I’m not certain of my victory.

I don’t want to be killed like this.

That’s why I’m kind of scared of the cla.s.s leader that’s staring intently at my pants.

I couldn’t help but look down and see if my pants are revealing anything.

After the manga was pushed underneath my navel into a very dirty place, my crotch appeared to be full and bulging.

Additionally, something white was sticking out of my left pocket. Only a corner was peeking out, it seemed to be a slightly hard piece of paper.

Eh? What is this? It’s really familiar-looking.


It’s a nude photo that Cao JingShen photoshopped!

f.u.c.k, this is bad! I forgot to burn it because of all the things that happened last night!

My gaze must have been very panicked and was seen through by Shu Sha.

She rushed up with a big stride, I still had my hands in my pockets and was subconsciously tightly holding onto my sports uniform’s pant’s elastic.

The pants are more important!

The cla.s.s leader brushed past me, my eyes were covered by blackness. I know that my vision was blocked by the cla.s.s leader’s hair, her hair that was sticking to my face also distracted me.

After I turned around to look, the cla.s.s leader already took the photo from my pocket. She was pinching it between her finger and was bringing it to her face to inspect it.

I’m finished.

All of Cao JingShen’s photoshopped images are unbearable to look at. I don’t even know which girl is on the image that the cla.s.s leader took away!

Cao JingShen’s photoshop skills are also out of this world, the cla.s.s leader might not even be able to tell it’s photoshopped at first glance.

What would Shu Sha think of me if she found out that I carried a naked photo of a female cla.s.smate around with me?

She would probably retrieve her hunting rifle from her house and blast my head off!

Shu Sha looked at the photo and immediately blushed.

It would be strange if she doesn’t blush, all those poses taken by that adult actress are all blush-inducing!

Even if I wanted to take back the photo now, it’s already too late.

Anyways, I still have to protect the manga in my crotch. If I were to lose the manga as well, I would suffer a double loss.

I felt that it’s better if I spoke up first.

“I picked up this photo on the playground! I was planning to burn it!”

Shu Sha’s black eyes gently swept over the photo and her gaze ended up landing on my eager pleading face.

“Why do you have to burn it?”

She asked a strange question.

No matter whose nude photo it is (it might even be of the cla.s.s leader), isn’t burning it immediately to prevent it from spreading the most sensible choice?

“That…if this kind of photo landed in the hands of a male, it might be used for something bad…”

Because I didn’t know who is in the photo, I carefully answered the cla.s.s leader’s question.

“Used…for what kind of bad thing?” she followed up. It seemed like her face was even redder than before.

Are you pretending to be innocent? That’s not like you! Don’t you know males like the back of your hand because of your younger brother? What else can be done with a nude photo of a female cla.s.smate?

Of course, it’s used for rubbing one out!

I impatiently hinted at her: “It’s that kind of thing, don’t you already know?”

The cla.s.s leader’s face became even redder.

It was a rare sight, so it gave me an ominous premonition.

“Don’t, don’t tell me that this photo can be used to rub, rub one out?” the cla.s.s leader’s voice was trembling.

I can’t believe you said it first! If you’re not the type of girl to pretend to be innocent, then why are you asking something so obvious?

Wouldn’ you normally kick me after finding out that I carry a nude photo of a female cla.s.smate around?

In the unfortunate case of it being your nude photo, wouldn’t you immediately realize its photoshopped, become even angrier, kick my crotch and neuter me right then and there?

Why didn’t she flare out right away? It’s kind of strange?

I decided to probe out more information about this photo.

I turned back into my hoodlum mode.

“Hehehe, because of this enticing photo, no matter which guy saw it, they’ll definitely want to rub one out!”

The cla.s.s leader revealed an unbelieving and frightened expression.

I continued to probe: “Heh, it’s not excessive to say that this photo’s existence is solely for the purpose of rubbing one out!”

I went all out, since you’ve already talked about rubbing one out so many times already.

The cla.s.s leader’s hand that was holding the photo started to tremble.

She opened her mouth slightly and was evidently undergoing an enormous mental battle.

It’s coming! She’s going to kick me! I have to dodge! There are more than 1000 ways to die (ED: I remember that show, it was hilarious), I definitely don’t want to experience one where you die by having your b.a.l.l.s ruptured!

Unexpectedly, all the cla.s.s leader did was turn the photo around to show me.

“Ye Lin, look at this photo and repeat what you just said earlier,” she ordered me coldly.

The photo I saw was of the cla.s.s leader.

But, she was wearing clothes.

It wasn’t a photoshopped nude photo.

It was the one where she was standing on the mountaintop and laughing brightly. She was dressed very neatly and looked very healthy.

My G.o.d, Eunuch Cao you idiot, you printed the wrong one! Why the h.e.l.l did you print out the source photo as a finished photo! Isn’t this just a normal photo of the cla.s.s leader?

Earlier I said that this photo was very enticing and that any man would rub one out to it. I even said that the sole reason for the photo’s existence was to be used to rub one out…isn’t that just straight up saying the cla.s.s leader herself is the one entcing others to rub one out?

What kind of misunderstanding is that!

It would have been better if it was a nude photo!

Shu Sha will think that I carry her photo around with me and that she’s enticing!

She might even think that I’ve rubbed many out with this photo!

Eunuch Cao, you deceptive s.h.i.+t! You disobedient disciple! I’m going to choke you to death sooner or later!

Shu Sha saw my face that was flushed with anger, the me that wasn’t offering up any explanation, and unexpectedly she didn’t relentlessly follow up and hit me.

“This photo, I’m confiscating it.” Shu Sha said neutrally and put the photo inside her pocket.

She turned around to return to the cla.s.sroom. In the split second she truned, her silk-like long hair lifted up, glimmering underneath the sun.

I felt that her footsteps were lighter than usual, it must be a misperception.

I still have to take care of the manga in my crotch.

You might as well just kill me now.

I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl I'm Not Going To Be Bullied By A Girl Chapter 26

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