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Holy shit!

Holy shit!

Holy shit!

When The Clown opened his mouth to sing, everyone was dumbfounded!

Flowing Time was so shocked he nearly fell down!

Amy stood up in shock!

Wang Zhuishu was stunned!

Hu Fei and Xiao Lu's jaws dropped!

In the wings, Petal Shower, Sunset Glow, and Spinach nearly lost their footing!

The studio audience went slack-jawed!

It was Hokkien!

It was a Hokkien song!

What was going on?

What the fuck was happening?

How could The Clown possibly know how to sing a Hokkien song? This was impossible! I-It was just impossible! When did he learn Hokkien? Who, who could've written all those songs for him?!

The Clown did not even look at how everyone reacted or the expressions on their faces. He just sang loudly and fluently in Hokkien.

"Life is like the waves on the sea.

"Sometimes up, sometimes down.

"Good luck or bad,

"We still must continue to work.

"Thirty percent Heaven's will!

"Seventy percent hard work!

"Strive hard to succeed!"

Oh my god!


It was so goddamn amazing!

The audience members who could understand Hokkien felt like they had seen a ghost. It was quite expected that Flowing Time would sing a Hokkien song because Flowing Time was Zhao Qiquan. He was a professional Hokkien singer and had been singing Hokkien songs for over a decade. But who was this Clown person? Who the fuck was this guy? How could there be someone else who could sing Hokkien songs in such a way? And be it his voice, singing, or vocal technique, all of them was even slightly better than the best Hokkien singer, Zhao Qiquan? This…this…

And where did this song pop out from?

Even though it was their first time hearing it, why was the melody so good? And the lyrics were good as well?

The Clown continued singing.

"Don't despair when you're in the mourn.

"Don't be afraid when you're forlorn.

"Passing time without any hope,

"Every day going down to tope.

"A person without a soul is like a scarecrow."



A hundred!

Many of the audience members started standing up!

Especially those who understood Hokkien—they had the greatest reaction out of everyone. Many of them were waving the fluorescent glow sticks in their hands madly as they watched, dumbfounded!

This song was incredible!

It was so good!

"Life is like the waves on the sea.

"Sometimes up, sometimes down.

"Good luck or bad,

"We still must continue to work."

Flowing Time's face turned green from anger!

When the nearby Spinach saw the look on Flowing Time's face, she burst out laughing.

When Sunset Glow noticed Spinach laughing, she let out a giggle as well. Looking at The Clown who was onstage and Flowing Time who stood in the wings watching, she had to give props to The Clown!

Chen Guang was impressed!

Zhang Xia was impressed!

Yao Jiancai was impressed!

The program team staff and everyone present were all impressed!

They didn't know what words they could use to describe The Clown with anymore!

The Clown pointed to the ceiling and sang.

"Thirty percent Heaven's will!"

Dong dong!

"Seventy percent hard work!"

Dong dong!

"Strive hard to succeed!"

Along with the beat, the audience got fired up!

Amy yelled, "Why does he even know Hokkien?!"

Wang Zhuishu said, "Who knows!"

Chen Guang said in amusement, "This person has truly brought us surprise after surprise, over and over again. By the way, who was the one that said The Clown would definitely lose this round?"

Zhang Xia smiled and said, "You were."

Chen Guang coughed, "Did I? I didn't say that."

Yao Jiancai laughed heartily. "Old Chen's trying to go back on his words. Stop denying it!"

Chen Yidong said in a speechless manner, "Who would have thought that he could sing in Hokkien and have such an original song lineup as well! Aiyo, I'm really impressed. Who in the world is he?"

As they listened to the song and chatted among themselves, they could not help but look to Flowing Time. Just by the shocked expression seen in Flowing Time's eyes behind his mask, they knew he could not have expected that The Clown would actually sing a Hokkien song even in a hundred lifetimes!

It truly was a matter of striving hard to succeed!

Everyone had underestimated The Clown!

In the previous episode, they could feel the pain on Li Yu's face!

In this episode, they could feel the pain on Flowing Time's face!

Han Qi was extremely excited as she waved her hands with all her might and screamed from the wings. Everyone thought that The Clown would surely lose, but who could have guessed that he would bring out this song!

"Life is like the waves on the sea.

"Sometimes up, sometimes down.

"Good luck or bad,

"We still must continue to work.

"Thirty percent Heaven's will!

"Seventy percent hard work!

"Strive hard to succeed!"

Flowing Time was already cursing in his head. He still did not wish to believe that The Clown was really singing a Hokkien song. It was unlike the Cantonese songs that many people knew how to sing. As there were more good Cantonese songs around, those who liked listening to Cantonese songs would more or less know how to sing a few lines as well as pronounce the lyrics quite accurately. Flowing Time had sung in Hokkien, which was considered as a minority language. Moreover, there weren't many Hokkien songs that were especially popular in this world!

So how the fuck did you manage to know how to sing this one?

You can even goddamn sing something like this?

Fucking hell, aren't you too multi-talented?!

You must be doing this on purpose!

On the stage.

The Clown finished performing.

The audience erupted into cheers and applause!

"The Clown!"

"The Clown!"

"The Clown!"

The audience members who understood Hokkien were shouting the loudest!

When Flowing Time saw this, his heart skipped a beat. He knew that he might actually lose today. The home field advantage he was relying on had turned into The Clown's advantage! He had intended to step on The Clown to win the competition, but who could have known that The Clown would slap him soundly instead! Flowing Time really regretted coming onto this stage. He didn't gain much popularity and, from the looks of it, might even lose the initial popularity and status he had had!

Although there were winners and losers on this stage, with even Petal Shower losing before, it was really no big deal. However, the current situation Flowing Time was in was different. He provoked The Clown by challenging The Clown to verse him. In the end, as a flag bearer of the Hokkien music scene, he got smacked in the face by a foreigner who sang in Hokkien? What sort of feeling was this? Just thinking about it made it unbearable for him to watch!

How could it just be painful for his face?

It was so painful that it felt like his balls were being crushed!

As Flowing Time thought about it, his face flushed red and green!

Zhang Ye quickly walked off the stage.

Petal Shower gave him a thumbs up!

Spinach raised both her hands and gave him two thumbs up!

Sunset Glow laughed dryly. "It was Flowing Time's misfortune to have bumped into you!"

Spinach nudged her chin in a certain direction. "Teacher Zhao is almost in tears! Teacher Clown, you were so ruthless. That was really ruthless, hahahahaha!"

Today's competition had been quite exciting!

Someone wanted to die while others wanted to laugh.

Everyone was even more baffled by The Clown now. The urge to go onstage and pull his mask off grew even greater as everyone wanted to find out exactly who The Clown was!

You can sing Mandarin songs?

You can sing Cantonese songs?

You can even sing a northeastern-accented song?

And now? You can even sing a fucking Hokkien song?!

Where did you learn all these from? Where did all these songs come from?


I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 1044

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